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Vermonters who served in Alabama units

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Bunkley, John J., 1st AL INF, 7th VT INF
Cobleigh, Edward J., 15th IL CAV, 1st AL CAV
Fairfield, Miciah F., 15th IL CAV, 1st AL CAV
Godfrey, George L, 1st AL CAV, 2nd IA INF
Grout, Chester G., 7th IA INF, 3rd AL INF, 111th USCT
Peek, Henry Clay, 15th IL CAV, 1st AL CAV
Royals, Benjamin B., 1st AL ARTY, 7th VT INF
Smith, Otis David, 6th AL INF
Tucker, Stephen S., 1st AL ARTY BTLN