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Current as of June 20th

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Battle of Broad Run (Wikipedia)
Lamoille County Veterans Reunion (1887)
The Fourteenth Amendment (recommended by Libby)
GAR Ritual
GAR History (1905)
GAR Blue Book
Qualifications for serving in the Veteran Reserve Corps
1896 Reunion, Co. E, 9th Vermont
Abraham Lincoln Resources (recommended by Eric Powell)
Genealogy: The Complete Resource Guide (recommended by Debbie)
Washington Post #17, Bradford, Reunion

Cemetery Updates

Hunt Cemetery, Tunbridge, VT
Sadawga Cemetery, Whitingham, VT
North Ridge Cemetery, Sutton, VT
Maple Grove Cemetery, Cedar Bluffs, NE
St. Johns Cemetery, Poultney, VT
Riverside Cemetery, Newport, ME
Northam Cemetery, Shrewsbury, VT
Hersman Cemetery, Hersman, IL
Mount Hope Cemetery, Northfield, VT
Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, TN
Osgood Hill Cemetery, Westford, VT
West Salisbury Cemetery, Salisbury, VT

Soldiers' Records with additional information

Lawrence, Anthony, 2nd VT INF
Lawrence, Joseph Phillip, 11th VT INF
Mason, Charles W., 14th VT INF
Elkins, Stephen O., 15th VT INF
Campbell, Oliver C., 9th VT INF, 13th VRC
Harris, Albert, 15th VT INF
Campbell, Humphrey, 3rd VT LARTY
Campbell, Lucius J., 15th VT INF
Bell, Jed, 5th VT INF
Campbell, Beman H., 6th VT INF
Blodgett, Nelson, 3rd VT INF
Nailor, Edward, 10th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Powers, Noah S., 10th VT INF, VRC
Blair, George P., 1st VT CAV
Mooney, Edward D., 8th VT INF, 76th USCI, 1st US VET CORPS
Blair, Isaiah, 11th VT INF
Smalley, Henry W., 1st VT CAV
Mooney, Patrick, 4th VT INF
Sprague, Henry, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Sprague, Lyman W., 8th VT INF
Richards, George, 8th VT INF
Sprague, Dexter M., 1st VT CAV
Richards, Lester S., 11th VT INF
Smalley, Henry Adams, 5th VT INF, 2nd US ARTY
Royce, Moses Strong, 4th TN CAV