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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Tatro, Joseph36th WI INF03/25/1825, Burlington, VT03/16/1885
Taylor, Allen41st WI INFabt 1810, Panton, VT10/11/1886
Taylor, Don G.24th NY INF, 3rd WI INF, 21st WI INFabt 1842, Adam, NY03/03/1908
Tempest, Edward47th WI INF, USNabt 1844, Vermont07/19/1939
Terrell, Hiram D.7th WI INFabt 1834, Vermont06/19/1908
Terrill, Edson E.7th WI INF06/16/1830, Underhill, VT06/01/1906
Thatcher, Alvin H.31st WI INF1817, Graniteville, VT1901
Thayer, Alvin Orlando28th WI INF07/18/1844, Clarendon, VT1922
Thayer, James Hervey12th WI INF09/04/1833, Marlboro, VT10/07/1864
Thomas, Palmer20th WI INF01/16/1835, Ryegate, VT04/11/1900
Thurston, Daniel Sylvester1st WI CAV1809, Vermont04/09/1863
Tilley, Herrick A.1st WI HARTY12/21/1846, Unknown02/15/1912
Titus, Lewis5th WI LARTY1834, Vermont06/19/1921
Tolman, Anson51st WI INF1833, Vermont1918
Tower, Hannibal40th WI INF, 46th WI INF08/17/1827, Rutland, VT01/29/1900
Tower, Joseph Poland17th WI INF08/18/1821, Underhill, VTBefore 1/25/1900
Town, Eli C.10th WI INF03 Nov 1836, Stowe, VT01/20/1865
Trowbridge, Alpheus Smith13th WI INF09/04/1821, Unknown03/10/1895
Truax, John H.1st WI CAV09/23/1845, Vermont01/15/1928
Truesdell, James P.47th WI INF09/10/1842, Burlington, VT04/09/1901
Tucker, William Arlo28th WI INF04/02/1811, Calais, VT07/16/1890
Tullar, Sidney B.16th WI INF08/22/1814, Vermont08/17/1896
Turner, Henry Augustus16th WI INF1831, Vermont10/12/1868
Turner, Levi P.32nd WI INF1822, Vermont1896
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