Vermonters Who Served in Other States' Units
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Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Italo collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade, (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well.

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Ackerson, Daniel, enl, Ellenburg, NY, 9/27/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 60th NY INF, 10/30/61, m/o 5/11/61, tr to VRC 5/11/64, nfi; Source:

Adams, Alfred Buck, enl, Disco, MI, 8/9/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 22nc MI INF, 8/14/62, tr to VRC, 1/16/64; nfi; Source:

Adams, Edgar Emery, enl 5/1/61, m/i 6/20/61, Pvt, Co. C, 2nd VT INF, pow, Savage's Station, 6/29/62, prld 8/3/62, dis/dsb 10/15/62 or 10/30/62, Point Lookout, MD (73rd/75th/96th USCT); Source: Findagrave

Adams, Franklin J., enl, 7/30/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 100th IL inf, 8/30/62, m/o 6/12/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Aiken, John B., Co. L 1st IA CAV; Co. C 1st MMB US VOL CAV; SGT MAJ 1st IA CAV; Source:

Aikins, Henry D., CORP, Co. E, 1st NV CAV, 63-65; Source: Findagrave off-site

Ainsworth, Alanson D., enl, Andrian, MI, 10/1/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 4th MI INF, 10/4/64, m/o 7/5/65, Detroit, M; Source:

Aldrich, Simeon C., 1LT, CAPT, MAJ, COL, 44th IN INF; Source:

Allen, Alfred R., Co. B, 10th WI INF; Source:

Allen, Cyrus A., enl 11/2/61, comn, 2LT, Co. G, 16th WI INF, 1/4/62, pr 1LT, 9/3/62, dis/dsb 11/4/62; tried to enl in USN, 1864, but unsuccessful; Source:

Allen, Edson K., Co. H, 15th IL CAV; Source:

Allen, Elisha, Co. A 116th IL INF; Source:

Allen, Leander, Co. K 1st NH CAV; Source:

Ames, Avery, enl 12/25/61, Watertown, NY, m/i, CORP, Co. H, 94th NY INF, 2/13/62, dis/dsb 12/9/62; Source:

Ames, Orville, enl 27 Feb 1864, Pvt, Co. B, 1st BTLN MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Andrews, Ira H., Co. H, 11th NY CAV; Source:

Annis, Aaron Hunt, Co. A, 18th WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Annis, Benjamin B., enl, Middleton, WI, 9/12/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 11th WI INF, 9/12/61, dsrted, Edmund's Station, MS, 4/63, rtrnd, Vicksburg, 8/63, GCM, forfeited pay/allowances, m/o 9/4/64; Source:

Annis, Richard Stephen, enl 26 Aug 1864, Pvt, Co. C, 11th MN INF, m/o 6/26/65, St. Paul, MN; Source: Findagrave off-site

Arnold, George S., SGT, Co. B, 7th IA INF, d/dis 9/6/61, Ironton, MO (typhoid); Source:

Ash, Lewis, enl 10/2/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 7th NH INF, 11/6/61, m/o 5/18/64; Source:

Ashley, Elburtus Marshall, Co. D, 31st IA INF, pow, Andersonville; Source: Findagrave off-site

Ashton, Daniel, enl 8/15/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 39th IL INF, 10/11/61, m/o 8/16/65; Source:

Atwood, Chester L., enl 8/10/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 83rd IL INF 821/62, d/dis, 10/24/62, Fort Donelson, TN; Source:

Atwood, Elijah, Pvt, Co. I, 18th PA INF; Co. F, 3rd NY INF; Source:

Atwood, Stephen Andrew, enl 9/4/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 47th IL INF, 9/4/61, m/o 10/12/62; Source:

Avery, Amplius Blake, enl 8/15/62, m/i, COPR, Co. H, 23rd WI INF, 8/15/62, m/o 7/4/65, Mobile, AL; Source:

Babbitt, Cyrus R., Co. C, 39th IA INF; Source:

Babbitt, Putnam Pope, 11 NY CAV; Source:

Babcock, George W., Co. A, 8th IA INF; Source:

Bacon, Edward, enl, Kingston, 10/13/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 94th NY INF, 10/13/64, m/o 5/19/65, McClellen Genl Hosp, Philadelphia, PA; Source:

Bador, Frank T., enl. 1864 MUSCN, Co. E, 14th US INF, m/o 1867; Source:

Bagley, John M., enl, Co. A, IA 5th CAV on 2/28/64, m/o, 8/11/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Bagley, John Smith, enl. Co. C, RI 1st CAV 10/22/61, prom to Corp 12/12/61, reenl. 1/5/64, trans to Troop C (new Org) 12/21/64, m/o 8/3/65, Baltimore, MD; Source:

Bagley, Olin Henry, enl, Warren, NH, 12/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. M, 1st New England CAV (aka 1st RI CAV), 12/24/61, pr CORP, 1/28/62, pow, Catlett's Station, VA, 8/22/62, released, dsrtd 1/21/63, Fa.mouth, VA; Source:

Bagley, William H., Pvt, Co. G, 31st OH INF; Source:

Bailey, Ara/Ara A., 2nd IA INF; Source:

Bailey, Caldwell, Pvt, Co. C, 8th IA INF; Source:

Bailey, George A., Dartmouth CAV, aka Co. B, 7th Squadron, RI CAV; enl 6/16/62, m/i, CORP, 6/24/62, m/o 10/2/62, res. Woodstock, Vt.; enl 6/16/62, m/i 6/24/62, CORP, m/o 10/2/62; drafted - com 2LT, Co. M, 11th VT INF, 11/2/63 (11/20/63), pr 1LT, 9/2/64 (10/3/64), Bvt CPT to date from 4/2/65 for gallant and meritorious service in the assault before Petersburg, Va., pr CPT, Co. K, 5/13/65 (5/25/65), tr to Co. B 6/24/65, m/o 8/25/65 [College: NU 63]; Source: Gibson Collection, VHS off-site

Bailey, George Edward, Co. C, 5th IA INF, 2LT, 50th US CINF; Source:

Bailey, Jonathan E., Pvt, Co. C, 8th IA INF; Source:

Baird, Ebenezer Josiah, 6th OH LARTY; Source:

Baker, Clarence W., enl, 9/9/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 13th WI INF, 9/9/61, m/o 8/16/62; enl 8/21/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 22nd WI INF, 8/21/62, tr to Co. A, 14th US CINF 11/1/63, Gallatin, TN as CAPT, nfi; Source:

Baker, George Henry, Pvt, 124th IL INF, m/o 3/29/63; Source:

Baker, Jerry, Btry D, 1st MI LARTY; Source:

Baker, W. Wallace, SGT, 124th IL INF; Source:

Balcom, Reuben A, 3rd NY CAV; Source: VHS off-site

Baldwin, Melvin Riley, 2nd WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Baldwin, Oscar W., SGT, Co. A, 16th NH INF; Source: David_Morin

Baldwin, Rollin E., enl 8/15/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 10th IL INF, 9/6/61, tr to Co. G, 1st US VET VOL ENGRS 7/10/64, nfi ; Source:

Ball, George Washington, 9th BTY WI LARTY; Source:

Ballard, David Ellenwood, 1LT, Co. H, 2nd KS CAV; Source: Findagrave

Banfill, George, enl, 6/3/62, m/i, Pvt, Trumbull Guard Infantry Co., 11/9/62, m/o 7/1/65; Source:

Barber, James K., enl, Pembroke, NH 4/24/61, at Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx, disch 7/12/61, as of Capt. Jonathan R. Bagley's Co., Ft. Constitution; Source:

Barlow, George E., Co. D, 30th IL INF; Source:

Barney, Martin V. B., enl 7/26/62, m/i, 1SGT, Co. K, 3rd MA CAV, 8/6/62, pr 2LT, 8/29/63, pr 1LT, 10/28/64, pr CAPT, 2/23/65, m/o 9/28/65, Fort Leavenworth, KS; Source: Findagrave

Barnum, Buel Preston, enl 3/2/65, m/i, CORP, Co. A, 192nd OH INF 4/22/65, m/o 9/165, Winchester, VA; Source:

Barrett, Alonzo, Btry I, 1st PA ARTY; Source:

Batchelder, Isaac Sherman, enl, 1863, 2nd NY MTD RFLS; enl, 1864, 123rd NY INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Bates, Rufus H., CORP, Co. F, 15th IA INF; Source:

Baxter, Charles, drafted, 12/25/63, m/i, Pvt., Co. A/C, 77th NY INF, 12/25/63, , Co. I, 7th Btln and Co. I, 2nd Btln, V.R.C,m/o 7/25/65; Source:

Beagle, Elijah, enl, Troy, NY, 7/26/1862, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 125th NY INF, 8/27/62, m/o 6/5/65, Alexandria, VA; Source:

Beaman, Fernando Cortez, US Rep. 1861-1871, New York; Source: Findagrave off-site

Bean, Levi Cass, Co. G, 3rd IL CAV; Source: Findagrave

Bean, Lewis A., Co. B, 14th IL INF; Source:

Beard, Randolph M., enl 11/2/61, m/i, 11/24/61, Co. I, 55th OH INF, kia 5/15/64, near Resaca, GA; Source:

Beaudry, Louis Napoleon, comn Chaplain, 5th NY CAV, 1/31/63, pow, Monterey Pas, PA, 7/5/63, Libby, Richmond, prld 10/7/63, reen 1/64, m/o 7/19/65, Winchester, VA; Source: Findagrave off-site

Beebe, John Dane, Co. B, 31st WI INF; Source:

Beebe, Norman Augustus, Pvt, Co. C, 127th IL INF, pr SGT; Source:

Beede, Caleb Sleeper, Pvt, Co. F, 29th OH INF; Source: Findagrave

Belden, George D., 8/12/62, cred. New York City, m/i PVT, Btry B 1st NY Maritime LARTY, 8/21/62, m/o 1/25/63, New Bern, NC ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Belonger, Michael, Co. I 3rd WI INF; Source:

Benedict, Joseph, 96th NY INF; Source:

Benson, Homer Henry, comn Chaplain, 10th WI INF, 10/10/63, in charge of hospital in Vicksburg, medical inspector, Sherman's march to the sea [College: UVM 38, ATS]. Presbyterian.; Source: Findagrave off-site

Benson, Ira F., Co. A, 22nd MI INF; Source:

Benson, Irvin Waterman, Co. H, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Bessey, Charles, Co. F, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Bettey, John Henry, Co. D 9th IA CAV; Source:

Betts, Willis W., enl 12/31/63, cred. Cambridge, NY, m/i PVT, Btry D, 4th NY ARTY, 1/11/64, m/o 7/13/65, Albany, NY ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Billings, Jacob, Co. D 1st IN CAV; Source:

Billings, Lyman, enl 12/2/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 17th WI INF, 12/20/61, m/o 7/10/62; Source:

Bingham, Henry Smith, Co. C, 19th WI INF; Source:

Bingham, Reginald Heber, SURG, 1st MN CAV; Source:

Bishop, Anson John, enl, Gill, MA, 3/24/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 57th MA INF, pow, Fort Stedman, 3/25/65, exchanged 4/1/65, tr to Co. F, m/o 7/30/65; Source:

Bishop, John C., enl 10/5/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 15th PA CAV, 10/5/64, m/o 7/18/65; Source:

Bishop, Oriel D., enl 9/25/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 10th WI INF, m/o 11/9/61; enl 2/10/65 as O'Neil D. Bishop, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 34th NJ INF, 2/10/65, m/o 2/9/66, Mobile, AL; Source:

Black, Hyde H., enl, Batavia, IL, 8/11/62, Co. B, 124th IL INF, m/o 6/13/65, Vicksburg, MS; Source: Findagrave

Black, Marcelon E., Co. D, 29th IA INF; Co. H, 9th IA CAV; Source:

Blair, Horace E., 118th NY INF; Source: Findagrave

Blake, Norman Nelson, Co. H, 136th OH INF; Source:

Blake, Theophilus William, SERGT, Co. E, 37th IA INF; Source:

Blake, William Plyn, Pvt, Co. M, 1st MI LARTY; Source:

Blanchard, Albert Elmer, Co. B, 1st MN CAV; Source:

Bliss, Joseph F., enl 7/14/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 17th KS INF, 7/27/64, m/o 11/16/64; Source:

Bliss, Rufus W., Co. F, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Blood, Alvin, Co. E 32nd WI INF; Source:

Boardman, Clinton Alonzo, Co. I 51st WI INF; Source:

Boutwell, John Wilder, enl 9/13/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 18th NH INF, 9/13/64, m/o 6/10/65; Source: David Morin

Bowditch, Elijah, Pvt, Co. I, 21st IA INF; Source:

Bowker, John Wesley, CAPT, 28th MI INF; Source:

Bowker, William James, Co. E 1st MA CAV; Source:

Bowman, Edwin C., enl 8/13/62, m/i, CORP, Co. D, 13th NH INF, 9/19/62, reduced to PVT, 6/6/63, pr SGT 12/12/64, m/o 6/21/65, Richmond, VA; Source:

Bowman, Henry A., Co. G, 2nd NH INF; Source:

Boyce, George Benjamin, enl 8/21/61, cred. Fairhaven, m/i, Pvt, Co, E, 2nd NY VET CAV, 8/21/61, 9/10/64, New York, NY; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Boyer, George William, Pvt, Co. G, 5th IA INF; Source:

Boynton, Henry, appt ASST SURG, 10/15/64, m/i, 7th NH INF, 12/14/61, resgd 1/24/64; Source: David_Morin

Bradford, Ira. A., Co. E 36th WI INF; Source:

Bradford, Joseph Freeman, enl, 1861, 83rd PA INF, m/o 7/65; Source:

Bragg, Elmer, enl 7/25/62, Plainfield, NH, m/i, CORP, Co. E, 9th NH INF, 8/8/62, wdd, Spotsylvania, 5/12/64, pow, Spotsylvania, 5/12/64, prld, d/wds 8/20/64, Annapolis, MD; Source: David_Morin

Bragg, William John, Pvt, 8th NY HARTY; Source:

Brailey, John, enl 12/4/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 128th OH INF, 1/10/64, m/o 7/13/65, Camp Chase, OH; Source:

Branch, Phineas Clover, Co. G, 13th IA INF; Source:

Braque, Sylester, drafted - enl, Wisner, MI, 6/10/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 1st MI INF, 6/10/64, pr CORP 6/1/65, m/o 7/9/65, Jeffersonville, IN; Source:

Bresee, Niram, Co. E 37th WI INF; Source:

Briggs, Alvin, enl 1/8/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 10th KS INF, 5/28/63, m/o 6/5/65; Source:

Briggs, Henry S., enl 9/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 42nd OH INF, 9/25/61, m/o 9/30/64, Camp Chase, OH; Source:

Broughton, Rufus Maynard, enl 12/3/61, cred. Granville, NY, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 93rd NY INF, 12/3/61, disch., writ habeas corpus, 2/13/62; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Brown, Freeman W., enl, Salem, OR, 11/21/64, m/i, CORP, Co. C 1st OR INF, 12/27/64, m/o 10/31/65, Fort Vancouver WT (Washington Territory); Source:

Brown, Volney N., Pvt, Co. F, 9th IA INF; Source:

Browne, Francis Fisher, enl, Co. D, MA 46th INF on 9/25/62 m/o, 7/29/63, Hampden Park, Springfield, MA; Source: Findagrave off-site

Brush, Josephus Wilson, enl 10/2/61, m/i DRMR, Co. D, 14th IA INF, 11/2/61, pr DRMMAJ 11/6/61, m/o 3/30/62, Pittsburg Landing, TN; enl 8/2/62, comn 2LT, Co. C, 25th IA INF, 9/11/62, m/o 1/14/63 ; Source:

Bryant, Alpheus W., Co. H, 139th IL INF; Source:

Bryant, Henry, Co. F, 1st RI LARTY, 62-65; Source:

Bryant, Samuel John, enl, 9/6/62, Co. H, 6th MI CAV, pr SGT, pow, 11/64, prld 616/65, m/o 11/24/65 Leavenworth, KS; Source: Findagrave

Buck, Charles E., Co. F 39th WI INF; Source:

Buck, George H., Co. I, 27th MI INF; Source:

Bullis, Hiram Comfort, enl, 1864, 15th NY ENG; Source: Findagrave off-site

Bullock, Amasa R., enl, Adams, MA, 3/2/64, m/o, Pvt, Co. I, 57th MA INF, 3/10/64, mia, North Anna River, 5/23/64, nfi; Source:

Bump, Charles Wesley, Co. H, 16th WI INF; Source:

Bump, George W., Co. I, 16th WI INF; Source:

Bumpus, Charles W., 24th MA INF, 12/16/64-5/12/65 ; Source:

Bundy, Loren D., enl 9/1/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. L, 1st WI HARTY, 9/1/64, m/o 6/26/65; Source:

Bunker, Leander Laroy, 6th MI INF; Source:

Burbank, Sidney H., enl 12/3/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 10th WI INF, m/o 11/4/64; Source:

Burdick, Frank Noyes, SURG, 88th IL INF; Source:

Burgess, John, enl 8/14/62, m/i, Pt, Co. A, 136th PA INF, 8/14/62, d/dis 2/1/63, U.S. Genl Hosp., Frederick, MD (cerebro spinal meningitis); Source:

Burke, Harris Ahira, enl, Coldwater, MI, 8/6/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 19th I INF, 9/5/62, tr to Co. D, 5th VRC, 1/12/65, m/o 7/5/65, Indianapolis, IN; Source:

Burnap, Wilder Luke, 7th RI CAV [College: NU 63]; Source: Welch Collection

Burnette, Daniel D., Co. I, 7th IL CAV; dis/dsb from injury resulting from hose falling in action; Source:

Burnham, Franklin J., 9th NH INF; Source: Findagrave

Burnham, George E., Co. D, 83rd NY INF; Co., D 97th NY INF; Source:

Burns, Robert, enl. 5/7/61 New York City, NY 82nd INF, disch 12/2/61, prom to Captain Co. C; Source:

Burt, Asahel Jr., enl 9/5/62, comnd ASST SURG, 139th NY INF, 9/5/62, pr SURG 12/21/63, m/o, 6/19/65, Richmond, VA; Source:

Burton, John H., 1LT, Co. F, 1st IL LARTY, pr CAPT; Source:

Burton, Sheldon T., 2nd Lieutenant, Captain, Co. I, 8th CA INF, enl 11/23/64, m/o 10/24/65, San Francisco; Source: Findagrave off-site

Bush, George, enl 9/3/62, m/i 10/22/62, Pvt, Co. I, 15th VT INF, pr CORP 1/1/63, m/o 8/5/63; also 1st ME HVY ARTY; Source: Guber Collection off-site

Bush, Lewis, Co. F, 100th IL INF; Source:

Butler, Dewitt Clinton, 8th IL CAV; Source: Findagrave

Butler, James B., Co. A 14th NY HARTY; Source:

Butler, Seymour S., Pvt, Co. K, 29th IN INF; Source:

Butterfield, George Donnelly, Pvt, 37th IA INF; Source:

Byron, Theophilus, Co. G, 5th NY CAV; Source:

Cady, Alonzo D., Co. F, 26th IA INF; Source:

Cady, Henry, enl, Wyoming, IA, 8/14/62, m/i, Co K, 24th IA INF, 9/6/62, d/drowning, Pearl River, Jackson, MS, 7/19/63; Source:

Cady, Thaddeus Sobieski, Co. D, 25th MI INF 62-64; Source: Findagrave off-site

Calvin, John, Co. A, 3rd PA INF; Source:

Campbell, Edward, enl, Malone, 10/8/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 98th NY INF, reen 1/1/64, pr CORP 7/1/64, m/o 8/31/65, Richmond, VA; Source:

Canfield, Thomas S., Co. E 1st IA INF; Co. C 30th IA INF; Source:

Capron, Charles, Co. A & B, 59th IL INF; Source:

Card, Job Eldred, Pvt, Co. E, 5th NY INF; Source:

Carey, John, enl 3/16/63, m/i Pvt, Co. M, 8th MI CAV, 5/2/63, tr to Co. L 7/20/65, m/o 9/22/65, Nashville, TN; Source: Stowe Veterans, 1906

Carlton, Edwin P., Co. I, 5th IA CAV; Co. B, Brackett's Battln. MN CAV; Source:

Carlton, Henry J., Pvt, Co. A, 18th MI INF; Source:

Carpenter, Joseph W. D., enl 4/20/61, 13th MA INF, m/o three months later; comn 2LT, Co. G, 4th VT INF, 9/11/61 (9/11/61), pr 1LT, 5/30/62 (5/30/62), pr CPT, 7/19/62 (9/29/62), kia, Wilderness, 5/5/64; Source: Gibson Collection, Italo Collection, VHS off-site

Carpenter, Riley, enl 8/30/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 150th PA INF, 8/30/62, m/o 6/23/65, Elmira, NY; Source:

Carpenter, W. W. , Co. K, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Carr, Luther D., Co. I, 24th MI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Carr, Martin V. B., 104th NY INF, enl 2/7/62, m/i 2/13/62, CORP, Co. K, pr SGT 4/15/63, wdd, Gettysburg, 7/1/63, dis/dsb 7/5/64, York, PA; Source: Findagrave

Carte, Nelson, Co. A, 141st IL INF; Source:

Carter, Albert A., enl 8/24/61, m/i 9/21/61, Pvt, Co. F, 4th VT INF, Pvt, Co. F, tr to Co. K, 12/14/63, reen 2/10/64, pr CORP 1/25/65, tr to Co. D, 2/25/65, m/o 7/13/65; Source: Italo Collection

Carter, Edward W., enl 5/18/61, m/i 5/18/61, Pvt, Co. D, 19th PA INF, m/o 8/19/61; enl 8/24/61, m/i 9/21/61, SGT, Co. F, 4th VT INF, comn 2LT, Co. F, 6/16/62 (6/16/62), pr 1LT, Co. K, 12/14/62 (1/24/63), pr CPT, Co. G, 6/25/64 (7/11/64), wdd, Wilderness, 5/5/64, resgd 9/13/64; Source: Italo Collection, VHS off-site

Case, Norman Edward, PVT, CORP, Co. A, 2nd MN INF, kia, Chickamauga, 9/19/63; Source:

Casey, William, enl, Albany, NY, 9/19/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 41st NY INF, 9/19/63, dsrtd 4/14/65 from Jarvis Genl Hops, baltimore, MD; Source:

Caswell, Alonzo F., enl 5/23/62, m/i, Pvt, 7th MA LARTY, 5/23/62, m/o 3/21/63, Suffolk, VA; Source:

Cavanah, Arthur Albion, enl 6/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 7th OH INF, m/o 11/20/62; Source:

Chabino, Henry, Co. D, Co. I, 3rd WI CAV; Source:

Chadderton, Jonas G., Co. E, 7th IL INF; Source:

Chaffee, Horace Powers, Co. E, 28th MI INF, 1864-1866; Source:

Chamberlain, Amaziah Dutton Barber, Co. H, 57th IL INF; Source: Findagrave

Chambers, James C., WGNR, Co. I, 3rd IA INF; Source:

Chandler, Julius Converse, Co. G 2nd WI INF (Iron Brigade); Co. F 40th WI INF; Source:

Chappell, Jesse C., Co. E, 1st OH LARTY; Source:

Chase, Thurston Purdy, Co. G, 35th IA INF; Source:

Chesemore, Newton Luther, Co. B 25th WI INF; Source:

Church, Almon S., 15th NH INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Churchill, David B., recruited Co. D 1st RI INF, but did not serve; comn 2LT 3/62 Co. K 3rd RI HA, pr 1LT, 7/8/62, pr CAPT, 5/1/63; tr to Co. F, m/o 10/5/64, Providence, RI; Source: MOLLUS-MA

Cilley, Don B., enl 9/5/62, m/i 10/10/62, Pvt, Co. C, 13th VT INF, m/o 7/21/63; enl 8/16/64, m/i 8/16/64, Pvt, Co. C, 9th VT INF, m/o 6/13/65; also 1st ME INF; Source: 13th VT INF, off-site

Clapp, William Daniels, Pvt, Co. F, 3rd IA CAV; Source:

Clark, Charles C., Co. G, 35th IA INF; Source:

Clark, James H., 2LT, 112th IL INF; Source: Findagrave

Clark, Junius L., enl 8/30/62, cred. Hampton, NY, enl, Pvt, Co. I 93rd NY INF, 8/20/62, m/o 6/1/65, Washington, DC ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Clark, Plymon Orlando, enl, Albany, NY, 9/5/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 91st NY INF, 9/16/64, m/o as CORP, 6/19/65, Baltimore, MD; Source:

Clark, Solomon D., Co. E, 27th MI INF; Source:

Clark, Stephen Benjamin, 16th WI INF; Source:

Clark, Theodore A., Pvt, Co. G, 35th IA INF; Source:

Clarke, Charles Whittle, 42nd OH INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Clifford, Franklin M., Co. E, 8th MN INF; Source:

Clifford, Wells W., enl 8/13/62, m/i, Pvt, 2nd CO., 2nd MA SS, 8/13/62, m/o 11/3/62; Source:

Clough, Fernando Eugene, enl 10/1/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 9th IA CAV, 10/14/63, pr CORP 4/28/65, m/o 2/3/66, Little Rock, AR; Source: Findagrave

Clough, Willard, enl. 6/17/62 Providence, RI Co. B 7 RI CAV, m/o 10/2/62 Providence, RI; Source:

Coats, William R., CORP, Co. B, 52nd WI INF; Source:

Cobb, Farnsworth, SERGT, Co. K, 24th IA INF; Source:

Cobb, Samuel C., enl 9/9/61, m/i, CORP, Co. A, 13th WI INF, 9/9/61, pr SGT, pr 1SGT, comn 2LT, 8/1/63, pr 1LT, 10/28/64, pr CAPT 11/29/64, pr MAJ 10/9/65, m/o 11/24/65, San Antonio, TX; Source:

Cobleigh, Edward J., Ford's IND CAV, tr to Co. L, 15th IL CAV, 1st AL CAV?; Source:

Cobleigh, Franklin E., enl 8/28/62, m/i 10/22/62, Pvt, Co. K, 15th VT INF, m/o 8/5/63; also 15th MA INF; Source: Family

Coburn, Charles, enl, Fort Edwards, NY, 5/9/61, m/i, FFR, Co. I, 22nd NY INF, 6/6/61, m/o 6/19/63, Albany, NY; enl, 12/2/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 16th NY HARTY, 1/13/64, m/o 8/21/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Cochran, Milton Byron, enl 8/5/61, Co. F, 1st IA CAV, pr ASST SURG 5/18/64, tr to U.S. VOLS 5/18/64, pr SURG 11/15/64, pr Bvt LTCOL 11/1/65, m/o 11/11/65; Source:

Colby, Francis Milton, Co. M, 1st MI CAV; Source:

Colby, John Bigford, Btry M, 1st IL LARTY; Source:

Cole, Alexander, Co. G, 2nd WI INF; Source:

Cole, Alson, enl 5/16/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 39th WI INF, 5/1664, m/o 9/22/64, Milwaukee, WI; Source:

Cole, Henry Clay, 9th WI IND ARTY; Source:

Collins, Benoni, Pvt, Co. C, 1st MI LARTY, dis/dsb 3/12/62, Bird's Point, MO; Source:

Conant, Abel B., 7th KY INF, comn ASURG, 8/7/61 (9/22/61), pr SURG 5/10/64, resgd 9/24/64; Source: VHS off-site

Coney, Patrick H., Co. H, 111th NY INF; 4th NY HARTY; Source: Findagrave

Conner, James C., enl, Rouses Point, 11/11/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. M, 9th NY CAV, reen 12/20/63, pr CORP, 9/1/64, pr SGT, 5/1/65, m/o 7/17/65, Cloud's Mills, VA (1890 Census says QMSGT); Source:

Conry, Hiram, Enl, Co. F, 16th WI INF, 12/29/63, m/o 7/15/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Cooper, Elijah E., eln 12/1/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 13th WI INF, m/o 5/10/64; Source:

Corser, Willard Snow, 15th IL INF; Source:

Cory, Lewis M., Co. E 74th IL INF; Source:

Coughlin, John, Comn LTCol, 10th NY INF, 9/5/62, pr Bvt COL, 4/9/65, pr Bvt BGen 4/9/65, m/o 6/21/65 (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Cousins, Cornelius, Pvt, Co. K, 18th IA INF; Source:

Cowdin, Robert, comn COL, 1st MA INF, 5/22/61, dis 10/1/62, comn B.G, USV; cmdd 1st BGD, Abercrombie's Division, Defenses of Washington (XXII Corps), 10/62 - 2/63, 2nd BGD until 3/30/63; Source: Findagrave off-site

Coyier, Jonathan Bradley, 36th WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Craig, James A., enl. Co. C, RI 11th INF 10/1/62, m/o 7/13/62, Providence, RI; Source:

Crossett, Zerah H., Co. H, 25th WI INF; Source:

Cuff, Daniel O., Co. K, 21st MI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Culver, William, SERGT, Co. D, 8th IA CAV; Source:

Cummings, Cyrus R., Co. C, 4th MA HARTY; Source:

Curler, Charles Sylvanis, enl 1865, 192nd NY INF; Source:

Curtis, Hiram William, 2LT, Co. F, 4th IA CAV; Source:

Curtis, Joshua T., SERGT, Co. A, 33rd IA INF; Source:

Cushing, Charles C., enl 27 Feb 1864, Pvt, Co. C, 7th MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Cutler, Dean P., Co. C, 2nd MI CAV, pow, Shoal Creek, AL, 11/7/64, prld 4/1/65; Source:

Cutler, Loren George, Pvt, Co. K, 22nd IA INF; Source:

Cutting, Henry C., Co. G, 7th IA INF; Source:

Cutting, Hiram B., enl 26 Jun 1861, Pvt, Co. A, 2nd MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Daley, O. P., Co. B, 40th IA INF; Source:

Dalrymple, David Henry, Pvt, Co. E, 115th NY INF; Source:

Daniels, Austin T., enl. 10/28/61 Saranac, NY, Co. I, 50th NY ENGRS, m/o 7/19/65; Source:

Daniels, Sargent, Pvt, Co. F, 12th MA INF, tr to Co. C, 5th MA INf, m/oo 4/27/64; Source:

Dart, George W., Co. F, 2nd MO CAV; Source:

Davis, Charles L., CAPT, Co. D, 10th MN INF; Source:

Davis, Edson J., Co. D 95 IL INF; Source:

Davis, Marten Bradford, enl, Elizabethtown, NY, 5/11/61, m/i Pvt, Co. K, 38th NY INF, 6/3/61, m/o 5/5/62; enl 7/22/62, m/i 9/1/62, DRMR, Co. B, 11th VT INF, tr to VRC 3/15/65, m/o 6/28/65; Source: MHI off-site

Davis, William , Pvt, Co. H, 18th IA INF; Source:

Day, Hollis , Pvt, Co. K, 26th IA INF; Source:

Day, John T., enl, Springfield, MA, 5/31/61, m/i 6/21/61, Co. #, 10th MA INF, pr CORPL 1/1/63, reen 12/21/63, wdd, Wilderness, 5/64, tr to Co. K, 37th MA INF 6/20/64, dis/dsb 7/13/65; Source:

Decker, Nathan, Pvt, Co. K, 16th NY INF, Pvt, Co. B, 1st LARTY; Source:

Decker, Smith M., enl 9/11/62, m/i 10/10/62, Pvt, Co. K, 13th VT INF, m/o 7/21/63; also 6th MA INF; Source: 13th VT INF, off-site

Dee, Hiram, Pvt, Co. G, 117th IL INF; Source:

Delano, Sterling P., CAPT, Co. I, 2nd IL CAV, accidently wdd, Shiloh, d/wds 4/27/62; Source: Findagrave

Deming, William P., enl, Burlingame, KS, 9/4/62, Co. I, 11th KS CAV; Lt. and Capt., Co. H, 65th US CINF; Source: Findagrave off-site

DeMond, Frederick A., Co. C 3rd MA HARTY; 7 unattached Co. MA HARTY; Source:

