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Vermonters who served in Illinois units

At last count we had 1,506 Vermonters served in Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Adams, Albert W.13th IL INF, VRC1839, Halifax, VT1925
Adams, Anson Jr.108th IL INF1831, Northfield, VT07/24/1908
Adams, Franklin J.100th IL INF1843, Eden, VT1923
Adams, George W.8th IL CAV1841, Eden, VT1924
Ahistrom, Alexander F. E.37th IL INF, USNUnknown, Sweden07/06/1912
Aiken, Hector HunterStokes IND BTRY IL LARTY, 29th USCI1836, Benson, VT08/01/1864
Aiken, John J.58th IL INF02/21/1834, Benson, VT1898
Alcott, John W.13th IL INFabt 1843, Lunenburg, VT05/01/1905
Aldrich, Henry B.132nd IL INF05/03/1843, Windsor County, VT04/21/1893
Allen, Charles L.4th IL CAV1833, Middlebury, VTBefore 12/30/1897?
Allen, Edson K.15th IL CAV05/19/1834, Rutland County, VT05/1901
Allen, Elisha116th IL INF1824, Swanton, VT01/11/1863
Allen, Ethan J.52nd IL INF1818, Rutland County, VT1887
Allen, Frank H.22nd IL INF, USV03/18/1838, Craftsbury, VT01/11/1881
Allen, Henry C.72nd IL INF03/11/1838, North Pomfret, VT03/03/1913
Allen, John B.22nd IL INF1816, Montpelier, VT04/01/1864
Allen, Merritt Herbert124th IL INF1844, Mendon, VT10/23/1889
Allison, Rolland H.53rd IL INF07/05/1836, Weathersfield, VT06/20/1911
Alverson, Herbert B.147th IL INF08/19/1839, Guilford, VT09/28/1916
Ames, Daniel Chauncey52nd IL INF11/22/1846, West Rutand, VT09/25/1880
Amidon, Hollis H.2nd IL LARTY06/03/1840, Vermont08/07/1921
Anderson, Henry Beach104th IL INF1833, Enosburgh, VT1917
Andrews, Edmund1st IL LARTY04/22/1824, Putney, VT01/22/1904
Andrews, Wesley R.77th IL INF01/17/1844, Arlington, VT03/27/1915
Angier, Franklin Luther52nd IL INF, 139th IL INF03/31/1838, Waterbury, VT02/15/1907
Ashley, Lucian10th IL CAV11/27/1833, Barnard, VT07/29/1863
Ashley, Norris Jr.20th IL INF07/29/1831, Barnard, VT12/25/1864
Ashton, Daniel39th IL INF1842, Highgate, VT07/11/1918
Atkins, Warren Corbin39th IL INF, 138th IL INF04/15/1834, Grand Isle, VT01/28/1922
Atwater, Frederick A.42nd IL INFUnknown, Unknown01/23/1906
Atwood, Chester L.83rd IL INF1842, Chittenden County, VT10/23/1862
Atwood, Cournel Buel86th IL INF09/11/1842, Chittenden County, VT01/12/1905
Atwood, Hiram Kelsey47th IL INF, 2nd IL LARTY04/29/1844, Stowe, VT08/20/1870
Atwood, Martin V. B.108th IL INF09/10/1841, Stowe, VT12/16/1908
Atwood, Stephen Andrew47th IL INF08/28/1830, Stowe, VT01/05/1892
Austin, Albert E.117th IL INF07/10/1835, Bradford, VT05/07/1920
Austin, Amasa Comstock42nd IL INF08/29/1796, Rutland, VT12/1863
Austin, Charles14th IL CAV1844, VermontUnknown
Austin, Charles118th IL INF11/19/1840, Addison County, VT03/01/1911
Austin, Edward Pasco10th IL CAV02/28/1830, Franklin, VT10/27/1915
Austin, John Benjamin147th IL INF1820, Rutland, VT05/06/1902
Austin, Steven L.147th IL INF09/1837, Rutland, VT08/23/1904
Averill, Volney34th IL INF08/12/1847, Highgate, VT01/29/1926
Avery, William17th IL INF1824, Rutland, VTUnknown
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