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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Saint George, Lewis20th WI INF02/13/1844, Vermont06/20/1928
Sanborn, James O.48th WI INFabt 1840, Vermont01/09/1904
Sanborn, Solon F.1st WI INF, 3rd WI INF, 21st WI INF03/07/1841, Wheelock, VT12/23/1919
Sanborn, Wilbur F.12th WI INF1842, Vermont02/01/1900
Sanders, George S.4th WI CAV01/29/1836, Pittsford, VT08/14/1862
Sanders, Michael Francis16th WI INF, 13th WI LARTY08/25/1837, Pittsford, VT07/17/1915
Sanders, Samuel C13th WI INF1829, Enosburgh, VT1906
Sanderson, Henry L49th WI INF1828, Bennington, VT1906
Sanderson, Samuel A.8th WI INF03/1842, Northfield, VT12/23/1913
Savage, Francis1st WI CAV1839, Unknown1907
Sawyer, George S.28th WI INF09/1843, Vermont07/21/1909
Sawyer, James F.21st WI INF06/06/1828, Caledonia County, VT01/24/1880
Sawyer, James W.1st WI LARTY11/05/1835, Windsor, VT08/10/1884
Schofield, Milo5th WI INF1828, Vermont07/28/1904
Scott, Otis Brigham38th WI INF1824, Vermont02/25/1898
Seaman, Mead H.21st WI INF1837, Vermont09/25/1864
Sessions, Milan H.21st WI INFUnknown, Randolph, VT04/18/1898
Shabino, Antoine36th WI INF10/28/1848, Grand Isle County, VT12/19/1913
Shabino, Henry3rd WI CAV05/02/1842, Burlington, VT06/14/1909
Shabino, Joseph28th WI INF1846, Vermont03/30/1865
Shaw, Charles Lucius20th WI INF11/24/1836, Unknown03/11/1889
Sherwood, Aaron21st WI INF1825, Vermont10/16/1862
Shufelt, George14th WI INF, 48th WI INF08/10/1845, Vermont05/03/1914
Silver, Oscar F.16th WI INF, 27th WI INF1829, Bloomfield, VT08/29/1863
Slocum, John R.22nd WI INF1847, Vermont1900
Smith, Chauncy W.35th WI INFabt 1845, Vermont06/29/1921
Smith, Ephraim T.49th WI INF08/27/1825, Rutland County, VT01/10/1907
Smith, John F.38th WI INFabt 1846, Vermont07/22/1901
Smith, Lyman H.2nd WI INF1836, Unknown12/25/1911
Smith, Thomas L.10th WI INF02/12/1823, Albany, VT01/02/1914
Snow, Benjamin F. T.22nd WI INF, VRC1822, Georgia, VT08/06/1882
Snow, George Clark42nd WI INFabt 1846, VermontAfter 1930
Snow, Herbert20th WI INF1835, Lunenburg, VT10/08/1896
Snow, Orrin Dorman5th WI LARTY12/1836, Milton, VT1904
Somerby, John L.6th WI INF1838, Vermont01/01/1904
Soper, Edward Lawrence16th WI INF09/04/1838, Brandon, VT02/07/1911
Soper, Foster Richard37th WI INF08/29/1836, Brandon, VT08/22/1864
Soper, Isaac Ranson4th WI CAV05/1843, Brandon, VT09/2/1911
Soper, Myron J.1st WI CAV10/1842, Brandon, VT10/02/1862
Soper, Sherman H.36th WI INF1845, Brandon, VT11/19/1864
Southard, Aaron6th WI LARTY03/11/1823, Addison, VT10/04/1883
Sowle, A. W.7th WI LARTY1843, VermontAfter 6/30/1888
Spear, Wallace Mason2nd WI INF, 1st WI HARTY07/21/1832, Ludlow, VT07/26/1873
Spencer, William J.25th WI INF, 2nd MN CAVabt 1843, Castleton, VT07/10/1917
Spooner, Henry F.40th WI INF1835, Vermont01/07/1913
Stickles, Peleamon J.4th WI ARTY03/24/1839, Unknown02/14/1906
Stockwell, Robert M.37th WI INF1829, Vermont09/15/1908
Stoddard, Carlos L.42nd WI INF01/06/1823, Vermont05/27/1908
Stormes, Harry Ira2nd WI CAV04/03/1846, Vermont10/05/1945
Stratton, Winchester E.21st WI INF1842, Vermont04/11/1925
Straw, Sylvester10th WI INF1827, Unknown12/19/1862
Strong, Dana J.3rd WI LARTYUnknown, UnknownBefore 05/11/1872
Strong, Milo Joel31st WI INF1835, Vermont1910
Sullivan, Daniel.1st WI CAV1846, VermontAfter 12/31/1895
Swift, Henry Spencer33rd WI INFAbout 1838, Waits River, VT04/19/1863
Swift, Orsamus B.31st WI INF07/25/1841, Orange County, VT08/22/1922
Swift, Pardon Holden11th WI INF, 33rd WI INF12/27/1843, Waits River, VT03/02/1916
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