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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Hadley, Langdon S.32nd WI INF1840, Unknown12/30/1863
Hall, Albert Henry23rd WI INF1840, Rutland, VT1901
Hall, Carlton Felch6th WI INF03/20/1820, Hardwick, VT08/29/1896
Hall, Edwin F.1st WI HARTYAbt 1847, Vermont10/18/1919
Hall, Hugh23rd WI INF01/14/1843, Plymouth, VT01/26/1931
Hall, James Ashton23rd WI INF1844, Rutland County, VT1907
Hall, Samuel Wallace1st WI CAV11/14/1842, Rochester, VT02/02/1917
Hand, Edmund Henry4th WI CAV05/31/1837, Colchester, VT01/04/1922
Hardy, Carloss M.14th WI INFAbt 1837, Vermont10/17/1909
Hardy, Hiram E.42nd WI INFabt 1825, Vermont01/24/1891
Haskell, Franklin Aretas6th WI INF, 36th WI INF07/13/1828, Tunbridge, VT06/03/1864
Haskin, Edward J.44th WI INF1835, Middletown, VT1936
Hastings, Orlando Harris25th WI INF03/07/1840, Charleston, VT03/06/1922
Hastings, Orlando Harrison25th WI INF03/07/1840, West Charleston, VT03/06/1922
Hatch, Alanson38th WI INF1833, Vermont03/18/1865
Hatch, James L.50th WI INFAbt 1845, Vermont12/22/1910
Hawes, Amos P.17th WI INF1827, Vermont06/27/1864
Heath, Justus Fairchild5th WI INF, 22nd WI INF10/06/1839, Holland, VT10/06/1921
Heath, Nathan2nd WI INF, VRC09/27/1844, Vermont03/01/1921
Heath, Orrin57th IL INF, 37th WI INF1840, Orange County, Vermont05/14/1874
Hebard, William4th WI CAV12/22/1824, Rutland, VT11/29/1910
Heidorf, Joseph6th WI INFUnknown, Unknown06/23/1895
Hewlett, Edward P.3rd WI INF1828, Vermont1899
Hibbard, Andrew14th WI INF, 9th IL CAV1846, VermontUnknown
Higgins, James Wallace40th WI INF1845, Vermont10/01/1924
Higgins, Samuel B.16th WI INF07/18/1835, Unknown01/05/1902
Hill, Algea S.3rd WI INF10/19/1840, Vermont11/28/1903
Hill, Edgar P.23rd WI INFAbt 1826, Vermont06/09/1899
Hill, Jenkins, W.1st WI CAVAbt 1819, Vermont1889
Hill, Thomas30th WI INF1830, Fairfield, VT03/04/1906
Hitchcock, Charles Lewis31st WI INF04/05/1849, Vermont01/28/1934
Hitchcock, Lucius Nelson11th WI INF, 33rd WI INF03/07/1847, Franklin, VT05/17/1926
Hoag, Harmon1st WI LARTY1837, Grand Isle, VT06/01/1862
Hodge, Perry29th WI INF1830, Sherburne, VT1896
Hodges, William Romaine32nd WI INF08/23/1840, South Hero, VT07/27/1921
Hodgkin, George C.3rd WI CAV12/05/1830, Vermont05/16/1889
Hogle, Washington14th WI INF06/10/1816, Vermont06/02/1899
Holden, George Washington4th WI INF12/31/1809, Middlesex, VT06/18/1862
Holden, Ira17th WI INF1798, Vermont04/08/1886
Hollenbeck, Zeph D.3rd WI LARTY1842, Vermont1919
Hollis, Samuel Martin52nd WI INF04/01/1844, Vermont12/02/1923
Holt, Myron A.46th WI INFabt 1825, Vermont1908
Horton, Jasper L.32nd WI INFAbt 1838, VermontAft 04/05/1928
Howes, Walter37th WI INFUnknown, Unknown04/02/1865
Hoyt, George44th WI INF1835, Dorset, VT1919
Hoyt, Samuel1st WI LARTY1817, Bakersfield, VT1889
Hudson, Amos B.1st WI CAV09/15/1829, Vermont04/14/1884
Huey, Albert7th WI INF11/19/1821, Vermont09/20/1904
Hunt, Edward Sylvester11 WI INF10/30/1836, Royalton, VT01/18/1905
Hunter, PeterUSN, 1st VT CAV, 4th WI INFabt 1844, Scotland02/13/1900
Huntington, William H.12th WI INFabt 1837, Vermont04/26/1897
Huntress, Gideon C.7th WI INF09/03/1844, Granville, VT12/23/1906
Huntress, Hiram Bartlett7th WI INF, 49th WI INF, VRC11/1840, Granville, VT11/25/1906
Huntress, Samuel D.20th WI INF, 1st WI HARTY03/17/1848, Granville, VT04/02/1929
Hutchin, Edward H.1st WI CAV1839, Chittenden, VT04/04/1924
Hutchins, William W.6th WI INF1834, Unknown08/19/1864
Hutchinson, Martin VanBuren11th WI INF, 48th WI INF05/23/1835, Montpelier, VT09/10/1897
Hyde, George B.2nd WI INF1836, Highgate, VT09/10/1862
Hyde, Henry Allan41st WI INF1834, Highgate, VT09/24/1864
Hyde, Legrand Deforest22nd WI INF1828, Rupert, VT1905
Hyde, Robert E.25th WI INFAbt 1843, Vermont08/03/1919
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