Denary, Henry R., enl, Manchester, NH, 4/25/61, as Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx, elected CORP of Capt. Jonathan R. Bagley's Co., on or about 6/12/61, disch. 7/12/61, Ft. Constitution; Source:

Derby, Charles, Pvt, Co. E, 140th IL INF; Source:

Derby, Charles William, Pvt, Co. D, 11th IA INF; Source:

Derby, Charles William, Pvt, Co. E, 37th IA INF; Source:

Derby, Horace Rice, enl 12/9/61, cred. Sacramento, CA, m/i, SGT, Co. E 5th CA INF, tr to Co. F 1st CA INF, 11/30/64, m/o 12/24/64, Las Cruses, NM ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Derrick, John Martin, enl, Lexington, MI, 10/8/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 10th MI INF, 2/6/62, VRC, dates?, m/o 6/15/65; Source:

Dewey, Henry H., 1st NH INF; comn 1LT, Co. A, 10th VT INF, 7/7/62 (8/30/62), pr CPT, 6/6/64 (6/23/64), m/o 6/22/65; Source: VHS off-site

Dexter, Oscar N., enl 1/6/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. a, 111th PA INF, 1/6/62, m/o 11/24/63; Source:

Dickinson, Marshall Joel, Co. B, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Dickinson, Willard Hoyt, QMSGT, Co. B, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Doble, Silas C., Co. K 16th ME INF; Co. G 20th ME INF; Source:

Dolphin, William Benjamin, Co. G 30th WI INF; Source:

Doody, Myron, enl. Troy, NY, 8/19/64 Co. D 64th NY INF, m/o 7/14/65 Washington DC; Source:

Doten, Horace, Co. K 103rd OH INF; Source:

Doty, James Jonas, enl 7/13/63, m/i 10/7/63, CORP, Co. M, 11th VT INF, pr SGT 1/24/64, red 9/12/64, pr SGT 6/17/65, tr to Co. D, 6/24/65, pow, Leesburg, 7/21/64, prld 10/17/64, tr to Co. D, 6/24/65, comn 2LT, Co. A, 6/26/65 (7/10/65), m/o 8/25/65; also 98th NY INF; Source: VHS off-site

Doty, Sampson, Co. F, 8th MI INF; Source:

Douglass, Arthur C., Pvt, Co. B, 83rd PA INF, com 1LT Co. A, 139th PA INF, bvt MAJ 1865; Source: Findagrave

Dow, Edward, 2nd USSS, Co. F.; Source: David Morin

Downer, William H., Co. A 3rd IA INF; Source:

Downs, Henry Sanborn, 2LT, Co. F, 5th IA INF; Source:

Drake, George M., Co. A NY VET CAV; Source:

Drake, Hiram S., enl, Pvt, Co. E, 9th MA INF, 5/7/61, gsw right leg, m/o 6/2/65 ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Dresser, George, Co. M, 2nd WI CAV; Source:

Dresser, George T., enl 9/29/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 23rd ME INF, 9/29/62, m/o 7/15/63, Portland, ME; Source:

Dugar, Alvin Barnes, Co. C, 12th WI INF; Source:

Dunham, George A., enl, Troy, NY, 5/2/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 2nd NY INF, 5/14/61, pr CORP 9/19/62, m/o 5/26/63, Troy, NY; enl 12/9/63, m/i 12/9/63, PVT, Co. A, 11th VT INF, pr CORP 3/8/65, pr SGT 7/12/65, tr to Co. D 6/24/65, m/o 8/25/65; Source: VHS off-site

Dunshee, Charles Hudson, enl 2/7/65, SGT, Co. B, 147th IL INF, d/dis 4/10/65, Reglt Hosp., Dalton, GA (typhoid fever) ; Source:

Dunshee, George Wayland, Pvt, Co. C, 92nd IL INF, d/dis, 1/24/63, Genl Hosp. 7, Danville, KY (typhoid fever); Source:

Dunton, John, enl, Muscatine, IA, 7/20/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 18th IA INF, 8/7/62, dis/dsb 2/19/63, Springfield, MO; Source: Findagrave

Durand, Elliott, Pvt, Co. K, 132nd IL INF (also Spanish American War); Source:

Durand, Elliott, Pvt, Co. K, 132nd IL INF; Source:

Durant, Nelson, cnl 8/13/62, comn 1LT, Co. F, 113th OH INF, pr CAPT 10/10/62, m/o 7/6/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Dustin, Isaiah A., enl, Derry, NH, 10/2/61, m/i, 1st SGT, Co. G, 6th NH INF, 11/30/61, pr 2LT, 4/29/62 and tr to Co. F, pr 1LT, 2/1/63, and tr to Co. G, pr CPT 11/1/63, dis/dsb 5/17/64; Source: Morin

Dutton, Daniel B., comn ASST SURG, 123rd IN INF, 3/16/64, m/o 8/25/65, Raleigh, NC; Source:

Dutton, Ormon N., enl 8/12/62, CORP, Co. E, 22nd WI INF, dis/dsb 5/2/63; Source:

Dwyer, William H. H., Co. H, 13th PA Militia; Source:

Dyer, George Phillips, Co. E, 44th IA INF; Source:

Earle, Charles Warrington, 96th IL INF; Source: Findagrave

Eastman, James M., enl. 9/5/64 Canton, NY, Co. F 11th NY CAV; Source:

Edgerton, Herbert James, Pvt, Co. F, 32nd IA INF; Source:

Edson, Cutler, 5th NH INF; Source: See Remarks

Edwards, Sylvester, Pvt, Co. H, 8th NY CAV; Source:

Ela, Roger J., Co. E, 4th IA CAV; Source:

Elkins, George Washington, Pvt, Co. K, 20th NY CAV, 1863-1865; Source:

Ellsworth, George E., drafted, enl 11/5/64, Pvt, Co. A, 6th WI INF, m/o 7/14/65; Source:

Emerson, Ezekiel, Co. A, 5th WI INF; Source:

Emerson, Josiah S., enl, Shelburne, MA, 8/14/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. X, 10th MA INF, 8/14/62, kia, Spotsylvania, 5/12/64; Source:

Emery, Lorenzo Perry, enl. 6/1/64 Co. G 44th IA INF, m/o 9/15/64, Davenport, IA; Source:

Emery, Moses, Co. K, 11th MN INF; Source:

Estabrook, George W., enl, SGT, 4/25/61, Co. I, 1st NH INF, m/o 8/9/61, Concord, NH; enl 12/17/61, SGT, Co I, 1st RI CAV, comn 2LT 1/3/63, Co. K, pr 1LT, 4/15/64, Co. A, pr CAPT, 7/15/64 (not mustered),wdd, Waynesborough, VA, 9/28/64, dis/wds 1/4/65; Source: Findagrave off-site

Estabrook, Henry, Co. F, 52nd PA INF; Source:

Estabrook, Sylvester Hale, Co. B, 17th PA CAV; Source:

Evans, John M., comn Surgeon, 13th WI INF 10/16/61 m/o 3/12/65; Source:

Fabrique, Andrew Hinsdale, Co. B, 53rd IN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Fackrell, Henry C., Pvt, Co. A, 153rd IL INF; Source:

Failing, Allen B., enl 1/27/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 3rd WI INF, 1/27/64; nfi ; Source:

Fairbanks, Arthur, enl, Manchester, NH, 4/24/61, as Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx (State Militia) enl. 4/24/61, disch by order of Governor 6/10/61 in Portsmouth, NH; Source:

Fairbanks, Benjamin F., CORP, Co. G, 37th IA INF; Source:

Fairbanks, James Hamilton, Pvt, Co. F, 105th IL INF; Source:

Fairbanks, William R., enl 11/27/61, Co. A, 6th NH INF, 11/27/61 m/o 4/3/63; Source:

Farnsworth, Seth, BGLR, Co. H, 2nd IA CAV, pow, West Point, MS, 2/21/64, d/prison, 7/27/64, Andersonvile (Anasarca); Source:

Farnsworth, Seth , BGLR, Co. B, 1st IA INF; BGLR, Co. H, 2nd IA CAV, pow, West Point, MS, 2/21/64, d/prison, 7/27/64, Andersonvile (Anasarca); Source:

Farr, James, enl 8/8/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 26th IA INF, 9/13/62, pr 8CORP 12/14/62, pr 7CORP, pr 5CORP 4/30/63, m/o 5/13/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Felch, Milo P., enl, Milford, NH, 6/20/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 9th NH INF 7/17/62, d/dis, 3/9/64, London, KY (malaria); Source: Guber Collection off-site

Ferguson, Erwin H., Co. D 12th MA INF; Source:

Ferris, Eugene W., 30th MA INF, 1LT and ADJ (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Field, Harrison O., Co. B 12 WI INF; Source:

Fifield, Royal , Pvt, Co. I, 20th IA INF; Source:

Finley, George, Co. K, 56th MA INF; Co. C, 34th US INF; Source:

Fish, Francis Adolph, Co. G 15th IL INF; Source:

Fisk, Julius Granger, MAJ, 2nd KS CAV; Source:

Fisk, Wilbur F., enl 14 Feb 1865, Pvt, Co. G, 1st MN HVY ARTY; Source: Findagrave

Flagg, James M., Co. A, Merril Horse, 2nd MI CAV, 1861-1865; Source:

Fleming, Charles King, comn 1LT, Co. G, 11th VT INF, 8/12/62 (9/3/62), pr CPT, Co. M, 10/7/63 (10/22/63), pr MAJ, 1/21/64 (3/15/65), pow, Weldon Railroad, 6/23/64, Columbia SC, prld 2/28/65, m/o 5/15/65; also 71st NY Militia; Source: VHS off-site

Fletcher, Charles H., MUSC, Co. D, CORP, Co, H, 14th CT INF; Source:

Flint, George W., enl 8/21/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 20th WI INF, 8/21/62, d/dis 5/10/63, Springfield, MO; Source:

Flint, Jeremiah Eliphalet, enl 4/22/61, m/i, CORP, Co. G, 4th WI INF, 4/22/61, (redesignated 4th WI CAV, 8/22/63), pr SGT, comn 2LT, 5/24/64, pr 1LT, 2/25/65, m/o 5/28/66 (enl as Jerry E. Flint); Source:

Flint, Phineas C., enl 8/5/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, WI 30th INF, 8/5/62, m/o 12/22/62; Source:

Flint, Raymond, enl 8/21/62, m/i, SGT, Co. D, 27th WI IF, 8/21/62, pr 1SGT, m/o 8/29/65; Source:

Flood, Joseph Sidney, Co. D 105th NY INF; Source:

Follensbee, Nathan Gardner, enl 8/11/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 7th RI INF, 9/4/62, m/o 6/9/65; Source:

Ford, Charles H., enl, Holden, MA, 8/8/64, m/i, Co. K, 4th MA CAV, 8/8/64, m/o 5/22/65, Richmond, VA; Source:

Ford, Harmon, SGT, Co. K, 3rd MI CAV, comn 1LT 8/15/64, Co. e, 28th MI INF, m/o 5/15/1865; Source:

Ford, William, Co. L, 15th IL CAV; Source:

Forman, William Henry, Co. H 17th WI INF; Co. H 15th CT INF; Source:

Forrest, Joseph Simmonds, enl, Nashua, 8/25/64, m/i, CORP, Co. F, 1st NH HARTY, pr SGT 10/5/64, m/o 6/15/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Foss, Francis Henry, enl, Fairfield, ME, 8/25/62, m/i, SERGT, Co. C, 19th ME INF, 8/25/62, pr 1SERGT, comn 2LT, wdd, Gettysburg, 7/2/62 (neck), m/o 10/27/63; Source:

Foss, Melvin Allan, enl 15 Dec 1863, Pvt, Co. H, 2nd MN CAV; Source: Findagrave

Foster, Ansel, enl 3/3/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. a, 32nd ME INF, 3/3/64, tr to Co. A, 31st ME INF 12/1/64, m/o 9/11/65; Source:

Fowler, Charles T., Pvt, Co. I, 6th IA CAV; Source:

Frame, Frank A., Co. A, 35th MA INF; Source:

Freeman, Joel Mann, enl 12/1/63, m/i, Co. E, 12th WI INF, 12/15/63, d/dis 7/9/64, Rome, GA; Source:

Freeman, Lyman L., CHAP, 8th OH INF; Source:

Freeman, Willard O., enl, Bellingham, MA, 7/24/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 2nd MA INF, 7/24/62, dis/dsb 3/12/63; Source:

French, Homer Lafayette, Co. G 32nd WI INF; Source:

French, Shepherd Adams, Co. A 48th IL INF; Source:

French, Walton Wright, enl 8/20/62, comn CAPT, Co. F, 115th NY INF, 9/10/62, wdd, date?, m/o 6/20/64; Source:

Frizzell, Orange Scott, Co. G 48th WI INF; Source:

Frizzell, Orange Scott, enl 2/7/65, Pvt, Co. G, 48th WI INF, m/o 12/30/65; Source:

Fulford, Edwin, enl 3/22/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 11th MA INF, 3/22/64, m/o 7/14/65 ; Source:

Fuller, Alonzo W., Co. D, 21st IA INF; Source:

Fuller, Benjamin Howard, Co. I, 13th MI INF; Source:

Fuller, Calvin I., Pvt, Co. L, 2nd MA CAV; Source:

Fuller, Freeman, PVT, Co. G, 150th PA INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Fuller, Jed F., enl 9/61, Pvt, Co. B, 3rd MN INF, tr to Co. A, pr CORP 11/61, comn 2LT 1/63, reen 7/21/64, pr 1LT 8/12/64, pr CAPT 6/10/65, m/o 9/2/65; Source:

Fuller, Martin H., enl 1/2/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 105th OH INF, 1/2/64, tr to VRC 6/1/65, m/o 7/13/65, Columbus, OH; Source:

Fuller, William W., Co. C 29th IA INF; Source:

Furman, Willis A., 124th NY INF; Source:

Gage, William H., enl 9/5/61, cred. Chaumont, NY, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 35th NY INF, 5/9/61, pr SGTMAJ 11/2/62, m/o 5/6/63, Elmira, NY; comn 1LT, Co. H, 18th NY CAV, 6/25/64, pr CPT, Co. C, 12/21/64, m/o 6/12/65 ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Gale, Hiram Randall, enl, Pvt, Co. K, 46th WI INF, 1/25/65, m/o 9/27/65, Nashville, TN - Vermont's Last Veteran! ; Source:

Gallup, Londus O., Co. B, 45th IA INF; Source:

Garvin, Charles Abram, Pvt, Co. C, 2nd WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Garvin, Daniel Wooster, 2nd WI LARTY; Source:

Gates, Moses F., Co. B, 37th IA INF; Source:

Gavin, George, enl, Springfield, MA, 8/1/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 57th MA INF, 8/1/64, m/o 7/30/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Gee, Wilson, Co. K 24th IA INF; Source:

Geer, Ezra, Pvt, 1st OH LARTY; Source:

Geer, Samuel E., 7th MI INF; Source:

Gibson, Cyrus D., enl, Hoosick, NY, 8/30/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 169th NY INF, 10/6/62, pr CORP, pr SGT 4/1/65, m/o 7/19/65, Raleigh, NC; Source:

Gilkerson, Milo J., Co. G, 44th IA INF; Source:

Gilman, Charles, enl, Co. F, 21st IA INF, 8/22/62, pr CORP, 1/8/63, m/o, 1/20/63, Houston, MO; enl, Troy, NY, 1/4/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 7th NY INF, 1/11/64, m/o, 6/21/65, Baltimore, MD; Source:

Gilmore, Asa Dodge, 1st NH HVY ARTY; Source: David_Morin, Guber Collection off-site

Gilson, Daniel H., enl 1/30/65, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 61st IL INF, 2/1/65, m/o 9/8/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Gleason, Newell, LTC, 87th IN INF 28 Aug 1862; COL 22 Mar 1863; cmdg 2nd BGD 3rd DIV XIV Corps 24 Jun 1864 until end of war; Bvt B.G. 13 Mar 1865; Source: Findagrave off-site

Goddard, Warren Caleb, Co. K, 92nd IL INF; Source:

Goding, Harrison, Co. L 1st ME CAV; Source:

Goes, George Elias, Pvt, Co. C, 18th IA INF; Source:

Goewey, Frederick L., Co. B, 22nd IA INF; Source:

Gonyeau, David, enl, Claverack, NY, 1/26/64, m/i, Pvt, 1st NY IND LARTY, 1/27/64, tr to 6th NY IND LARTY, date not stated, m/o 5/6/6, David's Island, New York Harbor; Source:

Goodale, Cyrus Wesley, comn 2LT, Wilbraham, MA, 10/16/61, pr 1LT 2/13/62, d/dis 10/30/62, Hammond Genl Hosp., Beaufort NC (malig. sore throat); Source:

Goodno, Luther S., enl, Ogdensburg, NY, 9/18/62, m/i, CAPT, Co. K, 142nd NY INF, 9/29/62, m/o 2/13/63; Source:

Goodrich, Harley, enl, Pembroke, NH, 4/24/61, as Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx, as Pvt, disch. 7/12/61, as of Capt. Jonathan R. Bagley's Co., Fort Constitution; Source:

Goodwin, Ea., Co. F, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Goodwin, Marvin, QMSGT, 13th IL INF; Source:

Goodyear, Gilbert Lewis, Co. B, 1st OH LARTY; Source:

Gordon, Andrew J., enl, Black Brook, NY, 10/15/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I 77th NY INF, 10/16/61, m/o 1/5/63, White Oak Church, VA; Source:

Gordon, Samuel F., enl 5/10/61, m/i, CORP, Co. K, 6th WI INF, 5/10/61, comn 2LT 12/21/64, m/o 7/14/65; Source:

Gorham, Charles W., enl. 2/12/64 Co. A 8th IL CAV, dis 7/17/65; Source:

Goss, Samuel E., enl 10/2/61, m/i, CORP, Co. F, 5th NY INF, 10/23/61, pr SERGT 11/1/63, m/o 10/29/64; Source: Guber Collection off-site

Goss, Ziba C., Co. G, 8th MN INF; Source:

Graham, William A., enl, Stewartstown, NH, 8/11/62, m/i, SGT, Co. A, 13th NH INF, 9/19/62, 1SGT 7/1/63, apptd CAPT, Co. G, 26th US CINF, 3/3/64, m/o 8/28/65; Source:

Graves, James Taylor, Co. C, 52nd MA INF; Source:

Graves, William Eugene, enl 10/20/63, Washington, NY, m/i 10/27/62, QMSGT, 10th NY CAV, comn RQM 10/20/62, pr CAPT/RQM 11/4/64, tr to CAPT, Co. L, 10th NY CAV, m/o unknown; Source:

Gray, John J., enl, 8/1/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 50th OH INF, 8/18/62, m/o 4/3/63, Columbus, OH; Source:

Green, Asa B., CHAP, 30th WI INF; Source:

Green, Horace C., 2nd NY VET CAV (Harris Light); Source: Guber Collection off-site

Green, John C., enl 3/30/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 38th WI INF, 3/30/64, m/o 5/12/65; Source:

Green, Othniel, Epitaph: Co. C 107 Reg. Pa. vol Enlisted Apr 28, 1862 Dis. May 16, 1865 Died Aug 30, 1899 Aged 72 Yr. 3 Mo. 4 D. (Not found on rosters); Source:

Greene, Charles B., enl. Co. E, 4th MA HARTY 8/22/1864, m/o 6/17/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Greenwood, William, Co. K 1st ME HA; Source:

Gregory, Clifton B., enl 15 Aug 1862, Pvt, Co. I, 7th MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Griffith, Peleg Tabor, Pvt, Co. E, 9th MN INF; CAPT, Co. F, 117th US CINF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Guindon, Eugene Whiting, enl 5/29/61, m/i, SGT, Co. H, 2nd NJ INF, comn 2LT, 2/26/62, pr 1LT, 11/27/62, MAJ/ADC, USV, 5/7/63, m/o 11/11/65; Source: Findagrave

Guptail, Frederick, Co. I, 153rd IL INF; Source:

Guptill, Freeman Edward, Pvt, Co. E, 7th MN INF; Source:

Hadley, William G., Co. G, 153rd NY INF, 62-65; Source: Findagrave off-site

Hakins, Thomas W., enl 2/6/65, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 151st IN INF, 2/6/65, d/dis, 7/5/65, Cumberland Hosp, Nashville, TN; Source: Findagrave

Hale, George H., SERGT, Co. A, 25th IA INF; Source:

Hale, Oramel B, Co. H, 129th IL INF; Source:

Hall, George Melvin, Pvt, Co. K, 47th IA INF; Source:

Hall, John S., Pvt, Co. H, 4th IA CAV; Source:

Hamblin, Reuben, Co. L, 8th MI CAV; Source:

Hand, Edward Henry, Co. G 4th WI INF; Source:

Hanks, John Marshall, Co. G, 9th MN INF; Source:

Hanley, James, 25th IA Btry; Source:

Hard, Giles Coy, Co. G, 45th IL INF; Source: Findagrave

Harlow, Ebenezer D., enl 8/13/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 111th OH INF, 9/6/62, m/o 5/8/63, New Albany, IN; Source:

Harrington, James, Co. B, 23rd MI INF; Source:

Harris, Darwin, enl, Sandy Hill, NY, 5/9/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 22nd NY INF, 6/6/61, m/o 6/19/63, Albany, NY; Source:

Harris, George, Pvt, Co. I, 9th IA INF; Source:

Harris, Henry Knight, Pvt, Co. B, 10 MA INF; Source: Findagrave

Harris, Samuel, Co. A, 5th MI CAV; Source:

Hart, Albert H., Pvt, Co. A, 114th IL INF; Source:

Hart, Montraville, Pvt, Co. G, 123rd NY INF; Source:

Harvey, Merritt, enl, 10/1/64, Pvt, Co. E, 180th OH INF, m/o 6/10/65, David's Island, NY; Source:

Harwood, George J., enl 8/27/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 61th MA INF, 9/14/64, m/o 6/4/65; Source:

Haselton, Orlando J., Pvt, Co. B, 10th MI INF; Source:

Haskell, Franklin Aretas, 6th WI INF, 36th WI INF, kia, Cold Harbor, 6/3/64; Source: Findagrave off-site

Haskin, Jason, 149th PA INF (2nd Bucktail regiment); Source:

Haskins, Charles E., CORP, Co. E, 10th KS INF, enl 1/2/63, Pvt, Co. I 19th WI INF, m/o 8/9/65, Richmond, VA; Source:

Hatch, Alanson, Co. A 38th WI INF; Source:

Hawkins, George C., Co. C, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Hawkins, Hiram A., SGT, Co. D, 9th IL CAV; Source:

Haynes, Samuel D., ASURG, 37th IA INF; Source:

Hayward, Azel D., enl 8/8/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 72nd IL INF, pr CORP., d/dis 7/23/64 (fever); Source:

Hazelton, Elmore J, enl 9/13/62, Co. B, 42nd INF, m/o 8/20/63 Readville, MA; Source:

Hazen, Charles Richard, enl, North Andover, MA, 7/25/61, m/i, SGT, 8/28/61, Co. F, 19th MA INF, wdd, Antietem, 9/17/62, dis/dsb 4/19/64; Source:

Heath, Christopher S., CAPT, Co. B, 14th MA INF, 1861-1865; Source: Findagrave off-site

Heath, Truman L., 1st NH HVY ARTY; Source: Findagrave off-site

Heath, Wilbur Fisk, Co. D, 146TH IL INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Heath, William C., Co. K 47th IA INF; Source:

Hebard, Charles, enl, Sackets Harbor, NY, 1/22/62, m/i, HOSP STWRD, Co. H, 94th NY INF, 2/13/62, m/o 3/19/63 as supernumereary on consolidation with 115th NY INF; Source:

Hemenway, Luke E., CAPT, Co. H, 132nd IL INF; Source:

Hemenway, Thomas, Co. C, 123rd OH INF; Source:

Henry, Franklin Sylvester, enl 7/14/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 6th MA INF, 7/16/64, m/o, 10/27/64; enl 2/7/65, m/i 3/7/65, Pvt, Co. K, 17th VT INF, m/o 7/17/65; Source: Findagrave

Henry, Norman P., enl, Dubuque, 9/11/62, m/i, Pvt, co. F, 37th IA INF, 9/11/62, d/dis 11/7/63, Alton, IL; Source:

Herrick, Oliver R., Pvt, Co. D, 24th MI INF; Source:

Hersey, Harvey, enl 8/23/62, resident Calais, VT, comn Chaplain, 17th ME INF, 8/23/62, dis/dsb 1/28/63. Universalist [College: Tufts 57]; Source: Off-site

Hewlet, Joseph A., CORP, Co. D, 21st IA INF, d/dis 10/17/62, Rolla, MO; Source:

Hicks, George E., Co. A, 51st IL INF, pow, Chickamauga, 16 months in LIbby, Danville, Florence and Andersonville; Source: Findagrave off-site

Hight, John A., enl, Columbus City, IA, 5/1/61, m/i 5/27/61, Pvt, Co. H, 2nd IA INF, dis/dsb 4/2/62; Source:

Hills, Alfred Farley, enl, Hollis, NH, 9/28/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 7th NH INF, 11/12/61, m/o 12/27/64; Source: Findagrave

Himes, Charles H. M., enl, Pvt, Co. A, 9th PA CAV, 5/10/64, m/o 7/18/65; Source:

Hinsdale, Willliam E., enl 8/12/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 2nd OH CAV 8/12/61, m/o 2/20/63; Source:

Hoag, Harmon, Pvt, 3rd WI LARTY (on roster as Herman); Source:

Hobart, Chauncey, Blakhawk War; CHAP, 3rd MN INF, 1861-1862; Source:

Hoisington, Abisha, enl, Three Rivers, MI, 8/24/61, m/i, MUSCN, Co. G, 11th MI INF, pr DRMAJ 2/6/62, m/o 8/27/62, Nashville, TN; Source:

Hoisington, Norman Henry, enl, Three River, 11/1/61 as 1st SGT, 13th MI INF, 1/17/62, comn 2LT, 12/8/62, 1LT 12/24/62, CAPT 2/13/63, m/o 1/16/65, Savannah, GA; Source:

Holden, Benjamin S., Co. F, 13th IA INF; Source:

Holmes, Samuel B., enl 9/23/62, Co. F, 3rd MA INF, dis/dsb 6/26/63 Camp Hooker, Lakeville, MA; Source:

Holt, Myron A., Co. E 46th WI INF; Source:

Home, J. C., Co. K, 17th IA INF; Source:

Honey, Quincy, enl 2/1/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 6th KS CAV, 2/1/62, m/o 11/30/64, Fort Scott, KS; Source:

Hopkins, Albert M., enl, Salem, NY, 8/5/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 123rd NY INF, 9/4/62, pr CORP 7/64, m/o 6/8/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Hopkins, Philander, NH LARTY; Source: David_Morin

Hopkins, Wilson, enl, 1861, 16th NY INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Horton, Charles, enl 10/30/61 Co. C RI 4th INF, m/o 5/2/62 Beaufort, SC on a Surgeon's Certificate; Source:

Horton, Montraville P., Co. I 3rd NH INF; Source:

Horton, Myron Joseph, Co. E, 51st MA INF, 6th Unattached Co. MA, 1LT, Co. A, 1st MA CAV ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Houghton, Abraham Gardner, MUSCN, Co. I, 10th MIINF; Source:

Houghton, David, Co. I, 10th MI INF; Source:

Houghton, David M., Co. F, 8th MI INF; Source:

Houghton, George F., Co. D, Brackett's MN CAV; Source:

Houghton, Ruthven W., 3rd NH INF; Source: Findagrave

House, Henry N., enl. 2/9/64 2nd NY HARTY, disch 7/10/65 Philadelphia, PA; Source:

House, Martin, enl, SGT, Co. B, 150th OH INF, 5/5/64, m/o 8/23/64, Cleveland, OH; Source:

House, Timothy J., Co. M 2nd NY VET CAV; Source:

Howard, Oliver Otis, 3rd ME INF, USV (Medal of Honor) [College: USMA 54]; Source: Italo Collection

Howe, Augustus J., enl 8/15/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 40th IA INF, 11/3/63, m/o 6/6/65, Little Rock, AR; Source:

Howe, Hiram T., Co. G 38th IA INF; Source:

Howe, Joel C., Co. K, 17th IA INF; Source:

Howes, Silas C., Co. F, 31st IA INF; Co. E, 17th IA INF; Source:

Hoyt, Edwin Jr., SGTMAJ, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Hoyt, Moses, enl 1 Dec 1863, Pvt, Co. C, 1st MN CAV; Source: Findagrave off-site

Hudson, Horace Leeman, enl, Dubuque, IA, 10/5/64, Pvt, Co. K, 15th IA INF, m/o 7/5/65, David's Island, NY ; Source: Findagrave off-site

Hudson, Orvis DeForest, Co. E, 34th IL INF; Source:

Hunt, Abner Nichols, Co. F 31st IA INF; Source:

Hunt, Herman, 1LT, Co. I, 21st MI INF, d/dis 12/16/62, Genl Hosp. #2, Nashville, TN (dysentery); Source:

Hunt, Luther B., comn, 2LT, Co. K, 45th IL INF, 12/24/61, m/o 6/1/62, omn CAPT, Co. B, 138th IL INF, m/o 10/14/64, Camp Butler, Springfield, IL; Source:

Huntington, Densmore W., Co. K 47th WI INF; Source:

Huntington, William H., Co. D 12th WI INF; Source:

Hurlburt, Charles J., enl 12/6/61, Pvt, Co. A 48th IN INF; nfi; Source:

Hurlbut, Edwin Warren, Co. K, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Hyde, Henry Allan, Co. A 41st WI INF; Source:

Ide, Chester Dean, Principal Musician Co. F & S 25th WI INF; Source:

Ingalls, Roswell A., enl 28 Feb 1864, Pvt, Co. K, 2nd MN INF; Source: Findagrave

Isham, Henry B., enl 7/14/62, m/i, BGLR, Co. F, 34th MA INF, 7/31/62, tr to 36th Co., 2nd Btln, VRC, 2/14/64, pr SGT 10/1/65, m/o 12/23/65; Source:

Jackson, Dennis M., enl 12/1/64, Co. E, 4th NH INF, m/o 7/15/65 DeCamp Hospital, David's Island, NY; Source:

Jacobs, Elias, Pvt, Co. A, 31st IA INF; Source:

Jarvis, Henry, enl, Malone, NY, 7/22/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 83rd NY INF, 7/22/63, tr to Co. F, 97th NY INF, 6/7/64, m/o as CORP, 7/18/65, near Ball's Cross Roads, VA; Source:

Jelley, John, enl, 1861, 84th NY INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Jenne, Job C., 12th NH INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Jenne, Nathan F., enl, Eaton Rapids, MI, 9/9/61, m/i, Co. B, 2nd MI CAV, 10/2/61, m/o 6/28/65, Detroit, MI; Source:

Jepson, Orsemus, enl, Camp Norton, CT, 8/11/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 21st CT INF, 9/5/62, wdd, Cold Harbor, 6/3/64, m/o 5/20/65; Source:

Jewett, Walter, Pvt, Co. A, 15th IL INF, dis/dsb 10/19/62; Source:

Jillson, Samuel C., enl 7/22/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 34th MA INF, 7/31/62, m/o 2/29/64, Portsmouth Grove, RI; Source:

Johnson, Calvin Farnham, enl 10/6/62, m/i, BlKSMTH, Co. L, 16th PA CAV; nfi; Source:

Johnson, Emlik Harrington, Pvt, Co. B, 21st MO INF; Source:

Johnson, Frederick R., Pvt, Co. G, 77th IL INF; Source:

Johnson, Oscar Frank, Pvt, Co. E, 8th IL CAV; Source:

Joslyn, Orlando V., enl. 8/12/62 Co. E 35th IA INF, disch 5/6/65; Source:

Judd, Schuyler F., COL, 106th NY INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Judkins, Charles M., enl, Kingston, NH, 6/11/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 9th NH INF, 7/3/62, wdd, Antietam, 9/17/62, wdd, Spotsylvania, 5/12/64, tr to Co. G, 6th VRC 10/1764, m/o 7/14/65, Cleveland, OH; Source: David_Morin

Keble, Hurbert R., enl, Danville, IL, 2/14/65, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 154th IL INF, 2/14/65, d/dis 5/15/65, Murfreesboro, TN; Source:

Keeble, Ashley T., Co. G, 25th IL INF; Source:

Keeler, Lucius N., 6th WI LARTY; Source:

Kehoe, James P., enl 8/24/61, m/i, CORP, Co. G, 13th WI INF, 824/61, m/o 11/24/65, San Antonio, TX; Source:

Kelley, Elihu J., Co. I, 5th IA CAV; Co. B, Brackett's Battln. MN CAV; Source:

Kellogg, Josiah , Pvt, Co. G, 46th IA INF; Source:

Kemp, Alva, Pvt, Co. F, 37th IA INF; Source:

Kendall, Cornelius, ; Source:

Kenney, Chester B., Pvt, Co. B, 69th IL INF; Source:

Kenney, Edwin A., Co. F 15 CT INF; Co. 3 14th USC HARTY; Co. F 2nd US CAV; Source:

Kent, Daniel S., enl, Lockport, MI, 8/11/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 25th MI INF, 9/11/62, m/o 3/12/63, Detroit, MI; Source:

Kent, James William, enl 2/9/64, Pvt, Co. A, 3rd MI CAV, m/o 2/12/66; Source:

Kenyon, Ralph Albert, Co. H, 4th IA CAV; Source:

Keyes, David R., enl 9/30/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 6th NH INF, 11/28/61, wdd, Bull Run, 8/29/62, dis/dsb 2/17/63, Baltimore, MD; Source: David Morin Collection

Kimball, Gardner A., enl 5/24/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 1st MA INF, wdd, Fair Oaks, VA, 6/25/62, m/o 1/14/64; comn 2LT, Co. F, 35th US CINF 1/26/64, pr 1LT, 6/17/65, m/o at 1LT, Co. D, 6/1/66; Source:

Kimball, George C., Pvt, Co. D, 8th IA INF; Source:

Kimball, Hollis S., Co. D, 3rd IA CAV; Source:

Kimball, Marinus P., enl, North Adams, MA, 11/30/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 31st MA INF, 12/10/61, reenl 2/8/64, m/o 9/9/65 (roster/pension say Marenus); Source:

Kimball, Selden F., enl 3/24/64, m/i, Pvt, 16th MA LARTY, 4/4/64, m/o 6/27/65; Source:

Kimball, William S., CORP, Co. H, 103rd IL INF; Source:

Kingsley, Charles Sullings, enl 6/20/63, m/i, CORP, Co. C, 30th PA INF, 6/20/63, m/o 8/1/63; enl l2/26/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. L, 3rd PA HARTY, m/o 11/9/65, Fort Monroe, VA; Source:

Kingsley, Jeremiah Brown, Co. I, 38th IA INF; Source:

Kinney, Lucius M., enl 3/1/64, cred. Hampton, NY, m/i, PVT, Co. I93rd NY INF, m/o 6/29/65, near Washington, DC ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Kinsman, Henry E., enl, Hartford, CT, 4/18/61, m/i, Co. A, 1st CT INF, 4/22/61, m/o 7/31/61; enl 8/20/61, m/i 9/13/61, 1SGT, Co. F, 1st USSS, pr 2LT 5/15/63 (5/22/63), pr 1LT, 11/5/63 (1/22/64), wdd, Wilderness, 5/7/64, m/o 9/13/64; Source: Gibson Collection, Charles Collection, Jones Collection, White Collection, VHS off-site

Kinsman, James W., enl 8/13/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 93rd IL INF, 10/13/62, pr CORP, m/o 6/23/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Kinson, Lewis G., Co. K 74th IL INF; Source:

Knowlson, John, comn SURG, 9/3/62, cred. Troy, NY, 169th NY INF, m/o 7/19/65, Raleigh, NC;; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Lackey, Melvin , Pvt, Co. C, 6th IA CAV; Source:

Ladue, Louis, m/i 8/13/63 Co. B 11th MA INF, m/o 7/14/65; Source:

Lambkin, George W., Co. A, 53rd WI INF; Source:

Lamkin, Charles Edgar, enl 8/61, Pvt, Co. K, 2nd IA CAV; m/o as CMSRY SGT; Source:

Lamkin, Leroy Smith, enl 8/18/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K,, 2nd IA CAV, 8/18/62, dis/dsb 3/10/63; enl 5/4/64, m/i, COPR, Co. G, 45th IA INF, 5/25/64, m/o 9/16/64; enl, 1/21/65, Co. K, 2nd IA CAV, m/o 9/19/65, Selma, AL; Source:

Lamphier, Lloyd, Pvt, Co. A, 73rd IN INF; Source: Findagrave

Lampman, Isaac, 26th nY CAV, 98th NY INF; Source:

Lamson, Horace Samuel, comn 3/23/63, Asst. Surgeon 3rd RI HARTY, m/o 8/4/64; Source:

Lang, William, Co. K 1st ME CAV; Source:

Larrabee, Emery B., enl, 11/9/62, m/i, MUSCN, Co. H, 177th PA INF, 11/9/62, m/o 8/7/63, Harrisburg, PA; Source:

Lawrence, Daniel G., enl 2/2/65, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 47th WI INF, m/o 9/4/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Leach, Alonzo Don, Co. H, 9th MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Leach, Elisha J., Co. B, 95th IL INF; Source:

Learnard, Oscar Eugene, comn LTCOL, 1st KS INF, 5/25/61, resgnd 7/25/62; Source: Findagrave

Learned, James W., enl 9/14/61, m/i, Pvt, 1st NH LARTY, 9/26/61, m/o 6/9/65, Concord, NH; Source: David_Morin

Lee, Fordyce Johnson, Pvt, Co. B, 15th IL INF; Source:

Libbey, Henry W., enl 10/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 5th NH INF, 10/24/61, wdd, Fair Oaks, 6/1/62 (gsw left chest), pr CORP, tr to Genl Mtd Svc, USA 11/1/62, dsrtd 1/11/63, Liverpool Point, VA, apprehende, dishonorable disch 1/11/63 (see pension remarks); Source:

Lillie, Alfred F., Co. B 14th WI INF; Source:

Little, John Baxter, enl 11 Feb 1864, Pvt, Co. K, 3rd MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

LIttle, Willialm V., Co. K, 32nd WI INF; Source:

Little, William V., Co. K, 32nd WI INF, Co. A, 23rd VRC, 150th Co., 2nd Btln, VRC; Source:

Littlefield, Elisha Alvin, Co. B, 10th WI INF; Source: Findagrave

Livingston, George B. S., Pvt, Co. C, 11th IA INF; Source:

Loomis, Harrison B., Co. C 8th WI INF; Source:

Loudon, James W., Co. F & S 5th WI INF; Source:

Louks, Arthur C., Co. D, 11th MI CAV; Source:

Lovell, James Coover, Co. A 23rd IA INF; Source:

Lucas, Jonathan P., Pvt, Co. C, 177th OH INF; Source:

Luce, Elijah William, Pvt, Co. F, 38th IA INF; Source:

Lund, George Prescott, enl, Forest Hill, CA, 9/12/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 4th CA INF, 9/25/61, m/o 10/4/64, Drum Barracks, CA ; Source:

Lyman, Lucius, QMSGT, Co. H, 2nd NY HARTY; Source:

Lynde, Thomas Jefferson, enl, Ludlow, MA, 8/23/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 46th MA INF, 9/24/62, m/a 6/3/63, Newbern, NC to reen; enl, m/i, in Co. A, 2nd MA HARTY, 7/28/63, m/o 9/3/65; Source:

Macommber, Sylvanus Boardman, Co. C/K, 13th ME INF, Co. K, 30th ME INF; Source:

Manning, Edwin C., enl 11/1/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 2nd KS CAV, 11/14/61, pr 1SGT 3/8/62, comn 1LT, 9/20/62, m/o 9/20/62?; Source:

Manser, Christopher Augustus, Co. F, 1st WI INF; Source:

Maranville, Rollin E., enl 8/21/61, cred. Fairhaven, m/i CORP, Co. F, 2nd NY VET CAV, 9/23/61, wdd, Bull Run, date?, d/wds 8/29/62 ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Marsh, Henry A., Pvt, Co. B, 32nd IA INF; Source:

Marsh, Metcalf Butler, enl 8/5/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 21st MA INF, 8/5/61, m/o 12/31/61 Annapolis, MD; Source:

Marsha, David, enl 1/23/64, cred. Essex, NY, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 58th MA INF, 1/23/64, m/o 7/14/65, Washington, DC ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Martin, George Hastings, enl 8/9/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 9th ME INF, 8/9/62, m/o 6/16/65; Source:

Martin, James W., enl 10/31/61, Pvt, Co. D, 1st MI CAV, m/o 3/20/62; Source:

Martin, John Blair, 3rd WI INF; Source: Findagrave

Martin, Porter B., Co. F, 7th IA CAV; Source:

Marvin, Stephen G., enl. Co. C, 2nd CO INF, m/o 12/15/62; tr. Co. E, 1st CO CAV 12/15/62, prom 2LT 7/15/63, m/o 11/1/65; Source:

Mason, Elbert, enl 8/12/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 75th IL INF, 9/2/62, m/o 6/12/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Mason, Hiram, Co. D 10th WI INF; Source:

Matteson, Philip, 16enl 10/9/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 16th OH INF, 10/9/61, m/o 4/16/64; Source:

Mattocks, Charles Porter, 17th ME INF, MAJ (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Maurice, Nicholas, enl 6/13/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 1st IA CAV, 8/17/61, tr to Co. L, 9/24/61, pr CORP, 11/10/61, reen 1/5/64, m/o 2/15/66, Austin, TX; Source:

Maverick, Lewis, 1st NC INF (CSA), 22nd Texas CAV (CSA), UVM Class of 1859. Delta Psi Fraternity. Left UVM for UNC in 1859, served in CPT Ashe's 1st NC INF, CSA, raised Co. E, 22d Texas Mounted Volunteers, promoted to General DeBray's staff with the rank of MAJ, wdd, Blair's Landing, La., 4/12/64, d/wds, San Antonio, Texas, 6/18/66. [College: UVM 60, UNC]; Source: Findagrave off-site

Maxham, William Ransom, enl, Millikens Bend, AL, 7/7/61 (as Maxim), m/i, Pvt, Co. E 9th LA INF, pr 4Sgt, wdd, Manassas, 8/29-30/62, pr 3Sgt 12/62, pow, Gettysburg, 7/2/63, wdd, Gettysburg, 7/2/63 (right thigh), DeCamp Genl Hosp., David's Island, NYC, prld 9/16/63, with regiment from 10/63-2/64, m/o 5/10/65; Source:

Maynard, Benajah, Co. M, 8th MI CAV; Source:

Mayo, Zelotes Bingham, CAPT, Co. F, 13th IL INF; Source:

McCoy, Andrew Jackson, 1LT/RQM, 1st WI CAV, CAPT, CMSRY, USV; Source: Findagrave off-site

McDermott, William, enl 9/1/62, occ. clerk, m/i 10/4/62, CORP, Co. E, 12th VT INF, m/o 7/14/63; enl Co. H, 59th MA INF, 4/30/64, pr 4/30/64, 2LT, and tr to Co. K, 54th MA INF, 4/1/65, pr 1LT, and tr to Co. I, 59th MA INF, 6/13/65, tr to 54th MA INF, 7/17/65, m/o 8/20/65, Mount Pleasant, SC; Source: MassHistSoc

McKay, Duncan, Co. K, 18th MA INF; Co. K, 122nd NY INF; Source:

McKean, James Bedell, COL, 77th NY INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Mclain, Jackson, Pvt, Co. B, 106th IL INF; Source:

McLaughlin, James, enl 2/16/65, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 2nd MA CAV, 2/16/65, m/o 7/20/65, Fairfax C.H. (enlisted as James Coyle); Source:

Meacham, Cornelius Edward, Co. A, 12th WI INF, m/o, CORP, 10/64, Chattanooga, TN; Source:

Mead, Lucius H., enl, Rochester, NY, 8/21/62, m/i, BLKSMTH, Co. M, 8th NY CAV, 10/14/62, tr to Co. H, 11/1/64, m/o 6/27/65, Alexandria, VA; Source:

Mears, Alson D., enl, Bangor, NY, 10/11/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 98th NY INF, 11/22/61, pr SERGT 12/6/61, m/o 6/9/63, Newport, NC; Source:

Merrifield, Edwin C., substitute, enl, Medina, MI, 8/11/64, m/, Pvt, Co. G, 18th MI INF, 8/13/64; nfi; Source:

Merrill, Asa, enl, Co. C, IA 11th INF on 10/3/61, m/o, 10/5/63; 48th USC INF; 10 LA INF; Source:

Merrill, John Gilson, enl, 8/23/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. Co. G, 2nd MA HARTY, m/o 6/26/65, New Berne, NC; Source:

Miller, Melvin P., enl 8/12/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 104th IL INF, 8/27/62, m/o 6/6/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Mills, Cyrus H., enl 10/1/62, m/i, Pvt, 42nd OH INF, 10/16/62; nfi; Source:

Mills, Hamilton A., enl 8/5/62, m/i, CORP, Co. A, 36th MA INF, 8/27/62, dis/dsb 12/24/63, Portsmouth Grove, RI; Co. H, 4th MA HARTY; Source:

Mills, Jason N., enl, Lyons, MI, 9/5/61, m/i, Pvt, co. D, 9th MIN INF 10/16/61, m/o 12/9/61, West Point, KY; Source:

MIlls, John W., SGT, Co. I, 36th WI INF; Source:

Miner, Amos, enl, Midland, MI, 9/16/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B 10th MI INF, 2/6/62, m/o 2/6/65, Detroit, MI; Source:

Miner, Clement S., enl. 7/22/62 Chazy, NY Co. B, NY 118th NY INF, m/o 6/13/65 Richmond, VA; Source: Gibson Collection, Guber Collection off-site

Miner, George H., enl, Midland, MI, 9/16/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B 10 MI INF, 2/6/62, m/o 7/19/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Miner, Lewis, enl. Co. E, 2nd RI INF, 9/15/64,m/o 6/29/65; Source:

Mitchell, Ebenezer, enl, Cornish, NH, 10/7/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 6th NH INF, dis/dsb 8/11/62, New Berne, NC; Source:

Mitchell, Henry C., enl, Sheffield, VT, 3/1/64, m/i, Pvt, co. D, 11th MA INF, 3/1/64, wdd, Wilderness, 5/6/64, m/o 7/14/65 ; Source:

Monroe, Franklin, enl, Co. D, 11th RI INF 10/1/62, m/o 7/13/63, Providence, RI; Source:

Monroe, John H., enl, Providence, RI, Pvt, Co. F 3rd RI HARTY 2/3/62, reenl2/4/64, pr SGT Co. B 9/15/64, m/o 8/27/65; Source:

Montague, Ira W., Co. D, 1st MI ENGRS; Source:

Moore, Andrew Sanford, enl 8/15/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 83rd IL INF, 8/21/62, died?, 5/30/64, Fort Donelson, TN; Source:

Morgan, Solon Cornelius, enl, Colton, NY 1/13/62, m/i 1/13/62, Pvt, Co. D, 11th NY CAV, m/o 1/31/65, Baton Rouge, LA; Source: Findagrave

Morse, Henry N., Pvt, Co. F, 6th MN INF, 5/25/63-11/9/64; Co. G, 1st MN INF, 3/25/65-7/14/65; Source: None

Morse, Langdon, Co. K 26th IA INF; Source:

Morton, Thurmon W., enl 13 Aug 1862, Pvt, Co. A, 8th MN INF; Source: Findagrave

Mosher, Albert P., 17th WI LARTY; Source:

Mott, George Keeler, enl 9/4/62, m/i, CORP, Co. E, 37th IA INF, 11/6/62, dis/dsb 1/21/65, Cincinnati, OH; Source:

Moulton, Charles C., Co. K, 3rd IA INF; Source:

Moulton, Henry M., enl 8/25/66, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 5th MA INF,9/19/62, m/o 7/2/63; Pvt, Co. C, 1st NH CAV; Source:

Murdock, Myron, Pvt, Co. F, 24th MI INF; Source:

Murphy, William W., enl, Hartford, NY, 8/21/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 123rd NY INF, 9/4/62; wdd, Chancellorsville, 5/63; m/o 6/8/65, near Washington, D. C ; Source:

Mussen, James H., Co. A 50th WI INF; Source:

Myott, Marshall, Substitute - enl, Boylston, NY, 3/16/65, m/i Pvt, Co. H, 121st NY INF, 3/16/65, dis/csb 6/9/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Nelson, John Jr., enl, 1863, 13th NY ARTY; Source: Findagrave off-site

Nichols, Theodore, Co. A, 30th WI INF; Source:

Niles, Carlos M., enl, Jefferson, WI, 9/28/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 4th WI INF, 9/28/63, m/o 5/28/66, Brownsville, KS; Source:

Niles, William , Pvt, Co. I, 38th IA INF; Source:

Nokes, Samuel V., Co. C & Co. D 119th IL INF; Source:

Norris, Joseph B., Co. F 16th NY INF; Co. A 121st NY INF; Source:

Northrop, Edward H., Pvt, Co. K, 13th IA INF; Source:

Northrop, George E., Pvt, Co. G, 38th IA INF; Source:

Norton, George Stillman, enl 16 Feb 1865, Pvt, Co. M, 1st MN HVY ARTY; Source: Findagrave off-site

Nutting, Eben H., enl 9/3/61, m/i, CORP, Co. C, 4th NH INF, 9/18/61, reduced to ranks 5/20/63 at own request, pr CORP 11/22/63, pr SERGT 7/1/61, m/o 9/27/64; Source:

Nye, Ephraim, enl, CORP, Co. A, 2nd KS CAV, 10/9/61, reenl 1/5/64, m/o 4/14/65, Co. B; Source:

O'Brien, Michael, CORP, Co. G, 58th IL INF; Source:

O'Conner, John, enl 6/12/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 7th WI INF, 6/12/61, m/o 9/11/63; Source:

Olds, Henry Elias, 11th IN CAV; Source:

Organ, John, enl 12/2/63, m/i, Pvt, co. A, 28th WI INF, 12/25/13, /o 8/23/65, Brownsville, TX; Source:

Ormes, Orson J., enl, Tuscola, MI, 8/11/62, m/i, Pvt, co. D, 23rd MI INF, 9/12/62, m/o 6/28/65, Salisbury, NC; Source:

Orr, George S., enl 5/2/61, m/i 5/9/61, PVT, Co. E, 1st VT INF, m/o 8/15/61; also CPT, Co. A, 77th NY INF, wdd, Cedar Creek, 10/19/64 (arm, amputated) ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Orr, Moses Edgar, enl 5/2/61, m/i 5/9/61, Pvt, Co. E, 1st VT INF, m/o 8/15/61; enl 11/27/61, cred. Granville, NY, m/i SGT, Co. K, 9th NY INF, 11/28/61, pr 1SGT 2/28/62, comn. 2LT, 4/8/62, pr 1LT, Co. A, 10/10/62, pr CPT, Co. A, 4/24/63, tr. to Co. K, m/o 2/6/66, City Point, VA ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Orvis, Samuel Levi, RQMSGT, 1st WI CAV; Source:

Otis, John Wesley, Co. K 150th IL INF; Source:

Packard, Cyrenus Hudson, Co. A 32nd IA INF; Source:

Page, Joseph, 4th IA LARTY; Source:

Palmer, James Rush, SERGT, Co. G, 8th IA INF; Source:

Palmer, Jerome, Co. B 28th IA INF; Source:

Parkhurst, Isaac F., Co. G, 6th MI CAV, VRC; Source:

Parmenter, Asahel , Pvt, Co. G, 37th IA INF; Source:

Parmenter, Walter Guilford, Co. B, 11th KS CAV; Source:

Parsons, Charles Bunyon, 2nd LT, Co. E, 4th MI INF; Source:

Patterson, John, enl. 10/29/61 Co. C 96th NY INF, m/i 11/17/61; reenl 1/21/64 NC, m/o 2/6/66 at City Point, VA; Source:

Pearsons, Samuel P., 3rd IA LARTY, 54th US CINF; Source:

Pease, Stephen Nelson, 1st IL LARTY; Source:

Peek, Henry Clay, Pvt, Co. L, 15th IL CAV; 1LT/Capt. Co. D/H, 1st AL CAV (US) ; Source: Findagrave off-site

Pengra, Oren George, Pvt, Co. H, 10th IN CAV, m/i 1/14/64, d/svr 1/1/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Pennell, Andrew J., SEGT, Co. M, 4th MI CAV; Source:

Peppin, George Warden, enl. 10/2/61 Alleghany, CA Co. A 5th CA INF, m/o 11/20/64 Mesilla, NM; Source:

Percival, Edgar A., Co. K 127th IL INF; Source:

Perkins, Clarence Lendall, drafted, enl, Ash, MI, 11/2/63, m/i Pvt, Co. K 4th MI CAV, 11/2/63, m/o 8/15/65, Edgefield, TN; Source:

Perkins, Ellet Parcher, enl date?, 1LT, Co. D, 1st MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Perrin, William Burton, Dartmouth CAV, aka Co. B, 7th Squadron, RI CAV; enl 10/30/63, m/i 1/1/64, CORP, 3rd VT LARTY BTRY, pr SGT 1/21/64, comn 2LT, 1/2/65 (1/31/65), pr 1LT, 6/13/65 (6/17/65), m/o 6/25/65 as 2LT [College: DC 66]; Source: VHS off-site

Perry, Aaron H., Co. I 50th WI INF; Source:

Perry, Alhanan, enl, Plattsburg, 9/2/64, m/i, Co. L, 5th NY CAV, 9/2/64, m/o 6/13/65, Staunton, NY ; Source:

Perry, George H., Co. H, 46th IA INF?; Source:

Perry, Harlow , Pvt, Co. B, 31st IA INF; Source:

Perry, James B., comn CAPT, Co. C, 5th NH INF, 10/12/61, kia, Fredericksburg, 12/13/62; Source: Greg Henderson

Persons, Augustus Franklin, drafted - enl 10/2/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 18th WI INF, 10/20/64, m/o 7/18/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Pettingill, Lemuel Ripley, enl, Marengo, IL, Pvt, Co. A, 95th IL INF, 9/4/62, disc for pr to 2LT, Co. B, 6th MS INF (58th US CINF), 10/1/63, resgnd 11/25/65 due to poor health; Source:

Phelps, Charles Edward, 7th MD INF; LTC, wdd; disch/wds 1864 (Medal of Honor) [College: PC 52, HU]; Source: Findagrave off-site

Phenn, William M., Co. K, 21st WI INF; enl 3/30/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 38th WI INF, 3/30/64, m/o 7/26/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Phillips, Charles, enl, Saratoga, 8/15/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 77th NY INF, 9/17/62, tr 11/19/64, Co. B, Battln by consolidation, nfi; Source: ny77inf

Pike, John M., enl 12/6/61, m/i 2/18/62, SGT, Co. G, 8th VT INF, pow, Boutte Station, 9/4/62, prld 11/13/62, comn 2LT, 4/2/63 (5/27/63), pr 1LT, 5/5/63 (7/2/63), wdd, Port Hudson, 6/14/63, pr CPT, 7/26/64 (9/27/64), m/o 6/28/65; also 1st NH INF; Source: Gibson Collection, VHS off-site, MHI off-site

Pinney, William W., enl 5/17/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 39th WI INF, 5/17/64, m/o 9/22/64, Milwaukee, WI; Source:

Plimpton, Amos Gardner, MA 1 Sharp Shooters; MA 15 Inf; Co. K 19 MA Inf.; Source:

Plimpton, George W., Co. H 4 MA CAV; Source:

Poole, Charles Carroll, enl, East Chester, NY 8/17/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 6th NY HARTY, 9/2/62, pr SGT 4/14/65, m/o 8/24/65, Washington, DC, CSSGT, dates?; Source:

Porter, Solon F., 2nd NH INF, d/svc, Camp Beaufort, MD; Source: David_Morin

Potter, Royal Laroy, Co. F, 24th MI INF, pow, Fredericksburg, 12/13/63, d/dis 1/8/63, Richmond, VT; Source:

Powell, George, Pvt, Col B, 151st IN INF, m/i 2/8/61, m/o 9/19/65; Source:

Pratt, Geoerge N., Co. H, 11th MI INF; Source:

Pratt, George A., Co. A 1st IL LARTY; Source:

Pratt, John Sylvester, Capt., Co. I, 15th IL INF, 147th IL INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Pratt, Lewis G., Co. I 2nd MA HA; Co. D 21st MA INF; Source:

Pratt, Morgan Sanford, SGT, Co. G, 5th IA INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Pratt, Roswell V., Co. F 1st WI INF; Co. G 4th WI CAV; Source:

Pray, George F., enl, m/i, PVT, Btry I, 16th NY HVY ARTY, 3/31/65, m/o 8/21/65, Washington, DC; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Pray, Rufus M., enl 7/23/61, m/i 8/23/61, PVT, Co. K, 3rd VT INF, reen 12/31/63, pr SGT, dis/dsb wdd, Wilderness, 5/6/64, wdd, Cedar Creek, 10/19/64, m/o 5/27/65; also 2nd NH INF; Source: VHS off-site

Prescott, David Bates, Co. A, 17th MO INF; Source:

Prindle, Charles B., Co. G 15th IL CAV; Source:

Proctor, Willard, CAPT, Co. I, 104th IL INF; Source: Findagrave

Prouty, Amos, SGT, Co. G, 27th IL INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Putnam, Fletcher , Pvt, Co. E, 32nd IA INF; Source:

Putnam, Holden, com COL, 93rd IL INF, 10/13/62, kia, Missionary Ridge, TN, 11/25/63; Source: VHS off-site

Putnam, John G., Co. A 39th WI INF; Source:

Putnam, Nathan D., enl, Pvt, Co. C, 10th MN INF, 9/13/64, kia, Nashville, TN, 12/16/64; Source:

Quincy, Samuel Allen, enl, Woodman, WI, 9/1/64, Pvt, Co. I, 43rd WI INF, m/o 6/24/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Quinn, Charles Elihu, Co. A, 31st MA INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Quinn, Peter, substitute - enl, Concord, NH, 8/20/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 5th NH INF, 8/20/63, pow, Cold Harbor, 6/3/64, Andersonville, Charleston, Millen and Florence, prld 12/64, returned to duty 3/12/65, m/o 6/28/65; Source: Stowe Veterans, 1906

Randall, Elwood, Pvt, Co. A, 37th IA INF; Source:

Ransom, Miles E. B., SGT, Co. I, 118th NY INF, 8/9/62-6/26/65; Source:

Ransom, Thomas Edward Greenfield, 11th IL INF, MAJ, COL, wdd, Charleston, MO, 8/61, B.G., USV, 11/29/62 (4/15/63), Bvt M.G., USV, for gallant and meritorious services, 63 [College: NU 51]; Source: VHS off-site

Ransom, Wyllys Cadwell, 1LT, Co. E, 2nd KS INF, pr CAPT; Source:

Raymond, George, enl, Eckford, MI, 10/22/63, Pvt, Co. A, 11th MI CAV, tr to Co G, 8th MI CAV 7/20/65, m/o 9/22/65, Nashville, TN; Source:

Raymond, George S., enl, New York, NY, 8/3/61, m/i, SERGT, Co. B, 65th NY INF, tr 9/1/61, Co. F, pr 1STG 11/1/61, comn 1LT, Co. G, 8/1/62, pr CAPT, 7/1/64, dismissed the service 3/7/64, AWOL; Source:

Reirden, James, Enl 8/23/64, Malone, NY to serve 1 yr, m/i as pvt Co. D 98th NY INF 9/1/64 m/o June 6/7/65, Manchester, VA; Source:

Resseguie, Luman Villeroy, Pvt, Co. D, 105th IL INF; Source:

Reynolds, Edward M., enl. Co. A MA 37th INF, m/o 5/18/65, Wilson's Station, VA; Source:

Reynolds, Joseph Allen, 2nd IL LARTY; Source:

Reynolds, Michael, Co. K, 1st MI CAV; Source:

Rhodes, George H., Co. B, 125th PA INF; Source:

Rhodes, Miron, CORP, co. B, 138th IN INF; Source:

Rice, Francis A., Pvt, Co. D, 58th IN INF, 1864-1865; Source:

Rice, James E., Co. H 15th IA INF; Source:

Rice, Jasper Hazen, RQM, 20th IA INF; Source:

Rice, John Lovell, Pvt, Co. A, 2nd NH INF, 4/28/61-11/26/62, CAPT, Co> H, 16th NH INF, 11/26/62-8/20/63, LTCOL 75th US CINF, 10/31/63-11/25/65; Source: David_Morin

Rice, Leonard C., enl, Leslie, MI, 8/1/62, m/i, SGT, Co. A, 20th MI INF, 8/18/62, pr 1SGT, 12/5/64, comn 2LT 5/17/65, m/o 5/30/65, Delaney House, Washington, DC; Source:

Rich, Truman, Co. A 8th WI INF; Source:

Richards, Allen, Pvt, Co. K, 25th OH INF; Source:

Richardson, S. H., Co. F, 9th IA INF; Source:

Ricker, Chester, Co. K, 23rd WI INF; Source:

Rickert, John Blair, enl, Putnam, NY, 12/2/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 5th NY CAV, 1/4/64, m/o 5/19/65; Source:

Rider, Willard Z., Co. A, 1st WI HARTY; Source:

Ripley, Mason E., enl, Lowell, MA, 5/25/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 2nd MA INF, 5/25/61, tr to Co. F, 13th VRC, 6/63, m/o 5/25/64; Source:

Risdon, Ambrose, enl 8/13/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 104th IL INF, 8/27/62, m/o 1/2/63; Source:

Roberts, James Louis, Co. D 1st MN HARTY; Source:

Roberts, Julius D., 10th IL INF; Source:

Roberts, Sydney O., 1LT, 9th IL CAV; Source:

Robinson, Philander, CORP, Co. A, 57th PA INF, d/wds, Wilderness, 5/6/64; Source:

Robinson, Wesley L., enl 6/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 4th MI INF, 6/26/61, comn 2LT 8/18/62, Co. F, 20th MI INF, 8/18/62, resgnd 5/23/63; Source:

Robinson, William H., enl, Malone, NY, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 106th NY INF, 8/30/64, m/o 6/22/65, near Washington, DC; Source:

Robison, David H., Pvt, Co. D, 21st IA INF, d/dis 8/4/63, St. Louis, MO; Source:

Rogers, Henry Philip, Pvt, Co. G, 153rd NY INF; Source:

Rogers, Ira, Pvt, Co. I, 14th PA CAV; Source:

Rogers, Newell C., Pvt, Co. F, 3rd IA INF; Source:

Ronald, John Stanley, enl, Plattsburg, Co. B, 83rd NY INF, 7/7/63; tr to Co. A, 97th NY INF, 67/64; wdd at the Wilderness; Source:

Rood, Edwin C., enl 8/1/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 123rd IL INF, 9/662, d/svc, 4/20/63; Source:

Rood, Frank M., enl, Pvt, Co. E 93rd NY INF, 12/6/61, gsw leg, m/o 8/25/65 ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Root, Jason P., enl, Adrian, MI, 6/20/61, m/i Pvt, Co. A, 4th MI INF, 6/20/61, m/o 6/30/64, Detroit, MI; Source:

Roscoe, John B., Co. I 49th WI INF; Source:

Rose, Corydon, Pvt, Btry G, 2nd IL LARTY; Source:

Rostin, Theodore, Pvt, Co. A, 60th NY INF; Source:

Rounds, Horace E., Co. C 41st WI INF; Source:

Royal, Samuel N., enl 7/25/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 10th ME INF (Coast Guard Company), 7/25/62, tr to Co. K, 29th ME INF, 5/31/64, m/o 5/13/65; Source:

Royce, Moses Strong, CAPT, Starnes' Escort, 4th TN CAV CSA, pow, Nashville, TN, escaped, 2/29/64, m/o at end of war [College: UVM 44]; Source:

Rudd, Hiram D., CORP, Co. I, 8th IL CAV, dis/dsb 10/27/62; Source:

Rumrill, Pliny F., Co. L 2nd WI CAV; Source:

Rundlett, Gardner Fairfield, enl 6/24/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 5th ME INF, 6/24/61, m/o 7/29/61; enl 12/2/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 29th ME INF, 12/29/63, m/o 6/1/65; Source:

Sallies, George W., enl, 8/1/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 34th OH INF, 8/15/61, m/o 9/13/64, Columbus, OH ; Source: Stowe Veterans, 1906

Salsbury, John F., Pvt, Co. F, 29th IA INF; Source:

Sanborn, Cutler D., 2nd MA LA; Source:

Sanders, Marshal, enl, Littleton, NH, 8/15/62, m/i, 2LT, Co. D, 13th NH INF, 9/27/62, pr 1LT 1/25/63, pr CAPT Co. B, 7/14/65, wdd, Fort Harrison, 9/29/64, m/o 6/21/65; Source: Morin

Sandiland, William A., Pvt, Co. D, 33rd IA INF; Source:

Sargent, George, Pvt, Co. D, 6th IA CAV; Source:

Saunders, James, enl, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 8/14/61 as John Balch, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 57th NY INF, 8/14/61, dsrtd 5/5/62 (desertion charge removed 10/17/1889); recruit - enl 8/26/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 1st VT CAV, 9/26/62, pow, Dranesville, 4/1/63, Richmond, 4/4/63, prld 4/7/63, Camp Parole, MD, 4/8/63, rtnd to Co. 5/16/63, m/o 11/18/64; Source:

Sawin, William J., ASURG 10th MA INF, enl 9/7/61, tr to Pvt, Co. E, 3rd VT INF, pr ASURG, 2nd VT INF, 6/21/62, wdd, Savage's Station, 6/29/62, pow, Savage's Station, 6/29/62, prld 7/22/62, m/o 6/29/64; Source: VHS off-site, MHI off-site

Sawyer, Andrew J., Co. G, 3rd MI CAV; Source:

Sawyer, Warren Whitney, enl 12/11/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. X, 57th A INF, 1/4/64, wdd, Wilderness, 5/6/64, dis/wds 1/21/64, Petersburg; Source:

Schofield, Milo, Co. I 5 WI INF; Source:

Scott, Ansel, Co. E, 23rd NY INF; Source:

Scott, Don Eugene, enl, Warner, NH, 7/29/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 9th NH INF, 8/8/62, tr to Co. D, 11th NH INF 8/29/62, m/o 6/4/65; Source: David_Morin

Scott, James H., Co. D 29th OH INF; Source:

Scott, John L., enl 12/23/63, m/i 1/4/64, Pvt, Co. H, 5th VT INF, wdd, 6/6/64, wdd, 6/6/64, m/o 6/29/64; Co. A, 87th NY INF; Source: mand

Scott, Otis Brigham, Co. K 38th WI INF; Source:

Scoville, Oliver T. H., Co. F, 23rd MI INF; Source:

Scranton, Aaron, Pvt, Co. E, 9th IA INF; Source:

Seage, Henry Stark, Co. E, 4th MIINF, 9/27/61-9/10/64; Source: Findagrave off-site

Seage, Richard Watson, Co. I, 4th MI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Sears, Jerome, enl, 12/26/61, Pvt, Co. I, 93rd NY INF, pr CORP 1/29/62, pr SGT 7/6/62, pr 1SGT 6/21/64, mwia, Deep Bottom, VA, 8/16/64, d/wds 8/21/64; Source: Findagrave

Seaver, Levi W., enl 8/25/62, m/i 10/10/62, Pvt, Co. B, 13th VT INF, m/o 7/21/63; Co. K, 96th NY INF, 4/6/65-2/15/66; Source: 13th VT INF, off-site

Sedgwick, Lowell Mason, 1LT, Co. H, 11th IA INF; 2LT, Co. C, 69th USCI; Source:

Seeley, William H., enl, 7/13/62, m/i Co. F, 34th MA INF, 8/9/62, m/o 5/19/63, Upton's Hill, VA; Source:

Segar, Francis J., Co. A, 10th MI CAV; Source:

Shabino, Antoine, enl 2/29/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. E, 36th WI INF, 2/29/64, wdd, Cold Harbor, 6/1/64, m/o 7/12/65, Jeffersonville, KY; Source:

Shabino, Henry, enl 1/8/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 3rd WI CAV, 1/8/62, pr CORP, m/o 9/29/65, Leavenworth, KS; Source:

Shabino, Joseph, enl 1/4/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A 28th WI INF, kia, Spanish Fort, AL, 3/30/65; Source:

Shattuck, Samuel Walker, SGTMAJ, 6th MA INF 4/61-8/61; drafted 7/15/63, 8th VT INF, disch from draft and apptd Adjutant 10/20/63, wdd, Cedar Creek, 10/19/64, pr CPT, Co. H, 11/24/64 (2/1/65), m/o 6/28/65 [College: NU 60]; Source: Guber Collection off-site, VHS off-site

Shaw, Charles B., Co.C, 32nd IA INF; Source:

Shaw, George W., Co. F, 3rd MI CAV; Source:

Shaw, Henry, Co. G 50th IL INF; Source:

Shaw, Henry Charles, comn ASURG, 5th VT INF, 8/15/61 (8/15/61), d/dis 9/7/1862; also ASURG, 5th NH INF; Source: VHS off-site

Sheldon, Henry, enl, St. Clair, MI, 12/3/61, m/i, Pvt, co. E, 10th MI INF, 2/6/62, pr CORP 6/15/65, m/o 7/19/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Sheldon, Josiah, Co. C 4th IA CAV; Source:

Sheldon, Lorenzo D., enl, 8/15/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 37th IL INF, 9/18/61, pr SGT, m/o 5/15/66, Houston, TX; Source:

Sheldon, Willard C., 118th NY INF; Source: Findagrave

Sherburne, John F., Co. B, 4th MI CAV; Source:

Sherman, Almon, enl, 8/3/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 101st OH INF, 8/30/62, m/o 6/12/65, Camp Harker, TN; Source:

Sherman, Charles S., Pvt, Co. E, 7th IA INF; Source:

Sherman, Dana Carlos, Co. F 8th US CAV; Co. I 6th MA INF; Co. G 61st MA INF; Source:

Sherman, Marshall, enl 4/29/61, Pvt, Co. C, 1st MN INF, tr to 1st Btln MN INF 3/24/64, dis/wds 7/24/65 (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Sherman, Nelson B., Co. C, 7th MI CAV; Source:

Sherwood, Aaron, Co. A 21st WI INF; Source:

Shiney, Sylvester, Co. G, 15th IL INF, Co. B, IL VET INF BTLN, Co. B, IL 15th IL INF; Source:

Shreve, William Price, Regtl QMSGT, comn 1LT, Co. H, 2nd USSS, 12/1/62 (12/27/62), m/o 12/31/64; pr Bvt CPT, MAJ, 3/13/65; also Co. C, 83rd NY INF; Source: VHS off-site

Shufelt, George, C. A, 14th WI INF, Co. A, 48th WI INF; Source:

Silsby, Henry S., enl, Claremont, 8/11/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 5th NH INF, tr to Co. D, 3rd VRC 5/1/64, reen 9/3/64, dis/csb 8/24/65 ; Source:

Simpson, David, Co. I, 38th IA INF; Source:

Skinner, Willis, Co. D, 6th MI CAV; Source:

Slade, William C., comn 2LT, Co. M, 5th OH CAV, 10/8/61, pr CAPT 2/1/63, m/o 12/3/64; appointed U.S. Consul to Nice, France by President Lincoln.; Source:

Slafter, Adoniram Judson, enl, Vassar, MI, 8/12/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 23rd MI INF, 9/12/62, pr SGT, wdd, Campbell Station, TN, 11/16/63, d/wds?, 12/31/63, Knoxville, TN; Source:

Slafter, Alonzo, enl, Flint, MI, 12/6/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 30th MI INF, 12/14/64, m/o 6/24/65, Detroit, MI; Source:

Smariege, Charles, Co. I, 25th OH INF; Source:

Smith, Benjamin F., substitute - enl, Albany, NY, 12/2/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. M, 2nd NY VET CAV, 12/2/63, m/oo 11/8/65, Talladega, AL; Source:

Smith, Chauncey , Pvt, Co. G, 38th IA INF (headstone says Mexican War as well); Source:

Smith, Ephraim T., Co. A, 49th WI INF; Source:

Smith, Franklin E., Co. A, 2nd IL CAV; Source:

Smith, George W., Pvt, Co. D & H, 12th ME INF, enl 9/4/63, m/o 4/18/66; Source: Findagrave off-site

Smith, I H., Co. C, 27th IA INF; Source:

Smith, Luther Newell, Co. K 1st MI INF; Source:

Smith, Merit., Co. F, 3rd IA INF; Source:

Snow, Asa B., SURG, 61st NY INF, SURG, 1st NY ENGNRS; Source:

Snow, George Clark, Co. F 42nd WI INF; Source:

Snow, Rodney, enl 4/12/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 6th KS CAV, 4/12/62, m/o 4/8/65, DeVall's Bluff, AR; Source:

Snyder, Benjamin, Co. G, 10th MI CAV; Source:

Soper, Rice Douglas, enl, Rochester, NY 8/5/63, Pvt, Co. G, 52nd NY INF, m/o 1/18/65, Buffalo, NY due to gen'l/disab; Source: Findagrave off-site

Southgate, John Murry, Co. D, 11th IL INF; Source:

Spalding, Carlos, Musc. Co. H 6th MI INF; Source:

Spaulding, Freeman Horatio, Co. E, 158th IN INF; Source:

Spaulding, Lewis C., Co. H, 103rd OH INF; Source:

Spaulding, Samuel Charles, enl 7/30/64, Co. A, 61st NY INF, m/o 7/14/65, Alexandria, VA (birth name Santamo or Santamore); Source: Stowe Veterans, 1906, French Collection

Spencer, Joseph H., enl 31 Jul 1861, 2LT, Co. G, 1st MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Sprague, Isaac A., enl, 8/8/62, Pitnam Cty, IL, SGT, Co. B, 77th IL INF, dis/dsb 6/15/63, Vicksburg; Source: Findagrave off-site

Squier, John Howard, Co. C, 2nd MI CAV; Source:

Squire, Martin Luther, SGT, Co. B, 2nd MI CAV, pr 2LT, 4/15/63, pr 1LT, 3/1/64, pr CAPT 10/22/64, m/o 8/17/65; Source:

Standish, Sidney Orville, Co. C, 100th IL INF ; Source:

Stearns, John O., enl 8/19/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 37th IL INF, 9/18/61, pr SGT, m/o 5/6/66; Source:

Steele, James M., enl 8/9/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 9th IA INF, 9/24/61, pr CORP, pr SGT 6/10/65, m/o 7/18/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Sterns, Edgar H., Pvt, Co. G, 35th IA INF; Source:

Stevens, Albert Mack, enl, MUSC (DRMMAJ?), 12/3/61, Dyersbrey, TN, Co. E, 47th TN INF, pow, Stone's River, 12/31/62, prld date?, m/o 2/6/63 ; Source:

Stevens, Jonas George, enl 8/7/62, m/i, CORP, Co. C, 95th IL INF, 9/4/62, died?, 3/23/63, Memphis, TN; Source:

Stiles, John Emmett, enl 7/20/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 17th KS INF, 7/22/64, m/o 11/16/64; Source:

Stimson, Burt E., Co. K, 5th MN INF; Source:

Stockwell, Barzillai Erastus, Co. A, 14th MI INF; Source:

Stockwell, Robert M., Co. H 37th WI INF; Source:

Stoddard, Horace S., Pvt, Co. B, 17th PA CAV; Source:

Stone, Charles C., Pvt, Co. A, 7th IL INF; Source:

Stormes, Harry Ira, Co. M, 2nd WI CAV ; Source:

Story, Rollin Gardner, enl 8/5/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 95th IL INF, 9/4/62, d/accident, run over by a train, 12/20/64; Source: Findagrave

Stowe, Henry L., enl, Manchester, NH, 4/22/61 as Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx, disch., by order of Governor 6/10/61, Portsmouth; Source:

Stratton, Philo S,, enl, Camp Robinson, KY 8/26/61, comn, CAPT, Co. K, 7th KY INF, 9/22/61, m/o 2/11/63; enl 6/27/63, m/i, SGTMAJ, 49th KY INF, comp LTC 12/14/63, m/o 12/26/64, Lexington, KY ; Source:

Stratton, Winchester E., Co. G 21st WI INF; Source:

Strong, Alvah, enl 6/24/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 1st NE INF, 6/24/61, m/o 3/21/62; Source:

Sutherland, Solomon, Pvt, Co. G, 37th IA INF; Source:

Sweet, Albert Burbanks, Pvt, Co. F, 4th MN INF; Source:

Sweet, Edward Rollen, Co. F 2nd MN INF; Source:

Sweetser, Francis D., comn 2LT, Co. E, 2nd USSS, 3/15/62 (3/15/62), pr CPT 9/17/62 (9/27/62), m/o 9/14/63 SOWD; addtnl svc 71st NY State Militia; Source: White Collection, VHS off-site

Swift, Henry Spencer, Comn 1LT, Co. E, 33rd WI INF, 9/3/62, kia, Perry's Ferry (Coldwater), MS, 4/19/63; Source:

Swift, Pardon Holden, enl, SGT, Co. C, 11th WI INF, pr 2LT, 8/30/62, tr to Co. E, 33rd WI INF, pr 1LT 4/20/63, pr CAPT 8/10/63, wdd, Old Town Creek, MS, 7/15/64, resgnd 9/8/64; Source:

Taft, Asa P., MUSC, Co. E, 11th IN INF; Source:

Talcott, George, enl, San Francisco, 10/4/61, m/i, Teamster, Co. C, 2nd CA CAV, 10/4/61, dsrtd 8/15/63, Fort Crook, CA; Source:

Tatro, Joseph, enl 2/29/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 36th WI INF, 2/29/64, m/o 6/3/65, Annapolis, MD; wdd/pow? need to check; Source:

Taylor, Woodbury Manning, 2LT, Co. L, 8th IL CAV; Source:

Tebo, Samuel, Co. I 3rd NH INF; kia, Richmond, VA, 10/27/1864; Source:

Temple, Stephen W. B., enl, St. Johns, MI, 8/11/62, m/i Pvt, Co. G, 23rd MI INF, 912.62, m/o 628/65, Salisbury, NC; Source:

Tenney, Whitney, drafted - 1st NH INF, enl 7/31/63, m/i 7/31/63, Pvt, Co. I, 2nd VT INF, wdd, Wilderness, 5/5/64, m/o 7/15/65; Source: Gibson Collection

Terrill, Edson E., enl 5/19/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 7th WI INF, 5/19/71, pr CORP, SGT, 1SGT, comn CAPT 10/1/64, m/o 7/3/65, Louisville, KY; Source:

Thayer, Alvin Orlando, Co. K, 28th WI INF; Source:

Thayer, Asahel, Co. K 41st OH INF; Source:

Thayer, George, CORP, Co. A, 147th IL INF, m/o 1/20/66, Savannah, GA; Source: Findagrave

Thayer, James Hervey, LT, Co. E, 12th WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Thomas, Samuel R., enl, Brooks, MI, 9/7/63, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 10th MI CAV, 9/12/63, pr SERGT 10/18/65, mo 11/22/65, Detroit, MI; Source:

Thompson, Charles Augustus, 17th MI INF (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Thompson, Daniel H., CORP, Co. A, 2nd IA CAV; Source:

Thompson, Sylvester Newton, enl 10/2/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 1st MN CAV, m/o 11/4/63; enl 2/18/65, m/i, CORP, Co. M, 1st MN HARTY, m/o 9/27/65; Source: Findagrave off-site

