Vermonters Who Served in Other States' Units
Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Italo collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade, (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well.

If a source is highlighted in red, you can go to that collection (some are off-site, as noted). If not, it is probably an individual's contribution, and can be found with the soldier's record (click on his name). If it says 'Findagrave' that link will also be found on the soldier's record. Or your can check Photograph Sources.

Abar, OliverSource:
Abernathy, RobertSource:
Ackerson, DanielSource:
Adams, AbelSource:
Adams, Alfred BuckSource:
Adams, Edgar EmerySource: Findagrave
Adams, Franklin J.Source:
Adams, George W.Source:
Adams, JosephSource:
Adams, Orange S.Source:
Agen, James HermanSource:
Aiken, John B.Source:
Aiken, William H.Source:
Aikins, Henry D.Source: Findagrave off-site
Ainsworth, Alanson D.Source:
Ainsworth, Ira WashingtonSource:
Ainsworth, WilliamSource:
Aldous, John H.Source:
Aldrich, Edgar DowSource:
Aldrich, Simeon C.Source:
Allen, Alfred R.Source:
Allen, Brenton H.Source:
Allen, Charles N.Source:
Allen, Cyrus A.Source:
Allen, Edson K.Source:
Allen, ElishaSource:
Allen, George P.Source:
Allen, Gilbert L.Source:
Allen, LeanderSource:
Allen, Otis S.Source:
Alvord, Francis A.Source:
Ambler, Henry C.Source:
Ames, Albert D.Source:
Ames, AverySource:
Ames, OrvilleSource: Findagrave off-site
Ames, Oscar P.Source:
Andrews, AaronSource:
Andrews, Ira H.Source:
Andrews, Titus Z.Source:
Annis, Aaron HuntSource: Findagrave off-site
Annis, Benjamin B.Source:
Annis, Richard StephenSource: Findagrave off-site
Armstrong, AlpheuaSource:
Arnold, Charles W.Source:
Arnold, George S.Source:
Ash, LewisSource:
Ashley, Elburtus MarshallSource: Findagrave off-site
Ashley, Lucius FosterSource:
Ashton, DanielSource:
Atkins, William PrentisSource:
Atwood, Chester L.Source:
Atwood, ElijahSource:
Atwood, Lorenzo D.Source:
Atwood, Samuel PerrinSource:
Atwood, Stephen AndrewSource:
Austin, AlonzoSource:
Austin, L. D.Source:
Avery, Alonzo BaileySource:
Avery, Amplius BlakeSource:
Avery, JohnSource:
Ayers, Branch FlaggSource:
Babbitt, Cyrus R.Source:
Babbitt, Putnam PopeSource:
Babbitt, William S.Source:
Babcock, Amos RiceSource:
Babcock, George W.Source:
Babcock, Lyman A.Source:
Bachelder, JohnSource:
Bacon, EdwardSource:
Bador, Frank T.Source:
Bagley, John M.Source:
Bagley, John SmithSource:
Bagley, Olin HenrySource:
Bagley, William H.Source:
Bailey, Ara/Ara A.Source:
Bailey, CaldwellSource:
Bailey, George A.Source: Gibson Collection, VHS off-site
Bailey, George EdwardSource:
Bailey, Harrison C.Source:
Bailey, Jonathan E.Source:
Bailey, WilliamSource:
Baird, Ebenezer JosiahSource:
Baker, Clarence W.Source:
Baker, George HenrySource:
Baker, JerrySource:
Baker, W. WallaceSource:
Baker, William B.Source:
Balcom, Reuben ASource: VHS off-site
Baldwin, Charles S.Source:
Baldwin, Leroy E.Source:
Baldwin, Lewis E.Source:
Baldwin, Melvin RileySource: Findagrave off-site
Baldwin, Oscar W.Source: David_Morin
Baldwin, Rollin E.Source:
Baldwine, M. C.Source:
Bales, Asa A.Source:
Ball, George WashingtonSource:
Ball, Lewis W. Source:
Ball, OrangeSource:
Ballard, David EllenwoodSource: Findagrave
Ballou, Lorain M.Source:
Ballou, OscarSource:
Bancroft, Arvin M.Source:
Banfill, GeorgeSource:
Barber, James K.Source:
Barber, William F.Source:
Barlow, George E.Source:
Barney, Martin V. B.Source: Findagrave
Barnum, Buel PrestonSource:
Barrett, AlonzoSource:
Barter, EdgarSource:
Barter, George W.Source:
Bartlett, George L.Source:
Bartlett, William K.Source:
Barton, AnthonySource:
Barton, Dana S.Source:
Bascom, CharlesSource:
Batchelder, AdnaSource:
Batchelder, Isaac ShermanSource: Findagrave off-site
Bates, Andrew J.Source:
Bates, John R.Source:
Bates, Rufus H.Source:
Battis, Wilkins M.Source:
Baxter, Benton E.Source:
Baxter, CharlesSource:
Beach, H. S.Source:
Beach, IrvinSource:
Beach, Nathan A.Source:
Beagle, ElijahSource:
Beaman, Fernando CortezSource: Findagrave off-site
Bean, Levi CassSource: Findagrave
Bean, Lewis A.Source:
Bean, NorrisSource:
Beard, Randolph M.Source:
Beaudry, Louis NapoleonSource: Findagrave off-site
Beckwith, William HSource:
Beebe, John DaneSource:
Beebe, Julius AdrianSource:
Beebe, Norman AugustusSource:
Beebe, William H HSource:
Beede, Almon O.Source:
Beede, Caleb SleeperSource: Findagrave
Beham, AlfredSource:
Belden, George D.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Bell, Frank J.Source:
Bell, GeorgeSource:
Bellows, C. S.Source:
Belonger, MichaelSource:
Bemis, Horace C.Source:
Benedict, E. F.Source:
Benedict, JosephSource:
Benies, Aaron B.Source:
Bennett, FranklinSource:
Bennett, Stephen S.Source:
Bennett, William W.Source:
Benson, Andrew E.Source:
Benson, Homer HenrySource: Findagrave off-site
Benson, Ira F.Source:
Benson, Irvin WatermanSource:
Benway, Henry S.Source:
Bessette, FrederickSource:
Bessey, CharlesSource:
Bettey, John HenrySource:
Betts, Willis W.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Beverstock, EdwardSource:
Bickford, Norris W.Source:
Billings, JacobSource:
Billings, John A.Source:
Billings, LymanSource:
Bingham, Henry SmithSource:
Bingham, Reginald HeberSource:
Birge, Alpheus W.Source:
Bishop, Albon FrancisSource:
Bishop, Anson JohnSource:
Bishop, Harvey W.Source:
Bishop, JacobSource:
Bishop, John C.Source:
Bishop, Oriel D.Source:
Bixby, Samuel S.Source:
Black, Hyde H.Source: Findagrave
Black, Marcelon E.Source:
Black, Rollin SimonSource:
Blair, Frank E.Source:
Blair, Horace E.Source: Findagrave
Blake, Norman NelsonSource:
Blake, Stephen M.Source:
Blake, Theophilus WilliamSource:
Blake, W. W. Source:
Blake, William PlynSource:
Blanchard, Albert ElmerSource:
Blanchard, Rollin P.Source:
Bliss, C. F.Source:
Bliss, Henry H.Source:
Bliss, Joseph F.Source:
Bliss, Rufus W.Source:
Blodgett, Charles E.Source:
Blood, AlvinSource: Findagrave
Boardman, Clinton AlonzoSource:
Bosworth, Levi E.Source: GAR Post #27, 1907
Bourne, Charles E.Source:
Boutwell, DaveSource:
Boutwell, John WilderSource: David Morin
Bowdish, Joseph SamuelSource:
Bowditch, ElijahSource:
Bowker, John WesleySource:
Bowker, William JamesSource:
Bowman, Edwin C.Source:
Bowman, Henry A.Source:
Boyce, George BenjaminSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Boyd, A. H.Source:
Boyd, Albert H.Source:
Boyd, Frederick W.Source:
Boyd, NelsonSource:
Boyer, George WilliamSource:
Boynton, HenrySource: David_Morin
Bradbury, Albert A.Source:
Bradford, Arwin A.Source:
Bradford, CalebSource:
Bradford, Ira. A.Source:
Bradford, Joseph FreemanSource:
Bragg, ElmerSource: David_Morin
Bragg, Miles W.Source:
Bragg, William JohnSource:
Brailey, JohnSource:
Brainard, Harvey H.Source:
Braisted, RollinSource:
Branch, Phineas CloverSource:
Braque, SylesterSource:
Brassaw, JohnSource:
Braynard, J. P.Source:
Brayton, Whipple MasonSource:
Bresee, NiramSource:
Brewer, Alanson T.Source:
Briggs, AlvinSource:
