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Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Abar, Oliver
Abbey, Rollin William
Abernathy, Robert
Ackerson, Daniel
Ackley, Jeptha H.
Adams, Abel
Adams, Albert W.
Adams, Alfred Buck
Adams, Benjamin P.
Adams, Charles E.
Adams, Edgar Emery
Adams, Franklin J.
Adams, George W.
Adams, James C.
Adams, Jonas Franklin
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Orange S.
Adams, William C. B.
Agen, James Herman
Aiken, John B.
Aiken, William H.
Aikins, Henry D.
Ainsworth, Alanson D.
Ainsworth, Ira Washington
Ainsworth, William
Aldous, John H.
Aldrich, Edgar Dow
Aldrich, Simeon C.
Allen, Alfred R.
Allen, Brenton H.
Allen, Charles N.
Allen, Cyrus A.
Allen, Edson K.
Allen, Elisha
Allen, George P.
Allen, Gilbert L.
Allen, Leander
Allen, Lewis
Allen, Otis S.
Allen, Otis S.
Allen, Stephen
Alvord, Francis A.
Ambler, Henry C.
Ambler, Rufus C.
Ames, Albert D.
Ames, Avery
Ames, Orville
Ames, Oscar P.
Andrew, Martin E.
Andrews, Aaron
Andrews, Ira H.
Andrews, James
Andrews, Titus Z.
Annis, Aaron Hunt
Annis, Benjamin B.
Annis, Richard Stephen
Armington, Nelson B.
Armstrong, Alpheus
Arnold, Charles W.
Arnold, George S.
Ash, Lewis
Ashley, Elburtus Marshall
Ashley, Lucius Foster
Ashteman, Lewis N.
Ashton, Daniel
Ashworth, George
Atherton, Marshall Bertrand
Atkins, William Prentis
Atwood, Chester L.
Atwood, Elijah
Atwood, Lorenzo D.
Atwood, Samuel Perrin
Atwood, Stephen Andrew
Austin, Alonzo
Austin, Daniel
Austin, Lorenzo Dow
Avery, Alonzo Bailey
Avery, Amplius Blake
Avery, David
Avery, John
Ayers, Branch Flagg
Babbitt, Benjamin Franklin
Babbitt, Cyrus R.
Babbitt, Putnam Pope
Babbitt, William Scott
Babcock, Amos Rice
Babcock, Bradley Whitney
Babcock, George W.
Babcock, Lyman A.
Bachelder, John
Bacon, Edward
Bador, Frank T.
Bagley, John M.
Bagley, John Smith
Bagley, Olin Henry
Bagley, William H.
Bailey, Ara A.
Bailey, Ara/Ara A.
Bailey, Caldwell
Bailey, Charles Orville
Bailey, George A.
Bailey, George Edward
Bailey, Harrison C.
Bailey, Henry W.
Bailey, Jonathan E.
Bailey, William
Bailey, William A.
Baird, Ebenezer Josiah
Baker, Clarence W.
Baker, George Henry
Baker, Jerry
Baker, Julius Ensign
Baker, Wallace W.
Baker, William B.
Balcom, Reuben Alexander
Baldwin, Charles S.
Baldwin, Leroy E.
Baldwin, Lewis E.
Baldwin, Melvin B.
Baldwin, Melvin Riley
Baldwin, Oscar W.
Baldwin, Rollin E.
Ball, George Washington
Ball, Lewis W.
Ball, Orange
Ball, Willis
Ballard, David Ellenwood
Ballou, Lorain M.
Ballou, Oscar
Bancroft, Arvin M.
Banfill, George
Barber, James K.
Barber, William F.
Barlow, George E.
Barnes, Leonard B.
Barnes, Naman L.
Barney, James S.
Barney, Martin V. B.
Barnum, Buel Preston
Barrett, Alonzo
Barry, Don Carlos
Barry, Herbert L.
Barter, Edgar
Barter, George W.
Bartlett, Andrew Walker
Bartlett, George L.
Bartlett, William K.
Barton, Anthony
Barton, Dana S.
Bascom, Charles
Bass, Gilman A.
Bassett, George E.
Batchelder, Adna
Batchelder, Isaac Sherman
Bates, Andrew J.
Bates, Henry Clay
Bates, John R.
Bates, Rufus H.
Battis, Wilkins M.
Baxter, Benton E.
Baxter, Charles
Baxter, Merrill M.
Beach, Edgar L.
Beach, Heman Silas
Beach, Irwin Delos
Beach, Nathan A.
Beagle, Daniel M.
Beagle, Elijah
Beals, John Marion
Beaman, Fernando Cortez
Bean, Levi Cass
Bean, Lewis A.
Bean, Norris
Beard, Randolph M.
Beaudry, Louis Napoleon
Beckwith, William H
Beebe, John Dane
Beebe, Julius Adrian
Beebe, Norman Augustus
Beebe, William H H
Beede, Almon O.
Beede, Caleb Sleeper
Beham, Alfred
Belden, George D.
Bell, Frank J.
Bell, George
Bellows, Charles S.
Belonger, Michael
Bemis, Aaron B.
Bemis, Horace C.
Benedict, Elijah Foster
Benedict, Joseph
Bennett, Franklin
Bennett, Stephen S.
Bennett, William W.
Benson, Andrew E.
Benson, Henry H.
Benson, Homer Henry
Benson, Ira F.
Benson, Irvin Waterman
Benson, Irwin S.
Benton, Harrison A.
Benway, Henry S.
Bessette, Frederick
Bessey, Charles
Bessey, George A.
Bettey, John Fassett
Bettey, John Henry
Bettis, Augustus
Betts, Willis W.
Beverstock, Edward
Bickford, Norris W.
Bigelow, David R.
Bigelow, Thomas A. H.
Billings, Jacob
Billings, John A.
Billings, Lyman
Bingham, Henry Smith
Bingham, Reginald Heber
Birge, Alpheus W.
Bishop, Albon Francis
Bishop, Anson John
Bishop, Harvey W.
Bishop, Jacob
Bishop, John C.
Bishop, Oriel D.
Bixby, Samuel S.
Black, Hyde H.
Black, Marcelon E.
Black, Rollin Simon
Blair, Frank E.
Blair, Horace E.
Blake, George W.
Blake, Joseph Stillman
Blake, Norman Nelson
Blake, Stephen M.
Blake, Theophilus William
Blake, W. W.
Blake, William Plyn
Blanchard, Albert Elmer
Blanchard, Rollin P.
Bliss, Cornelius F.
Bliss, Henry H.
Bliss, Joseph F.
Bliss, Rufus W.
Blodgett, Charles E.
Blood, Alvin
Boardman, Clinton Alonzo
Boardman, Elisha
Bosworth, Levi E.
Bourne, Charles E.
Boutwell, John Wilder
Bowdish, Joseph Samuel
Bowditch, Elijah
Bowen, William Carlos
Bowker, John Wesley
Bowker, Simeon
Bowker, William James
Bowman, Edwin C.
Bowman, Henry A.
Boyce, George Benjamin
Boyd, Albert H.
Boyd, Frederick W.
Boyd, Nelson
Boyer, George William
Boynton, Henry
Boynton, John W. Zeba
Boynton, Nelson George
Brackett, Clarence A.
Bradbury, Albert A.
Bradford, Arwin A.
Bradford, Caleb
Bradford, Ira. A.
Bradford, Joseph Freeman
Bragg, Elmer
Bragg, Miles W.
Bragg, William John
Brailey, John
Brainard, Harvey H.
Braisted, Rollin
Branch, Phineas Colver
Branch, Sidney J.
Braque, Sylester
Brassaw, John
Braynard, James P.
Brayton, Whipple Mason
Bresee, Niram
Brewer, Alanson T.
Briggs, Alvin
Briggs, Henry S.
Briggs, James Elbert
Briggs, James S.
Brigham, Ozro A.
Brintnall, Horace Clark
Brock, Cloud Harvey
Brock, James Karr
Brother, Frank
Broughton, Rufus Maynard
Brow, Charles D.