Thrall, Chauncey T., enl 8/9/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. C, 74th IL INF, 9/4/62, d/s 1/18/63, Gallatin, TN; Source:

Thurston, Daniel Sylvester, Co. L 1st WI CAV; Source:

Tilton, William, 7th NH INF, (Medal of Honor); Source: Findagrave off-site

Tower, George Rilely, enl, Walpole, NH, 4/21/61, not m/i, paid by State, reen 5/22/61, m/i Pvt, Co. A, 2nd NH INF, 5/31/61, dis/dsb 7/10/61, Washington, DC; enl 10/22/61, m/i 12/31/61, Pvt, Co. H, 2nd USSS, reen 12/21/63, wdd, Petersburg, 6/18/64, pow, Petersburg, 6/18/64, escaped, n.d., tr to Co. H, 4th VT INF, 2/25/65, pr CORP 3/29/65, m/o 7/13/65; Source: Gibson Collection, White Collection

Tower, Joseph Poland, Pvt, Co. K, 17th WI INF; Source:

Towle, Walter R., Co. G 4th CA INF; Source:

Towne, Watson Richard, 11nd IL CAV; Source: Findagrave off-site

Train, Albert J, enl, Boston, MI, 1/24/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. H 27th MI INF, 1/29/64, m/o 7/11/65, Washington, DC; Source:

Train, Edson H., Co. I, 21st MI INF; Source:

Trim, Malmoth Daniel, Co. K, 6th OH CAV; Source:

Tucker, Alba Mark, Pvt, 100th IN INF, 8/1/62, 2LT 8/14/62, 1LT/RMQ 9/9/62, CAPT AQM USV 8/15/63, Bvt MAJ and LTC USV 3/13/65 "for faithful and meritorious service during the war," m/o 12/8/1865; Source: Findagrave off-site

Tucker, Levi, enl, North Hudson, NY, 2/24/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 96th NY INF, 2/26/64; died 7/27/64, Balfour Hosp, Norfolk, VA (chronic diarrhoea); Source:

Tucker, Seth Morton, 1LT, Co. B, 10th KS INF, 14th KS CAV; Source: Findagrave

Tucker, William Arlo, Pvt, Co. B, 28th WI INF; Source:

Tullar, Sidney B., enl 11/1/61, comn 1LT, Co. B, 16th WI INF, m/o 7/28/62; Source:

Turner, Jerome Willard, ADJT, 30th MI INF; Source:

Vaille, Henry Robert, USCC, early; prob. civilian Surg. with 12th MA INF, 62, mil. hosp at Middletown, MA, after South Mountain/Antietam; Source:

Van Guilder, Burnam E., enl 2/15/64, m/i, PVT, Co. E, 123rd NY INF, 2/16/64,; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Vantine, W. Seward, Co. M, 9th NY CAV; Source:

Varney, James K., enl 4/23/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 1st NH INF, 5/2/61, m/o 8/9/61; enl 11/9/61, m/i, CORP, Co. H, 6th NY INF, tr to Co. C, VRC, 7/1/63, dis/dsb 4/10/64, New York City ; Source:

Vaughan, Charles Stephen, enl, Co. B, 1st WI CAV, 8/24/61, dis/dsb, 10/16/62 (malaria); Co, H, 3rd WI CAV, m/o 6/19/65; Source: Findagrave off-site

Vaughn, Edwin, 1st NH CAV, 1st New England CAV; Source: David_Morin

Vilas, William Freeman, CAPT, Co. A, 23rd WI INF, pr LTCOL [College: UW 58/61, ALS 60]; Source: Findagrave off-site

Villemaire, Mitchell, age, date, place of enlisment and m/i as pvt, Co. D, 49th NY INF, not stated; m/o 6/27/65, Washington, DC ; Source:

Waite, Charles, 1LT 27th MI INF 10 Oct 1861; CPT 1 May 1863; wdd Spotsylvania 12 May 1864; MAJ 12 May 1864; LTC, 18 Nov 1864; COL 6 Mar 1865; Bvt B.G. 2 Apr 1865, m/o 26 Jul 1865; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wakefield, Gilbert A., Co. A, 16th IA INF, kia, Iuka, MS, 9/19/62; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wakefield, Reuben , SERGT, Co. H, 34th IA INF; SERGT, Co. D, 38th IA INF; Source:

Walbridge, George A., enl 4/15/64 Co. H RI 3rd CAV, m/o 5/9/65 Napoleonville, LA; Source:

Walcott, William Y., enl 8/12/62, m/i, Wagoner, Co. H, 11th NH INF, 9/2/62, m/o 6/4/65, Alexandria, VA; Source:

Walden, John B., Co. E 1 ME INF; Source:

Walker, Charles J., Co. F, 151st PA INF; Source:

Walker, George, Co. C 40th WI INF; Source:

Walker, Ruel J., enl 10/7/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 2nd USSS, 11/26/61, m/o 10/14/64; Source:

Walkins, Stiles Alexander, enl, Grand Rapids, 8/14/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 3rd MI INF, 8/14/62, tr to VRC 9/16/63, m/o 7/14/65, Elmira, NY; Source:

Wallace, John, Co. E 2th IA CAV; Source:

Ward, Edgar Royal, Co. B, 33rd WI INF, tr to Co. B, 11th WI INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Warren, James C., Co. B, 123rd NY INF; Source:

Warren, Lyman Jackson, comn 2LT, Co. E, 93rd NY INF, 9/3/61, m/o 1/15/63; member Joyce GAR Post 49, Poultney; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Washburn, Henry Clay, Co. G, 44th IL INF, co. L, 11th IL CAV; Source: Findagrave off-site

Waterman, Joseph M., Pvt, Co. A, 35th IA INF; Source:

Watkins, Stiles Alexander, Pvt, Co. F, 3rd MI INF, wdd, Chancellorsville, 5/3/63, m/o 7/14/65; Source:

Watson, Amasa Brown, MAJ, 8th MI INF, wdd near Port Royal, S.C., 62, resgd, 9/62; Source: Findagrave off-site

Way, David M., Co. B WI INF; Co. E 22nd WI INF; Source:

Weaver, Horace Wilkins, Co. G, 3rd IN CAV; Source:

Weaver, Thomas F., enl 10/2/61, m/i, cred. Elmira, NY, Co. E, 86th NY INF, m/o 10/5/64, Elmira, NY; Source: Cooper Collection

Webb, William H., 96th NY INF; Source:

Webster, Francis C., enl 1/26/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 18th WI INF, 1/26/62, d/svc 11/12/64, Chattanooga, T; Source:

Weed, Benjamin F., enl 24 Jan 1862, Pvt, Co. F, 5th MN INF; Source: Findagrave

Weeks, Carlos Fuller, CORP, Co. B, 24th IA INF; Source:

Weeks, Jerome, enl, 3/24/62, Pvt, Co. B, 1st RI LARTY, pr ARTFCR, m/o 3/24/65; Source:

Weeks, Lewis C., enl 1/31/62, m/i, Pvt, Co, I, 58th PA INF, 1/13/62, m/o 12/29/62; Source:

Wells, Charles E., enl, 1863, 7th NY HARTY; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wells, Gardiner H., enl, Richmond, MI, 8/17/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. H, 4th MI INF, 9/7/64, d/svc 2/17/65, Murfreesburg, TN; Source:

Wheaton, Frank Lemuel, Pvt, Co. A, 136th NY INF; Source:

Wheeler, Holland, CAPT, 3rd KS State Militia [College: NU 59]; Source: Findagrave

Wheeler, Holland, enl 8/31/62, m/i, CORP, Co. A, 14th NH INF, 9/22/62, pr SGT 1/27/64, m/o 7/8/65, Savannah, GA; Source:

Wheeler, William, Co. A 27th IA INF; Source:

Wheeler, William S., enl, Pembroke, NH, 4/24/62, as Pvt, Manchester Mechanics' Phalanx, disch., by order of Governor, 6/10/61, Portsmouth; Source:

Wheelock, Harrison Tyler, Pvt, Co. C, 26th IA INF; Source:

Whitcomb, Cornelius S., Co. A, 13th MI INF; Source:

Whitcomb, John, Co. D, 27th WI INF; Source:

White, Almond A., Co. E, 40th WI INF; Source:

White, Alvin, enl, Bolivar, NY, 8/21/62, m/i, SGT, Co. A, 136th NY INF, 9/2/62, kia, Resaca, GA, 5/15/64; Source:

White, Asa, enl 10/5/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. F, 15th MI INF, 10/5/64, m/o 7/20/65, Detroit, MI; Source:

White, Charles O., Co. A, Brackett's MN CAV; Source:

White, George A., enl 1/15/64, m/i, Pvt, 9th MA IND LARTY, 1/15/64, m/o 6/6/65, Galloup's Island, Boston; Source:

White, George R., 2LT, Co. H, 11th IA INF; Source:

Whittle, Charles, enl, Champlain, NY, 8/13/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. I, 118th NY INF, 8/29/62, m/o 6/19/65, U.S. Hosp., Fortress Monroe, VA; Source:

Wier, Thomas, enl, Enfield, NH, 8/23/61, m/i, CORP, Co. C, 5th NH INF, 10/12/61, dis/dsb 5/1/62; Source:

Wightman, Wilson, enl 7/30/62, com 2LT, Co. H, 20th IA INF, 8/25/62, pr 1LT 2/22/63, m/o 1/19/65; Source:

Wilcox, Pliny, Pvt, Co. C, 1st IA CAV; Source:

Wilder, Charles Knowlton, Co. K 26th IA INF; Source:

Wilder, George, enl 8/20/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. B, 41st OH INF, 8/27/61, kia, Stones River, 2/19/63; Source:

Wilder, George W., Co. K, 1st MI ENGRS; Source:

Wilder, Willard, o. A, 10th MI CAV; Source:

Wilkins, Edwin A., Bugler, Co. A, 1st Btln DK CAV, 2/62-5/65; Source: Findagrave

Wilkins, Frederick, Pvt, Co. I, 13th IA INF; Source:

Willey, Hiram Holmes, enl 12/1/64, m/i, Pvt, Co. G, 96th NY INF, pr SGT 5/1/65, pr SGTMAJ 6/23/65, m/o 2/6/65, City Point, VA; Source:

Williams, Cornelius, Co. L, 3rd MI CAV, Co. G, 28th MI INF, Old (Mexican War); Source:

Williams, John, Co. C 149th NY INF; tr to Co. E 102nd NY INF, m/o 7/21/1865 Alexandria, VA; Source:

Williams, Siloam, enl 19 Aug 1862, Pvt, Co. C, 9th MN INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wilson, Alonzo M., 8th IA INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wilson, Calvin, enl, Lexingtonroy, MI, 10/2/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. K, 9th MI INF, 10/15/61, d/dis, 9/3/62; Source:

Wilson, Hiram, Co. B, 19th WI INF; Source:

Wilson, Thomas, enl, CORP, Co. H, 96th NY INF, 10/21/61, m/o 11/18/64 ; Source: Poultney GAR Collection

Wimble, Jesse, enl, Utica, NY, 9/17/61, m/i, Pvt, Co. D, 2nd NY HARTY, wdd, Spotsylvania, 5/19/64, m/o 9/22/64, New York City ; Source:

Wisewell, Moses Nelson, COL 28th NJ INF 22 Sep 1862; wdd Fredericksburg 13 Dec 1862; COL VRC 25 Sep 1863; Mil. Gov. Washington 1864; Bvt B.G. 13 Mar 1865; resgd 1 Oct 1865; Source: Findagrave off-site

Witherell, Loren , Pvt, Co. G, 38th IA INF; Source:

Wittum, Jordan Rexford, Co. A 29th IA INF; Source:

Wood, Edgar H., 1st NH CAV, BGLR; Source: David_Morin

Wood, Henry S., enl 10 Mar 1865, Pvt, 1st Btry MN LARTY; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wood, Martin D., Jailer in Lawrence, KS when Quantrill raided the town; later Co. H, 2nd KS INF; Source:

Works, Henry Silas, Co. E, 9th IL CAV; Source:

Worthington, Elliott H., enl, Troy, NY, 9/1/64, m/i, Co. C, 1st NY MTD RFLS, 9/8/64, m/o 9/5/65, Albany, NY; Source:

Wright, Dexter Russell, COL, 15th CT INF; Source: Findagrave off-site

Wright, James O., Co. H, 34th NY INF; Co. I, 5th NY CAV; Source:

Wright, Wellington William, enl 21 Aug 1862, Pvt, Co. C, 10th MN INF, d/svc 3/1/63, Monkais?, MN; Source: VHS off-site

Wylie, James Raymond, Co. B, 2nd WI INF, Co. H, 6th WI INF; Source:

Wyman, Ira, 3rd WI LARTY; Source:

Wyman, WHH, Pvt, Co. B, 105th IL INF; Source:

Young, Hiram J., enl, Greenwich, NY, 7/28/62, m/i, Pvt, Co. A, 123rd NY INF, 9/4/62, wdd, Chancellorsville, 5/3/63, m/o 6/8/65, near Washington, DC; Source:

Legend: 1C - 1st Class; 1SGT - First Sergeant; 1LT - First Lieutenant; 2C - 2nd Class; 2LT - Second Lieutenant; 3C - 3rd Class; A.C. - Army Corps; AG - Adjutant General; AAG - Assistant Adjutant General; AAAG - Acting Assistant Adjutant General; AACS - Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence; AAQM - Acting Assistant Quartermaster; ACT - Acting; ADC - Aide-de-Camp; AIG - Assistant Inspector General; A&IG - Adjutant & Inspector General; AoP - Army of the Potomac; A.P.M. - Additional Paymaster; AQM - Assistant Quartermaster; ARTIF - Artificer; ASURG - Assistant Surgeon; AWOL - Awary Without Official Leave; BGen - Brigadier General; BGLR - Bugler; BNDMSTR - Bandmaster; BTRY - Battery; Bvt - brevet; enl - enlisted; CH BGLR - Chief Bugler; CMSR - Compiled Military Service Record; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; com - commissioned; CPL - Corporal; CPT - Captain; cred. - credited to; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; CSSGT - Commissary Sergeant; CSA - Confederate States Army; d/dis - died of disease; d/prison - died in prison*; d/svc - died in service (cause unknown); d/wds - died of wounds; dis/dsb - discharged for disability; dis/dishon - dishonorable discharge; DRMMAJ - Drum Major; DRMR - Drummer; dsrtd - deserted; ENG - Engineer; FFR - Fifer; FMAJ - Fife Major; FN - Fireman; GCM - general court martial; gsw - gunshot wound; Hosp. - Hospital; Hosp. Stwrd - Hospital Steward; IG - Inspector General, INF - Infantry; kia - killed in action; LARTY - Light Artillery; LNDS - Landsman; MGen - Major General; m/i - mustered in; m/o - mustered out; MSCN - Musician; mwia - mortally wounded in action; n.d. - no date; nfr - no further record; P.M. - Paymaster; pow - taken prisoner; pr - promoted; PRIN MSCN - Principle Musician; prld - paroled; QM - Quartermaster; QMSGT - Quartermaster Sergeant; RCM - Regimental Court Martial; RCRT - Recruit; red - reduced (demoted); Regtl - Regimental; resgd - resigned; RQM - Regimental Quartermaster; SDLR - Saddler; SGTMJR - Sergeant Major; SOWD - Special Order, War Department; SURG - Surgeon; SVC - Service; tr to/from - transferred to/from; USA - US Army; USCA - US Colored Artillery; USCI - US Colored Infantry; USSS - US Sharpshooters; USV - US Volunteers; VHAC - Vermont Heavy Artillery Company; VRC - Veterans Reserve Corps; VVC - Vermont Volunteer Cavalry; VVI - Vermont Volunteer Infantry; WGNR - Wagoner; wdd - wounded
* NOTE: d/prison may include those who died on parole as a result of imprisonment

Source of roster information: basic information on enlistments, promotions, casualties, etc. comes from the 1892 "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers," and additional information from a variety of sources, including cemetery, pension, census and other records as well as obituaries and published biographies of individuals, when available.


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