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Vermonters who served in Minnesota units

At last count we had 651 Vermonters served in Minnesota regiments during the Civil War. Some were not born in Vermont, but were credited to her when they enlisted, or they are buried in the shadows of the Green Mountains, so we claim them. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Abernathy, Robert1st MN HARTYAbt 1838, Vermont10/11/1926
Adams, Charles B.9th MN INF1830, VermontBefore 4/08/1899
Adams, Edwin H.9th MN INF1835, Eden, VT02/19/1865
Adrian, George W.1st MN CAVabt 1840, Vermont12/26/1915
Aldrich, Alonzo8th MN INF06/24/1825, Rutland, VT09/07/1906
Allen, David1st MN CAV08/18/1842, Vermont04/06/1912
Allen, William E.1st MN INF08/11/1826, Warren, VT07/20/1908
Ambler, Rufus C.10th MN INF02/22/1830, Hubbardton, VT11/03/1896
Ames, George6th MN INF01/22/1833, Vermont06/26/1877
Ames, Orville1st MN INFabt 1830, Vermont06/30/1864
Andrews, Ezra B.3rd MN INFabt 1817, Vermont08/15/1897
Andross, Elbridge F.3rd MN INF1824, Vermont03/17/1891
Angell, Alpheus O.6th MN INFabt 1834, Vermont04/16/1893
Annis, Richard Stephen11th MN INF01/27/1846, Vermont03/18/1910
Atcherson, Joseph Warren6th MN INF05/22/1845, Rockingham, VT06/28/1930
Atherton, Austin M.2nd MN CAV10/01/1836, Vermont09/28/1898
Atkins, David W.5th MN INFabt 1820, VermontAfter 11/14/1862
Austin, Almond L.1st MN CAVabt 1838, Vermontbefore 01/18/1887
Austin, Orange J.8th MN INF11/04/1841, Vermont11/06/1910
Averill, Obed7th MN INFabt 1832, Westminster, VT01/29/1911
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