Briggs, Henry S.Source:
Briggs, James ElbertSource:
Brigham, Ozro A.Source:
Brintnall, Horace ClarkSource:
Brooks, Edward M.Source:
Brother, FrankSource:
Broughton, Rufus MaynardSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Brow, Charles D.Source:
Brown, AlonzoSource:
Brown, Cyrus M.Source:
Brown, Dennis W.Source:
Brown, Emerson E.Source:
Brown, Freeman W.Source:
Brown, Hamilton W.Source:
Brown, JasonSource:
Brown, John G.Source:
Brown, Lyman WesleySource:
Brown, Marvin J.Source:
Brown, ThomasSource:
Brown, Volney N.Source:
Browne, Francis FisherSource: Findagrave off-site
Bruce, EliSource:
Bruce, N. P.Source:
Brundage, HarrisonSource:
Brush, Josephus WilsonSource:
Brush, Myron W.Source:
Bryan, William J.Source:
Bryant, Alpheus W.Source:
Bryant, HenrySource:
Bryant, Samuel JohnSource: Findagrave
Buck, Azro A.Source:
Buck, Charles E.Source:
Buck, Chester H.Source:
Buck, George H.Source:
Buck, RubenSource:
Buck, Sidney S.Source:
Bugbee, Samuel C.Source:
Bugbee, Stanford H.Source:
Bull, Horace ColeSource:
Bullis, Hiram ComfortSource: Findagrave off-site
Bullock, Amasa R.Source:
Bullock, NormanSource:
Bump, Charles WesleySource:
Bump, George W.Source:
Bump, Henry F.Source:
Bumpus, Charles W.Source:
Bundy, Loren D.Source:
Bunker, Leander LaroySource:
Bunker, Marvin SSource:
Burbank, Sidney H.Source:
Burdett, Thomas E.Source:
Burdick, Frank NoyesSource:
Burdick, Judson J.Source:
Burgess, JohnSource:
Burke, Harris AhiraSource:
Burnap, Wilder LukeSource: Welch Collection
Burnette, Daniel D.Source:
Burnham, Franklin J.Source: Findagrave
Burnham, George E.Source:
Burns, RobertSource:
Burrington, JosephSource:
Burt, Asahel Jr.Source:
Burton, John H.Source:
Burton, Sheldon T.Source: Findagrave off-site
Bush, GeorgeSource: Guber Collection off-site
Bush, LewisSource:
Bushey, Charles S.Source:
Bushey, John B.Source:
Bushor, NarcissusSource:
Butler, Dewitt ClintonSource: Findagrave
Butler, G. K.Source:
Butler, James B.Source:
Butler, Seymour S.Source:
Butterfield, George DonnellySource:
Button, FrancisSource:
Buzzell, George W.Source:
Byron, TheophilusSource:
Cady, Alonzo D.Source:
Cady, HenrySource:
Cady, Thaddeus SobieskiSource: Findagrave off-site
Caen, P. H.Source:
Cain, Henry HarrisonSource:
Calhoun, JamesSource:
Calkins, DanielSource:
Call, Stephen R.Source:
Calvin, JohnSource:
Cameron, UzSource:
Camp, D. M.Source:
Campbell, EdgarSource:
Campbell, EdwardSource:
Campbell, George F.Source:
Canfield, Thomas S.Source:
Capron, CharlesSource:
Card, Job EldredSource:
Carey, GordonSource:
Carey, JohnSource: Stowe Veterans, 1906
Carlile, AndrewSource:
Carlton, Edwin P.Source:
Carlton, Henry J.Source:
Carlyle, JuliusSource:
Carpenter, Daniel A.Source:
Carpenter, HenrySource:
Carpenter, Joseph W. D.Source: Gibson Collection, Italo Collection, VHS off-site
Carpenter, RileySource:
Carpenter, W. W. Source:
Carr, C. S.Source:
Carr, Charles S.Source:
Carr, Luther D.Source: Findagrave off-site
Carr, Martin V. B.Source: Findagrave
Carroll, GrantSource:
Carroll, Obed J.Source:
Carruth, AndrewSource:
Carte, NelsonSource:
Carter, Albert A.Source: Italo Collection
Carter, Charles E.Source:
Carter, Charles W.Source:
Carter, Edward W.Source: Italo Collection, VHS off-site
Carter, Fernando J.Source:
Cary, SamuelSource:
Case, Norman EdwardSource:
Casey, WilliamSource:
Caswell, Alonzo F.Source:
Catton, G. ByronSource:
Cavanah, Arthur AlbionSource:
Chabino, HenrySource:
Chadderton, Jonas G.Source:
Chadwick, EdwinSource:
Chadwick, John A.Source:
Chadwick, MiloSource:
Chaffee, Horace PowersSource:
Chaffee, Oliver W.Source:
Chamberlain, Amaziah Dutton BarberSource: Findagrave
Chamberlain, Percioses R.Source:
Chamberlin, Edward M.Source:
Chamberlin, Simon ElliottSource:
Chambers, James C.Source:
Chandler, James C.Source:
Chandler, Julius ConverseSource: Findagrave
Chapin, Josiah L.Source:
Chapin, Willard H.Source:
Chapin, William H.Source:
Chapin, William H.Source:
Chappell, Jesse C.Source:
Chase, Horatio M.Source:
Chase, J. B.Source:
Chase, Thurston PurdySource:
Chase, William L.Source:
Chase, Willis SamuelSource:
Cheney, Carlton RuthvenSource:
Cheney, DavidSource:
Cheney, EliasSource:
Cheney, Oscar F.Source:
Cheney, WinchesterSource:
Chesemore, Newton LutherSource:
Chesley, OrenSource:
Chulip, HenrySource:
Church, Almon S.Source: Findagrave off-site
Church, James B.Source:
Churchill, David B.Source: MOLLUS-MA
Cilley, Don B.Source: 13th VT INF, off-site
Claflin, Henry G.Source:
Clapp, William DanielsSource:
Clapsaddle, George M.Source:
Clark, Albert S.Source:
Clark, Alvin F.Source:
Clark, Augustus M.Source:
Clark, C. D.Source:
Clark, Charles C.Source:
Clark, Ervin E.Source:
Clark, James H.Source: Findagrave
Clark, Junius L.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Clark, L. M.Source:
Clark, Malcolm G.Source:
Clark, Plymon OrlandoSource:
Clark, Solomon D.Source:
Clark, Stephen BenjaminSource:
Clark, Theodore A.Source:
Clark, William O.Source:
Clark, William W.Source:
Clarke, Charles WhittleSource: Findagrave off-site
Clay, C. H.Source:
Clay, George G.Source:
Clay, HenrySource:
Clayton, Simeon S.Source:
Clemons, HughSource:
Cleveland, William P.Source:
Clifford, AzgillSource:
Clifford, Franklin M.Source:
Clifford, Wells W.Source:
Clifford, William M.Source:
Clift, Henry R.Source:
Cliggitt, JamesSource:
Clough, Fernando EugeneSource: Findagrave
Clough, WillardSource:
Clough, William H.Source:
Coan, Charles H.Source:
Coats, William R.Source:
Cobb, AbnerSource:
Cobb, FarnsworthSource:
Cobb, Guy LewisSource:
Cobb, Samuel C.Source:
Cobleigh, Edward J.Source:
Cobleigh, Franklin E.Source: Family
Coburn, CharlesSource:
Cochran, Milton ByronSource:
Coe, ChesterSource:
Coe, John W.Source:
Colburn, GeorgeSource:
Colburn, WilliamSource:
Colby, Francis MiltonSource:
Colby, Jesse M.Source:
Colby, John BigfordSource:
Cole, AlexanderSource:
Cole, Alonzo B.Source:
Cole, AlsonSource:
Cole, Henry ClaySource:
Collins, BenoniSource:
Collins, C. B.Source:
Collins, James B.Source:
Colton, G. A.Source:
Conant, Abel B.Source: VHS off-site
Conant, Henry A.Source:
Conant, IraSource:
Coney, Patrick H.Source: Findagrave
Congdon, AlbertSource:
Conklin, AaronSource:
Conner, J. D.Source:
Conner, James C.Source:
Conry, HiramSource:
Cook, AlonzoSource:
Cook, Benj.Source:
Cook, Lewis BionsonSource:
Cooper, Edgar H.Source:
Cooper, Elijah E.Source:
Corey, Albert R.Source:
Corser, Willard SnowSource:
Cory, JosephSource:
Cory, Lewis M.Source:
Cotton, Aaron DavisSource:
Cotton, EdwardSource:
Cotton, G. R.Source:
Coughlin, JohnSource: Findagrave off-site
Cousins, CorneliusSource:
Covell, John S.Source:
Cowdin, RobertSource: Findagrave off-site
Coyier, Jonathan BradleySource: Findagrave off-site
Craig, James A.Source:
Crane, Harry D.Source:
Crane, JamesSource:
Cray, ParkmanSource:
Crocker, HenrySource: GAR Post #27, 1907
Crockett, JamesSource:
Crooker, Charles A.Source:
Crooker, PhillipSource:
Crosby, Charles R.Source:
Crossett, Zerah H.Source:
Crossman, John F.Source:
Crouch, DariusSource:
Cuff, Daniel O.Source: Findagrave off-site
Cullum, JohnSource:
Culver, Ellery C.Source:
Culver, Elmer A.Source:
Culver, LukeSource:
Culver, WilliamSource:
Cummings, Cyrus R.Source:
Cummings, Dennis P.Source:
Curler, Charles SylvanisSource:
Curtin, Lorenzo D.Source:
Curtis, Charles L.Source:
Curtis, Hiram WilliamSource:
Curtis, Joshua T.Source:
Curtis, William BuckinghamSource:
Curtiss, John BarneySource:
Cushing, Charles C.Source: Findagrave off-site
Cutler, ClarkSource:
Cutler, Dean P.Source:
Cutler, Loren GeorgeSource:
Cutting, Edgar W.Source:
Cutting, Henry C.Source:
Cutting, Hiram B.Source: Findagrave off-site
Cutting, Hiram E.Source:
Dake, George W.Source:
Dake, IsahSource:
Daley, O. P.Source:
Dalrymple, David HenrySource:
Damon, Charles A. J.Source:
Damon, John E.Source:
Dandurant, AustinSource:
Danforth, Charles A.Source:
Danforth, EmersonSource:
Daniels, Austin T.Source:
Daniels, SargentSource:
Darling, Thomas J.Source:
Darrah, AllenSource:
Dart, George W.Source:
Dart, JohnSource:
Davis, A. C.Source:
Davis, AncilSource:
Davis, Charles L.Source:
Davis, Edson J.Source:
Davis, Joseph A.Source:
Davis, Joseph CarlSource:
Davis, Marshall H.Source:
Davis, Marten BradfordSource: MHI off-site
Davis, Pliny EarlSource:
Davis, Sherman A.Source:
Davis, ThomasSource:
Davis, William Source:
Davis, William H. H.Source:
Dawson, Thomas A.Source:
Day, Hollis Source:
Day, John T.Source:
Day, Luther B.Source:
Deal, EdwardSource:
Decker, NathanSource:
Decker, Smith M.Source: 13th VT INF, off-site
Decker, William H.Source:
Dee, HiramSource:
Degaugh, JosephSource:
Delano, Joel A.Source:
Delano, Sterling P.Source: Findagrave
Demary, Henry R.Source:
Deming, W. P.Source:
Deming, William P.Source: Findagrave off-site
DeMond, Frederick A.Source:
Denary, Henry R.Source:
Denison, Charles P.Source:
Derby, CharlesSource:
Derby, Charles WilliamSource:
Derby, Charles WilliamSource:
Derby, Horace RiceSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Derrick, John MartinSource:
Devoe, Benjamin TroutSource:
Dewey, Henry H.Source: VHS off-site
Dexter, Oscar N.Source:
Deyoung, AaronSource:
Dick, Alexander C.Source:
Dickinson, James W.Source:
Dickinson, Marshall JoelSource:
Dickinson, Willard HoytSource:
Dilts, John H.Source:
Dimmick, GordonSource:
Dix, Edwin JohnSource:
Doane, Bradley W.Source:
Doane, SanfordSource:
Doble, Silas C.Source:
Dodge, RodneySource:
Dolphin, William BenjaminSource:
Doody, MyronSource:
Doolittle, Lucius OlanzoSource:
Doten, HoraceSource:
Doty, James JonasSource: VHS off-site
Doty, SampsonSource:
Doud, Charles J.Source:
Doud, James E.Source:
Douglass, Arthur C.Source: Findagrave
Dow, Amos J.Source:
Dow, EdwardSource: David Morin
Dow, William BradfordSource:
Downer, SylvanusSource:
Downer, William H.Source:
Downs, Henry SanbornSource:
Drake, George M.Source:
Drake, Hiram S.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Dressel, HermanSource:
Dresser, GeorgeSource:
Dresser, George T.Source:
Dresser, Wellington J.Source:
Drown, Edwin C.Source:
Dugar, Alvin BarnesSource:
Duncklee, Eli S.Source:
Dunham, George A.Source: VHS off-site
Dunshee, Charles HudsonSource:
Dunshee, George WaylandSource:
Dunton, JohnSource: Findagrave
Durand, ElliottSource:
Durand, ElliottSource:
Durant, Levi RichardsonSource:
Durant, NelsonSource:
Durgee, Orin A.Source:
Dustin, Benjamin HallSource:
Dustin, Elderkin B.Source:
Dustin, Isaiah A.Source: Morin
Dutton, Daniel B.Source:
Dutton, Ormon N.Source:
Dwinell, AzroSource:
Dwyer, William H. H.Source:
Dyer, George PhillipsSource:
Dyer, J. OlinSource:
Earle, Charles WarringtonSource: Findagrave
Eastman, James M.Source:
Eaton, Charles HenrySource:
Eddy, Hiram D.Source:
Edgerton, Herbert JamesSource:
Edgerton, Rollin AugustaSource:
Edson, CutlerSource: See Remarks
Edson, WallaceSource:
Edwards, David J.Source:
Edwards, Robert W.Source:
Edwards, SylvesterSource:
Eggleston, SeymourSource:
Ela, Henry W. Source:
Ela, Roger J.Source:
Eldred, DanielSource:
Eldred, ThomasSource:
Elkins, George D.Source:
Elkins, George WashingtonSource:
Elkins, William G.Source:
Ellis, Andrew J.Source:
Ellis, Marshall J.Source:
Ellison, LowellSource:
Ellsworth, George E.Source:
Ellsworth, John E.Source:
Elmer, JonathanSource:
Elwell, Horace E.Source:
Emerson, EzekielSource:
Emerson, Josiah S.Source:
Emerson, R. W. Source:
Emery, Lorenzo PerrySource:
Emery, MosesSource:
Estabrook, George W.Source: Findagrave off-site
Estabrook, HenrySource:
Estabrook, Sylvester HaleSource:
Evans, John M.Source:
Everetts, RichardSource:
Fabrique, Andrew HinsdaleSource: Findagrave off-site
Fackrell, Henry C.Source:
Failing, Allen B.Source:
Fairbanks, ArthurSource:
Fairbanks, Benjamin F.Source:
Fairbanks, James HamiltonSource:
Fairbanks, WilliamSource:
Fairbanks, William R.Source:
Farley, Charles J.Source:
Farnsworth, Seth Source:
Farnsworth, SethSource:
Farr, JamesSource:
Felch, Milo P.Source: Guber Collection off-site
Fenn, Silas T.Source:
Ferguson, Erwin H.Source:
Ferren, Myron JosiahSource:
Ferris, Eugene W.Source: Findagrave off-site
Ferris, RobinsonSource:
Field, Harrison O.Source:
Fifield, Royal Source:
Finley, GeorgeSource:
Fish, Francis AdolphSource:
Fish, George J.Source:
Fish, William C.Source:
Fisher, Elias W.Source:
Fisk, Isaac AplinSource:
Fisk, Joel B.Source:
Fisk, Julius GrangerSource:
Fisk, Wilbur F.Source: Findagrave
Fitts, William W.Source:
Fizell, William T.Source:
Flagg, James M.Source:
Flagg, Thomas WaitSource:
Fleming, Charles KingSource: VHS off-site
Fletcher, Charles H.Source:
Flint, George W.Source:
Flint, James TarboxSource:
Flint, Jeremiah EliphaletSource:
Flint, Phineas C.Source:
Flint, RaymondSource:
Flood, Joseph SidneySource:
Flowers, James T.Source:
Fogg, George W.Source:
Follensbee, Nathan GardnerSource:
Ford, Charles H.Source:
Ford, HarmonSource:
Ford, JohnSource:
Ford, WilliamSource:
Forman, William HenrySource:
Forrest, Joseph SimmondsSource:
Foss, Francis HenrySource:
Foss, Julius E.Source:
Foss, Melvin AllanSource: Findagrave
Foster, AnselSource:
Foster, H. S.Source:
Fowler, Charles T.Source:
Frame, Frank A.Source:
Freeman, Joel MannSource:
Freeman, Lyman L.Source:
Freeman, Willard O.Source:
French, Edward MorrisSource:
French, Homer LafayetteSource:
French, Shepherd AdamsSource:
French, Walton WrightSource:
Fritz, JasSource:
Frizzell, Orange ScottSource:
Frizzell, Orange ScottSource:
Fulford, EdwinSource:
Fuller, Alonzo W.Source:
Fuller, Benjamin HowardSource:
Fuller, Calvin I.Source:
Fuller, Dennis MoultonSource:
Fuller, FreemanSource: Findagrave off-site
Fuller, Hiram ElamSource:
Fuller, Jed F.Source:
Fuller, Martin H.Source:
Fuller, Mason A.Source:
Fuller, William W.Source:
Fullington, Egbert P.Source:
Furman, Willis A.Source:
Gage, William H.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Gale, GardnerSource:
Gale, George HarrisonSource:
Gale, Hiram RandallSource:
Gallup, Londus O.Source:
Garfield, Joseph E.Source:
Garvin, Charles A.Source:
Garvin, Charles AbramSource: Findagrave off-site