Brown, Addison L
Brown, Alonzo
Brown, Cyrus M.
Brown, David M.
Brown, Dennis W.
Brown, Emerson E.
Brown, Freeman W.
Brown, Hamilton W.
Brown, Jason
Brown, John A.
Brown, John G.
Brown, Luther Daniel
Brown, Lyman Wesley
Brown, Marvin J.
Brown, Robert J.
Brown, Stephen Hammon
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Volney N.
Browne, Francis Fisher
Bruce, Eli
Bruce, N. P.
Brundage, Harrison
Brunson, Asahel A
Brush, Josephus Wilson
Brush, Myron W.
Bryan, William J.
Bryant, Alpheus W.
Bryant, Henry
Bryant, Samuel John
Buck, Azro A.
Buck, Charles E.
Buck, Chester H.
Buck, George H.
Buck, Ruben
Buck, Sidney S.
Bugbee, Samuel C.
Bugbee, Stanford H.
Bull, Horace Cole
Bullis, Hiram Comfort
Bullock, Amasa R.
Bullock, Norman
Bump, Charles Wesley
Bump, George W.
Bump, Henry F.
Bumpus, Charles W.
Bundy, Loren D.
Bunker, Leander Laroy
Bunker, Marvin S
Burbank, Sidney H.
Burdett, Thomas E.
Burdick, Frank Noyes
Burdick, Judson J.
Burdick, Samuel
Burgess, John
Burke, Harris Ahira
Burnap, Parker D.
Burnap, Wilder Luke
Burnette, Daniel D.
Burnham, Erastus A.
Burnham, Franklin J.
Burnham, George E.
Burns, Robert
Burrington, Joseph
Burt, Asahel Jr.
Burton, John H.
Burton, Sheldon T.
Bush, George
Bush, Lewis
Bushey, Charles S.
Bushey, John B.
Bushor, Narcissus
Butler, Dewitt Clinton
Butler, Guy K.
Butler, James B.
Butler, Seymour S.
Butler, William
Butterfield, George Donnelly
Button, Francis
Buzzell, George W.
Byron, Theophilus
Cadman, Edward
Cady, Alonzo D.
Cady, Henry
Cady, Thaddeus Sobieski
Cain, Henry Harrison
Calhoun, James
Calkins, Daniel
Call, Joseph W.
Call, Stephen R.
Calvin, John
Cameron, Uz
Camp, Dexter M.
Campbell, Edgar
Campbell, Edward
Campbell, George F.
Canfield, Thomas S.
Capron, Charles
Card, Job Eldred
Cardell, Hiram H.
Carey, Gordon
Carey, John
Carey, Seymour
Carlile, Andrew
Carlton, Edwin P.
Carlton, Henry J.
Carlyle, Julius
Carpenter, Daniel A.
Carpenter, Francis
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Joseph W. D.
Carpenter, Riley
Carpenter, W. W.
Carpenter, Walter M.
Carr, Charles S.
Carr, Clark
Carr, Luther D.
Carr, Martin V. B.
Carr, Survarnard Jay
Carrier, Asa L.
Carroll, Grant
Carroll, Obed J.
Carte, Nelson
Carter, Albert A.
Carter, Charles E.
Carter, Charles W.
Carter, Edward W.
Carter, Fernando J.
Cary, Samuel
Case, Norman Edward
Casey, William
Cass, Henry H.
Caswell, Alonzo F.
Cavanah, Arthur Albion
Chadderdon, Jonas G.
Chadwick, Edwin B.
Chadwick, John A.
Chadwick, Milo
Chaffee, Horace Powers
Chaffee, Julius T.
Chaffee, Oliver W.
Chamberlain, Amaziah Dutton Barber
Chamberlain, Percioses R.
Chamberlin, Edward M.
Chamberlin, Simon Elliott
Chambers, Henry
Chambers, James C.
Chandler, James C.
Chandler, Julius Converse
Chapin, Alonzo Burnham
Chapin, Josiah L.
Chapin, Willard H.
Chapin, William H.
Chapin, William H.
Chappell, Jesse C.
Chase, Abner S.
Chase, Horatio M.
Chase, Samuel Willis
Chase, Thurston Purdy
Chase, William L.
Cheeseman, Michael
Cheney, Carlton Ruthven
Cheney, David
Cheney, Elias
Cheney, Oscar F.
Cheney, Winchester
Chesemore, Newton Luther
Chesley, Oren
Childs, Oliver B.
Chrystie, Alexander
Chulip, Henry
Church, Almon S.
Church, James B.
Churchill, David Brainerd
Churchill, Elias Anderson
Churchill, Henry
Churchill, Seth Doten
Cilley, Don B.
Claflin, Henry G.
Clapp, William Daniels
Clapsaddle, George M.
Clark, Albert S.
Clark, Alvin F.
Clark, Augustus M.
Clark, Charles C.
Clark, Charles D.
Clark, Ervin E.
Clark, Henry B.
Clark, Henry H.
Clark, Henry T.
Clark, James H.
Clark, Junius L.
Clark, Lambert W.
Clark, Linus M.
Clark, Malcolm G.
Clark, Oscar Allen
Clark, Plymon Orlando
Clark, Solomon D.
Clark, Stephen Benjamin
Clark, Theodore A.
Clark, William O.
Clark, William W.
Clarke, Charles Whittle
Clay, C. H.
Clay, George G.
Clay, Henry
Clayton, Simeon S.
Cleggett, James
Clemans, Horace Byron
Clemons, Hugh
Cleveland, William Pitt
Clifford, Azgill
Clifford, Franklin M.
Clifford, Wells W.
Clifford, William M.
Clift, Henry R.
Cline, David Orin
Clough, Fernando Eugene
Clough, Willard
Clough, William H.
Coats, George
Coats, William R.
Cobb, Abner
Cobb, Farnsworth
Cobb, Guy Lewis
Cobb, Samuel C.
Cobleigh, Edward J.
Cobleigh, Franklin E.
Coburn, Charles
Cochran, Milton Byron
Coe, Chester
Coe, John W.
Cogswell, Charles
Cogswell, Frederick A.
Colburn, George
Colburn, William
Colby, Francis Milton
Colby, Jesse M.
Colby, John Bigford
Colby, Russell D.
Cole, Alexander
Cole, Alonzo B.
Cole, Alson
Cole, Alvin Thayer
Cole, Henry Clay
Cole, Victor T.
Collins, Benoni
Collins, C. B.
Collins, James B.
Collins, Philip
Colton, Gustaus Adolphus
Colvin, Alvah J.
Conant, Abel B.
Conant, David A.
Conant, Henry A.
Conant, Ira
Coney, Patrick H.
Congdon, Albert
Conklin, Aaron
Connant, William L.
Conner, James C.
Conner, Jeremiah D.
Conner, Osmer G.
Conry, Hiram
Cook, Alonzo
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Lewis Bionson
Cook, Riley Robert
Cook, William H.
Coon, Alonzo E.
Coon, Charles H.
Cooper, Charles Henry
Cooper, Edgar H.
Cooper, Elijah E.
Cooty, John James
Cooty, Thomas P.
Corey, Albert R.
Corey, Thomas Grover
Corliss, Arial G.
Corser, Willard Snow
Cory, Joseph
Cory, Lewis M.
Cory, Willard
Cotton, Aaron Davis
Cotton, Ashely Byron
Cotton, Edward
Cotton, G. R.
Coughlin, John
Cousins, Cornelius
Covel, James E.
Covell, John S.
Cowdin, Robert
Coyier, Jonathan Bradley
Craig, James A.
Crampton, Pamer
Crane, Harvey Dan
Crane, James
Crawford, George W.
Cray, Parkman
Crocker, Henry
Crockett, James
Crooker, Charles A.
Crooker, Louis Philip
Crosby, Charles R.
Crossett, Zerah H.
Crossman, John F.
Crouch, Darius
Cuff, Daniel O.
