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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Calkins, Daniel16th WI INFAbt 1843, Vermont06/02/1913
Campbell, George F.47th WI INF , Warren, VT06/15/1918
Campbell, John Harold2nd WI CAV03/30/1821, St. Albans, VT02/12/1863
Carey, Gordon42nd WI INFAbout 1840, Vermont12/23/1921
Carlile, Andrew4th WI INFAbt 1841, VermontBefore 01/28/1925
Carr, Charles S.33rd WI INFAbt 1834, VermontAft 04/12/1904
Carr, Clark3rd WI INF1844, Manchester, VT1930
Carroll, Roger A.35th WI INF08/03/1845, Vergennes, VT02/21/1925
Cass, Henry H.16th WI INF1841, Burke, VT1919
Chamberlain, Percioses R.44th WI INFAbt 1823, Vermont05/08/1904
Chamberlin, Everett12th VT INF, 39th WI INF05/08/1839, Newbury, VT02/19/1875
Chandler, Julius Converse2nd WI INF, 40th WI INF08/23/1833, Randolph, VT08/28/1878
Chaplin, William36th WI INF04/06/1837, Franklin County, VT12/23/1914
Chapman, Chandler D.6th WI INF, USV07/07/1815, Middlebury, VT05/08/1877
Chase, Samuel Willis1st WI CAV06/13/1837, Orleans County, VT04/29/1902
Cheney, Warren5th WI INF, 34th WI INF07/18/1834, Shrewsbury, VT02/08/1899
Chesemore, Newton Luther25th WI INF1836, Vermont02/08/1923
Childs, Israel30th WI INF12/02/1834, Waitsfield, VT10/30/1904
Chrystie, Alexander11th WI INF10/11/1830, Highgate, VT1903
Clark, Alvin F.43rd WI INFAbt 1835, Vermont04/18/1918
Clark, Oscar Allen10th WI LARTY02/04/1834, Milton, VT02/26/1901
Clark, Stephen Benjamin16th WI INF03/1830, Vermont05/31/1908
Clemans, Horace Byron21st WI INF1839, Wolcott, VT1923
Coats, William R.52nd WI INF1821, Vermont04/27/1904
Cobb, Guy Lewis1st WI INF1821, Vermont03/25/1905
Cobb, Samuel C.13th WI INF08/16/1836, Vermont08/10/1912
Cochran, Warren6th WI INF12/18/1816, Winhall, VT03/02/1900
Colburn, William30th WI INF09/24/1825, Swanton, VT02/07/1892
Cole, Alexander2nd WI INF1832, Colchester, VT02/18/1911
Cole, Alson39th WI INF01/17/1845, Starksboro, VT12/18/1897
Cole, Henry Clay1st WI IND ARTY06/30/1844, Vermont07/12/1920
Cole, Horace F.21st WI INF1836, Mount Holly, VT09/10/1909
Collins, PhilipUS VRC, 6th WI INFUnknown, Unknown12/27/1891
Conant, David A.1st WI CAV1839, Wolcott, VT1902
Congdon, Gilbert2nd WI CAV04/1822, Vermont12/18/1891
Conry, Hiram16th WI INF06/25/1838, St. Albans, VT01/22/1919
Converse, Henry Buck2nd WI INF01/27/1832, Dummerston, VT08/09/1920
Cook, Alonzo16th WI INFAbt 1846, Vermont12/12/1925
Cook, Atwell J.6th WI INF08/25/1818, Vernon, VT07/05/1907
Cook, Riley Robert3rd WI INF1841, Underhill, VT1922
Cooledge, Henry W.18th WI INF04/14/1841, Plymouth, VT05/10/1910
Cooper, Elijah E.13th WI INFAbout 1827, Highgate, VT01/25/1900
Corbett, Charles A.8th WI INF11/21/1840, Benson, VT02/18/1915
Corbett, Lester M.14th WI INF04/01/1843, Benson, VT01/08/1935
Corey, Hiram C.13th WI INF1832, Vermont10/1870
Corey, Thomas Grover16th WI INF03/04/1828, Essex County, VT09/14/1896
Corlew, James27th WI INF02/06/1826, VermontUnknown
Cory, Milo29th WI INF1822, Vermont11/21/1888
Coyier, Jonathan Bradley36th WI INF1828, Vermont03/05/1866
Craigue, Nelson Francis4th WI CAV1835, Unknown1916
Crane, Daniel Franklin10th MN INF, 2nd WI INF11/04/1840, Bradford, VT10/12/1897
Cray, Parkman4th WI INFAbt 1836, Vermont08/01/1914
Cressy, Henry Wheeler25th WI INF03/14/1824, Marlboro, VT07/24/1864
Crossett, Zerah H.25th WI INF04/25/1825, Duxbury, VT03/08/1888
Culver, Elmer A.5th WI INF07/27/1846, Wallingford, VT04/24/1933
Culver, Luke19th WI INF02/04/1842, Wallingford, VT12/21/1916
Cummings, Dennis P.41st WI INFAbt 1844, Vermont02/26/1920
Curtis, Martin M.53rd WI INF06/16/1824, VermontUnknown
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