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Vermonters who served in Connecticut units

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Albee, Francis L., 8th CT INF
Allen, Charles Wallace, 8th CT INF
Allen, Matthew, 22nd CT INF
Andrews, Charles T., 8th CT INF
Babbitt, Robert Augustus, 8th CT INF, 1st NC INF
Bailey, Theodore, 1st VT CAV, 11th CT INF
Bailey, William Henry, 6th CT INF
Barber, William F., 21st CT INF
Barbour, Volney Giles, 5th CT INF
Barrell, Hubbard, 15th CT INF, USN
Bartholomew, Henry L., 23rd CT INF
Beckwith, William H, 1st CT CAV, 7th VRC
Beebe, Silas Finch, 24th CT INF
Belden, James W., 7th CT INF
Bemis, Harrison Otis, 18th CT INF
Bishop, Jacob, 5th USC INF, 8th CT INF, 3rd CT INF
Blake, Edward A., 16th CT INF
Bosworth, Caleb Allen, 26th CT INF
Bowen, John P., 4th CT INF
Bradford, James Henry, 12th CT INF
Brigham, Charles O., 1st CT ARTY
Bursch, Oscar Otto, 1st VT INF, 84th NY INF, 7th CT INF, 15th CT INF
Carter, Albert A., 4th VT INF, 1st CT INF
Churchill, Seth Doten, 11th CT INF
Clark, Linus M., 13th CT INF
Cone, Herman Augustus, 1st CT HARTY
Crabtree, Charles, 31st CT INF
Davis, Royal L., 6th CT INF
Downer, Sylvanus, 18th CT INF
Drew, Robert N., 5th CT INF, 1st VT CAV
Eastman, Oscar Daniels, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 1st CT CAV
Eddy, Hiram D., 2nd CT INF
Ellis, John G., USN, 5th CT INF
Fenton, Patrick Joseph, 11th CT INF
Ferroe, Cannill, 10th CT INF
Fisk, Wilbur, 1st CT HARTY
Fletcher, Charles H., 14th CT INF
Forcier, Paul, 3rd VT INF, 28th CT INF
Forman, William Henry, 17th WI INF, 15th CT INF
French, Charles Augustus, 10th CT INF
Gibbs, Frank L., 21st CT INF
Gibson, William S, USN, 1st CT HARTY
Grow, Henry, 1st CT LARTY
Hale, Martin, 10th CT INF, 2nd VT INF
Hall, William R., 8th CT INF
Hibbard, Edwin Orpheus, 7th CT INF
Higby, Luther E., 14th CT INF
Hildreth, Charles Baxter, 27th CT INF
Hildreth, John Leavitt, 27th CT INF
Hill, Benjamin A., 7th CT INF
Holbrook, Elhanan Winchester, 5th CT INF
Hopson, Edward Crafts, 19th CT INF, 2nd CT HARTY
Hutchins, Lyman, 11th CT INF
Hutchinson, George V., 12th CT INF
Ineson, Steven Senior, 46th MA INF, 2nd CT ARTY
Jepson, Orsemus, 21st CT INF
Johnson, Barney L., 10th CT INF
Johnson, William, 11th CT INF
Kenney, Edwin A., 15th CT INF, 14th USC HARTY, 2nd US CAV
Kibbee, Israel N., 18th CT INF
King, Henry F., 22nd CT INF
Kinsman, Henry E., 1st USSS, 1st CT INF
Knight, Oscar F., 1st CT ARTY
LeBarron, George W., 15th CT INF
Lord, Homer A., 11th VT INF, 25th CT INF
Lyon, Frederick John, 6th CT INF
McIntyre, Eugene, 6th CT INF
Messenger, Obed Bension, 25th CT INF
Mignot, Paul, 11th CT INF
Miller, Henry W., 2nd CT HARTY
Needham, James Wesley, 14th CT INF
Noyes, William H., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 5th CT INF
Parrazo, Eli, 7th CT INF
Phelps, George Benedict, 16th CT INF
Pierce, Henry H., 7th CT INF
Robinson, Frederick G., 1st CT HARTY
Root, William H., 22nd CT INF
Saint Peter, Charles, 11th CT INF
Saint Peters, Joseph Jr., 11th CT INF
Sargeant, George B., 17th CT INF
Sears, John Robert, 11th VT INF, 1st CT CAV
Streeter, Moses, 18th CT INF
Sturges, Charles E., 6th CT INF
Taylor, William H., 3rd CT INF, 8th CT INF
Tebrue, Canniel, 10th CT INF
Trask, William Arnold, 18th CT INF
Tucker, Enoch, 7th CT INF
Upham, Charles Leslie, 3rd CT INF, 8th CT INF
Veber, Herbert L., 4th VT INF, 2nd CT INF
Watkins, Francis R., 2nd USSS, 1st CT CAV
Weeks, Jonathan O., 4th VT INF, 7th CT INF
Wilson, Diedate G., 3rd VT INF, 13th CT INF
Wilson, George, 5th CT INF
Winn, John C., 1st CT ARTY
Worcester, Daniel, 27th CT INF
Wright, Dexter Russell, 15th CT INF
Wright, James, 1st CT CAV