Cullum, John
Culver, David R.
Culver, Ellery C.
Culver, Elmer A.
Culver, Luke
Culver, Marshall L.
Culver, William
Cummings, Cyrus R.
Cummings, Dennis P.
Cummings, William H.
Curler, Charles Sylvanis
Curtin, Lorenzo D.
Curtis, Charles L.
Curtis, Hiram William
Curtis, Joshua Truman
Curtis, William Buckingham
Curtiss, John Barney
Cushing, Charles C.
Cutler, Clark
Cutler, Dean P.
Cutler, Leroy Zenas
Cutler, Loren George
Cutting, Edgar W.
Cutting, Henry C.
Cutting, Hiram B.
Cutting, Hiram E.
Dailey, Milo D.
Dake, George W.
Dake, Isaiah
Dakin, Charles C.
Daley, O. P.
Dalrymple, David Henry
Damon, Charles A. J.
Damon, John E.
Dandurant, Austin
Danforth, Charles A.
Danforth, Emerson
Daniels, Austin T.
Daniels, Sargent
Danks, Henry S.
Darling, Benjamin F.
Darling, Edwin
Darling, Thomas J.
Darling, Valoren O.
Darling, William S
Darrah, Allen
Dart, George W.
Dart, John
Davenport, Lucius
Davis, A. C.
Davis, Ancil
Davis, Billings T.
Davis, Charles L.
Davis, Edson J.
Davis, George C.
Davis, Joseph A.
Davis, Joseph Carl
Davis, Marshall H.
Davis, Marten Bradford
Davis, Ozias
Davis, Pliny Earl
Davis, Sherman A.
Davis, Solon
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William
Davis, William H. H.
Dawson, Thomas A.
Day, Hollis
Day, John T.
Day, Luther B.
Deal, Edward
Decker, Nathan
Decker, Smith M.
Decker, William H.
Dee, Chester F
Dee, Hiram
Degaugh, Joseph
Delano, Joel A.
Delano, Sterling P.
Demary, Henry R.
Deming, William P.
DeMond, Frederick A.
Denary, Henry R.
Denison, Charles P.
Derby, Charles
Derby, Charles Warren
Derby, Charles William
Derby, Horace Rice
Derrick, John Martin
Devoe, Benjamin Trout
Dewey, Henry H.
Dexter, Oscar N.
Deyoung, Aaron
Dick, Alexander C.
Dickinson, James W.
Dickinson, Marshall Joel
Dickinson, Willard Hoyt
Dilts, John H.
Dimick, Hiram H
Dimmick, Gordon
Dix, Edwin John
Doane, Bradley Wright
Doane, Sanford
Doble, Silas C.
Dodge, Dana D.
Dodge, Rodney
Dolan, Patrick F
Dolphin, William Benjamin
Doody, Myron
Doolittle, Lucius Olanzo
Dorsey, Henry
Dorsey, Stephen Wallace
Doten, Horace
Doty, James Jonas
Doty, Sampson
Doud, Charles J.
Doud, James E.
Douglass, Arthur C.
Dow, Amos J.
Dow, Edward
Dow, William Bradford
Downer, Sylvanus
Downer, William H.
Downs, Henry Sanborn
Downs, William H.
Drake, George M.
Drake, Hiram S.
Dressel, Herman
Dresser, George
Dresser, George T.
Dresser, Wellington J.
Drew, Franklin Ashel
Drown, Edwin C.
Drury, Franklin
Dudley, Ferdinand G.
Dudley, Thomas J.
Dugar, Alvin Barnes
Duncklee, Eli S.
Dunham, George A.
Dunshee, Charles Hudson
Dunshee, George Wayland
Dunton, John
Durand, Elliott
Durant, Levi Richardson
Durant, Nelson
Durgee, Orin A.
Dustin, Benjamin Hall
Dustin, Elderkin B.
Dustin, Isaiah A.
Dutton, Daniel B.
Dutton, George W.
Dutton, Ormon N.
Dwinell, Alden Hiram
Dwinell, Azro
Dwinell, Byron
Dwyer, William H. H.
Dyer, George Phillips
Dyer, J. Olin
Dyke, Lyman
Earle, Charles Warrington
Eastman, Erdix S.
Eastman, James M.
Eastman, William H.
Eaton, Charles Henry
Eaton, Samuel
Eaton, William H.
Eberly, Allen H.
Edgerton, Herbert James
Edgerton, Rollin Augusta
Edson, Cutler
Edson, Wallace
Edwards, David J.
Edwards, Robert W.
Edwards, Sylvester
Eggleston, Seymour
Ela, Roger J.
Eldred, Daniel
Eldred, Thomas
Elkins, George D.
Elkins, George Washington
Elkins, William G.
Ellis, Andrew J.
Ellis, Luther
Ellis, Marshall J.
Ellison, Lowell
Ellsworth, George E.
Ellsworth, John E.
Ellsworth, Marvin
Elmer, Jonathan
Elwell, Edward
Elwell, Horace E.
Emerson, Ezekiel
Emerson, Josiah S.
Emerson, Ransom W.
Emery, John Cutler
Emery, Lorenzo Perry
Emery, Moses
Emilton, Charles N.
English, Seth
Estabrook, George W.
Estabrook, Henry
Esty, Wilbur F.
Evans, John M.
Everett, William
Everetts, Richard
Everts, George
Fabrique, Andrew Hinsdale
Fackrell, Henry C.
Failing, Allen B.
Fairbanks, Arthur
Fairbanks, Benjamin F.
Fairbanks, James Hamilton
Fairbanks, William
Fairbanks, William R.
Fannell, William
Farley, Charles J.
Farnsworth, Seth
Farr, James
Felch, Milo P.
Fenn, Silas T.
Ferguson, Erwin H.
Ferguson, John
Ferren, Aaron
Ferren, Myron Josiah
Ferris, Eugene W.
Ferris, Robinson
Field, Harrison O.
Fifield, Royal
Finley, George
Finney, William H.
Firman, James Henry
Fish, Francis Adolph
Fish, George J.
Fish, William C.
Fisher, Charles Allen
Fisher, Elias W.
Fisher, Henry Harrison
Fisk, Isaac Aplin
Fisk, Joel B.
Fisk, Julius Granger
Fisk, Wilbur F.
Fitch, William H.
Fitts, William W.
Fizell, William T.
Flagg, James M.
Flagg, Thomas Wait
Fleming, Charles King
Fleming, John Jr.
Fletcher, Charles H.
Flint, George W.
Flint, James Tarbox
Flint, Jeremiah Eliphalet
Flint, Phineas C.
Flint, Raymond
Flood, Joseph Sidney
Flowers, James T.
Fogg, George W.
Follensbee, Nathan Gardner
Follett, Luther M.
Ford, Charles H.
Ford, Charles Jackson
Ford, Harmon
Ford, John
Ford, William
Forman, William Henry
Forrest, Joseph Simmonds
Foss, Francis Henry
Foss, Julius E.
Foss, Melvin Allan
Foster, Ansel
Foster, Harrington S.
Fowler, Charles T.
Frame, Frank A.
Frary, George M.
Freeman, Joel Mann
Freeman, Lyman L.
Freeman, Watson Luther
Freeman, Wilbert Stevens
Freeman, Willard O.
French, Edward Morris
French, Homer Lafayette
French, Isaiah H.
French, Orlando Levi
French, Shepherd Adams
French, Walton Wright
Frizzell, Orange Scott
Frost, Chauncey A. H.
Fulford, Edwin
Fuller, Alonzo W.
Fuller, Benjamin Howard
Fuller, Calvin I.
Fuller, David S.
Fuller, Dennis Moulton
Fuller, Freeman
Fuller, Hiram Elam
Fuller, Jed F.
Fuller, Martin H.
Fuller, Mason A.
Fuller, William W.
Fullington, Egbert P.
Furman, Willis A.
Furnald, Charles
Gage, William H.
Gale, Francis A.