Garvin, Daniel WoosterSource:
Gaskill, Almon P.Source:
Gates, Moses F.Source:
Gavin, GeorgeSource:
Gay, Henry CalvinSource:
Gee, WilsonSource:
Geer, EzraSource:
Geer, Samuel E.Source:
Genn, S. G.Source:
Gibbs, Darius S.Source:
Gibson, Cyrus D.Source:
Gibson, EphraimSource:
Gibson, WarrenSource:
Giffin, Martin E.Source:
Gilbert, MosesSource:
Giles, Lemuel A.Source:
Gilkerson, Milo J.Source:
Gilkerson, WilliamSource:
Gillett, Joseph C.Source:
Gilman, CharlesSource:
Gilmore, Asa DodgeSource: David_Morin, Guber Collection off-site
Gilmore, Horace OrvilleSource:
Gilmore, JohnSource:
Gilson, Daniel H.Source:
Gilson, George E.Source:
Gilson, James M.Source:
Gipson, TheodoreSource:
Gleason, NewellSource: Findagrave off-site
Glines, Eleazer K.Source:
Glines, Jeremiah E.Source:
Glover, Christopher B.Source:
Goddard, Warren CalebSource:
Goding, HarrisonSource:
Goes, George EliasSource:
Goewey, Frederick L.Source:
Goff, Adoniram J.Source:
Gonyeau, DavidSource:
Goodale, Cyrus WesleySource:
Goodale, JamesSource:
Goodall, Ezra K.Source:
Goodenough, Francis H.Source:
Goodno, George N.Source:
Goodno, Luther S.Source:
Goodnough, Wallace EugeneSource:
Goodrich, HarleySource:
Goodrich, Valentine RathburnSource:
Goodrich, ZebadeeSource:
Goodwin, Ea.Source:
Goodwin, MarvinSource:
Goodwin, Royal F.Source:
Goodyear, Gilbert LewisSource:
Gordon, Andrew J.Source:
Gordon, EdwardSource:
Gordon, Samuel F.Source:
Gordon, Thomas H.Source:
Gorham, Charles E.Source:
Gorham, Charles W.Source:
Gorham, George F.Source:
Gorrin, C. A.Source:
Goss, Osmond H.Source:
Goss, Samuel E.Source: Guber Collection off-site
Goss, Ziba C.Source:
Gould, ThomasSource:
Gould, WilliamSource:
Graham, William A.Source:
Grandy, Lewis N.Source:
Grant, Henry S.Source:
Graves, James TaylorSource:
Graves, Wesley R.Source:
Graves, William EugeneSource:
Gray, John J.Source:
Green, Asa B.Source:
Green, E. A.Source:
Green, Edwin A.Source:
Green, EverettSource:
Green, Horace C.Source: Guber Collection off-site
Green, Joel D.Source:
Green, John C.Source:
Green, Liba A.Source:
Green, OthnielSource:
Greene, Charles B.Source:
Greene, H. J.Source:
Greenough, Milon E.Source:
Greenwood, WilliamSource:
Gregg, ReubenSource:
Gregory, Clifton B.Source: Findagrave off-site
Gregory, William T.Source:
Grenn, Silas G.Source:
Griffin, LaRoy S.Source:
Griffin, William H.Source:
Griffith, Peleg TaborSource: Findagrave off-site
Grimshaw, JohnSource:
Grobe, G. W. Source:
Grout, Frank R.Source:
Grow, HenrySource:
Guindon, Eugene WhitingSource: Findagrave
Guptail, FrederickSource:
Guptil, Eli B.Source:
Guptill, Freeman EdwardSource:
Hadley, Isaac C.Source:
Hadley, William G.Source: Findagrave off-site
Hagar, Charles L.Source:
Hakins, Thomas W.Source: Findagrave
Hale, George H.Source:
Hale, Oramel BSource:
Hall, Byron E.Source:
Hall, Edwin F.Source:
Hall, George MelvinSource:
Hall, John S.Source:
Hall, Peter A.Source:
Hall, Samuel WallaceSource:
Hallin, S. M.Source:
Hamblin, AlsonSource:
Hamblin, ReubenSource:
Hamilton, C. B.Source:
Hammond, WellingtonSource:
Hand, Edward HenrySource:
Hanks, JasonSource:
Hanks, John MarshallSource:
Hanley, AlexanderSource:
Hanley, JamesSource:
Hard, Giles CoySource: Findagrave
Harden, Francis M.Source:
Hardy, Carloss M.Source:
Hardy, George H.Source:
Hardy, William F.Source:
Harlow, Ebenezer D.Source:
Harlow, HiramSource:
Harmon, ElonSource:
Harrington, JamesSource:
Harrington, Stephen J.Source:
Harris, DarwinSource:
Harris, GeorgeSource:
Harris, Henry KnightSource: Findagrave
Harris, Horace EverttSource:
Harris, RoswellSource:
Harris, SamuelSource:
Harris, Samuel WardSource:
Harrison, S. H.Source:
Hart, Albert H.Source:
Hart, Franklin H.Source:
Hart, Henry C.Source:
Hart, MontravilleSource:
Harvey, MerrittSource:
Harwood, George J.Source:
Haselton, Orlando J.Source:
Haskell, Franklin AretasSource: Findagrave off-site
Haskin, JasonSource:
Haskins, Charles E.Source:
Haskins, ClarkSource:
Haskins, DarwinSource:
Haslett, C. B.Source:
Hastings, Horace A.Source:
Hastings, John FlavelSource:
Hatch, AlansonSource:
Hatch, James L.Source:
Hawes, Amos P.Source:
Hawkins, George C.Source:
Hawkins, Hiram A.Source:
Hawkins, Robert S.Source:
Hawley, Ashbel DeanSource:
Hayes, W. K.Source:
Haynes, George E.Source:
Haynes, Samuel D.Source:
Hayward, Azel D.Source:
Hazelton, Elmore JSource:
Hazen, Charles RichardSource:
Hazen, ReubenSource: Findagrave
Heald, OliverSource:
Heald, William H.Source:
Heath, Christopher S.Source: Findagrave off-site
Heath, Justus F.Source:
Heath, Solomon MortonSource:
Heath, Truman L.Source: Findagrave off-site
Heath, Wilbur FiskSource: Findagrave off-site
Heath, William C.Source:
Hebard, CharlesSource:
Hemenway, Luke E.Source:
Hemenway, ThomasSource:
Henry, Franklin SylvesterSource: Findagrave
Henry, Norman P.Source:
Herrick, Oliver R.Source:
Hersey, HarveySource: Off-site
Hewlet, Joseph A.Source:
Hibbard, Edwin OrpheusSource:
Hibbard, Oliver D.Source:
Hickox, F. F.Source:
Hicks, Aaron J.Source:
Hicks, George E.Source: Findagrave off-site
Higgins, AlexanderSource:
Higgins, James WallaceSource:
Hight, John A.Source:
Hildreth, John L.Source:
Hill, Benjamin A.Source:
Hill, E. M.Source:
Hill, Edgar P.Source:
Hill, Edward H.Source:
Hill, James S.Source:
Hill, Jenkins, W.Source:
Hill, JosephSource:
Hill, ReubenSource:
Hill, ReubenSource:
Hill, Thomas B.Source:
Hills, Alfred FarleySource: Findagrave
Himes, Charles H. M.Source:
Hinsdale, Willliam E.Source:
Hitchcock, Charles LewisSource:
Hoag, HarmonSource:
Hobart, ChaunceySource:
Hobbs, DanielSource:
Hoisington, AbishaSource:
Hoisington, Norman HenrySource:
Holcorn, S. H.Source:
Holden, Benjamin S.Source:
Holden, George WashingtonSource:
Holden, WymanSource:
Holmes, Samuel B.Source:
Holt, Myron A.Source:
Holton, NobleSource:
Home, J. C.Source:
Honey, QuincySource:
Hopkins, Albert M.Source:
Hopkins, PhilanderSource: David_Morin
Hopkins, WilsonSource: Findagrave off-site
Horton, CharlesSource:
Horton, Jasper L.Source:
Horton, Montraville P.Source:
Horton, Myron JosephSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Hosely, Martin S.Source:
Houghton, Abraham GardnerSource:
Houghton, DavidSource:
Houghton, David M.Source:
Houghton, George F.Source:
Houghton, Ruthven W.Source: Findagrave
House, Henry N.Source:
House, MartinSource:
House, Timothy J.Source:
Howard, Horace GoodellSource:
Howard, Lysander J.Source:
Howard, Oliver OtisSource: Italo Collection
Howard, S. C.Source:
Howard, William C.Source:
Howe, Augustus J.Source:
Howe, Hiram T.Source:
Howe, Joel C.Source:
Howe, John G.Source:
Howes, Silas C.Source:
Hoyt, Edwin Jr.Source:
Hoyt, John B.Source:
Hoyt, MosesSource: Findagrave off-site
Hoyt, SamuelSource:
Hudson, C. D.Source:
Hudson, Horace LeemanSource: Findagrave off-site
Hudson, JoelSource:
Hudson, Orvis DeForestSource:
Huey, AlbertSource:
Humphrey, James L.Source:
Humphrey, John HenrySource:
Hunley, J.Source:
Hunt, Abner NicholsSource:
Hunt, HermanSource:
Hunt, Luther B.Source:
Hunter, Hiram A.Source:
Huntington, Densmore W.Source:
Huntington, Lester C.Source:
Huntington, WardSource:
Huntington, William H.Source:
Huntley, OsiasSource:
Huntley, Washington A.Source:
Huntress, Samuel D.Source:
Hurd, Eben C.Source:
Hurlburt, Charles J.Source:
Hurlbut, Edwin WarrenSource:
Hussey, JerrySource:
Hutchin, E. H.Source:
Huxley, Silas U.Source:
Hyde, Henry AllanSource:
Hyde, Robert E.Source:
Ide, Chester DeanSource:
Ingalls, Roswell A.Source: Findagrave
Isham, Henry B.Source:
Jabbard, GeorgeSource:
Jackson, Dennis M.Source:
Jackson, Marshall A. D.Source:
Jacobs, EliasSource:
James, Hiram P.Source:
Jarvis, HenrySource:
Jaslin, O. B.Source:
Jelley, JohnSource: Findagrave off-site
Jenkins, Charles W.Source:
Jenne, Job C.Source: Findagrave off-site
Jenne, Nathan F.Source:
Jepson, OrsemusSource:
Jewett, PlinySource:
Jewett, WalterSource:
Jillson, DavidSource:
Jillson, Samuel C.Source:
Johnson, AdnorSource:
Johnson, Calvin FarnhamSource:
Johnson, Daniel WebsterSource:
Johnson, Emlik HarringtonSource:
Johnson, Frederick R.Source:
Johnson, Gordon T.Source:
Johnson, Oscar FrankSource:
Johnson, Wallace D.Source:
Johnston, John P.Source:
Jones, Amos S.Source:
Jones, Elias S.Source:
Jones, John C.Source:
Jones, WarrenSource:
Jones, William S.Source:
Jordan, NicholasSource:
Joslyn, Orlando V.Source:
Judd, Schuyler F.Source: Findagrave off-site
Judkins, Charles M.Source: David_Morin
Judson, Sheldon E.Source:
Kaiser, William P.Source:
Keble, Hurbert R.Source:
Keeble, Ashley T.Source:
Keeler, Aram C.Source:
Keeler, Lucius N.Source:
Keeler, Orlando DemetriusSource:
Kehoe, George H.Source:
Kehoe, James P.Source:
Keith, James MonroeSource:
Kellam, George M.Source:
Kellam, Henry T.Source:
Kelley, Elihu J.Source:
Kellogg, Josiah Source:
Kemp, AlvaSource:
Kendall, Albert AsaphSource:
Kendall, CorneliusSource:
Kendall, Hollis D.Source:
Kendrick, Addison E.Source:
Kenison, E. C.Source:
Keniston, Hiram B.Source:
Kennedy, PatrickSource:
Kenney, Chester B.Source:
Kenney, Edwin A.Source:
Kenney, JamesSource:
Kent, AllenSource:
Kent, Daniel S.Source:
Kent, James WilliamSource:
Kenyon, Ralph AlbertSource:
Keyes, David R.Source: David Morin Collection
Keyes, George A.Source:
Kibbee, Austin D.Source:
Kibbee, Charles H.Source:
Kimball, Gardner A.Source:
Kimball, George C.Source:
Kimball, Hollis S.Source:
Kimball, James W.Source:
Kimball, John FranklinSource:
Kimball, JosephSource:
Kimball, Marinus P.Source:
Kimball, Selden F.Source:
Kimball, William S.Source:
King, Harlan E.Source:
King, Henry F.Source:
King, James R.Source:
King, John B.Source:
King, Walter M.Source:
Kingsbury, Harlan PageSource:
Kingsley, Charles SullingsSource:
Kingsley, H.Source:
Kingsley, Jeremiah BrownSource:
Kinney, Lucius M.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Kinsley, GeorgeSource:
Kinsman, Henry E.Source: Gibson Collection, Charles Collection, Jones Collection, White Collection, VHS off-site
Kinsman, James W.Source:
Kinsman, William P.Source:
Kinson, Lewis G.Source:
Kittredge, MiloSource:
Kneeland, Ed S.Source:
Kneeland, John W.Source:
Knowlson, JohnSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Lackey, Melvin Source:
Ladue, LouisSource:
Laduke, LewisSource:
Laflin, LewisSource:
Laird, Frederick W.Source:
Lambkin, George W.Source:
Lamkin, Charles EdgarSource:
Lamkin, Leroy SmithSource:
Lamphier, LloydSource: Findagrave
Lampman, IsaacSource:
Lamson, Horace SamuelSource:
Lamson, Rolla C BSource:
Lane, Carlos D.Source:
Lane, WarrenSource:
Lang, WilliamSource:
Langevin, AdolphisSource:
Larne, WilliamSource:
Larrabee, Emery B.Source:
Lathe, Milo S.Source:
Lathrop, MyronSource:
LaVake, James O.Source:
Lavanway, FrankSource:
Lavine, FrankSource:
Lawrence, Daniel G.Source:
Lawrence, Lermen C.Source:
Lawrence, Richard C.Source:
Layhee, WilliamSource:
Leach, Alonzo DonSource: Findagrave off-site
Leach, Elisha J.Source:
Learnard, Oscar EugeneSource: Findagrave
Learned, James W.Source: David_Morin
LeBarron, George W.Source:
Lee, Fordyce JohnsonSource:
Legate, Hamlin M.Source:
Leighton, Frank WilliamSource:
Leonard, A. R.Source:
Leonard, Abial L.Source:
Leonard, Orville S.Source:
Lester, EdwinSource:
Libbey, Henry W.Source:
Libby, LavineSource:
Lillie, Alfred F.Source:
Lincoln, Henry A.Source:
Liscum, Frank H.Source:
Little, John BaxterSource: Findagrave off-site
LIttle, Willialm V.Source:
Little, William V.Source:
Littlefield, Elisha AlvinSource: Findagrave
Livingston, George B. S.Source:
Lockling, Joel M.Source:
Lockwood, Henry D.Source:
Longley, GeorgeSource:
Loomis, Harrison B.Source:
Loomis, Lyman FordSource: Cooper Collection
Loudon, James W.Source:
Louks, Arthur C.Source:
Lovell, James CooverSource:
Lovely, FrankSource:
Lucas, Jonathan P.Source:
Luce, Elijah WilliamSource:
Lund, George PrescottSource:
Lyford, Oscar D.Source: MHI off-site
Lyman, B. F.Source:
Lyman, LuciusSource:
Lynde, Thomas JeffersonSource:
Lyon, George PorterSource:
Lyons, J. F.Source:
Macommber, Sylvanus BoardmanSource:
Madison, HerbertSource:
Magill, J. B.Source:
Mann, AlbertSource:
Manning, Edwin C.Source:
Manning, Edwin CarlisleSource:
Manser, Christopher AugustusSource:
Maranville, Rollin E.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Marsh, Henry A.Source:
Marsh, Metcalf ButlerSource:
Marsha, DavidSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Marshall, MarcellusSource:
Marshall, Rolle T.Source:
Martin, Alfred S.Source:
Martin, George HastingsSource:
Martin, James W.Source:
Martin, John BlairSource: Findagrave
Martin, John W. Source:
Martin, Ozias C.Source:
Martin, Porter B.Source:
Marvin, Stephen G.Source:
Mason, ElbertSource:
Mason, HiramSource:
Mason, NelsonSource:
Matterson, W. R.Source:
Matteson, PhilipSource:
Mattocks, Charles PorterSource: Findagrave off-site
Mattson, W. E.Source:
Maurice, NicholasSource:
Maverick, LewisSource: Findagrave off-site
Maxham, William RansomSource:
May, Charles H.Source:
Maynard, BenajahSource:
Mayo, Zelotes BinghamSource:
McArthur, Chester W.Source:
McAuly, Byron W.Source:
McCabe, BernardSource:
McCarty, LafayetteSource:
McClellan, LewisSource:
McCormick, JamesSource:
McCoy, Andrew JacksonSource: Findagrave off-site
McCray, ColeSource:
McCrillis, Robert E.Source:
McDermott, WilliamSource: MassHistSoc
McDonald, ClarkSource:
McDougall, Thomas MowerSource:
McEowen, JohnSource:
McGee, JosephSource:
McIlvain, OrsonSource:
McKay, DuncanSource:
McKean, James BedellSource: Findagrave off-site
McKenna, JamesSource:
Mclain, JacksonSource:
McLaughlin, JamesSource:
McNair, Joseph W. Source:
Meacham, Cornelius EdwardSource:
Meacham, M. F.Source:
Mead, Lucius H.Source:
Meader, James M.Source:
Mears, Alson D.Source:
Meen, Henry J.Source:
Melville, HughSource:
Merriam, George FrancisSource:
Merrifield, Edwin C.Source:
Merrill, AsaSource:
Merrill, James G.Source:
Merrill, John GilsonSource:
Merritt, Charles M.Source:
Mervin, George H.Source:
Meserve, W. O.Source:
Metcalf, Edwin GarnerSource:
Miles, ThomasSource:
Miller, Marshall M.Source:
