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Vermonters who served in Michigan units

We currently have 236 Vermonters who served in Michigan units during the war.

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Adams, Alfred Buck22nd MI INF, VRC06/30/1806, Rutland County, VT09/18/1892
Ainsworth, Alanson D.4th MI INF1810, Vermont08/29/1886
Akeley, Healey Cady2nd MI CAV03/16/1836, Stowe, VT07/30/1912
Andrews, Titus Z.15th MI INFAbt 18145, VermontAft 1920
Armstrong, Alva David13th MI INF08/04/1842, West Haven, VT07/21/1884
Ashley, Lucius Foster1st MI ENG & MECHS09/06/1824, Mt. Holly, VT07/06/1921
Austin, Lorenzo Dow4th MI INF08/13/1817, Colchester, VT02/15/1897
Averill, David M.23rd MI INF1839, Barre, VT11/30/1864
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