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Vermonters who served in Massachusetts units

At last count we had 1,227 Vermonters served in Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War. Some were not born in Vermont, but were credited to her when they enlisted, or they are buried in the shadows of the Green Mountains, so we claim them. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

Abbott, Almond C., 26th MA INF
Abbott, Ora S., 6th MA INF
Adams, Abel, 7th MA LARTY
Adams, Daniel V., 57th MA INF
Adams, George, 42nd MA INF
Adams, Henry, 19th MA INF
Adams, Lucius Ortho, 7th MA LARTY
Adams, Stephen, 1st MA CAV
Aldrich, Ambrose D., 50th MA INF
Aldrich, Harrison, 21st MA INF
Aldrich, William A., 57th MA INF
Allard, Pierre, 28th MA INF
Allen, Austin E., 36th MA INF
Allen, James C. M., 25th MA INF
Allen, James Madison, 31st MA INF
Allen, Samuel Johnson, 25th MA INF
Allen, Washington Irving, 21st MA INF
Alvord, Francis A., 53rd MA INF
Amadon, Ansel Lyman, 1st MA HARTY
Amsden, Marcus E., USN, 2nd MA HARTY
Anderson, Emery, 54th MA INF
Andrews, Aaron, 6th MA INF
Andrews, Eleazer, 27th MA INF
Andrews, Franklin, 47th MA INF
Andrus, Edward G., 12th MA INF
Anthony, Francis H., 54th MA INF
Appleby, Edward, 12th MA INF, VRC
Ardagh, John, 30th MA INF, 6th NH INF
Armington, Samuel W., 15th MA INF
Arnold, Benjamin, 32nd MA INF
Arnold, Lyndon Claude, 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 45th MA INF
Arnold, Samuel B., 13th MA INF
Arsino, Philip D., 10th VT INF, 1st MA HARTY
Aseltine, Charles W., 28th MA INF
Atkins, William W., 4th MA HARTY
Atwood, Lyman Boynton, 2nd MA HARTY
Avery, Charles N., 3rd MA INF, 3rd USA?, 117th US CINF
Ayers, Branch Flagg, 21st MA INF
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