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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

At last count we had 583 Vermonters served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname (or, you can get a unit roster)

NameUnitBirth Date/PlaceDeath
Wait, Warren3rd WI CAV1836, Bennington, VT1921
Waldo, John S3rd WI INF1845, Royalton, VT1925
Walker, Charles Aaron21st WI INF, 2nd US CAV06/29/1837, Vershire, VT06/11/1903
Walker, George40th WI INF1846, Vermont1930
Wallace, Albert H.25th WI INF1841, VermontAfter 3/31/1889
Ward, Edgar Royal11th WI INF, 33rd WI INF02/27/1837, Underhill, VT08/15/1915
Ward, Edwin Rolland37th WI INF02/27/1837, Underhill, VT06/30/1921
Ward, Madison20th WI INF02/25/1826, Underhill, VT09/29/1863
Warner, Elvin Kendrick35th WI INF1822, Burlington, VT1908
Warner, Ira B.12th VT INF, 39th WI INF, 51st WI INF1835, Georgia, VT1897
Warren, John Wheelock1st WI CAV03/01/1836, Wardsboro, VT03/27/1875
Washburn, Anson M.1st VT INF, 39th WI INF, 12th US INF08/23/1842, Chateauguay, NY01/24/1921
Washer, Jedediah T.39th WI INF 05/03/1820, Sheldon, VT05/03/1910
Way, David M.3rd WI INF, 22nd WI INF10/12/1838, Grand Isle, VT02/20/1905
Webster, Francis C.18th WI INFUnknown, Vermont11/12/1864
Webster, Lewis Benajah14th WI INF, 58th IL INF07/21/1840, Green Bay, WI11/16/1923
Webster, Samuel Herman33rd WI INF07/01/1831, Fletcher, VT08/06/1901
Weeks, Joel7th WI INF02/15/1835, Vermont06/30/1899
Welch, Andrew Gray2nd WI CAV1822, Ryegate, VT11/03/1907
Wells, Charles41st WI INF06/22/1845, Waterbury, VT03/26/1920
Welton, Edwin C.1st WI CAV12/14/1845, Unknown02/08/1933
Wheeler, Joel F.11th WI INF1837, Vermont04/09/1865
Wheelock, Arthur Buck1st WI INF, 7th WI LARTY04/19/1832, Royalton, VT07/06/1925
Whipple, Charles F.2nd WI CAV1835, Springfield, VT11/05/1917
Whitaker, John32nd WI INF1828, Unknown01/19/1893
Whitcomb, John27th WI INF02/06/1820, Vermont04/23/1902
White, Almond A.40th WI INF06/18/1844, Whiting, VT08/14/1930
White, Darwin B.18th WI INF10/13/1818, Mount Holly, VT07/16/1862
Whitney, Mark13th WI INF, 40th WI INF, 49th WI INF1843, Orange County, VT1925
Whitney, Vespasian Ward25th WI INF01/01/1831, Shrewsbury, VT04/29/1892
Wilkins, Alonzo Erastus38th WI INF12/18/1848, Montgomery, VT04/22/1908
Wilkins, Frederick H.39th WI INF02/14/1845, Unknown11/13/1925
Willey, Froland6th WI INF09/18/1833, Vermont07/14/1916
Wilson, Hiram19th WI INF10/5/1827, Bethel, VT07/17/1902
Winters, Wallace S.9th VT INF, 35th WI INFabt 1844, Port Douglas, NY12/16/1904
Witters, Benjamin F.4th WI INF1835, Georgia, VT05/12/1862
Wood, David H.13th WI INFAbout 1841, VermontBefore 07/28/1919
Wood, Reuben Richardson2nd WI CAV1819, Franklin County, VT1906
Woodard, Thomas Canedy25th WI INF1837, Vermont11/30/1920
Woodward, Edmund O43rd WI INF1843, Orange County, VT1878
Wright, Joel Barrett11th WI INF10/08/1829, Mount Holly, VT07/04/1912
Wright, Wallace W.22nd WI INFabt 1837, Vermont11/30/1916
Wylie, James Raymond2nd WI INF, 6th WI INF08/10/1834, Eden, VT12/28/1932
Wyman, Ira3rd WI LARTY06/23/1823, Vermont05/14/1894
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