Gale, Gardner
Gale, George Harrison
Gale, Hiram Randall
Gallup, Londus O.
Gallup, Lyman Beniah
Gallup, William N.
Garfield, Henry W.
Garfield, Joseph E.
Garner, James Charles
Garvin, Charles Abram
Garvin, Daniel Wooster
Gaskill, Almon P.
Gates, Moses F.
Gates, Willis H.
Gavin, George
Gay, Henry Calvin
Gee, Wilson
Geer, Ezra
Geer, Samuel E.
Gibbs, Cyrus P.
Gibbs, Darius S.
Gibson, Cyrus D.
Gibson, Ephraim
Gibson, Francis Newton
Gibson, Warren
Giddings, Josiah
Giffin, Martin E.
Gilbert, Franklin
Gilbert, Moses
Giles, Lemuel A.
Gilkerson, Carlos G.
Gilkerson, Milo J.
Gilkerson, William
Gillett, Joseph C.
Gilman, Charles
Gilmore, Asa Dodge
Gilmore, Horace Orville
Gilson, Daniel H.
Gilson, George E.
Gilson, James M.
Gipson, Theodore
Gleason, Newell
Glines, Eleazer K.
Glines, Jeremiah E.
Glover, Christopher B.
Goddard, Warren Caleb
Godfrey, George L
Goding, Harrison
Goes, George Elias
Goewey, Frederick L.
Goff, Adoniram J.
Gonyeau, David
Goodale, Cyrus Wesley
Goodale, James
Goodall, Ezra K.
Goodenough, Francis H.
Goodno, George N.
Goodno, Luther S.
Goodnough, Wallace Eugene
Goodrich, Harley
Goodrich, Solomon
Goodrich, Valentine Rathburn
Goodrich, Zebadee
Goodwater, Truman
Goodwin, Enoch A.
Goodwin, Enoch A.
Goodwin, Jerry J.
Goodwin, Marvin
Goodwin, Royal F.
Goodyear, Gilbert Lewis
Gordon, Andrew J.
Gordon, Edward
Gordon, Samuel F.
Gordon, Thomas H.
Gorham, Charles E.
Gorham, Charles W.
Gorham, George F.
Goss, Albert R.
Goss, Osmond H.
Goss, Samuel E.
Goss, Ziba C.
Gould, Benjamin S
Gould, Thomas
Gould, William
Graham, William A.
Grandy, Lewis N.
Grant, Henry S.
Graves, Carroll R
Graves, James Taylor
Graves, Noble Wheeler
Graves, Wesley R.
Graves, William Eugene
Gray, John J.
Green, Asa B.
Green, Edwin A.
Green, Everett
Green, Horace C.
Green, Joel D.
Green, John C.
Green, Liba A.
Green, Othniel
Greene, Charles B.
Greene, Ranney
Greenough, Milon E.
Greenwood, William
Gregg, Reuben
Gregory, Clifton B.
Gregory, Julius M.
Gregory, William T.
Griffin, LaRoy S.
Griffin, William H.
Griffith, Peleg Tabor
Grimshaw, John
Grout, Chester G.
Grout, Frank R.
Grow, Aldice G.
Grow, Henry
Guindon, Eugene Whiting
Guptail, Frederick
Guptil, Cornelius C.
Guptil, Eli B.
Guptill, Freeman Edward
Hackett, Harrison
Hackett, Henry L
Hadley, Isaac C.
Hadley, William G.
Hagar, Charles L.
Hakins, Thomas W.
Hale, George H.
Hale, Oramel B
Hall, Albert Henry
Hall, Byron E.
Hall, Edwin F.
Hall, George Fletcher
Hall, George Melvin
Hall, Henry E.
Hall, Howard
Hall, James Ashton
Hall, John S.
Hall, Peter A.
Hall, Ralph R.
Hall, Samuel Wallace
Halladay, David Monroe
Hambley, Patrick
Hamblin, Alson
Hamblin, Reuben
Hamilton, Charles B.
Hammond, Wellington
Hand, Edmund Henry
Hanks, Franklin S.
Hanks, Jason
Hanks, John Marshall
Hanley, Alexander
Hanley, James
Haradon, Eli
Haradon, Marvin C.
Hard, Giles Coy
Harden, Francis M.
Harding, Benjamin Franklin
Hardy, Carloss M.
Hardy, George H.
Hardy, Hiram E.
Hardy, William F.
Harlow, Ebenezer D.
Harlow, Hiram
Harmon, Elon
Harrington, James
Harrington, Stephen J.
Harris, Darwin
Harris, George
Harris, Henry Knight
Harris, Horace Evertt
Harris, Ransom L.
Harris, Roswell
Harris, Samuel
Harris, Samuel Ward
Harris, Silas Wright
Hart, Albert H.
Hart, Franklin H.
Hart, Henry C.
Hart, Montraville
Harvey, Merritt
Harvey, William Wallace
Harwood, George J.
Haselton, Orlando J.
Haskell, Franklin Aretas
Haskin, Edward J.
Haskin, Jason
Haskins, Charles E.
Haskins, Clark
Haskins, Darwin
Haskins, Lucius M.
Haslett, Charles Brewer
Hastings, Horace A.
Hastings, John Flavel
Hatch, Alanson
Hatch, James L.
Haven, George R.
Haven, James Henry
Hawes, Alexander Gilchrist
Hawes, Amos P.
Hawkins, Hiram A.
Hawkins, Robert S.
Hawley, Ashbel Dean
Hayes, Benjamin C.
Hayes, William K.
Haynes, George E.
Haynes, Samuel D.
Hayward, Azel D.
Hazelton, Elmore J
Hazen, Charles Richard
Hazen, Reuben L.
Hazen, Seth P.
Heald, Oliver
Heald, William H.
Heath, Christopher S.
Heath, Franklin H.
Heath, Justus F.
Heath, Orrin
Heath, Solomon Morton
Heath, Truman L.
Heath, Wilbur Fisk
Heath, William C.
Hebard, Charles
Hemenway, Harvey Lester
Hemenway, Luke E.
Hemenway, Thomas
Hendrick, Elias Sherman
Henry, Franklin Sylvester
Henry, Norman P.
Herrick, Oliver R.
Hersey, Harvey
Hewlet, Joseph A.
Hewlett, Edward P.
Hibbard, Edwin Orpheus
Hibbard, William
Hickox, Frederick F.
Hicks, Aaron J.
Hicks, George E.
Higbee, Edmund Burke
Higgins, Alexander
Higgins, James Wallace
Higgins, Levi
Hight, John A.
Hildreth, John L.
Hill, Benjamin A.
Hill, Edgar P.
Hill, Edward H.
Hill, Ekin M.
Hill, James S.
Hill, Jenkins, W.
Hill, John L.
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Reuben
Hill, Reuben
Hill, Thomas B.
Hills, Alfred Farley
Himes, Charles H. M.
Hinds, Charles Barrett
Hinds, Edwin Burke
Hinsdale, Willliam E.
Hitchcock, Charles Lewis
Hitchcock, Francis A.
Hoag, Harmon
Hobart, Chauncey
Hobbs, Daniel
Hodge, Perry
Hoisington, Abisha
Hoisington, Norman Henry
Holcomb, Alonzo H.
Holden, Benjamin S.
Holden, George Washington
Holden, Wyman
Hollenbeck, Zeph D.
Holmes, Samuel B.
Holt, Myron A.
Holton, Noble
Home, J. C.
Honey, Quincy
Hopkins, Albert M.
Hopkins, Philander
Hopkins, Wilson
Horton, Charles
Horton, Jasper L.
Horton, Montraville P.
Horton, Myron Joseph
Hosley, Martin S.
Houghton, Abraham Gardner
Houghton, David
Houghton, David J.
Houghton, David M.
Houghton, George F.
Houghton, Ruthven W.
House, Henry N.
House, Martin
House, Timothy J.
Hovey, Nelson K.
Howard, George R.
Howard, Horace Goodell
Howard, Lysander C.
