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Vermonters who served in California units

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Bacon, Charles H., 3rd CA INF, 8th CA INF
Bailey, William, 3rd CA INF
Bates, John R., 8th CA INF
Bradford, Caleb, 2nd CA CAV
Buck, Walter, 1st CA CAV
Burton, Sheldon T., 8th CA INF
Bush, Henry, 6th CA INF
Chase, Ossian T., 1st CA CAV
Cutting, Hiram E., 5th CA INF
Dakin, Charles C., 2nd CA CAV
Derby, Horace Rice, 1st CA INF, 5th CA INF
Eaton, Charles Henry, 2nd CA CAV
Fenn, Silas T., 1st Battln CA MTN INF
Gay, Henry Calvin, 7th CA INF
Hawley, Ashbel Dean, 2nd CA INF
Hill, Emerson F., 3rd CA INF
Honsinger, John W., 2nd CA INF
Huntington, Ward, 2nd CA CAV
Kelley, Thomas H., 1st CA CAV
Knight, Samuel Pringle, 7th CA INF
Knight, William Laughlin, 2nd CA INF
Leighton, Frank William, 1st CA CAV
Lund, George Prescott, 4th CA INF
Marshall, Marcellus, 2nd CA INF, 7th CA INF
Morehouse, Edward N., 5th CA INF
Ormsbee, John Mason, 4th CA INF
Peppin, George Warden, 5th CA INF
Robbins, Juan G., 4th CA INF
Sprague, Sylvester M., 2nd CA INF
Stewart, John M., 4th CA INF
Talcott, George, 2nd CA CAV
Towle, Walter R., 4th CA INF
Whipple, Stephen Girard, 32nd US INF, 1st US CAV, 1st CA Mountaineers INF
White, Enoch J., 4th CA INF, 5th CA CAV
Wright, Thomas Forster, 2nd CA CAV, 6th CA INF, USV
Young, William, 1st CA INF, 1st NV CAV
Zottman, John H., 3rd CA INF