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Vermonters who served in Colorado units

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Allen, Sylvester, 1st CO Mtd Militia
Bicknell, Dennis H., 2nd VT INF, USA, 13th VRC, 6th INDP CO VRC
Bowen, Adoniram Judson, 3rd CO INF, 2nd CO CAV
Couture, Alexis, 1st CO CAV
Dow, Lewis, 3rd CO CAV
Ferrin, Charles, 6th INDP CO VRC
Gould, Le Grand Patterson, 2nd CO CAV
Hayward, Marshall T., 2nd CO INF, 2nd CO CAV
Hopkins, Charles E., 1st VT CAV, 6th INDP CO VRC
Howe, John C., 8th VT INF, 44th US INF, 6th INDP CO VRC
Hunter, James Renwick, 2nd CO INF, 2nd CO CAV
Leavenworth, Jesse Henry, 2nd CO INF
Lusher, Frank, 2nd CO CAV
Marvin, Stephen G., 2nd CO INF, 1st CO CAV
Nichols, David H., 3rd CO CAV
Peabody, David George, 3rd CO INF
Peck, Uriah L., 2nd CO CAV
Pierson, Charles P., 3rd CO CAV
Risdon, Caleb S., 3rd CO CAV
Sanderson, John C., 1st CO LARTY
Sargeant, Leonard, 3rd CO INF, 2nd CO CAV
Smith, Alfred W., 5th VT INF, 6th IND CO VRC
Springer, Henry M., 1st CO CAV
Sullivan, Charles E., 2nd CO CAV
Timson, Luke, 1st CO CAV
Tolles, Lewis C., 1st CO CAV
Tucker, Charles E., 1st CO CAV
Wallace, Robert Bruce, 1st CO CAV