Howard, Lysander J.
Howard, Oliver Otis
Howard, William C.
Howe, Augustus Jonah
Howe, Hiram T.
Howe, Joel C.
Howes, Silas C.
Hoyt, Edwin Jr.
Hoyt, George
Hoyt, John B.
Hoyt, Moses
Hoyt, Samuel
Hubbard, George Washington
Hubbard, Henry C.
Hudson, Charles David
Hudson, Horace Leeman
Hudson, Joel
Hudson, Orvis DeForest
Huey, Albert
Humphrey, James L.
Humphrey, John Henry
Hunsdon, James H.
Hunt, Abner Nichols
Hunt, Herman
Hunt, Luther B.
Hunter, Hiram A.
Huntington, Densmore W.
Huntington, Henry W.
Huntington, Lester C.
Huntington, Ward
Huntington, William H.
Huntley, Osias
Huntley, Washington A.
Huntress, Samuel D.
Hurd, Eben C.
Hurlburt, Charles J.
Hurlbut, Edwin Warren
Hussey, Jerry
Hutchin, Edward H.
Huxley, E. Ritchards
Huxley, Silas U.
Hyde, Henry Allan
Hyde, Legrand Deforest
Hyde, Robert E.
Ide, Chester Dean
Ingalls, Orson Merrill
Ingalls, Roswell A.
Isham, Henry B.
Jabbard, George
Jackson, Dennis M.
Jackson, Josiah J.
Jackson, Marshall A. D.
Jacobs, Elias
James, Hiram P.
Jarvis, Henry
Jelley, John
Jenkins, Charles W.
Jenne, Job C.
Jenne, Nathan F.
Jenness, John C.
Jepson, Orsemus
Jewett, Henry Erastus
Jewett, Pliny
Jewett, Walter
Jillson, David
Jillson, Samuel C.
Johnson, Adnor
Johnson, Calvin Farnham
Johnson, Emlik Harrington
Johnson, Frederick R.
Johnson, Gordon T.
Johnson, John L.
Johnson, Levi C.
Johnson, Oscar Frank
Johnson, Rodney Sebastian
Johnson, Wallace D.
Johnson, William B.
Johnson, William Henry Carlton
Johnson, William W.
Jones, Alonzo Orson
Jones, Amos S.
Jones, Elias S.
Jones, Freeman Solomon
Jones, James
Jones, John C.
Jones, John K.
Jones, Warren
Jones, William S.
Jordan, Nicholas
Joslin, Orison B.
Joslin, Thomas P.
Joslyn, Orlando V.
Joy, Henry F.
Judd, Schuyler F.
Judd, Washington
Judkins, Charles M.
Judson, Sheldon E.
Kaiser, William P.
Keble, Hurbert R.
Keeble, Ashley T.
Keeler, Aram C.
Keeler, Lucius N.
Keeler, Orlando Demetrius
Kehoe, George H.
Kehoe, James P.
Keith, James Monroe
Kellam, George M.
Kellam, Henry T.
Kelley, Elihu J.
Kellogg, George Sumner
Kellogg, Henry C.
Kellogg, Josiah
Kellogg, Theodore Preston
Kemp, Alva
Kendall, Albert Asaph
Kendall, Cornelius
Kendall, Hollis D.
Kendrick, Addison E.
Kenison, Edwin C.
Keniston, Hiram B.
Kennedy, Frank D
Kennedy, Patrick
Kenney, Chester B.
Kenney, Edwin A.
Kenney, James
Kent, Allen
Kent, Daniel S.
Kent, James William
Kenyon, Edgar
Kenyon, Ralph Albert
Keyes, David R.
Kibbee, Austin D.
Kibbee, Charles H.
Kibbey, Meigs
Kidder, John G.
Kidder, Reuben H.
Kidder, Russell W
Kimball, Gardner A.
Kimball, George C.
Kimball, Hollis S.
Kimball, James W.
Kimball, Joseph
Kimball, Marinus P.
Kimball, Selden F.
Kimball, William S.
King, Harlan E.
King, Henry F.
King, James R.
King, John B.
King, Walter M.
Kingsbury, Harlan Page
Kingsley, Charles Sullings
Kingsley, Jeremiah Brown
Kinney, Lucius M.
Kinsley, George
Kinsman, Henry E.
Kinsman, Herman Arteman
Kinsman, James Walton
Kinsman, William P.
Kinson, Lewis G.
Kittredge, Milo
Knapp, Clark Asaph
Knapp, Jefferson W.
Kneeland, Edward S.
Kneeland, John W.
Knowlson, John
Lackey, Melvin
Ladue, Louis
Laduke, Lewis
Laflin, Lewis
Laird, Frederick W.
Lambkin, George W.
Lamkin, Charles Edgar
Lamkin, Leroy Smith
Lamphier, Lloyd
Lampman, Isaac
Lamson, Horace Samuel
Lamson, Rolla C. B.
Lane, Carlos D.
Lane, Warren
Lang, William
Langdon, Burton E.
Langevin, Adolphis
Larrabee, Emery B.
Lathe, Milo S.
Lathrop, Myron
LaVake, James O.
Lavanway, Frank
Lavine, Frank
Lawrence, Daniel G.
Lawrence, Jacob
Lawrence, Luman C.
Lawrence, Richard C.
Layhee, William
Leach, Alonzo Don
Leach, Elisha J.
Learnard, Oscar Eugene
Learned, James W.
Leavenworth, Jesse Henry
LeBarron, George W.
Lee, Fordyce Johnson
Legate, Hamlin M.
Leighton, Frank William
Leonard, Abial L.
Leonard, Nathan A.
Leonard, Orville S.
Lester, Edwin
Libbey, Henry W.
Libby, Lavine
Lillie, Alfred F.
Lincoln, Albert
Lincoln, Henry A.
Linton, Albert
Liscum, Frank H.
Little, John Baxter
Little, William V.
Littlefield, Elisha Alvin
Livingston, George B. S.
Lockling, Joel M.
Lockwood, Henry D.
Longley, George
Loomis, Harrison B.
Loomis, Lyman Ford
Lord, Homer A.
Loudon, James W.
Louks, Arthur C.
Lovell, James Coover
Lovely, Frank
Lucas, Jonathan P.
Luce, Elijah William
Lund, George Prescott
Lunt, Henry William
Lusher, Frank
Lyford, Oscar D.
Lyman, Frederick
Lyman, Lucius
Lynde, Thomas Jefferson
Lyon, George Porter
Lytle, William M
Macommber, Sylvanus Boardman
Magill, Jerome B.
Maltby, Charles Abner
Mann, Albert
Manning, Edwin C.
Manning, Edwin Carlisle
Manning, George H
Manning, Gilbert G.
Manser, Christopher Augustus
Maranville, Rollin E.
Marcy, Jasper
Marsh, Charles A.
Marsh, Henry A.
Marsh, Metcalf Butler
Marsh, William H.
Marsha, David
Marshall, Edward B
Marshall, Marcellus
Marshall, Rolle T.
Martin, Alfred S.
Martin, George Hastings
Martin, James W.
Martin, James W.
Martin, John Blair
Martin, John W.
Martin, Jonathan B.
Martin, Leonard L.
Martin, Ozias C.
Martin, Porter B.
Martin, Stephen R.
Marvin, Samuel Bernard
Marvin, Stephen G.
Mason, Elbert
Mason, Hiram
Mason, Nathan
Mason, Nelson
Matison, Wesley
Matott, Francis
Matterson, William E.
Matteson, Herbert J.
Matteson, Philip
Mattocks, Charles Porter
Maurice, Nicholas
Maverick, Lewis
Maxfield, Montravelle
Maxham, William Ransom
May, Charles H.
Maynard, Benajah
Mayo, Zelotes Bingham
McArthur, Chester W.
McAuly, Byron W.
