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Vermonters who served in Ohio units

We currently have 192 Vermonters who served in Ohio units during the war.

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Adams, Charles E.87th OH INF05/12/1844, Troy, VTAfter 1897
Adams, Charles S.12th VT INF, 128th OH INFabt 1841, Surry, NH12/04/1864
Adams, Joseph3rd OH Cav1824, Vermont07/22/1901
Adams, Thomas S.1st OH LARTY06/28/1833, Johnson, VT01/11/1906
Allen, George P.25th OH INFAbt 1818, Vermont11/28/1892
Allen, James W.105th OH INF11/29/1827, Vermont07/12/1915
Ames, Lyman Daniel29th OH INF08/21/1812, Royalton, VT01/22/1879
Atwood, Samuel PerrinRECRUIT, 137th OH INF1842, Vermont1908
Austin, Alonzo7th OH INF1833, Vermont11/18/1908
Avery, William H. H.113th OH INF, 7th USCI07/13/1840, Granville, OH05/21/1917
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