Miller, Melvin P.Source:
Millington, Irving L.Source:
Mills, Cyrus H.Source:
Mills, Hamilton A.Source:
Mills, Jason N.Source:
MIlls, John W.Source:
Miner, AmosSource:
Miner, Clement S.Source: Gibson Collection, Guber Collection off-site
Miner, George H.Source:
Miner, LewisSource:
Mitchell, EbenezerSource:
Mitchell, Henry C.Source:
Monroe, FranklinSource:
Monroe, John H.Source:
Montague, Ira W.Source:
Moore, Andrew SanfordSource:
Moore, Edson S.Source:
Moran, Edward H.Source:
Morehouse, Edward N.Source:
Morey, Israel P.Source:
Morgan, DaytonSource:
Morgan, Solon CorneliusSource: Findagrave
Morgan, William HenrySource:
Moriarty, JohnSource:
Morrill, Charles G.Source:
Morrill, EsraSource:
Morris, SabinSource:
Morrison, Hiram R.Source:
Morse, Henry N.Source: None
Morse, LangdonSource:
Morse, Richard D.Source:
Morton, Thurmon W.Source: Findagrave
Mosher, Albert P.Source:
Mosher, Theron C.Source:
Mott, George KeelerSource:
Moulton, Charles C.Source:
Moulton, Henry M.Source:
Mower, Marshall C.Source:
Muffet, F. E.Source:
Munsil, A FSource:
Murdock, MyronSource:
Murphy, William W.Source:
Mussen, James H.Source:
Myott, MarshallSource:
Nason, Adam C.Source:
Needham, Lyman H.Source:
Nelson, Jacob B.Source:
Nelson, John Jr.Source: Findagrave off-site
Newcomb, James B.Source:
Newell, Francis ChristianSource:
Newman, AlbertSource:
Newman, RichardSource:
Newton, Stephen P.Source:
Nicholls, O. C.Source:
Nichols, George CharlesSource:
Nichols, TheodoreSource:
Niles, AugustusSource:
Niles, Carlos M.Source:
Niles, Frederick A.Source:
Niles, Thomas L.Source:
Niles, William Source:
Noble, Joshua K.Source:
Noble, Warren S.Source:
Nokes, Samuel V.Source:
Norcross, Edmund P.Source:
Norris, Joseph B.Source:
Northrop, Edward H.Source:
Northrop, George E.Source:
Northy, George A.Source:
Norton, George StillmanSource: Findagrave off-site
Nott, Stephen E.Source:
Noyes, Henry ClaySource:
Nutting, Eben H.Source:
Nye, EphraimSource:
O'Brien, MichaelSource:
O'Conner, JohnSource:
O'Dell, JacobSource:
O'Rourk, RichardSource:
Oaks, EmerySource:
Oaks, George B.Source:
Ogden, JohnSource:
Olden, Joseph J.Source:
Olds, Henry EliasSource:
Olmstead, Clarence S.Source:
Organ, JohnSource:
Ormes, Orson J.Source:
Orne, David JSource:
Orr, George S.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Orr, Moses EdgarSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Orvis, Samuel LeviSource:
Osborne, Alverton P.Source:
Otis, George H.Source:
Otis, John WesleySource:
Packard, Cyrenus HudsonSource:
Packer, Edward H.Source:
Paff, Frederick C.Source:
Page, HenrySource:
Page, JosephSource:
Page, Moses A.Source:
Paine, Richard KendallSource: Findagrave
Palmer, James RushSource:
Palmer, JeromeSource:
Parish, Solon B.Source:
Parker, Thomas PackardSource:
Parker, William S.Source:
Parkhurst, E. D.Source:
Parkhurst, Isaac F.Source:
Parkhurst, William B.Source:
Parks, Warren W.Source:
Parmenter, Asahel Source:
Parmenter, Walter GuilfordSource:
Parrazo, EliSource:
Parrish, Solon B.Source:
Parrow, MitchellSource:
Parsons, AnsonSource:
Parsons, Charles BunyonSource:
Parsons, Orville ConklinSource:
Patch, William F.Source:
Patnoe, AlexSource:
Patten, Charles L.Source:
Patten, William H.Source:
Patterson, E.Source:
Patterson, JohnSource:
Paul, Hiram MasonSource:
Paul, Stephen C.Source:
Payne, Edward ByronSource:
Payne, JoshuaSource:
Pearse, Henry NewtonSource: Findagrave
Pearsons, Samuel P.Source:
Pease, Stephen NelsonSource:
Peck, George W.Source:
Peek, Henry ClaySource: Findagrave off-site
Pelsue, John W. Source:
Pember, John HenrySource:
Pengra, Oren GeorgeSource:
Pennell, Andrew J.Source:
Peppin, George WardenSource:
Percival, Edgar A.Source:
Perham, HarrisonSource:
Perkins, Clarence LendallSource:
Perkins, Ellet ParcherSource: Findagrave off-site
Perkins, William E.Source:
Perrin, William BurtonSource: VHS off-site
Perry, Aaron H.Source:
Perry, AlhananSource:
Perry, Chauncey F.Source:
Perry, George H.Source:
Perry, Harlow Source:
Perry, James B.Source: Greg Henderson
Perry, Jerome B.Source:
Perry, Lemuel P.Source:
Persons, Augustus FranklinSource:
Peters, Henry W.Source:
Petit, GodfreySource:
Pettingill, James W.Source:
Pettingill, Lemuel RipleySource:
Phelps, Charles EdwardSource: Findagrave off-site
Phen, Charles N.Source:
Phenn, William M.Source:
Phillips, CharlesSource: ny77inf
Phillips, Edgar W.Source: Findagrave
Pierce, Albert P.Source:
Pierce, Charles P.Source:
Pierce, Daniel W. Source:
Pierce, Erastus M.Source:
Pierce, Henry ReubenSource:
Pierce, WilliamSource:
Pierson, Charles P.Source:
Pike, Edward P.Source:
Pike, John M.Source: Gibson Collection, VHS off-site, MHI off-site
Pine, Orange SteadmanSource:
Pingree, DariusSource:
Pinney, Oscar F.Source:
Pinney, William W.Source:
Piper, DanielSource:
Piper, Henry BruceSource:
Place, SamuelSource:
Platt, James E.Source:
Plimpton, Amos GardnerSource:
Plimpton, George W.Source:
Plimpton, Merrill FrancisSource:
Pomroy, E. B.Source:
Poole, Charles CarrollSource:
Pope, James L.Source:
Pope, Perly PutnamSource:
Porter, Ervin AlonzoSource:
Porter, NelsonSource:
Porter, Solon F.Source: David_Morin
Potter, Henry F.Source:
Potter, Royal LaroySource:
Powell, GeorgeSource:
Powers, James G.Source:
Pratt, C. C.Source:
Pratt, Chester ArtemasSource:
Pratt, Geoerge N.Source:
Pratt, George A.Source:
Pratt, JohnSource:
Pratt, John SylvesterSource: Findagrave off-site
Pratt, Lewis G.Source:
Pratt, Morgan SanfordSource: Findagrave
Pratt, Roswell V.Source:
Pray, George F.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Pray, Rufus M.Source: VHS off-site
Prescott, David BatesSource:
Preston, Frederick M.Source:
Price, WilliamSource:
Prindell, Hiram M.Source:
Prindle, Charles B.Source:
Prindle, John B.Source:
Proctor, Adonijah H.Source:
Proctor, WillardSource: Findagrave
Prouty, AmosSource: Findagrave off-site
Putnam, Fletcher Source:
Putnam, HoldenSource: VHS off-site
Putnam, John G.Source:
Putnam, Nathan D.Source:
Quincy, Samuel AllenSource:
Quinn, Charles ElihuSource: Findagrave off-site
Quinn, PeterSource: Stowe Veterans, 1906
Ramsey, Martin K.Source:
Rand, Benjamin F.Source:
Randall, ElwoodSource:
Randall, Murray N.Source:
Randall, Seth L.Source:
Ranney, Eugene OliverSource:
Ransom, Miles E. B.Source:
Ransom, Thomas Edward GreenfieldSource: VHS off-site
Ransom, Wyllys CadwellSource:
Rasco, JosephSource:
Raymond, GeorgeSource:
Raymond, George S.Source:
Raymond, Lewis C.Source:
Recor, WilliamSource:
Reed, Daniel SocratesSource:
Reed, Edward P.Source:
Reirden, JamesSource:
Remington, Orlando P.Source:
Resseguie, Luman VilleroySource:
Reynolds, Edward M.Source:
Reynolds, Joseph AllenSource:
Reynolds, MichaelSource:
Reynolds, PeterSource:
Rhades, Edmund E.Source:
Rhodes, George H.Source:
Rhodes, MironSource:
Rice, Francis A.Source:
Rice, JacobSource:
Rice, James E.Source:
Rice, Jasper HazenSource:
Rice, John LovellSource: David_Morin
Rice, Leonard C.Source:
Rice, William H. C.Source: Findagrave
Rich, TrumanSource:
Richards, AllenSource:
Richardson, ErastusSource:
Richardson, John HenrySource:
Richardson, S.Source:
Richardson, S. H.Source:
Richardson, S. W. Source:
Ricker, ChesterSource:
Rickert, John BlairSource:
Rider, Willard Z.Source:
Ripley, Mason E.Source:
Risdon, AmbroseSource:
Robb, Isaac MartinSource:
Roberts, James LouisSource:
Roberts, Julius D.Source:
Roberts, Sydney O.Source:
Roberts, William HenrySource:
Robinson, PhilanderSource:
Robinson, Wesley L.Source:
Robinson, William H.Source:
Robison, David H.Source:
Rockwell, Aldis LSource:
Rockwood, George W.Source:
Rodgers, Horace CliffSource:
Rogers, Henry PhilipSource:
Rogers, IraSource:
Rogers, Newell C.Source:
Ronald, John StanleySource:
Rood, Edwin C.Source:
Rood, Frank M.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Root, Almon RufusSource:
Root, Jason P.Source:
Root, NapoleanSource:
Roscoe, John B.Source:
Rose, CorydonSource:
Rostin, TheodoreSource:
Round, Elwin H.Source:
Rounds, Horace E.Source:
Royal, Samuel N.Source:
Royce, Moses StrongSource:
Rudd, Hiram D.Source:
Rumrill, Pliny F.Source:
Rundlett, Gardner FairfieldSource:
Rush, H. G.Source:
Russell, CashmereSource:
Sallies, George W.Source: Stowe Veterans, 1906
Salsbury, John F.Source:
Sanborn, Cutler D.Source:
Sanborn, Wilbur F.Source:
Sanders, MarshalSource: Morin
Sandiland, William A.Source:
Sanville, FredSource:
Sargent, D.Source:
Sargent, GeorgeSource:
Sault, PeterSource:
Saunders, JamesSource:
Sawin, William J.Source: VHS off-site, MHI off-site
Sawyer, Andrew J.Source:
Sawyer, Edward T.Source:
Sawyer, Warren WhitneySource:
Schofield, MiloSource:
Scott, AnselSource:
Scott, Don EugeneSource: David_Morin
Scott, EthielSource:
Scott, James H.Source:
Scott, John L.Source: mand
Scott, Otis BrighamSource:
Scott, Samuel E.Source: The Photographic History of the Civil War (wartime); Traci Curtis Collection (post-war)
Scoville, Oliver T. H.Source:
Scranton, AaronSource:
Scribner, Elijah S.Source:
Seage, Henry StarkSource: Findagrave off-site
Seage, Richard WatsonSource: Findagrave off-site
Seaman, Mead H.Source:
Sears, JeromeSource: Findagrave
Seaver, Levi W.Source: 13th VT INF, off-site
Sedgwick, Lowell MasonSource:
Seeley, Abel JohnSource:
Seeley, William H.Source:
Segar, Francis J.Source:
Shabino, AntoineSource:
Shabino, HenrySource:
Shabino, JosephSource:
Shattuck, Samuel WalkerSource: Guber Collection off-site, VHS off-site
Shaw, Charles B.Source:
Shaw, FitchSource:
Shaw, George W.Source:
Shaw, HenrySource:
Shaw, Henry CharlesSource: VHS off-site
Shaw, OliverSource:
Shaw, Stanley A.Source:
Sheldon, EberSource:
Sheldon, HenrySource:
Sheldon, JosiahSource:
Sheldon, Lorenzo D.Source:
Sheldon, Willard C.Source: Findagrave
Sherburne, John F.Source:
Sherman, AlmonSource:
Sherman, Charles S.Source:
Sherman, Dana CarlosSource:
Sherman, George W.Source:
Sherman, MarshallSource: Findagrave off-site
Sherman, Nelson B.Source:
Sherman, William C.Source:
Sherwood, AaronSource:
Shiney, SylvesterSource:
Shorey, FredSource:
Shover, CharlesSource:
Shreve, William PriceSource: VHS off-site
Shufelt, GeorgeSource:
Shufelt, StephenSource:
Shurtlieff, Samuel H.Source:
Silsby, Henry S.Source:
Silsby, SylvesterSource:
Simonds, WilliamSource:
Simpson, DavidSource:
Sisco, James M.Source:
Skeels, Herman H.Source:
Skinner, WillisSource:
Slade, William C.Source:
Slafter, Adoniram JudsonSource:
Slafter, AlonzoSource:
Smariege, CharlesSource:
Smith, Benjamin F.Source:
Smith, Chauncey Source:
Smith, Ellerton W. Source:
Smith, Ephraim T.Source:
Smith, Frank B.Source:
Smith, Franklin E.Source:
Smith, George F.Source:
Smith, George W.Source: Findagrave off-site
Smith, I H.Source:
Smith, Luther NewellSource:
Smith, Martin AlfredSource:
Smith, Samuel RichardSource:
Snow, Asa B.Source:
Snow, George ClarkSource:
Snow, M. M.Source:
Snow, RodneySource:
Snyder, BenjaminSource:
Somerby, John L.Source:
Somers, Benjamin C.Source:
Somers, George ArbaSource:
Soper, Rice DouglasSource: Findagrave off-site
Southgate, John MurrySource:
Sowle, A. W. Source:
Spalding, CarlosSource:
Spaulding, Freeman HoratioSource:
Spaulding, Jas A.Source:
Spaulding, Lewis C.Source:
Spaulding, Oscar JeffersonSource:
Spaulding, Samuel CharlesSource: Stowe Veterans, 1906, French Collection
Spear, Edward L.Source:
Spencer, Joseph H.Source: Findagrave off-site
Spooner, H. F.Source:
Sprague, Isaac A.Source: Findagrave off-site
Sprague, PhillipSource:
Sprague, Sylvester M.Source:
Spring, Charles F.Source:
Squier, John HowardSource:
Squier, Martin LutherSource:
Squire, Martin LutherSource:
Standish, Sidney OrvilleSource:
Stark, HenrySource:
Stearns, Elias P.Source:
Stearns, John H.Source:
Stearns, John O.Source:
Stearns, John W.Source:
Steele, James M.Source:
Sterns, Edgar H.Source:
Stevens, Albert MackSource:
Stevens, CharlesSource:
Stevens, Joel SawyerSource:
Stevens, Jonas GeorgeSource:
Stiles, John EmmettSource:
Stimson, Burt E.Source:
Stinson, SamuelSource:
Stockwell, Barzillai ErastusSource:
Stockwell, Robert M.Source:
Stoddard, Carlos L.Source:
Stoddard, Horace S.Source:
Stone, CharlesSource:
Stone, Charles C.Source:
Stone, Wells C.Source:
Stormes, Harry IraSource:
Story, Rollin GardnerSource: Findagrave
Stowe, Henry L.Source:
Stratton, JosiahSource:
Stratton, Philo S,Source:
Stratton, Winchester E.Source:
Straw, JuliusSource:
Straw, SylvesterSource:
Strong, AlvahSource:
Strong, Dana J.Source:
Sturges, Charles E.Source:
Sturnes, J. B.Source:
Sullivan, C. E.Source:
Sullivan, Daniel.Source:
Sutherland, SolomonSource:
Swain, Edgar DenmanSource: Findagrave
Sweatt, William W.Source:
Sweet, Albert BurbanksSource:
Sweet, Edward RollenSource:
Sweetser, Francis D.Source: White Collection, VHS off-site
Swift, Charles P.Source:
Swift, Henry SpencerSource:
Swift, Pardon HoldenSource:
Taft, Asa P.Source:
Talcott, GeorgeSource:
Tatro, JosephSource:
Taylor, GeorgeSource:
Taylor, Woodbury ManningSource:
Tebo, SamuelSource:
Temple, Stephen W. B.Source:
Tenney, WhitneySource: Gibson Collection
Terrell, Hiram D.Source:
Terrill, Edson E.Source:
Thayer, Alvin OrlandoSource:
Thayer, AsahelSource:
Thayer, Edwin FrancisSource:
Thayer, GeorgeSource: Findagrave
Thayer, James HerveySource: Findagrave off-site
Thomas, J. O.Source:
Thomas, Samuel R.Source:
Thompson, Benjamin E.Source:
Thompson, Charles AugustusSource: Findagrave off-site
Thompson, Daniel H.Source:
Thompson, Frank H.Source:
Thompson, Sylvester NewtonSource: Findagrave off-site
Thrall, Chauncey T.Source:
Thurston, Daniel SylvesterSource:
Tilton, WilliamSource: Findagrave off-site
Tisdale, JamesSource:
Titus, James PerrySource:
Titus, Joseph A.Source:
Titus, LewisSource:
Tomele, L. C.Source:
Toothaker, James SmileySource:
Tower, George RilelySource: Gibson Collection, White Collection
Tower, Joseph PolandSource:
Tower, Silas B.Source:
Towle, Walter R.Source:
Towne, Watson RichardSource: Findagrave off-site
Train, Albert JSource:
Train, Edson H.Source:
Trask, Warren H.Source:
Trim, Malmoth DanielSource:
Tucker, Alba MarkSource: Findagrave off-site
