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Lest We Forget! Commemorating Vermont's participation in the War of Rebellion.
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4th Vermont Band (Gibson)
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"A Crucial Delay," at Burnside's Bridge (James Hope, 2nd VT)
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6th Vermont Staff, 10/61 (Italo)
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Rutland G.A.R. Post Members (GAR)
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8 Swinyer Brothers Served (People)
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1st Cavalry Monument, Gettysburg (Monuments)

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Who We Are

A grassroots project documenting the story of the State's contributions to the war, and what happened to the participants during and after the war. For the purposes of this project, anyone who was born or died in Vermont, regardless of where they served, and anyone who served in a Vermont unit, regardless of where they were born, we consider a Vermonter. To that end, to date we have documented more than 38,900 of Vermont's men and women who participated, on both sides of the war. (more)

Current Projects:

Adding gravestone pictures to our Virtual Cemeteries

Building a Virtual Museum of people, places and things.

Adding portraits, articles, and more to each person's record.

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What Happened Today, 4 July

07.4.1863The 2nd Battery at Port Hudson, 'celebrated, by the reading of the Declaration of Independence, music by the One Hundred Sixteenth New York Regiment band, and after playing Yankee Doodle and other national airs, the exercise closed by firing a national salute, each shot sending a 15 pound shell into the enemy's works.' (Peck)
07.4.18631st Vt. Cav. engaged at Monterey, Va. (Battles)
07.4.186314th Regiment participated in the pursuit of Lee July 4-18. (Dyer)
07.4.186315th Regiment participated in the pursuit of Lee July 4-18. (Dyer)
07.4.186312th Regiment assigned to take prisoners to Baltimore, arriving July 6. (Dyer)
07.4.1863Vicksburg surrendered after a lengthy bombardment and siege by Union naval and land forces. President Lincoln wrote: 'The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea.' (NavHist)
07.4.1863Frederick L. Reed, Orderly Sergt., Co. D, 14th Vermont: 8. a.m. Did not fight to-day for we fought so hard yesterday. Boys feel sad this morning. I made out the report of killed, wounded and missing in our company: 2 killed, 6 wounded and six missing. I got two bullet holes in my coat, but, thank God, I am still living. The Rebs have retreated. Our brigade fought like devils. (Memorial Exercises, Castleton VT, 1885)