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United States Sharpshooters
1st Company of Sharp Shooters - AG65
1st Sharp Shooter Company - AG62
1st Sharp Shooter Company - AG62
1st, 2nd and 3rd Companies of Sharp Shooters - AG63
1st/2d/3rd Companies Sharp Shooters - AG64
2d/3rd Sharp Shooters Companies - AG62
2nd and 3rd Companies of Sharp Shooters - AG65
2nd Sharp Shooter Company - AG62
3rd Sharpshooter Company Recruits
Archer, Foster E., biography
Averill, Philetus, biography
Bailey, Merrill, biography
Barton, Joseph G., letter just prior to his death
Beach, Edgar A., biography
Benedict, Chapter 30
Bradley, Joseph, pre-war photo
Brian White's Sharpshooter Photographs
Bullock, David M., biography
Charles Collection
Cressey, George W., biography
Culver, Daniel L., biography
Edgerton, Hiram R., photograph
Fairbanks, Alfred, biography
Fairbanks, Charles, biography
Fairbanks, Charles, biography
Gettysburg, 1st Sharpshooters Monument
Gettysburg, 2nd Sharpshooters Monument
Gibson Collection
Giddings, Silas, Reminicense, biography
Greeley, Cyrus, biography
History, Co. E, 2nd United States Sharpshooters
History, Co. F, 1st United States Sharpshooters
History, Co. H, 2nd United States Sharpshooters
History, Companies E and H, 2nd United States Sharpshoote
Hodge, Holden S., biography
Holtham, Edward A., biography
How A Man Feels in Battle
ID Disks
Identification Disks
Jones Collection
Leach, Nathan, biography
Lewis, Luke Monroe, biography
McGettrick, Felix W., biography
Minet, Exes, biography
Monahan, John J., biography
National Soldiers Homes
Osborn, Edson P., biography
Paine, Eugene, biography
Parris, John J., biography
Peck, Cassius, biography
Perry, Daniel, biography
Recruiting Poster, Sharpshooters
Research Aids
Richardson, Burton, C., biography
Rollins, Ledrew M., biography
Scott Family Portrait
Seaton, Charles W., biography
Sharpshooters at Weldon Railroad
Shepard, John F., biography
Smith, Walter W., biography
Squier, Daniel W., biography
Squier, Willard, biography
Stewart, William E., biography
Stoughton, Homer R., biography
Third Sharp Shooter Company - AG62
Tilson Photo Album
Vermont Riflemen in the War for the Union
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
White, Eben S., biography