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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Abbey, Rollin William6th WI INF, VRC05/12/1836, Vermont02/11/1905
Abernathy, Alexander A.43rd WI INF12/25/1837, Vermont01/13/1922
Adams, James C.10th WI INF1830, Newport, VT03/12/1899
Aiken, Charles E.41st WI INFunknown, Vermont12/25/1897
Aiken, William H.40th WI INF, 44th WI INF1844, Vermont10/11/1919
Alexander, Samuel P.5th WI INF, 6th WI INF1814, Vermont1903
Allen, Alfred R.10th WI INF08/02/1836, Goshen, VT01/09/1909
Allen, Benjamin16th WI INF08/26/1807, Woodstock, VT07/05/1873
Allen, Cyrus A.16th WI INF08/27/1841, Lincoln, VT05/09/1915
Allen, George D.1st WI INFunknown, Vermont02/11/1863
Allen, Gilbert L.6th WI INFAbt 1833, Vermont08/19/1919
Allen, Rufus Jefferson33rd WI INF12/1843, Vermont1902
Alverson, George F.10th WI INFabt 1840, Vermontafter 11/05/1884
Ambler, Henry C.4th WI INF, 21st NY CAVAbt 1832, Vermont07/22/1891
Ames, Albert D.2nd WI INFAbt 1825, Vermont02/22/1905
Ames, George W.2nd WI CAVabt 1841, Vermont12/10/1884
Annis, Aaron Hunt18th WI INF06/18/1823, Albany, VT02/25/1887
Annis, Benjamin B.11th WI INF05/13/1837, Albany, VT04/15/1917
Annis, Levi1st WI INF, 14th WI INF, 16th WI INF, 32nd WI INF01/10/1840, Essex County, VT02/04/1929
Annis, William11th WI INF02/16/1832, Franklin County, VT06/17/1904
Archer, Coit N.44th WI INF09/1845, Vermont06/25/1908
Atwood, Darwin F.1st WI HARTYabt 1827, Vermont11/17/1891
Atwood, Lorenzo D.43rd WI INFAbt 1826, Bethel, VT02/19/1899
Atwood, Royal E.6th WI INF1840, Sudbury, VT02/19/1918
Aubery, James Madison36th WI INF01/01/1843, Burlington, VT12/13/1926
Avery, Alonzo Bailey6th WI LARTY03/02/1828, Topsham, VT03/05/1908
Avery, Amplius Blake23rd WI INF02/19/1830, Topsham, VT11/01/1902
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