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Vermonters who served in Maine units

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Adams, Orange Scott, 31st ME INF
Atkins, Burton, 5th ME INF
Beard, George G., 9th ME INF
Beedy, Aaron H., 9th ME INF, 14th ME INF
Black, Henry, 3rd ME INF
Black, Henry, 2nd ME INF
Bonner, Joseph, 12th ME INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Bonney, Newton, 8th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY
Bowman, Franklin, 14th ME INF
Brickett, George E., 21st ME INF
Brown, Almon E., 17th ME INF
Buck, Horace L., 12th ME INF
Bush, George, 15th VT INF, 1st ME HARTY
Buswell, Albert, 8th VT INF,12th ME INF
Buzzell, George W., 22nd ME INF, 11th ME INF
Cain, Henry Harrison, 11th ME INF, 11th VRC
Caldwell, John Curtis, 11th ME INF, USV
Carpenter, William, 16th ME INF
Caswell, Lindorf Lindsey, 7th ME INF
Chase, Henry D., 19th ME INF
Chase, Samuel, 32nd ME INF
Cilley, Don B., 9th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 1st ME INF
Clark, Albert S., 11th ME INF
Clark, John W., 9th ME INF
Clason, Pell, 1st ME INF, 7th ME INF, 24th ME INF
Clough, Charles, 27th ME INF
Coburn, Edward, 13th ME INF, 30th ME INF
Connor, Selden, 1st VT INF, 19th ME INF, USV
Cook, Charles, 20th ME INF
Cook, Orin B., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 1st ME INF
Coolidge, George Henry, 30th ME INF
Cotton, Aaron Davis, 10th ME INF
Curry, John, 2nd ME CAV
Davis, Marshall H., 12th ME INF
Dennett, Joseph C., 5th ME INF
Dickey, Orrin B., 3rd ME INF
Doble, Silas C., 16th ME INF, 20th ME INF
Dresser, George T., 23rd ME INF
Dumas, Ira L., 26th ME INF
Eastman, Josiah N., 19th ME INF
Emery, William R., 27th ME INF
Folsom, William Q., 24th ME INF
Forsyth, Nelson S., 1st ME CAV
Foss, Francis Henry, 19th ME INF
Foss, William T., 3rd ME INF, 17th ME INF
Foster, Ansel, 31st ME INF, 32nd ME INF
Foster, Edwin K., 29th ME INF
French, Albert V., 19th ME INF, US VRC
Frost, Aaron, 6th ME INF
Galbraith, Frederick W., 3rd ME INF, USV
Gammon, Robert Elder, 30th ME INF
Gilpatrick, John S., 9th ME INF, 7th VT INF
Glover, Lewis, 29th ME INF
Goding, Harrison, 1st ME CAV
Gordon, Charles S., 27th ME INF
Gray, Adelbert M., 19th ME INF
Greenwood, William, 1st ME HARTY
Hamblin, Raleigh W W, 3rd ME INF, 17th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY, 97th NY INF
Hanks, Jason, 16th ME INF
Harris, Horace Evertt, 5th ME LARTY
Hersey, Harvey R., 17th ME INF
Hicks, Barnard, 5th ME INF
Hill, Joseph, 23rd ME INF, 14th ME INF
Hill, Reuben, 3rd ME INF, 17th ME INF
Hooper, Charles H., 1st ME CAV, VRC
Hopkinson, Henry M., 16th ME INF
Hotchkiss, Henry Ira, 30th ME INF
Howard, Oliver Otis, 3rd ME INF, USV
Hudson, Nathaniel P., 13th ME INF
Jabott, Samuel, 31st ME INF, 32nd ME INF, 16th US INF
Jangraw, Oghtney, 8th ME INF
Jones, Charles Pain Winslow, USN, 7th ME INF
Kendrick, Ralph, 10th VT INF, 1st ME CAV
