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Vermonters who served in Pennsylvania units

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Ansell, George, 3rd VT INF, 30th PA INF
Atwood, Elijah, 18th PA INF, 3rd NY INF
Austin, William Henry, 11th PA INF
Bailey, Harrison C., 42nd PA INF
Barrett, Alonzo, 1st PA ARTY
Bishop, John C., 15th PA CAV
Blair, Frank E., 56th PA INF
Bliss, Alanson H., 203rd PA INF
Bourne, Charles E., 197th PA INF
Bowen, Oscar W., 141st PA INF
Bradford, Joseph Freeman, 83rd PA INF
Bruce, Eli M., 44th PA Militia
Burgess, John, 136th PA INF
Burnett, Charles F., 23rd PA INF
Calvin, John, 3rd PA CAV
Carpenter, Riley, 150th PA INF
Cartelege, Jacob, 43rd PA INF
Carter, Edward W., 4th VT INF, 19th PA INF
Carter, Hiram, 141st PA INF
Chapin, William H., 111th PA INF, 2nd PA CAV
Colvin, Alvah J., 2nd PA PROV HARTY
Congdon, Amos, 17th PA CAV
Cushing, Oliver T., 112th PA INF
Degaugh, Joseph, 17th PA CAV
Dexter, Oscar N., 111th PA INF
Dix, Edwin John, 83rd PA INF
Douglass, Arthur C., 83rd PA INF, 139th PA INF
Dunham, Benjamin F., 63rd PA INF
Dwyer, William Henry Harrison, 16th PA MLTA
Eames, Benjamin F., 16th PA INF
Eldridge, George W., 11th VT INF, 81st PA INF
Estabrook, Henry, 52nd PA INF
Estabrook, Sylvester Hale, 17th PA INF
Farr, Alvan E., 12th VT INF, 198th PA INF, 10th US INF, 16th US INF, 17th US INF, 26th US INF
Fuller, Freeman, 150th PA INF
Gale, Eli Holbrook, 186th PA INF
Gibson, William J., 54th PA INF
Green, Othniel, 107th PA INF
Harrington, Hiram M., 2nd VT INF, 3rd MD CAV, 11th PA CAV
Harrington, Phineas D., 106th PA INF
Haskin, Jason, 149th PA INF
Hatheway, Jay, 19th OH INF, 2nd PA CAV
Himes, Charles H. M., 9th PA CAV
Hosley, Martin S., 1st PA RFLS
Houghton, Charles Woodman, 91st PA INF
Hudson, Charles David, 136th PA INF
Johnson, Calvin Farnham, 16th PA CAV
Jones, George W., 11th VT INF, 81st PA INF
Kelley, George W., 13th PA INF
Kingsley, Charles Sullings, 30th PA INF, 3rd PA HARTY
Kittredge, Milo, 199th PA INF
Larrabee, Emery B., 177th PA INF
Lyman, Benjamin F., 16th PA CAV
Manning, Edwin Carlisle, 207th PA INF
McLaughlin, James, 5th PA INF, 191st PA INF
Minor, Hannibal J., 5th VT INF, 3rd PA INF
Murphy, Barney, 51st PA INF
Myers, Daniel, 110th PA INF
Newman, Jeremiah, 1st PA CAV
Nott, Stephen E., 45th PA INF, 42nd PA INF
Nourse, Emerson J, 83rd PA INF
Noyes, Luman Alfred, 2nd VT INF, 19th PA CAV
Olcott, George, 11th PA CAV
Paine, Joshua T., 13th PA CAV
Parks, Warren W., 47th PA INF
Parmenter, William Orson, 6th PA CAV
Parsons, Anson, 111th PA INF
Partridge, Henry V., 39th PA INF
Patterson, Roddy Jr., 64th PA INF, 4th PA CAV
Payne, Joshua, 1st NH INF, 5th NH INF, 13th PA CAV
Pierce, George W., 8th PA CAV, 177th PA INF, 207th PA INF
Potter, Harlow J., 143rd PA INF
Premo, John, 3rd VT INF, 17th PA CAV, 2nd PA PROV CAV
Prentiss, Oscar, USN, 5th PA CAV, 3rd PA CAV
Rhodes, George H., 125th PA INF
Rhodes, Isaac, 53rd PA INF
Robinson, Philander, 57th PA INF
Rogers, Ira, 14th PA CAV
Sartwell, Leonard, 1st VT CAV, 90th PA INF
Seibert, Daniel, 93rd PA INF, 16th VRC
Sheldon, Abial B, 1st PA RSV LARTY
Sherman, Charles Addison, 11th PA CAV
Simmons, Seneca Galusha, 34th PA INF, 7th US INF
Smith, Charles, 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 12th PA CAV
Smith, George F., 11th PA CAV
Smith, Samuel Richard, 18th PA CAV
Stanley, John W., 152nd PA INF, 3rd PA HARTY
Stevens, Alanson Joshua, 2nd PA INF, INDP PA LARTY
Stevens, Suel A., 202nd PA INF
Stevens, Thaddeus Jr., 1st PA INF, 50th PA INF, 112nd PA INF
Stoddard, Horace S., 17th PA CAV
Stratton, Horace S., 45th PA INF
Walker, Charles J., 151st PA INF
Walls, Alexander, 63rd PA INF
Warriner, Ira Mann, 7th PA CAV
Weeks, Lewis C., 58th PA INF
West, Alonzo Russell, 14th PA CAV
Westermeyer, Abraham, 183rd PA INF
Willey, Granville C., USN, 2nd NY VET CAV, 11th PA CAV
Wilsey, William, 23rd PA INF