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Vermonters who served in Missouri units

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Atherton, Marshall Bertrand, 10th MO INF
Bailey, Ara/Ara A., 2nd IA INF, 1st MO LARTY
Birge, Alpheus W., 7th MO INF, 11th MO INF
Birmingham, Thomas, 33rd MO INF
Brownell, Norman N., 3rd MO CAV
Burritt, William P., 2nd MO CAV
Burritt, William P., 2nd MO CAV
Carr, Luther D., 24th MO INF
Carter, Fernando J., 14th MO CAV
Crane, George W., 26th IL INF, 1st RFLS Btln, MO INF
Crouch, Darius, 51st MO INF
Culver, David R., 7th MO INF
Dart, George W., 2nd MO CAV
Dennison, Edward C., 8th MO INF
Douglas, Amos Balcom Clinton, 18th MO INF
Douglas, Orlando Benajah, 18th MO INF
Durant, Levi Richardson, 35th MO INF
Dyer, J. Olin, 18th MO INF
Foot, Manley C., 42nd EMM INF, 9th MO CAV
Foster, Charles W., 3rd MO CAV
Gilchrist, Charles Allen, 10th MO INF, 50th USCI, USV
Goodrich, Solomon, 1st IA CAV, 1st MO ENGRS, MO ENGRS of the West
Greene, Roger S., 3rd MO INF
Hamblin, Alson, 2nd KS INF, 40th MO INF
Hammond, Wellington, 23rd MO INF
Hill, Ekin M., 1st MO ENGRS
Hohstadt, Lewis Almond, 21st MO INF
Howe, John G., 21st MO INF
Huxley, Silas U., 3rd MO CAV, 9th US INF
Johnson, Emlik Harrington, 21st MO INF
Judd, William Henry, 31st MO INF, 32nd MO INF
Kelsey, Alvah George, 6th MO INF
Kenyon, Frank T., 46th MO INF, 47th MO INF
Learned, John Emery, 11th VT INF, 7th IL INF, 1st MO CAV, VRC
Lewis, Nathaniel Wesley, MI BTLN CAV, 2nd MO CAV
Marvin, Jonathan J., 25th MO INF, 1st MO ENGRS
McNeil, William, 1st MO CAV
Morgan, William W, 48th MO INF
Mower, Charles B., 1st MO LARTY
Mower, Joseph Anthony, 1st US INF, 11th MO VOLS, USV, 39th US INF
Niles, Luther P., 6th MO CAV, 14th IL CAV
Oakes, Emory Bronson, 3rd MO CAV
Pelsue, John W., 9th MO CAV
Peters, Henry W., 12th MO CAV
Platt, Alender B., 1st MO SS, 66th IL INF, 19th WI INF
Prescott, David Bates, 17th MO INF
Richardson, Silas W., 8th MO INF
Robbins, Philo E, 36th IL INF, 1st MO LARTY
Shaw, Oliver, 11th MO INF
Spoor, Willam Barnabas, 2nd MO CAV
Tarbell, Darius Luther, 18th MO INF
Town, Edwin C., 3rd BTLN MO CAV
Townsley, Henry, 1st MO CAV
Whitcomb, Branch, 2nd MO PROV ENG
White, Thomas W., 1st MO ENGNRS
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