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Vermonters who served in Indiana units

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Adams, Benjamin P., 1st IN CAV
Aldrich, Simeon C., 44th IN INF
Babbitt, William Scott, 20th IN INF
Barrows, John, 12th IN INF
Bartholomew, Luther H., 15th IN INF, VRC
Belcher, Henry, 84th IN INF
Bickford, Norris W., 48th IN INF
Billings, Jacob, 1st IN CAV
Blackman, Alpheus Theodore, 119th IN INF
Blackmer, John Collins, 135th IN INF
Blanchard, Asa W., 19th IN INF
Bowers, James, 14th IN INF
Bradley, Charles D., 9th VT INF, 12th IN CAV
Brown, Lyman Wesley, 1st IN CAV
Brown, Stephen Hammon, 34th IN INF
Burlingame, Milford J., 12th KS INF, 1st IN GDS
Butler, Marvin B., 44th IN INF
Butler, Seymour S., 29th IN INF
Caswell, George Henry, 59th IN INF
Coe, Miles Washington, 42nd IN INF
Conklin, Aaron, 36th IN INF, 17th IN MTD INF
Conwell, William, 8th IN INF
Cotton, Edward, 3rd IN INF
Crane, Harvey Dan, 18th IN INF
Davis, Henry Greene, 29th IN INF, 101st USCI, USV
Dudley, William Wade, 19th IN INF, VRC
Durgan, Edward, 10th IN INF, 40th IN INF
Dutton, Daniel B., 123rd IN INF
Eastman, Matthew Warren, 33rd IN INF
Elkins, George D., 142nd IN INF
Fabrique, Andrew Hinsdale, 53rd IN INF
Faris, Daniel C., 110th IN INF
Farr, Nelson Harvey, 9th IN INF
Gaines, Charles Henry, 8th IN INF, 3rd IN LARTY
Gleason, Newell, 87th IN INF
Goodenough, Francis H., 20th IN INF
Hakins, Thomas W., 151st IN INF
Hall, Byron E., 1st IN LARTY
Hanley, Alexander, 53rd IN INF
Hart, Sylvester, 151st IN INF
Harvey, Rufus L., 20th IN INF, 63rd IN INF
Hillas, Robert B., 19th IL INF, 22nd IN INF
Hurlburt, Charles J., 48th IN INF
Lamphier, Lloyd, 73rd IN INF
Lansing, Robert Bingham, 35th IN INF
Lavanway, Frank, 9th IN INF, 11th IN LARTY, 152nd IN INF
Lewis, Chauncey, 9th IN INF
Lincoln, Henry A., 63rd IN INF
Matott, Francis, 138th IN INF
McDonald, Clark, 8th IN INF
Norton, Lewis, 17th IN INF
Ogden, John, 89th IN INF
Olds, Henry Elias, 11th IN CAV
Partridge, Addison Bliss, 96th IN INF
Pengra, Oren George, 10th IN CAV
Powell, George, 151st IN INF
Rhodes, Miron, 138th IN INF
Rice, Francis A., 58th IN INF
Rockwood, George W., 40th IN INF
Sawyer, Harvey J., 10th IN INF, 100th IN INF
Scott, Henry B., 26th IN INF
Skinner, Henry Octavius, 9th IN INF, 63rd IN INF
Smith, Isaac, 13th IN INF
Spaulding, Freeman Horatio, 158th IN INF
Spear, Edward L., 138th IN INF
Stearns, Elias P., 92nd IN INF
Taft, Asa P., 11th IN INF
Tarbell, James Peyton, 2nd IN ARTY
Thayer, George W., 48th IN INF
Tucker, Alba Mark, 100th IN INF, USV
Tucker, Malvard C., 1st IN HARTY, 21st IN INF
Valiquette, Benjamin, 79th IN INF
Wakefield, Orson Leroy, 18th IN INF
Walker, Henry C., 120th IN INF
Washburn, Henry Dana, 18th IN INF
Weaver, Horace Wilkins, 3rd IN CAV
Whitney, Alden, 12th IN CAV
Whitney, Edward, 100th IN INF
Whitney, Edward R., 19th IN INF
Wilder, Isaac C., 13th IN LARTY
York, Edwin D., 20th IN LARTY