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Vermonters who served in units

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Adams, Alfred Buck, 22nd MI INF
Ainsworth, Alanson D., 4th MI INF
Akeley, Healey Cady, 2nd MI CAV
Andrews, Titus Z., 15th MI INF
Armstrong, Alva David, 13th MI INF
Ashley, Lucius Foster, 1st MI ENG & MECHS
Austin, Lorenzo Dow, 4th MI INF
Averill, David M., 23rd MI INF
Bailey, Franklin Henry, 12th MI INF, 4th MI CAV
Baker, Alonzo Louis, 17th IL CAV, 127th IL INF, 13th IND MI LARTY
Baker, Jerry, 1st MI LARTY
Ballard, Henry T., 15th MI INF
Ballard, Stephen Hinsdell, 6th MI CAV
Ballou, Jerome Eli, 2nd VT INF, 13th VT INF, 3rd MI CAV
Bascom, Charles, 11th MI INF
Bates, Andrew J., 1st MI CAV
Beckwith, George, 10th MI INF
Beebe, Charles, 23rd MI INF
Beebe, Ephraim Carlos, 23rd MI INF
Benson, Ira F., 22nd MI INF
Benson, Irvin Waterman, 2nd MI CAV
Bigelow, George Lewis, 15th MI INF
Billings, Edgar M., 4th MI INF
Blake, William Plyn, 1st MI LARTY
Bliss, Rufus W., 2nd MI CAV
Bond, Rice F., 24th MI INF, Howland's MI ENG
Bragg, Miles W., 9th MI CAV
Braque, Sylester, 1st MI INF
Brockway, William Hadley, 16th MI INF
Brown, Henry H., 2nd MI CAV
Brundage, Edgar A., 11th MI CAV
Bryant, Samuel John, 6th MI CAV
Buck, George H., 27th MI INF
Bunker, Leander Laroy, 6th MI INF
Burke, Harris Ahira, 19th MI INF
Cady, Thaddeus Sobieski, 25th MI INF
Caine, George A., 64th IL INF, 1st MI SS
Carey, John, 8th MI CAV
Carlton, Henry J., 18th MI INF
Carlyle, Julius, 19th MI INF
Castle, Harrison Samuel, 1st MI SS
Chaffee, Horace Powers, 28th MI INF
Chase, William L., 12th MI INF
Chauncey, Moses, 8th MI CAV, 28th MI INF
Clark, John, 1st MI SS
Clark, Loren Wayne, 2nd MI INF
Clark, Solomon D., 27th MI INF
Coe, John W., 11th MI INF
Colburn, George, 24th MI INF
Colby, Francis Milton, 1st MI CAV
Colby, John Alfred, 9th MI INF
Collins, Benoni, 1st MI LARTY
Collins, Charles B., 2nd MI INF
Cook, Lewis Bionson, 13th MI INF
Covell, John S., 8th MI INF
Cuff, Daniel O., 21st MI INF
Curtin, Lorenzo D., 4th MI INF
Curtis, Charles L., 16th NY CAV, 13th MI INF
Cutler, Clark, 13th MI INF
Cutler, Dean P., 2nd MI CAV
Danforth, Emerson, 5th MI INF
Danks, Henry S., 11th MI INF
Dart, John, 3rd MI INF
Dean, Augustus Philander, 1st MI ENGRS
Deane, Charles W., 6th MI CAV
Delano, Joel A., 51st MI INF
Derrick, John Martin, 10th MI INF
Dickinson, Marshall Joel, 2nd MI CAV
Dickinson, Willard Hoyt, 2nd MI CAV
Dillenback, Jackson D., 4th MI CAV
Doolittle, Charles Camp, 4th MI INF, 18th MI INF
Doty, Sampson, 8th MI INF
Dunham, William M., 3rd MI CAV
Eaton, Job C., 11th MI INF
Eggleston, Almon, 23rd MI INF
Ellis, Andrew J., 1st MI SS
English, Seth, 4th MI INF
Fish, William C., 19th MI INF
Flagg, James M., 2nd MI CAV
Flood, Reuben A., 3rd MI INF
Ford, Harmon, 3rd MI CAV, 28th MI INF