McCabe, Bernard
McCarty, Lafayette
McClellan, Lewis
McCormick, James
McCoy, Andrew Jackson
Mccoy, George Lucius
McCray, Cole
McCrillis, Robert Erdix
McDermott, William
McDonald, Clark
McDougall, Thomas Mower
McElwain, Oscar
McEowen, John
McGee, Joseph
McGuire, Charles
McIlvain, Orson
McKay, Duncan
McKean, James Bedell
McKellips, David O.
McKenna, James
McLain, Jackson
McLaughlin, James
McMasters, Smedley H.
McMillan, Dennis L.
McNair, Joseph W.
McNeil, William
McOmber, Spencer Franklin
Meacham, Cornelius Edward
Meacham, Edgar Aurelius
Meacham, Franklin M.
Mead, Lucius H.
Meader, James M.
Mears, Alson D.
Mears, Hiram B.
Melville, Hugh
Merriam, George Francis
Merrifield, Edwin C.
Merrill, Asa
Merrill, James G.
Merrill, John Gilson
Merrill, John Henry
Merrill, Samuel
Merritt, Charles M.
Mervin, George H.
Meserve, Wilbur O.
Messer, Edwin P.
Messer, Erwin Barker
Metcalf, Edwin Garner
Miles, Herman A.
Miles, Thomas
Miller, Edwin C
Miller, Marshall M.
Miller, Melvin P.
Millington, Irving L.
Mills, Cyrus H.
Mills, Hamilton A.
Mills, Jason N.
MIlls, John W.
Miner, Amos
Miner, Clement S.
Miner, Edgar
Miner, George H.
Miner, Lewis
Miner, William
Mitchell, Cassius F.
Mitchell, Ebenezer
Mitchell, Henry C.
Monroe, Franklin
Monroe, John H.
Montague, Ira W.
Moore, Andrew Sanford
Moore, Daniel M.
Moore, Edson S.
Moore, Oscar
Moran, Edward H.
Morehouse, Edward N.
Morey, Israel P.
Morgan, Dayton
Morgan, Solon Cornelius
Morgan, William Henry
Morgan, William W
Moriarty, John
Morrill, Charles G.
Morrill, Ezra
Morris, Sabin
Morrison, Hiram R.
Morrison, Napoleon B
Morse, Henry N.
Morse, Langdon
Morse, Richard D.
Morton, Thurmon W.
Mosher, Albert P.
Mosher, Theron C.
Mott, George Keeler
Moulton, Charles C.
Moulton, Henry M.
Mower, Marshall C.
Munsil, A F
Munson, James W.
Murdock, Myron
Murphy, William W.
Mussen, James H.
Myott, Marshall
Nason, Adam C.
Needham, Lyman H.
Nelson, Jacob B.
Nelson, John Jr.
Newcomb, James B.
Newell, Cornelius C
Newell, Francis Christian
Newman, Albert
Newman, Richard
Newton, Ira C
Newton, Stephen P.
Nicholls, Orsamus Columbus
Nichols, George Charles
Nichols, Theodore
Nichols, William Henry
Niles, Augustus
Niles, Carlos M.
Niles, Frederick A.
Niles, Moses
Niles, Ransom Stephen
Niles, Thomas L.
Niles, William
Noble, Joshua K.
Noble, Samuel
Noble, Warren S.
Nokes, Samuel V.
Norcross, Edmund P.
Norris, Joseph B.
Northrop, Edward H.
Northrop, George E.
Northup, Merritt
Northy, George A.
Norton, George Stillman
Nott, Stephen E.
Nourse, Emerson J
Noyes, Henry Clay
Noyes, Naaman Balch
Nutting, Eben H.
Nutting, Enoch D.
Nutting, Oscar
Nye, Ephraim
O'Brien, Michael
O'Conner, John
O'Dell, Jacob
O'Rourk, Richard
Oakes, Emory Bronson
Oaks, George B.
Ogden, John
Olcott, George
Olden, Joseph J.
Olds, Henry Elias
Olds, Osmer LeRoy
Olmstead, Clarence Spencer
Olmsted, Clarence Spencer
Organ, John
Ormes, Orson J.
Orne, David J
Orr, George S.
Orr, Moses Edgar
Orvis, Samuel Levi
Osborne, Alverton P.
Otis, George H.
Otis, John Wesley
Otis, William G.
Oviatt, Almon Nelson
Packard, Charles
Packard, Cyrenus Hudson
Packer, Edward H.
Paff, Frederick C.
Page, Henry
Page, Joseph
Page, Moses A.
Paige, Hial Bradley
Paine, Richard Kendall
Paine, Samuel E.
Palmer, James Frederick
Palmer, James Rush
Palmer, Jerome
Parish, Solon B.
Parker, Marshall P.
Parker, Thomas Packard
Parker, William H.
Parker, William H. H.
Parker, William S.
Parkhurst, Elisha D.
Parkhurst, Isaac F.
Parkhurst, William B.
Parks, Warren W.
Parmenter, Asahel
Parmenter, Walter Guilford
Parmenter, William W.
Parrazo, Eli
Parrish, Solon B.
Parrow, Mitchell
Parsons, Anson
Parsons, Orville Conklin
Parsons, Thomas Torrington
Patch, William F.
Patnoe, Alex
Pattee, Truman
Patten, Charles L.
Patten, William H.
Patterson, Ansel Aretus
Patterson, E.
Patterson, Henry H.
Patterson, John
Paul, Hiram Mason
Paul, Stephen C.
Payne, Edward Byron
Payne, Joshua
Pearse, Henry Newton
Pearsons, Samuel P.
Pease, Stephen Nelson
Peck, George W.
Peck, John P
Peck, Orin E.
Peek, Henry Clay
Pelsue, John W.
Pember, John Henry
Pengra, Oren George
Pennell, Andrew J.
Peppin, George Warden
Percival, Edgar A.
Perham, Harrison
Perkins, Clarence Lendall
Perkins, Ellet Parcher
Perkins, William E.
Perrin, William Burton
Perry, Aaron H.
Perry, Alhanan
Perry, Chauncey F.
Perry, George H.
Perry, Harlow C.
Perry, James B.
Perry, Jerome B.
Perry, Lemuel P.
Persons, Augustus Franklin
Peters, Henry W.
Petit, Godfrey
Pettingill, James W.
Pettingill, Lemuel Ripley
Phelps, Charles Edward
Phelps, Loyal C.
Phen, Charles N.
Phenn, William M.
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Edgar W.
Phillips, James W.
Pierce, Albert Hobbs
Pierce, Albert P.
Pierce, Charles P.
Pierce, Daniel W.
Pierce, Erastus M.
Pierce, Henry Reuben
Pierce, Samuel N.
Pierce, William
Pierson, Charles P.
Pike, Edward P.
Pike, John M.
Pine, Orange Steadman
Pingrey, Darius
Pinneo, Mathias D.
Pinney, Oscar F.
Pinney, William W.
Piper, Daniel
Piper, Henry Bruce
Place, Samuel
Platt, James E.
Plimpton, Amos Gardner
Plimpton, George W.
Plimpton, Merrill Francis
Pomeroy, Edwin B.
Pond, Durling Brayton
Pond, Henry A.
Poole, Charles Carroll
Pope, James L.
Pope, Perly Putnam
Porter, Ervin Alonzo
Porter, Nelson
Porter, Solon F.
Potter, Henry F.
Potter, Nelson J.
Potter, Royal Laroy
Powell, George
Powell, Lorenzo C.
Powers, James G.
Pratt, C. C.
Pratt, Chester Artemas
Pratt, Geoerge N.
Pratt, George A.
Pratt, John
Pratt, John Sylvester
Pratt, Lewis G.
Pratt, Lyman H.
Pratt, Milo
Pratt, Morgan Sanford
Pratt, Roswell V.
Pray, George F.
Pray, Rufus M.
Prescott, David Bates
Preston, Frederick M.
Price, William
Prindell, Hiram M.
Prindle, Charles B.
Prindle, John B.
