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Vermont Historical Society Photographs

George W. Flagg's Second Vermont Infantry Album (MSA 595)

Note: The album contains a handful of other than 2nd Vermont soldiers

Ballou, Erastus G. (2nd VT INF)

Bass, John Tyler (2nd VT INF)

Beckwith, Albert D. (2nd VT INF)

Bridgeman, George W. (2nd VT INF)

Brown, William Henry (2nd VT INF)

Carpenter, Ira M. (2nd VT INF)

Casavant, Thomas L. (2nd VT INF)

Clark, Dayton Perry (2nd VT INF)

Cram, Merrill H. (4th VT INF, 1st USSS)

Donnelly, Patrick (2nd VT INF)

Dunham, Denison C. (2nd VT INF)

Eaton, Charles Hall (2nd VT INF)

Field, Daniel G. (11th VT INF)

Field, William Cyrus (2nd VT INF)

Flagg, George W. (2nd VT INF)

Flint, Abner Nichols (8th VT INF)

Flint, Almon Warner (2nd VT INF)

George, Daniel B. (2nd VT INF)

Harrington, Ephraim Wood (2nd VT INF)

Holman, William Chauncey (9th VT INF)

Howard, Ansel H. (2nd VT INF)

Howard, James G. (2nd VT INF)

Hutchinson, James C. (2nd VT INF)

Johnson, Enoch E. (2nd VT INF)

Kelton, John Austin (2nd VT INF)

Kelton, Kneeland (2nd VT INF)

Lesser, Alphonzo (2nd VT INF)

Maxfield, Hampton L. (2nd VT INF)

Morey, Charles Carroll (2nd VT INF)

Prouty, Henry Harrison (2nd VT INF)

Ray, Orman Pearl (2nd VT INF)

Rose, William (2nd VT INF)

Smith, William Farrar (3rd VT INF, USV)

Stiles, Henry (2nd VT INF)

Town, Josiah (2nd VT INF)

Tracy, Amasa Sawyer (2nd VT INF)

Tyler, John Steele (2nd VT INF)

Voodry, George B. (2nd VT INF)

Wales, Elijah (2nd VT INF)

Ward, Byron Chandler (2nd VT INF)

Worcester, Almond Jr. (2nd VT INF)

Unidentified portraits in the Album

Heidi McColgan scanned the photographs from this album.