Fuller, Benjamin Howard, 13th MI INF
Garvin, Eugene A., 4th MI INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Geer, Samuel E., 7th MI INF
Glines, Jeremiah E., 13th MI INF
Glover, Christopher B., 29th MI INF
Grandy, Lewis N., 8th MI INF, 98th NY INF
Gregory, Julius M., 2nd MI CAV
Griswold, Daniel F., 11th MI INF
Grover, Hiram A., 2nd MI INF
Halladay, David Monroe, 9th MI INF
Hamblin, Reuben, 8th MI CAV
Harrington, James, 23rd MI INF
Harris, Samuel, 5th MI CAV
Hartwell, Charles W., 8th VT INF, 4th MI CAV
Haselton, Orlando J., 10th MI CAV
Hastings, Russell, 26th MI INF
Heath, Solomon Morton, 18th MI INF
Herrick, Oliver R., 24th MI INF
Hobbs, Daniel, 2nd MI CAV
Hoisington, Abisha, 11th MI INF
Hoisington, Norman Henry, 13th MI INF
Honsinger, Walter L., 7th MI INF
Houghton, Abraham Gardner, 10th MI INF
Houghton, Chester William, 27th MI INF, US VOLS
Houghton, David, 8th MI INF
Houghton, David M., 8th MI INF
Hoyt, Edwin Jr., 2nd MI CAV
Hubbard, Perry L., 1st MI INF
Hunt, Herman, 21st MI INF
Hurd, Eben C., 1st MI LARTY
Jenne, Nathan F., 2nd MI CAV
Johnson, Gordon T., 3rd MI INF, 5th MI INF
Jones, John C., 19th MI INF
Jones, Warren, 5th MI CAV
Keeler, Aram C., 1st MI INF
Kent, Daniel S., 25th MI INF
Kent, George W., 13th MI INF
Kent, James William, 3rd MI CAV
Lamphere, Legrand, 23rd MI INF, Recruit (Vermont), 192nd NY INF
Lattin, Harvey, 9th MI INF
Layhue, Gilbert, 16th MI INF
Lee, Henry G., 16th MI INF
Louks, Arthur C., 11th MI CAV
Lovejoy, Albert Joseph, 9th VT INF, 29th MI INF
Loveland, William Henry, 4th MI INF
Lytle, William M, 19th MI INF
Mahana, J. B., 4th MI CAV
Manley, David D., 2nd MI CAV
Mann, Albert, 18th MI INF
Marsh, William H., 4th MI INF
Martin, James W., 1st MI CAV
Martin, Ozias C., 3rd MI INF, 5th MI INF
Maynard, Benajah, 8th MI CAV
McOmber, Spencer Franklin, 7th MI CAV
Mead, Martin Luther, 4th MI INF
Meader, James M., 1st MI ENGRS
Merrifield, Edwin C., 18th MI INF
Miller, Marshall M., 1st MI ARTY
Mills, Jason N., 9th MI INF
Miner, Amos, 10th MI INF
Miner, David, 23rd MI INF
Miner, George H., 10th MI INF
Monger, Emory Willard, 42nd IL INF, 11th MI INF
Montague, Ira W., 1st MI ENGRS
Moore, Daniel M., 1st MI ENGNRS & MECHS
Mott, Judd M., 16th MI INF
Murdock, Calvin A., 8th MI INF
Murdock, Myron, 24th MI INF
Myrick, Ozro, 15th MI INF
Ney, Charles F., 8th MI CAV, 11th MI CAV
Niles, Augustus, 13th MI INF
Niles, Thomas L., 9th MI CAV
Nourse, Hiram Willard, 5th MI CAV
Orcutt, Benjamin F., 25th MI INF
Ormes, Orson J., 23rd MI INF
Parish, Solon B., 1st MI LARTY
Parker, William S., 3rd MI CAV
Parkhurst, Isaac F., 6th MI CAV
Parrish, Solon B., 1st MI LARTY
Parsons, Charles Bunyon, 4th MI INF
Patten, William H., 3rd MI CAV
Pennell, Andrew J., 4th MI CA
Perkins, Albert James, 8th MI CAV
Perkins, Clarence Lendall, 4th MI CAV
