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The Fourteenth Amendment (recommended by Libby)
GAR Ritual
GAR History (1905)
GAR Blue Book
Qualifications for serving in the Veteran Reserve Corps
1896 Reunion, Co. E, 9th Vermont
Abraham Lincoln Resources (recommended by Eric Powell)
Genealogy: The Complete Resource Guide (recommended by Debbie)
Washington Post #17, Bradford, Reunion
Antietam, Mortuary Cannon (Richardson)
Ira Monument

Cemetery Updates

Plains Cemetery, Westford, VT
Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NY
South Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, VT
Tyler Cemetery, Vernon, VT
Prairie Home Cemetery, Topeka, KS
Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, Middle Village, NY
Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
St. Patrick Cemetery, Jaffrey, NH
Union Cemetery, Medford, MN
South Yard Cemetery, Wilton, NH
Old Main Street Cemetery, New London, NH
Friends Cemetery, Rochester, NH

Soldiers' Records with additional information

Stockwell, Charles Jerome, 2nd VT INF
Stockwell, Frederick, 16th VT INF
May, Dennis E., 17th VT INF, USA
Maynard, Darius B., 1st VT CAV, 13th VT INF
Mayhew, Alfred, 1st VT CAV
Heath, Everett K., 3rd VT INF
Heath, Abel A., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 10th VT INF
Heath, Augustus M., 15th VT INF
Broseau, Sorell, 8th VT INF, VRC, 1st US VET CORPS
Dutton, Charles H., 3rd VT LARTY
Silver, Henry Anthony, 10th VT INF
Dutton, Ephraim D., 4th VT INF
Kimball, Robert Jackson, US Consul
Rollins, Ledrue M., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Taplin, Mansfield J., 4th VT INF
Davis, Joseph A., 12th NJ INF
Farnsworth, Cyrus F., 4th VT INF
Rogers, Silas, 145th NY INF
Richardson, Warren W., 5th VT INF
Smith, John C., 8th VT INF
Northrup, Myron H., 142nd NY INF
Titus, Henry H., 8th VT INF
Bassett, Calvin, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 98th NY INF
Grow, George W., 4th VT INF
Gookins, John M., 1st VT CAV