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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Babcock, Lyman A.10th WI INFAbt 1828, Vermont12/17/1915
Bailey, Ephraim M.36th WI INFabt 1823, Herkimer, NY10/23/1905
Baker, Clarence W.13th WI INF, 22nd WI INF, 14th US CINF03/1842, Vermont09/15/1928
Baker, William B.1st WI INFAbt 1834, Vermont04/28/1909
Baldwin, Melvin Riley2nd WI INF04/12/1838, Chester, VT04/15/1901
Ball, George Washington9th WI LARTY1840, Vermont01/18/1916
Banfill, William3rd WI CAV1845, Unknown08/16/1919
Barney, James S.18th WI INF1835, Castleton, VT1902
Barry, Don Carlos10th WI LARTY06/26/1812, Burlington, VT06/06/1893
Bassett, Alverdo Amos48th WI INF07/28/1848, Windsor County, VT12/07/1927
Bathrick, Frank S.10th WI INF05/08/1835, Putney, VT12/14/1921
Baxter, Benton E.49th WI INF1838, Vermont11/01/1893
Beagle, Daniel M.11th WI INF01/18/1832, Vermont02/15/1915
Bean, Norris37th WI INF10/1/1847, Vermont02/17/1932
Beebe, John Dane31st WI INF01/02/1821, Randolph, VT11/17/1904
Beebe, Julius Adrian6th WI INF03/29/1837, Arlington, VT04/05/1926
Beebe, Wilder19th WI INF1821, Vermont05/20/1892
Beebe, William H H16th WI INF1839, VermontAfter 04/10/1877
Beggs, James5th WI INF03/24/1833, North Hero, VT01/03/1891
Belonger, Michael3rd WI INF05/15/1841, Swanton, VT12/21/1924
Bennett, Franklin31st WI INF12/12/1821, Charlotte, VT08/20/1905
Benson, Harmon10th WI INF1824, Hinesburg, VT1889
Benson, Henry H.1st WI CAV1840, Orwell, VT1915
Benson, Homer Henry10th WI INF04/22/1816, Hinesburg, VT12/01/1899
Benway, Henry S.13th WI INFAbt 1836, Vermont11/22/1911
Berto, Lucian Warren36th WI INF04/15/1825, Hinesburg, VT11/29/1900
Bessette, Frederick37th WI INF12/1840, Vermont01/19/1905
Bicknell, Frederick Thompson23rd WI INF04/20/1842, Jericho, VT07/16/1915
Billings, Edward L.2nd WI INF03/30/1842, Vermont01/24/1937
Billings, Lyman17th WI INF04/24/1814, Stowe, VT10/27/1862
Bingham, Henry Smith19th WI INF05/01/1845, Stowe, VT02/19/1875
Bishop, Oriel D.10th WI INF, 34th NJ INF01/27/1837, Readsboro, VT02/05/1905
Black, Rollin Simon5th WI LARTY04/08/1844, Vermont02/15/1932
Blake, Joseph Stillman2nd WI CAV09/02/1834, Vershire, VT07/01/1898
Blake, Lemuel Edward46th WI INF12/17/1829, Bethel, VT12/14/1911
Blake, W. W.3rd WI INF , Orleans County, VTAfter 1880
Blake, Worthington2nd WI INF08/17/1829, Greensboro, VT08/20/1908
Bliss, Albert12th WI INF1811, Vermont02/25/1886
Blood, Alvin32nd WI INF1836, Vermont09/01/1882
Boardman, Clinton Alonzo51st WI INF02/16/1831, Norwich, VT07/27/1887
Bottum, Edwin Augustus31st WI INF07/16/1818, Orwell, VT03/05/1895
Boyden, Francis Henry14th WI INF05/12/1834, Guilford, VT02/18/1915
Boyden, Henry21st WI INF06/04/1804, Guilford, VT07/16/1864
Boynton, John W. Zeba3rd WI CAV1847, Brandon, VT1916
Bradford, Arwin A.14th WI INF1827, VermontAfter 1880
Bradford, Ira. A.36th WI INF1820, Vermont04/24/1895
Bradish, Albert Bullen21st WI INF09/11/1833, Stannard, VT06/23/1909
Bradish, Cyrus Jr.21st WI INF01/10/1841, Cabot, VT10/15/1862
Bradish, Ethan Allen48th WI INF08/24/1848, Cabot, VT06/18/1916
Bradshaw, James C.46th WI INF11/22/1834, Hamburg, NY06/10/1916
Braynard, James P.3rd WI INF07/07/1830, Vermont06/11/1894
Bremmer, William5th WI INF1811, Unknown1873
Brennan, Michael2nd WI INF05/15/1833, Castleton, VT07/01/1863
Bresee, Niram37th WI INF1823, Vermont10/07/1887
Brigham, Nelson H.30th WI INF04/15/1842, Burlington, VT05/01/1927
Brother, Frank7th WI INFAbt 1842, Vermont02/21/1913
Brown, Alonzo4th WI INF, 4th WI CAVAbt 1818, Vermont10/12/1912
Brown, Franklin S.2nd WI INF, 46th WI INF10/11/1834, Addison, VT01/13/1907
Brown, Horace7th WI INF1818, Sheldon, VT08/03/1882
Brown, Jason2nd WI INF02/01/1815, Georgia, VT07/21/1861
Brush, Henry P.30th WI INFunknown, UnknownAfter 08/25/1890
Buck, Charles E.39th WI INFabt 1836, Pittsford, VT05/06/1891
Buck, Ruben23rd WI INF1829, VermontAfter 1880
Bump, Charles Wesley16th WI INF04/13/1841, Brandon, VT11/12/1926
Bump, George W.16th WI INF04/18/1844, Brandon, VT11/20/1915
Bump, Henry F.31st WI INF , VermontAfter 1880
Bundy, Loren D.1st WI HARTY06/09/1836, Vermont01/06/1903
Burbank, Sidney H.10th WI INF1841, Essex County, VT12/07/1908
Burk, Marcus Moses7th WI INF02/29/1840, Windsor, VT06/26/1919
Burrington, Joseph10th WI INFAbt 1833, Vermont10/20/1905
Burtt, Milo B.27th WI INF06/05/1842, Franklin, VT04/22/1895
Bushey, Charles S.3rd WI INFAbt 1836, Vermont12/04/1879
Bushnell, Matthias1st WI CAV1835, Unknown08/03/1862
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