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Vermont Books

cannonTHREE YEARS IN THE TENTH VERMONT BY OSCAR E. WAIT Edited by Don Wickman; 172 large format pages $40.

Kevin Graffagnino Executive Director of the Vt. Historical Society says Relatively few veterans matched Oscar Wait's care in rewriting his memories of the war. Don Wickman is truly one of Vermont's best Civil War authors.

cannonLUTHER B. HARRIS - A PRISON STORY A Vermont Soldier's Memoir of Andersonville and Other Rebel Camps by Denise Brown & Virginia Downs 137 pages $35.

This diary could easily have been lost to history were it not for the efforts of these two Vt authors. Luther was from Lyndonville Vt and became quite well off after the war and donated many things to the town. His story is a little different because he writes it as if he is telling the story to the northern soldiers who semi-rescued him many years before.

cannonIT IS SWEET AND HONORABLE TO DIE FOR THE FATHERLAND The story of the soldiers from Cabot Vermont in the Civil War by David Book 169 large format pages of text and 22 pages of pictures. $40.

Dave was the principle of the Cabot school and gave his students the project of learning everything they could about the town Civil War monument. The Latin inscription on that monument became the title of the book. What was suppose to be a school project took on a life of it's own for Dave and consumed years of his retirement. This book is a true labor of love.

cannonTHE BATTLE OF MONOCACY by Edwin Bearss (PAPERBACK) 94 large format pages. $20.

HISTORY OF THE 1ST VT CAVALRY by Elliott Hoffman 398 pages $40

NOTES OF ARMY & PRISON LIFE by Pvt Charles Fairbanks 165 pages (PAPERBACK). $15

cannonWILLIE WENT TO WAR The Story of the youngest soldier to ever be awarded the Medal of Honor. By Marius Peladeau. $22.50 (softcover). Take a look!

cannonTHEY COULD NOT HAVE DONE BETTER, Col. Thomas O. Seaver and the 3rd Reg of Vt. Vols. By Robert Poirier. $25 (softcover). Take a look!

cannonThe Memorial Record of the Soldiers of Greensboro, Vermont, compiled by E. E. Rollins. Originally published in 1868. It is 77 acid free pages with the usual library quality hard cover binding. $30

cannonPERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS & CIVIL WAR DIARY by Lemuel A. Abbott (10th Vermont Infantry. Originally published in 1908. It is 296 acid free pages with the usual library quality hard cover binding. Blue with black lettering which is the same as the original. take a look! $35

cannonVERMONT HISTORY FOR VERMONTERS by M. I. Kimball. Originally published in 1904. It has detailed info about Vermont's history up to that date from Indian Forts and Vermont being added to the Union. Soft cover, 413 pages on acid free paper. $25

cannonVERMONT THE LAND OF GREEN MOUNTAINS . Originally published in 1913. Soft cover, just over 200 pages on acid free paper. $18

cannonTHE RAID As Originally Reported in the St. Albans Daily Messenger by John Branch. Originally published after 1919. Hardcover, Gold Lettering, 67 pages on acid free paper. Price: $29.50.

cannonProceedings of the Reunion Society of Vermont Officers (volumes 1 & 2 bound together). Volume 1 contained 478 pages, and volume 2 had 394 pages. In all, 42 reunions, their orations & lectures; priceless information! This edition has both volumes bound together, on acid free paper, with a green hardcover and gold lettering. Price: $65.00.

cannonBurnished Rows of Steel compiled by Tony O'Connor and Marius Peladeau. More than 20 books, stories and lectures about Vermonters at Gettysburg; 50 page section of photographs; 75 page overview of the battle; Forward by Ed Bearrs. Hard cover; Gold Lettering, 500+ page on acid free paper. Price: $75.00. The first 100 copies are being issued in a special limited edition series. The cover will be boldly decorated and say LIMITED EDITION. Inside it will say #____of 100. The # will be determined by when I receive the actual payment.

cannon"The Vermont Anti-Slavery & Underground Railroad Record with map and Illustrations." By Wilbur H. Seibert. Originally published in the early part of the 20th Century. Hardcover, Gold Lettering, 100+ pages on acid free paper. Price: $29.50.

cannonHistory and Complete Roster of the Massachusetts Regiments: Minute Men of '61 who responded to the First Call of President Abraham Lincoln, April 15, 1861, to defend the Falg and Constitution of the United States. It's a wonderful reference book first published in 1910. 423 acid free pages. Price: $49.50.

cannonTHE JERICHO VT. SOLDIERS' RECORD. 47 acid free pages with a black hard cover binding. First printed in 1868; never reprinted till now. Price: $25.

cannonTHE NORWICH CADETS : A TALE OF THE REBELLION. It's a great story first printed in 1913. 140 acid free pages. Price: $25

cannonA history of the Tenth Regiment, Vt. Vols, with biographical sketches of nearly every officer who ever belonged to the Regiment, and many of the Non-commissioned Officers and Men, and a complete roster of all the officers and men connected with it -- showing all casualties by promotion, death or resignation, during the military existence of the regiment., by the Chaplain, E. M. Haynes. Second Edition. Revised, Enlarged and Embellished by over Sixty Engravings,and fully illustrated by maps and charts of battlefields. 1894. 504 pages. Price: $70.00

cannonArmy Life in Virginia - Letters from the 12th Reg't Vt. Vols., by George Grenville Benedict. Originally published in 1895 by the Burlington Free Press. Gold lettering on the spine and front cover. 194 acid-free pages. Price: $29.50.