Proctor, Adonijah Howe
Proctor, Willard
Prouty, Amos
Purrington, John Barber
Putnam, Fletcher
Putnam, Holden
Putnam, John G.
Putnam, Nathan D.
Quincy, Samuel Allen
Quinn, Charles Elihu
Quinn, Peter
Ramsey, Martin K.
Rand, Benjamin F.
Randall, Elwood
Randall, Murray N.
Randall, Roswell K.
Randall, Seth L.
Ranney, Eugene Oliver
Ransom, Miles E. B.
Ransom, Thomas Edward Greenfield
Ransom, Wyllys Cadwell
Rasco, Joseph
Raymond, George
Raymond, George S.
Raymond, Louis C.
Raymond, Thomas
Reardon, Martin
Recor, William
Reed, Daniel Socrates
Reed, Edward P.
Reed, Henry W.
Reed, Lewis G.
Reirden, James
Remington, Orlando P.
Resseguie, Luman Villeroy
Reynolds, Albert
Reynolds, Edward M.
Reynolds, James M.
Reynolds, Joseph Allen
Reynolds, Michael
Reynolds, Peter
Rhodes, George H.
Rhodes, Miron
Rice, Francis A.
Rice, Jacob
Rice, James E.
Rice, Jasper Hazen
Rice, John Lovell
Rice, John Smith
Rice, Leonard C.
Rice, William H. C.
Rich, Truman
Richards, Allen
Richards, Frederick B.
Richards, Norman Ira
Richardson, Erastus
Richardson, John Henry
Richardson, Sargent. H.
Richardson, Silas W.
Ricker, Chester
Rickert, John Blair
Rider, John Quincy Adams
Rider, Willard Z.
Ripley, Mason E.
Risdon, Ambrose
Risdon, Daniel
Robb, Isaac Martin
Robbins, Joseph
Roberts, James
Roberts, James Louis
Roberts, Julius D.
Roberts, Sydney O.
Roberts, William Henry
Robinson, Philander
Robinson, Wesley L.
Robinson, William A
Robinson, William H.
Robison, David H.
Rock, Francis
Rockwell, Aldis L
Rockwell, Jared
Rockwood, George W.
Rodgers, Horace Cliff
Rodgers, Luther D.
Rogers, Henry Philip
Rogers, Ira
Rogers, Joseph C.
Rogers, Newell C.
Ronald, John Stanley
Rood, Edwin C.
Rood, Frank M.
Root, Almon Rufus
Root, Napolean
Roscoe, John B.
Rose, Corydon
Rostin, Theodore
Round, Elwin H.
Rounds, Horace E.
Rowe, Henry H.
Rowe, William
Rowell, Richard C.
Royal, Samuel N.
Royce, Moses Strong
Rudd, Hiram D.
Rumrill, Pliny F.
Rundlett, Gardner Fairfield
Rush, H. G.
Rush, Jacob Jr.
Russell, Cashmere
Russell, Thomas Pember
Sallies, George W.
Salsbury, John F.
Sanborn, Cutler D.
Sanborn, Wilbur F.
Sanders, Jeremiah
Sanders, Marshal
Sanders, Samuel C
Sanderson, Henry L
Sandiland, William A.
Sanville, Fred
Sargent, George
Sargent, Lyman
Sargent, Timothy
Sault, Peter
Saunders, James
Sawin, William J.
Sawyer, Andrew J.
Sawyer, Daniel H.
Sawyer, Edmund F.
Sawyer, Edward T.
Sawyer, Wallace Benjamin
Sawyer, Warren Whitney
Scarf, William Wiseman
Schofield, Milo
Scott, Ansel
Scott, Chandler W.
Scott, Don Eugene
Scott, Ethan A.
Scott, Ethiel
Scott, George W.
Scott, James H.
Scott, John L.
Scott, Julius A.
Scott, Otis Brigham
Scott, Samuel E.
Scoville, Oliver T. H.
Scranton, Aaron
Scribner, Elijah S.
Seage, Henry Stark
Seage, Richard Watson
Seaman, Mead H.
Sears, George W.
Sears, Jerome
Sears, Thomas Andrew
Seaver, Levi W.
Sedgwick, Lowell Mason
Seeley, Abel John
Seeley, William H.
Segar, Francis J.
Sergeant, Dexter
Seymour, Louis
Shabino, Antoine
Shabino, Henry
Shabino, Joseph
Sharp, Stephen D.
Shattuck, George Winslow
Shattuck, Samuel Walker
Shaw, Charles B.
Shaw, Charles W.
Shaw, Enos F.
Shaw, Fitch
Shaw, George W.
Shaw, Henry
Shaw, Henry Charles
Shaw, Oliver
Shaw, Stanley A.
Sheldon, Abial B
Sheldon, Eber
Sheldon, Henry
Sheldon, Josiah
Sheldon, Lorenzo D.
Sheldon, Marson Reed
Sheldon, Willard C.
Sherburne, John F.
Sherman, Almon
Sherman, Charles Addison
Sherman, Charles E.
Sherman, Charles S.
Sherman, Dana Carlos
Sherman, George W.
Sherman, Marshall
Sherman, Nelson B.
Sherman, William C.
Sherman, William R.
Sherwood, Aaron
Shiney, Sylvester
Shorey, Fred
Shover, Charles
Shreve, William Price
Shufelt, George
Shufelt, Stephen
Shurtlieff, Samuel H.
Silloway, Inglesby W.
Silsby, Henry S.
Silsby, Lasell Samuel Gibson
Silsby, Sylvester
Simonds, William
Simpson, David
Sisco, James M.
Sisco, John G.
Skeels, Herman H.
Skinner, Willis
Slade, William C.
Slafter, Adoniram Judson
Slafter, Alonzo
Slocum, John R.
Small, Ozra
Small, Plummer
Smariege, Charles
Smith, Almeron S.
Smith, Benjamin F.
Smith, Chauncey
Smith, Ellerton Wallace
Smith, Ephraim T.
Smith, Frank B.
Smith, Franklin E.
Smith, George E.
Smith, George F.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Luther Newell
Smith, Martin Alfred
Smith, Oliver M
Smith, Samuel B.
Smith, Samuel Richard
Smith, William
Smith, William W.
Snell, Austin
Snow, Asa B.
Snow, Daniel E.
Snow, George Clark
Snow, M. M.
Snow, Moses H.
Snow, Rodney
Snyder, Benjamin
Somerby, John L.
Somers, Benjamin C.
Somers, George Arba
Soper, Rice Douglas
Southgate, John Murry
Sowle, A. W.
Sowles, Hiram H.
Spalding, Carlos
Spaulding, Freeman Horatio
Spaulding, Jas A.
Spaulding, Lewis C.
Spaulding, Oscar Jefferson
Spaulding, Samuel Charles
Spaulding, Stillman
Spear, Edward L.
Spear, Henry F.
Spellman, John P.
Spencer, Joseph H.
Sperry, Emery Franklin
Spooner, Henry F.
Spoor, Allen Miles
Sprague, Isaac Asa
Sprague, Phillip
Sprague, Sylvester M.
Spring, Charles F.
Squier, John Howard
Squier, Martin Luther
Squire, Martin Luther
Standish, Sidney Orville
Stanley, Omar H.
Stark, Henry
Starr, Vanness
Stearns, Elias P.
Stearns, John H.
Stearns, John O.
Stearns, John W.
Stearns, Neville H.
Steele, James M.
Steele, Joseph
Sterns, Edgar H.
Stevens, Albert Mack
Stevens, Amos S.
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Joel Sawyer
Stevens, Jonas George
Stickney, Daniel
Stiles, John Emmett
Stimson, Burt E.
Stinson, Samuel
Stocker, John W.
Stockwell, Barzillai Erastus
Stockwell, Robert M.
Stoddard, Alonzo D.
Stoddard, Carlos L.
Stoddard, Ephraim Samuel
Stoddard, Horace S.
Stone, Charles
Stone, Charles C.
Stone, Wells C.
Stone, William H.