Keyes, William T., 10th ME INF, 29th ME INF
King, Milton J., 5th ME INF
Knight, Charles, 12th ME INF
Lang, William, 1st ME CAV
Langevin, Adolphis, 20th ME INF, 1st ME SS
Larrabee, Antoine, 31st ME INF
Locke, J. Frank, 16th ME INF
Lombard, John, 6th ME INF
Loring, Frederick H., 17th ME INF
Luce, Joseph P., 1st ME CAV, 2nd ME CAV
Macommber, Sylvanus Boardman, 13th ME INF, 30th ME INF
Marden, Edward, 14th ME INF
Marden, Nathaniel, 32nd ME INF
Martin, George Hastings, 9th ME INF
Mattocks, Charles Porter, 17th ME INF
McCoy, Andrew, 1st ME CAV
McIntire, West R., 30th ME INF
Measure, Judson Chase, 12th ME INF
Mecham, Leonard, 8th ME INF
Mitchell, Stanford, 8th ME INF
Monteith, Joseph, 3rd ME INF
Mower, Lowell Mason, 23rd ME INF
Murch, John M., 12th ME INF
Nash, Charles E., 19th ME INF
Nason, Charles E., 14th ME INF
Neal, Ansel, 29th ME INF
Page, Parris, 23rd ME INF
Paul, Hiram Mason, 1st ME LARTY
Percy, Lewis, 2nd ME CAV
Perkins, Eben S., 13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 8th ME INF
Phillips, Lewis W., 1st Btln ME INF
Pike, Jefferson Hosmer, 11th ME INF
Pillsbury, Charles W., 8th ME INF
Place, Samuel, 15th ME INF
Plummer, Alvin E., 1st ME CAV
Randall, Ellis H., 3rd ME INF
Reed, Edwin B., USN, 6th ME INF
Reed, Elias E., 16th ME INF
Reed, Ephriam, 2nd ME CAV
Reed, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 37th MA INF, 42nd MA INF, 9th ME INF
Reed, Samuel J., 2nd ME CAV
Reynolds, John Sheppard, 2nd ME INF
Rice, Leonard C., 20th ME INF
Rowell, Charles, H, 19th ME INF
Royal, Samuel N., 10th ME INF, 29th ME INF
Rundlett, Gardner Fairfield, 5th ME INF, 29th ME INF
Russell, Gideon P., 32nd ME INF
Russell, James S., 7th ME INF, 1st VET INF
Russell, Luther, 7th VT INF, 8th ME INF
Sawyer, Edward T., 6th ME BTRY
Sayward, Charles W., 8th ME INF
Senter, William H. H., 6th ME INF
Shaw, Napoleon B., 11th VT INF, 16th ME INF, 20th ME INF
Simpson, Aaron, 5th ME LARTY
Simpson, Loring C., 14th ME INF, 7th ME LARTY
Smith, Damon Y., 31st ME INF
Smith, Frank A., 1st ME INF
Smith, George W., 12th ME INF
Smith, John J., 1st ME ARTY
Snell, John E., 10th ME INF
Starbird, Joseph A., 5th ME ARTY
Stevens, Joel Sawyer, 16th ME INF
Stone, William Frederick, 1st ME CAV
Story, James Monroe, 15th ME INF
Swift, Charles P., 9th ME INF
Thurston, Horatio A., 1st ME HARTY
Thurston, Stephen D., 1st ME HARTY CO
Thurston, William, 14th ME INF
Trueworthy, Edwin Weston, 7th VT INF, 22nd ME INF, USA
Tucker, Benjamin F., 1st ME CAV, 2nd US CAV
Varney, Alfred S., 8th ME INF
Waining, Freeman, 19th ME INF
Walden, John B., 1st ME INF
Webb, James M., 17th ME INF
Webber, George, 3rd ME INF
White, Frank, 29th ME INF
Whitney, Charles B., 19th ME INF
Willey, George A., 11th VT INF, 20th ME INF
Woodward, Carlos, 17th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY
Wormell, Elias O., 10th ME INF
Wyman, Eri W., 13th ME INF, 4th US VET INF