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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Dake, Isaiah30th WI INF1839, VermontAfter 12/31/1883
Damon, Charles A. J.23rd WI INF1828, Vermont1913
Danforth, Charles A.43rd WI INF1832, Vermont06/08/1913
Davis, J. Wilder13th WI INF06/27/1843, Unknown01/03/1892
Davis, Joseph Carl21st WI INF, 1st USV ENG1844, Vermont1907
Day, Lucius30th WI INF03/02/1838, Burlington, VT03/15/1900
Decelle, Frank B.18th WI INF1846, Waterbury, VT09/17/1897
Demeritt, John Pushee29th WI INF1836, Montpelier, VT07/23/1921
Densmore, Harry M.30th WI INF06/16/1843, Unknown01/03/1912
Dick, Alexander C.16th WI INF09/25/1825, Vermont03/30/1910
Dimick, Hiram H22nd WI INF1829, Dorset, VT1909
Doane, Sanford20th WI INF, 47th WI INFAbt 1834, Vermont08/25/1916
Dockham, Charles Frederick49th WI INF07/23/1839, Bradford, VT06/25/1912
Dodge, Dana D.2nd WI INF1825, Tunbridge, VT1913
Dolphin, William Benjamin30th WI INF1843, Vermont01/06/1889
Donaldson, Seymour36th WI INF1824, Swanton, VT08/1889
Dresser, George1st WI CAV1840, Vermont11/29/1899
Dresser, Wellington J.2nd WI INFAbt 1831, Vermont10/02/1920
Drown, Edwin C.1st WI CAVUnknown, Sheffield, VTAfter 1890
Drury, Lucius Hollenbeck3rd WI LARTY12/20/1824, Highgate, VT06/22/1884
Drury, Rodney Philo1st WI CAV04/05/1848, Highgate, VT04/11/1929
Dugar, Alvin Barnes12th WI INF12/14/1823, Washington, VT05/07/1894
Dutton, George W.5th WI INF1836, Washington, VT1918
Dutton, Ira Barnes13th WI INF04/27/1843, Stowe, VT03/26/1931
Dutton, Ormand Noah22nd WI INF06/02/1841, Hardwick, VT11/20/1912
Dutton, Robert F.5th WI INF, 146th Il INF1842, Waldon, VTBefore 12/10/1898
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