Tucker, LeviSource:
Tucker, Seth MortonSource: Findagrave
Tucker, William ArloSource:
Tullar, Sidney B.Source:
Turner, Jerome WillardSource:
Underhill, J. B.Source:
Underhill, Stephen D.Source:
Vaille, Henry RobertSource:
Van Dyke, Philo B.Source:
Van Guilder, Burnam E.Source: Poultney GAR Collection
Vantine, W. SewardSource:
Varney, James K.Source:
Vaughan, Charles StephenSource: Findagrave off-site
Vaughn, EdwinSource: David_Morin
Venner, John FrankSource:
Vilas, William FreemanSource: Findagrave off-site
Villemaire, MitchellSource:
Wait, H.Source:
Waite, CharlesSource: Findagrave off-site
Waite, GeorgeSource:
Wakefield, Gilbert A.Source: Findagrave off-site
Wakefield, Harvy M.Source:
Wakefield, Reuben Source:
Walbridge, George A.Source:
Walcott, William Y.Source:
Walden, John B.Source:
Waldron, George HenrySource:
Walker, Charles AaronSource:
Walker, Charles J.Source:
Walker, E.Source:
Walker, GeorgeSource:
Walker, Ruel J.Source:
Walkins, Stiles AlexanderSource:
Wallace, A. H.Source:
Wallace, JohnSource:
Wallace, JosephSource:
Wanzer, G. O.Source:
Ward, Edgar RoyalSource: Findagrave off-site
Warner, G. W. Source:
Warren, James C.Source:
Warren, Lyman JacksonSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Washburn, Henry ClaySource: Findagrave off-site
Washer, Jediah T.Source:
Waterman, Albert F.Source:
Waterman, Joseph M.Source:
Waterman, Robert SmithSource:
Waters, WilliamSource:
Watkins, Stiles AlexanderSource:
Watson, Amasa BrownSource: Findagrave off-site
Way, David M.Source:
Weaver, Horace WilkinsSource:
Weaver, Thomas F.Source: Cooper Collection
Webb, William H.Source:
Webster, Francis C.Source:
Weed, Benjamin F.Source: Findagrave
Weeks, Carlos FullerSource:
Weeks, JeromeSource:
Weeks, Lewis C.Source:
Wellman, LorenSource:
Wells, Charles E.Source: Findagrave off-site
Wells, EleazerSource:
Wells, Gardiner H.Source:
Wells, T. N.Source:
West, Alonzo RussellSource:
Wheaton, Frank LemuelSource:
Wheeler, HollandSource: Findagrave
Wheeler, HollandSource:
Wheeler, WilliamSource:
Wheeler, William S.Source:
Wheelock, Harrison TylerSource:
Whipple, Stephen GirardSource:
Whitcomb, Cornelius S.Source:
Whitcomb, JohnSource:
White, Adney P.Source:
White, Almond A.Source:
White, AlvinSource:
White, AsaSource:
White, Charles O.Source:
White, George A.Source:
White, George R.Source:
White, Thomas W. Source:
Whitmore, S. P.Source:
Whitney, JuliusSource: Findagrave
Whitney, William LambertSource: Findagrave
Whittle, CharlesSource:
Wier, ThomasSource:
Wightman, WilsonSource:
Wilcox, Alonzo HenrySource:
Wilcox, PlinySource:
Wilder, Charles KnowltonSource:
Wilder, GeorgeSource:
Wilder, George W.Source:
Wilder, WillardSource:
Wilkins, Edwin A.Source: Findagrave
Wilkins, FrederickSource:
Willey, Hiram HolmesSource:
Williams, Braman J.Source:
Williams, CorneliusSource:
Williams, JohnSource:
Williams, SiloamSource: Findagrave off-site
Wilson, Alexander P.Source:
Wilson, Alonzo M.Source: Findagrave off-site
Wilson, CalvinSource:
Wilson, E. C.Source:
Wilson, George W. Source:
Wilson, HiramSource:
Wilson, ThomasSource: Poultney GAR Collection
Wimble, JesseSource:
Wing, Clark J.Source:
Winn, Abraham P.Source:
Winston, EdwardSource:
Winter, Edwin WheelerSource:
Wisewell, Moses NelsonSource: Findagrave off-site
Witherell, Loren Source:
Wittum, Jordan RexfordSource:
Wood, Chauncey B.Source:
Wood, Edgar H.Source: David_Morin
Wood, Enos ParkerSource:
Wood, Henry S.Source: Findagrave off-site
Wood, Martin D.Source:
Wood, William C.Source:
Wood, William WellsSource:
Woodard, Thomas CanedySource:
Woodard, Wright N.Source:
Woods, Lucius PrestonSource:
Woodward, John W. Source:
Worcester, Charles J.Source:
Works, Henry SilasSource:
Worthington, Elliott H.Source:
Wright, Dexter RussellSource: Findagrave off-site
Wright, Harris C.Source:
Wright, James E.Source:
Wright, James O.Source:
Wright, Wellington WilliamSource: VHS off-site
Wylie, James RaymondSource:
Wyman, IraSource:
Wyman, John K.Source:
Wyman, WHHSource:
Yattan, SidneySource:
Young, Hiram J.Source:

Legend: 1C - 1st Class; 1SGT - First Sergeant; 1LT - First Lieutenant; 2C - 2nd Class; 2LT - Second Lieutenant; 3C - 3rd Class; A.C. - Army Corps; AG - Adjutant General; AAG - Assistant Adjutant General; AAAG - Acting Assistant Adjutant General; AACS - Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence; AAQM - Acting Assistant Quartermaster; ACT - Acting; ADC - Aide-de-Camp; AIG - Assistant Inspector General; A&IG - Adjutant & Inspector General; AoP - Army of the Potomac; A.P.M. - Additional Paymaster; AQM - Assistant Quartermaster; ARTIF - Artificer; ASURG - Assistant Surgeon; AWOL - Awary Without Official Leave; BGen - Brigadier General; BGLR - Bugler; BNDMSTR - Bandmaster; BTRY - Battery; Bvt - brevet; enl - enlisted; CH BGLR - Chief Bugler; CMSR - Compiled Military Service Record; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; com - commissioned; CPL - Corporal; CPT - Captain; cred. - credited to; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; CSSGT - Commissary Sergeant; CSA - Confederate States Army; d/dis - died of disease; d/prison - died in prison*; d/svc - died in service (cause unknown); d/wds - died of wounds; dis/dsb - discharged for disability; dis/dishon - dishonorable discharge; DRMMAJ - Drum Major; DRMR - Drummer; dsrtd - deserted; ENG - Engineer; FFR - Fifer; FMAJ - Fife Major; FN - Fireman; GCM - general court martial; gsw - gunshot wound; Hosp. - Hospital; Hosp. Stwrd - Hospital Steward; IG - Inspector General, INF - Infantry; kia - killed in action; LARTY - Light Artillery; LNDS - Landsman; MGen - Major General; m/i - mustered in; m/o - mustered out; MSCN - Musician; mwia - mortally wounded in action; n.d. - no date; nfr - no further record; P.M. - Paymaster; pow - taken prisoner; pr - promoted; PRIN MSCN - Principle Musician; prld - paroled; QM - Quartermaster; QMSGT - Quartermaster Sergeant; RCM - Regimental Court Martial; RCRT - Recruit; red - reduced (demoted); Regtl - Regimental; resgd - resigned; RQM - Regimental Quartermaster; SDLR - Saddler; SGTMJR - Sergeant Major; SOWD - Special Order, War Department; SURG - Surgeon; SVC - Service; tr to/from - transferred to/from; USA - US Army; USCA - US Colored Artillery; USCI - US Colored Infantry; USSS - US Sharpshooters; USV - US Volunteers; VHAC - Vermont Heavy Artillery Company; VRC - Veterans Reserve Corps; VVC - Vermont Volunteer Cavalry; VVI - Vermont Volunteer Infantry; WGNR - Wagoner; wdd - wounded
* NOTE: d/prison may include those who died on parole as a result of imprisonment

Source of roster information: basic information on enlistments, promotions, casualties, etc. comes from the 1892 "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers," and additional information from a variety of sources, including cemetery, pension, census and other records as well as obituaries and published biographies of individuals, when available.


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