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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Magill, Jerome B.28th WI INF1843, VermontAfter 9/30/1882
Maloney, Bryan23rd WI INF11/20/1846, Ireland02/11/1920
Manser, Christopher Augustus1st WI INF08/01/1840, Burlington, VT01/30/1915
Marble, Joseph Dexter7th WI INF12/18/1832, Fayston, VT02/10/1893
Marshall, Giles Holden41st WI INF03/04/1810, Stowe, VT10/10/1885
Martin, John Blair3rd WI INF06/30/1848, Burlington, VT07/25/1919
Martin, Oscar S.12th VT INF, 44th WI INFabt 1843, Georgia, VT09/25/1912
Mason, Hiram10th WI INF1836, Vermont01/14/1921
Mayville, Ephraim Reynolds37th WI INF11/08/1834, Swanton, VT08/27/1907
Mayville, Peter14th WI INF10/24/1824, Swanton, VT08/28/1900
Mayville, William14th WI INF1844, Highgate, VT02/13/1919
McAuly, Byron W.30th WI INFAbt 1836, VermontAft 08/16/1906
McCoy, Andrew Jackson1st WI CAV, US VOLS1831, Lyndon, VT10/17/1890
Mccoy, George Lucius42nd WI INF02/14/1846, Highgate, VT11/07/1923
McCrillis, Robert Erdix25th WI INF1842, Topsham, VT1927
McKellips, David O.24th WI INF1839, Vermont1909
McMillan, Dennis L.2nd WI CAV, 11th IL CAV1837, Vermont1899
Meacham, Cornelius Edward12th WI INF07/24/1843, Brandon, VT03/08/1921
Meacham, Edgar Aurelius30th WI INF05/31/1832, Brandon, VT08/19/1884
Merrill, James G.36th WI INF03/09/1831, Danville, VT01/29/1915
Merritt, Charles M.1st WI LARTYAbt 1834, Vermont04/27/1912
MIlls, John W.36th WI INF1836, Rutland, VT1918
Miltimore, Ira33rd WI INF09/28/1813, Windham County, VT06/09/1879
Moore, Edson S.1st WI INF, 4th WI CAVAbt 1841, Vermont06/02/1920
Moran, Edward H.6th WI INFAbt 1843, Vermont04/11/1921
Morrison, Hiram R.3rd WI CAVAbt 1820, Vermont06/05/1903
Mosher, Albert P.17th WI LARTY1841, Vermont06/09/1894
Moulton, Henry Zebina40th WI INF03/31/1836, Cabot, VT12/16/1901
Moulton, Stillman1st WI HARTY04/02/1823, Montpelier, VT02/21/1905
Munsil, A F46th WI INFAbt 1846, Vermont08/24/1905
Mussen, James H.50th WI INF1830, Vermont07/21/1907
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