Pinney, Judson S., 8th MI CAV
Potter, John C., 9th VT INF, 27th MI INF
Potter, Royal Laroy, 24th MI INF
Powell, Peter Charles, 4th MI CAV
Pratt, George Nathaniel, 11th MI INF
Proctor, Adonijah Howe, 28th MI INF
Puffer, Salem Shumway, 29th MI INF
Raymond, George, 8th MI CAV, 11th MI CAV
Reynolds, Michael, 1st MI CAV
Rice, William H. C., 11th MI INF
Richards, Frederick B., 4th MI INF
Richardson, Israel Bush, 2nd MI INF, 3rd US INF, USV
Roberts, William Henry, 13th MI LARTY
Robinson, Wesley L., 4th MI INF, 20th MI INF
Rogers, John P., 1st MI CAV
Ross, Nelson Franklin, 10th MI INF
Saint George, Nelson, 29th MI INF
Sanborn, Lanson C., 1st MI ENGRS
Sawyer, Andrew J., 3rd MI CAV
Scoville, Oliver T. H., 23rd MI INF
Scribner, James E., 14th MI INF
Seage, Henry Stark, 4th MI INF
Seage, Richard Watson, 4th MI INF
Segar, Francis J., 10th MI CAV
Shaw, George W., 3rd MI CAV
Sheldon, Henry, 10th MI INF
Sherburne, John F., 4th MI CAV
Sherman, Nelson B., 7th MI INF
Sherwood, Nathan J., 1st MI ENGRS
Simonds, Edward S., 14th MI INF
Skinner, Willis, 6th MI CAV
Slafter, Adoniram Judson, 23rd MI INF
Slafter, Alonzo, 30th MI INF
Smith, Charles P., 3rd NY INF, 28th MI INF
Smith, Luther Newell, 1st MI CAV
Smith, William A., 17th MI INF
Snyder, Benjamin, 10th MI CAV
Spalding, Carlos, 6th MI INF
Spaulding, Calvin L., 18th MI INF
Squier, John Howard, 2nd MI CAV
Squier, Martin Luther, 2nd MI CAV
Stafford, John A., 19th MI INF
Stark, Henry, 6th MI INF, 1st MI HARTY
Stockwell, Barzillai Erastus, 14th MI INF
Stoughton, Henry Nathaniel Corey, 13th MI INF
Taylor, James W., 12th VT INF, 12th MI INF
Temple, Stephen W. B., 23rd MI INF
Tewksbury, Isaac Norton, 12th MI INF
Thomas, Samuel R., 10th MI INF
Thompson, Benjamin E., 16th MI INF, 2nd Battln US Engrs
Thompson, Charles Augustus, 17th MI INF
Torrey, William Erskine, 10th MI CAV
Train, Albert J, 27th MI INF
Train, Edson H., 21st MI INF
Turner, Jerome Willard, 30th MI INF
Valiquette, Joseph, 1st MI SS
Vaughn, Eugene, 4th MI INF
Waite, Charles, 27th MI INF
Wakefield, Calvin, 1st MI ENGRS
Wakefield, Dana, 23rd MI INF
Walkins, Stiles Alexander, 3rd MI INF
Warren, George M., 2nd USSS, 1st MI LARTY
Watson, Amasa Brown, 8th MI INF
Webster, Andrew Jackson, 4th MI INF
Wells, Daniel Tyler, 1st MI CAV, 8th US INF
Wells, Gardiner H., 4th MI INF
Wheeler, William W., 6th MI INF, 23rd MI INF, 28th MI INF
Whipple, Frank, 1st MI SS
Whitcomb, Cornelius S., 13th MI INF
White, Asa, 15th MI INF
Whitman, Chauncey, 9th MI INF
Wilber, Wallace, 11th MI INF
Wilder, George W., 1st MI ENGRS
Wilder, Willard, 10th MI CAV
Williams, Cornelius, 3rd MI CAV, 28th MI INF
Williams, Edward L., 6th MI CAV
Wilson, Calvin, 9th MI INF
Wood, Rollin M., 42nd IL INF, 4th MI CAV
Wright, Thomas Kidder Green, 6th VT INF, 12th MI INF, 57th USCI, 67th USCI