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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Randall, Daniel S.3rd WI ARTYunknown, Unknown05/03/1862
Randall, Edwin S.18th WI INFunknown, Vermont05/28/1862
Randall, Murray N.32nd WI INF06/15/1835, Vermont0413/1909
Randall, Roswell K.1st WI CAV1831, Sandgate, VT1911
Rashaw, Orin1st WI HARTY04/1847, Vermont04/18/1939
Recor, William3rd WI INFAbt 1839, New York02/04/1910
Reed, Henry W.21st WI INF1841, Rutland, VT06/1880
Reynolds, Phineas36th WI INFabt 1821, Unknown1897
Rich, Truman8th WI INF1833, Vermont12/05/1917
Richardson, Erastus1st WI INF11/21/1821, Rochester, VT04/20/1900
Ricker, Chester23rd WI INF04/05/1841, Groton, VT01/20/1919
Rider, Willard Z.1st WI HARTY08/08/1840, Vermont11/14/1891
Robinson, Charles Fay1st WI CAV09/14/1844, Highgate, VT09/15/1903
Robinson, William W.7th WI INF12/14/1819, Fair Haven, VT04/27/1903
Rockwell, Aldis L40th WI INF1841, Vermont08/22/1894
Rockwood, Jason29th WI INF1820, Vermont02/01/1863
Rood, Anson38th WI INF, US VOLS09/23/1827, Vermont01/17/1898
Root, Almon Rufus18th WI INF1839, Unknown1904
Roscoe, John B.49th WI INF1846, Vermont06/24/1926
Ross, Edgar3rd WI INF1842, Lowell, VT11/01/1861
Ross, Eugene E.39th WI INFabt 1842, Weston, VT09/13/1864
Rounds, Horace E.41st WI INF1838, Vermont08/26/1916
Rowell, George F.23rd WI INF07/28/1828, Vermont06/22/1908
Royce, Henry Leander3rd WI CAV, VRC12/23/1821, Orwell, VT10/31/1864
Rumrill, Pliny F.2nd WI CAV1827, Windsor, VT06/27/1903
Russ, James C.42nd WI INF04/04/1828, Unknown08/16/1864
Russell, Thomas Pember1st WI CAV, 2nd WI INF04/19/1827, Bethel, VT10/05/1917
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