Stormes, Harry Ira
Story, Rollin Gardner
Stoughton, William
Stowe, Henry L.
Stowell, Edgward G.
Stratton, Josiah
Stratton, Philo S,
Stratton, Winchester E.
Straw, Julius C.
Straw, Sylvester
Strong, Alvah
Strong, Dana J.
Strong, William N.
Stuart, Charles
Sturges, Charles E.
Sturnes, J. B.
Sullivan, Charles E.
Sullivan, Daniel.
Sutherland, Sherman
Sutherland, Solomon
Swain, Edgar Denman
Sweatt, William W.
Sweet, Albert Burbanks
Sweet, Edward Rollen
Sweetser, Francis D.
Swift, Charles P.
Swift, Henry Spencer
Swift, Jeremiah
Swift, Orsamus B.
Swift, Pardon Holden
Taft, Alonzo W.
Taft, Asa P.
Talcott, George
Tatro, Joseph
Taylor, Edward P.
Taylor, George
Taylor, Levi W.
Taylor, Nyram C.
Taylor, Woodbury Manning
Tebo, Samuel
Temple, Stephen W. B.
Tenney, Whitney
Terrell, Hiram D.
Terrill, Edson E.
Thatcher, Alvin H.
Thayer, Alvin Orlando
Thayer, Asahel
Thayer, Edwin Francis
Thayer, George
Thayer, James Hervey
Thomas, Julius O.
Thomas, Samuel R.
Thompson, Benjamin E.
Thompson, Charles Augustus
Thompson, Daniel H.
Thompson, Frank H.
Thompson, Seneca
Thompson, Sylvester Newton
Thrall, Chauncey T.
Thurston, Daniel Sylvester
Tilton, William
Timson, Albert Alexander
Timson, Andrew
Tisdale, James
Titus, James Perry
Titus, Joseph A.
Titus, Lewis
Tolman, Anson
Toothaker, James Smiley
Tower, George Rilely
Tower, Joseph Poland
Tower, Silas B.
Towle, Walter R.
Towne, Watson Richard
Towner, Carlos Chadwick
Townsend, Edson D.
Townsend, Francis Torrey
Tracy, Daniel Lindsey
Train, Albert J
Train, Edson H.
Trask, Warren H.
Trim, Malmoth Daniel
Trowbridge, Charles S
Truax, John H.
Truesdell, James P.
Tucker, Alba Mark
Tucker, Albert C.
Tucker, Julius Eugene
Tucker, Levi
Tucker, Seth Morton
Tucker, William Arlo
Tullar, Sidney B.
Tupper, Thomas J.
Turner, Jerome Willard
Turner, Levi P.
Tyrrell, Samuel Green
Udell, Frank O.
Umberger, Joseph B.
Underhill, John Baldwin
Underhill, Stephen D.
Upham, Emerson O.
Usher, Francis W.
Vaille, Henry Robert
Van Dyke, Philo B.
Van Guilder, Burnam E.
Vantine, W. Seward
Varney, James K.
Vaughan, Charles Stephen
Vaughn, Edwin
Vaughn, Eugene
Venner, John Frank
Vickery, Edmund Erastus
Vilas, William Freeman
Villemaire, Mitchell
Vosburgh, William
Wade, William Frank
Wagoner, James
Wait, H.
Wait, Warren
Waite, Charles
Waite, George
Waite, Henry Fairchild
Wakefield, Gilbert A.
Wakefield, Harvy M.
Wakefield, Orson Leroy
Wakefield, Ray
Wakefield, Reuben
Walbridge, George A.
Walcott, William Y.
Walden, John B.
Waldo, John S
Waldron, George Henry
Walker, Charles Aaron
Walker, Charles J.
Walker, Elijah
Walker, George
Walker, George M.
Walker, Nathan A.
Walker, Orrin L.
Walker, Ruel J.
Walker, Samuel Newell
Walker, Wesley S.
Walkins, Stiles Alexander
Wallace, Albert H.
Wallace, John
Wallace, Joseph
Wallace, Robert Bruce
Wallace, William
Walling, James H.
Wanzer, Sidney O.
Ward, Edgar Royal
Ward, George F.
Warner, Elvin Kendrick
Warner, G. W.
Warner, George S.
Warren, James C.
Warren, Lyman Jackson
Washburn, Henry Clay
Washer, Jediah T.
Waterhouse, James
Waterman, Albert F.
Waterman, Andrew J.
Waterman, Ford
Waterman, Henry
Waterman, Joseph Manley
Waterman, Robert Smith
Waters, William
Watkins, Stiles Alexander
Watson, Amasa Brown
Way, David M.
Weaver, Horace Wilkins
Weaver, Thomas F.
Webb, William H.
Webster, Andrew Jackson
Webster, Francis C.
Weed, Benjamin F.
Weeks, Carlos Fuller
Weeks, Jerome
Weeks, Lewis C.
Welch, Dewey
Wellman, Loren
Wells, Charles E.
Wells, Eleazer
Wells, Gardiner H.
Wells, Lewis N.
Wells, Rolland M. C.
West, Alonzo Russell
Wheaton, Frank Lemuel
Wheeler, Alden Reed
Wheeler, Angelo
Wheeler, Ethan Allen
Wheeler, Holland
Wheeler, Holland
Wheeler, Horace C.
Wheeler, John Milton
Wheeler, William
Wheeler, William S.
Wheelock, Arthur Buck
Wheelock, Charles
Wheelock, Harrison Tyler
Whicher, Isaac
Whipple, Stephen Girard
Whitcomb, Branch
Whitcomb, Cornelius S.
Whitcomb, John
White, Adney P.
White, Almond A.
White, Alvin
White, Asa
White, Charles O.
White, George A.
White, Thomas W.
Whitman, Carrol E.
Whitmore, Sylvester P.
Whitney, Alden
Whitney, Harwood Otis
Whitney, Julius
Whitney, Mark
Whitney, William Lambert
Whittle, Charles
Wier, Thomas
Wightman, Wilson
Wilcox, Alonzo Henry
Wilcox, Herbert W.
Wilcox, Pliny
Wilder, Charles Knowlton
Wilder, George
Wilder, George W.
Wilder, Nahum E
Wilder, Willard
Wilkins, Edwin A.
Wilkins, Frederick
Wilkinson, Edgar Copeland
Willard, Curtis A.
Willey, Hiram Holmes
Williams, Braman J.
Williams, Cornelius
Williams, Fred M.
Williams, John
Williams, John P.
Williams, Sardine G.
Williams, Siloam
Williams, Walter C.
Willson, Thomas E.
Wilson, Alexander P.
Wilson, Alonzo M.
Wilson, Calvin
Wilson, Edgar C.
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, Hiram
Wilson, James G.
Wilson, Robert B.
Wilson, Thomas
Wimble, Jesse
Wing, Clark J.
Wing, Levi Humphrey
Winn, Abraham P.
Winston, Edward
Winter, Edwin Wheeler
Wisewell, Moses Nelson
Witherell, Loren
Witt, Andrew Jr.
Witt, Ezra
Wittum, Jordan Rexford
Wolcott, Norman Maltby
Wood, Chauncey B.
Wood, Edgar H.
Wood, Enos Parker
Wood, Henry S.
Wood, Marcellus T.
Wood, Martin D.
Wood, Reuben Richardson
Wood, William Chauncey
Wood, William Wells
Woodard, Thomas Canedy
Woodard, Wright N.
Woods, Lucius Preston
Woodward, Edmund O
Woodward, Henry W.
Woodward, James Benton
Woodward, John W.
Worcester, Charles J.
Works, Henry Silas
Worthen, Rufus
Worthington, Elliott H.
Wright, Dexter Russell
Wright, Harris C.
Wright, James E.
Wright, James O.
Wright, John A.
Wright, Joseph C.
Wright, Wellington William
Wylie, James Raymond
Wyman, Ira
Wyman, John K.
Wyman, WHH
Yattan, Sidney
Young, Hiram J.
Young, James Narcessus