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Vermont Historical Society Photographs

Second Vermont Infantry Album (SP 973.7443 V2)

Photographs of 2nd Vermont Infantry soldiers

(Note: Henry Hayward and Daniel S. White both have two photos in this album)

Bailey, Samuel W. (2nd VT INF)

Ballou, Erastus G. (2nd VT INF)

Beckwith, Albert D. (2nd VT INF)

Bridgeman, George W. (2nd VT INF)

Brooks, William Thomas Harbaugh (USA)

Cady, William H. (2nd VT INF)

Chase, Phillips E. (2nd VT INF)

Clark, Dayton Perry (2nd VT INF)

Correll, Henry (2nd VT INF)

Drury, Eben N. (2nd VT INF)

Durrell, George W. (2nd VT INF)

Estes, Otis VanBuren (2nd VT INF)

Fifield, Edson H. (2nd VT INF)

Guyette, Cyril George (2nd VT INF)

Hayward, Henry Reuben (2nd VT INF)

Headle, Elwin R. (2nd VT INF)

Hight, Bradbury Wallace (2nd VT INF)

Howe, Oramel G. (2nd VT INF)

Hyde, Melvin John (2nd VT INF)

Leach, Chester K. (2nd VT INF)

May, Albert Abraham (2nd VT INF)

Prentice, Benjamin B. (2nd VT INF)

Prior, Elbridge William (2nd VT INF)

Robbins, Augustus J. (2nd VT INF)

Rogers, Hoxey Constant (2nd VT INF)

Sawin, William J. (2nd VT INF, 3rd VT INF, 10th MA INF)

Stannard, George Jerrison (2nd VT INF, 9th VT INF, USV)

Stone, Newton (2nd VT INF)

Taylor, Horatio Foster (2nd VT INF)

Tilden, Eldon A. (2nd VT INF)

Tyler, John Steele (2nd VT INF)

Wales, Elijah (2nd VT INF)

Ward, Rollin C. (2nd VT INF)

White, Daniel Stearns (2nd VT INF)

Worcester, Almond Jr. (2nd VT INF)

Other photographs in the Album

Luther Greene, 17th VT INF?

Major General John Sedgwick, Commanding VI Corps

Heidi McColgan scanned all the photographs from this album.