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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Failing, Allen B.3rd WI INF1834, Rutland, VT01/03/1911
Farnham, Lucius Calkins7th WI INF08/26/1827, Unknown12/11/1906
Field, Harrison O.12th WI INF1832, Vermont09/23/1923
Fisher, Charles Allen21st WI INF, 49th WI INF05/20/1829, Highgate, VT12/13/1899
Fisher, Elias W.2nd WI CAVAbt 1845, Vermont08/15/1917
Fitts, William W.8th WI INFAbt 1843, VermontAft 1920
Fizell, William T.29th WI INFAbt 1843, Vermont06/02/1911
Flint, Andrew M.40th WI INF1848, Vermont1906
Flint, George W.20th WI INF06/25/1835, Braintree, VT05/10/1863
Flint, Jeremiah Eliphalet4th WI CAV03/04/1840, Eden, VT05/03/1909
Flint, Phineas C.30th WI INF09/29/1837, Eden, VT10/22/1887
Flint, Raymond27th WI INF06/18/1826, Montpelier, VT0313/1906
Flint, Russell F.51st WI INF03/25/1847, Vermont10/22/1920
Flowers, James T.6th WI INF, 17th WI INFAbt 1835, VermontAft 07/13/1910
Follett, Luther M.44th WI INF1840, Berkshire, VT1916
Forman, William Henry17th WI INF, 15th CT INF1827, Vermont10/09/1916
Foster, Edward C.46th WI INFabt 1834, Unknown03/31/1876
Foster, Harrington S.42nd WI INF1811, Vermont6/30/1884 - 11/05/1889
Frary, George M.13th WI INF1825, Bennington, VT1902
Freeman, Joel Mann12th WI INF1815, Fairlee, VT07/09/1864
Freeman, Thomas Rush38th WI INF05/12/1831, Barnard, VT05/10/1909
French, Homer Lafayette32nd WI INF1829, Bloomfield, VT07/03/1911
French, Volney Vaness36th WI INF08/21/1832, Bloomfield, VT1894
Frizzell, Orange Scott48th WI INF07/31/1846, Canaan, VT11/30/1927
Fuller, Dennis Moulton6th WI INFAbt 1839, Vermont04/07/1913
Fuller, Homer Pitt19th WI INF09/27/1836, Vermont12/16/1919
Fullington, Egbert P.12th WI LARTYAbt 1841, VermontAft 07/22/1924
Furness, Henry Benjamin24th WI INF10/24/1832, Manchester, VT03/17/1911
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