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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Packard, Silas J.23rd WI INF11/09/1849, Vermont09/16/1911
Page, Moses A.40th WI INFAbt 1843, VermontAft 02/16/1921
Paine, Richard Kendall21st WI INF10/05/1841, Orange, VTd. 11/14/1904
Parker, Loren D.23rd WI INF07/22/1834, Weathersfield, VT04/03/1911
Parker, William H.36th WI INF1840, Weathersfield, VT1912
Parkhurst, Elisha D.1st WI CAV02/07/1835, Sharon, VT11/06/1909
Parrish, Elijah28th WI INFunknown, UnknownAfter 1890
Patnoe, Alex45th WI INF , VermontAfter 03/01/1905
Payne, Edward Byron40th WI INF1847, Vermont10/21/1923
Perkins, Edwin G.3rd WI CAV, 89th IL INF, 59th IL INF1817, Middlebury, VT04/17/1886
Perkins, Norman Andrew3rd WI INF03/15/1839, Hinesburg, VT10/23/1907
Perkins, William E.38th WI INF05/27/1824, Highgate, VT10/16/1905
Perry, Aaron H.50th WI INF1847, Vermont04/04/1933
Persons, Augustus Franklin18th WI INF03/11/1829, Shoreham, VT09/14/1904
Persons, Levi Allen49th WI INF10/10/1822, Warren, VT1912
Peters, Timothy3rd WI CAV08/1841, Fairfield, VT08/02/1906
Phen, Charles N.50th WI INF1820, Vermont03/08/1898
Phenn, William M.21st WI INF, 38th WI INF10/25/1832, Vermont05/25/1924
Pierce, Charles P.44th WI INF1844, St. Johnsbury, VTAfter 6/30/1883
Pierce, Daniel W.1st WI HARTY01/21/1847, Vermont11/10/1919
Pierce, William19th WI INF1832, VermontAfter 12/31/1908
Pinney, Oscar F.5th WI LARTY1819, Vermont02/17/1863
Pinney, William Washburn39th WI INFAbout 1819, Middlebury, VT05/13/1899
Place, Doctor Sidney12th WI INF07/02/1843, Chittenden, VT02/13/1898
Platt, Alender B.1st MO SS, 66th IL INF, 19th WI INF11/16/1844, Fletcher, VT10/15/1908
Platt, James E.1st WI INF , VermontAfter 1880
Plummer, Abram37th WI INF1832, Chittenden County, VT04/27/1907
Poland, Solon14th WI INF06/18/1829, Waitsfield, VT09/03/1863
Pond, Henry A.1st WI HARTY1842, Vermont1917
Porter, Nelson4th WI INFAbt 1836, VermontBefore 08/12/1913
Potter, Henry F.1st WI HARTY, 12th USC HARTYAbt 1837, Vermont11/24/1911
Potter, Royal L.14th WI INF08/08/1829, Fairfield, VT04/26/1910
Powell, Leonard2nd WI INF, 2nd WI CAV1827, West Fairlee, VT11/23/1864
Powers, Alvin31st WI INF12/09/1839, St. Johnsbury, VT03/28/1906
Pratt, Roswell V.1st WI INF, 4th WI CAV1841, Vermont1907
Price, Horatio M.7th WI ARTYUnknown, Unknownunknown
Putnam, John G.39th WI INF1821, Vermont03/18/1900
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