cannonIn The Field: Dr. Melvin J. Hyde, Surgeon, 2nd Vermont Volunteers. Compiled and edited by Geraldine Frances Chittick, 2nd Great Granddaughter. Published by Vermont Civil War Enterprises, Newport, Vermont. Gold lettering on the spine and front cover. 432 acid-free pages. Price: $40.00.

cannonTHE SAINT ALBANS RAID or THE INVESTIGATION INTO THE CHARGES against LIEUT. BENNETT H. YOUNG AND COMMAND for their acts at St. Albans on the 19th of October 1864. complied by L.N. Benjamin, B.C.L. 1865. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Saint Albans Raid and it is primary source material!!! 480 acid-free pages. Price: $50.00

cannonRegister of New Hampshire Soldiers and Sailors: War of the Rebellion, by Augustus D. Ayling, Adjutant General. 1895. Jammed-packed with information on New Hampshire's 18 Infantry and various other units. Includes a name index. Not many copies available. 1,347 pages. Price: $125.00.

cannonRevised Roster of Vermont Volunteers and Lists of Vermonters Who Served in the Army and Navy of the United States During the War of The Rebellion, 1861-66, compiled by authority of the General Assembly under the direction of Theodore S. Peck, Adjutant General. 1892. This book lists the names of over 35,000 soldiers & sailors who served during the Civil War from the state of Vermont. It tells their date of enlistment and many other facts about each man. It gives a short history of every regiment. It lists our Medal of Honor winners, our colored troops, brevetted officers, sharpshooters, our members in the Veteran Reserve Corps, etc., etc. 863 pages. Price: $100.00.

cannonVermont in the Civil War: A History of the part taken by the Vermont Soldiers and Sailors in the War for the Union, by George G. Benedict. 1886. An extensive history of each regiment is given. Mr. Benedict did such a good job that some of the regiments never published their own histories. The books have a great index for locating exactly what you are looking for. 2 Volumes. 1,428 pages. Price: $130.00.

cannonVermont in the Great Rebellion: Containing Historical and biographical Sketches, Etc., by Major Otis F. R. Waite. 1869. This book was the first attempt to write a history of vermont's deeds during the war. It consists of Historical Biographical sketches. The information is very different from G. G. Benedict's. 288 pages. Price: $37.00.

cannonThe Vermont Brigade in the Shenandoah Valley, by Lieutenant Colonel Aldace F. Walker. 1869. I have enlarged the size of the print from the original and therefore the size of the book is also increased. It tells the story of chasing Early out of Washington and then the battles in the Shenandoah Valley such as Winchester and Cedar Creek just to name two. 191 pages. Price: $30.00.

cannonA Narrative of the Services of the Officers and Enlisted Men of the 7th Regiment of Vermont Volunteers (Veterans) from 1862 to 1866, by William C. Holbrook. 1882. 213 pages. Price: $29.50.

cannonHistory of the Eighth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, l86l-l865, by George N. Carpenter. 1886. 335 pages. Price: $33.00.

cannonPictorial History: Thirteenth Vermont Volunteers, War of 1861-1865. by Ralph Orson Sturtevant. Lots of pictures, and biographical sketches of many soldiers, including what they did after the war. c1910. 863 pages. Price: $75.00.

cannonLife In Camp, by J. C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Vermont Regiment, 1864. A history of the nine months' service of the Fourteenth Vermont Regiment, from October 21, 1862, when it was mustered into the U.S. Service, to July 21, 1863, including the Battle of Gettysburg. 1864. 167 pages. Price: $32.50.

cannonOver the Dead Line: Or, Tracked by Blood-Hounds; Giving the Author's Personal Experience During Eleven Months That he was Confined in Pemberton, Libby, Belle Island, Andersonville, Ga., and Florence, S.C., as a Prisoner of War. Describing plans of escape, arrival of prisoners, his escape and recapture., by Simon Dufur. 1902. This is without doubt the most interesting book I sell. Mr. Dufur from Richford, Vermont, was 19 years old when he was captured during the Kilpatrick - Dahlgren raid on Richmond Va. He served time in Libby, Belle Isle, Andersonville and Florence prisons. At one point he escapes but is recaptured a few days later. This man's story is a TV movie waiting to be made. 1902. 283 pages. Price: $35.00.

cannonSoldiers' record of the town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in the war of the rebellion, 1861-5, by Albert G. Chadwick. 1883. Price: $20.00.

cannonCamp Life, or the History of the Second Brigade of Vermont Vols. by E. F. Palmer. 1864. 224 pages. Price: $25.00

cannonAbraham Lincoln and the Sleeping Sentinel of Vermont, by Waldo F. Glover. 1936. Price: $20.00.

Additional Reprints

cannonThe Death of Lincoln - The Story Of Booth's Plot, His Deed And The Penalty, 1909. Price: $29.50.

cannonGRANT'S TOMB - DEDICATION 60 Photos. Price: $3.00

cannonHELPER'S 1859 THE IMPENDING CRISIS of the SOUTH. Price: $25.00

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