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Spotsylvania, 8-21 May 1864

Vermont units present/engaged:

2nd Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
10th Infantry Regiment
11th Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Regiment
1st Cavalry Regiment
3rd Artillery Battery
U. S. Sharpshooters



[Note: this listing includes all casualties for the battle; to see casualties for a particular date, select the date you want here:

May 10; May 11; May 12; May 13; May 14 (none); May 15; May 16; May 17 (none); May 18.]

Abbott, John P., 2nd VT INF

Adams, Simeon Jr., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS

Allard, Edwin R., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Allard, Prosper, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Allen, Alexander Gray, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Allen, Samuel James, 17th VT INF

Andrews, George Martin, 17th VT INF

Austin, Lias Emerson, 6th VT INF

Averill, Joseph E., 6th VT INF

Ayers, Hiram, 5th VT INF

Babcock, David C., 6th VT INF

Bailey, Elisha E., 17th VT INF

Bailey, Henry C., 5th VT INF

Bailey, Jacob, 10th VT INF

Bailey, Jehial S. Jr., 2nd VT INF

Barber, Charles S., 2nd VT INF

Barber, William, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Barker, Michael H., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF

Barker, Thomas O., 6th VT INF

Barnes, Edwin Joseph, 3rd VT INF

Barnett, George W., 4th VT INF

Barr, George, 6th VT INF

Barrett, Hervey David, 2nd VT INF

Barstow, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 4th VT INF

Barton, Rollin W., 2nd VT INF

Bass, Henry J., 2nd VT INF

Bateman, David P., 2nd VT INF

Beckley, Oren Jr., 2nd VT INF

Bigelow, Alonzo, 4th VT INF

Blake, William H., 10th VT INF

Boardman, Charles Wright, 5th VT INF

Bostwick, Noble C., 5th VT INF

Bourdon, Louis, 4th VT INF

Boutwell, Robert Thurston, 4th VT INF

Bowen, John, 13th VT INF, 1st USSS

Bowman, Franklin A., 11th MA INF

Boynton, Emerson A., 3rd VT INF

Bragg, Elmer, 9th NH INF

Brannan, James, 3rd VT INF

Breed, William H., 5th VT INF

Brown, George N., 5th VT INF

Brown, Harvey W., 2nd VT INF

Brown, Thomas H., 1st USSS

Brownson, Martin Joseph, 5th VT INF, VRC

Buckley, George E., 4th VT INF

Buckley, William L., 5th VT INF

Bugbee, William H., 3rd VT INF

Burt, Orrin, 4th VT INF

Bushey, John B., 5th VT INF

Buskey, Franklin, 17th VT INF

Butler, Martin, 10th VT INF

Buxton, Anson, 2nd VT INF, 17th VT INF

Cadue, John, 17th VT INF

Cadue, Luther, 17th VT INF

Caldwell, James, 10th VT INF, VRC

Campbell, Henry, 17th VT INF

Campbell, John, 6th VT INF

Cannon, Michael, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Cargill, Benjamin D., 2nd VT INF

Cargill, George C., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Carpenter, Josiah B., 17th VT INF

Casman, William, 5th VT INF

Champlin, Roderick A., 5th VT INF

Chaplin, Joseph Morris, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Chase, Amos C., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Chase, Jonathan E., 2nd VT INF, 1st USSS, VRC

Clapper, Clark C., 6th VT INF

Clark, Francis, 2nd VT INF

Clark, Ira D., 2nd VT INF

Clark, James, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Clark, Osman G., 10th VT INF

Clark, Samuel B., 17th VT INF

Clark, William, 2nd VT INF

Clement, Henry H., 5th VT INF

Cleveland, Charles C., 4th VT INF, 6th VT INF

Clogston, Charles Henry, 8th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Clough, Daniel Moulton, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Clough, Marcus M., 2nd VT INF

Cobb, Curtis C., 3rd VT INF

Colby, William H., 3rd VT INF

Cole, Obediah P., 2nd VT INF, VRC

Conner, John N., 5th VT INF

Cook, Franklin M., 2nd VT INF

Cook, John F., 3rd VT INF

Cook, Samuel, 5th VT INF

Cooley, William, 2nd VT INF

Corse, Warren, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Cota, Henry, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Crane, Chauncey Mervin, 5th VT INF

Crow, Hugh, 3rd VT INF

Crown, George W., 2nd VT INF

Culver, Eliphalet, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Cummings, Leonard N., 4th VT INF

Cusack, James, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Cushman, Daniel W., 2nd VT INF

Dana, Wesley Emerson, 17th VT INF

Davis, Luman M., 3rd VT INF, 17th VT INF

DesRosiers, Fabien, 5th VT INF

Dion, James Ferdinand, 2nd VT INF

Dodge, Nelson E., 2nd VT INF

Downing, Charles I., 121st NY INF

Doyle, James C., 3rd VT INF

Doyon, Azro R., 2nd VT INF, 10th VT INF

Dupont, Peter E., 17th VT INF

Duquette, John, 5th VT INF

Durham, Thomas P., 2nd VT INF

Edwards, Benjamin, 17th VT INF

Edwards, Simeon C., 5th VT INF, 4th VT INF

Eggleston, George Dulton, 6th WI INF

Emerson, Josiah S., 10th MA INF

Emerson, Rufus, 2nd VT INF

Estes, Otis VanBuren, 2nd VT INF

Fairchild, Henry Clark, 3rd VT INF

Faneuf, Joseph, 2nd VT INF

Farnsworth, Silas Q., 3rd VT INF

Farrar, Perley, 10th VT INF

Ferriter, Luke, 3rd VT INF

Ferron, Thomas, 3rd VT INF

Fields, Timothy, 125th NY INF

Finnessy, Michael, 5th VT INF, VRC

Flanders, George L., 10th VT INF

Flanders, George W., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF

Flanders, Jonathan H., 3rd VT INF

Fletcher, Raymond J., 5th VT INF

Ford, Charles A., 5th VT INF

Foster, John Eward, 2nd VT INF

Freelove, John A., 2nd VT INF

French, George A., 2nd VT INF

Frisbie, John, 3rd VT INF

Gallagher, Frank, 3rd VT INF

Gardner, George N., 3rd VT INF

Gardner, Truman G., 2nd VT INF

Gay, Proctor R., 9th NH INF

Gilbert, George P., 4th VT INF

Gilmore, Henry, 1st VT INF, 17th VT INF

Glines, James, 17th VT INF

Godfrey, Sylvester, 11th NH INF

Goodrich, Charles P., 5th VT INF

Goodwin, Edmund, 2nd VT INF

Gordon, Milton, 4th VT INF

Gorman, John, 3rd VT INF

Goron, Joseph N., 2nd VT INF

Gould, Charles E., 17th VT INF

Grant, John W., 2nd VT INF

Gray, George S., 2nd VT INF

Greenleaf, Charles F., 2nd VT INF

Griswold, Allen P., 56th MA INF

Griswold, Joseph W., 56th MA INF

Grover, Thaddeus S., 4th VT INF

Hagar, Henry D., 5th VT INF

Hale, Joseph, 14th VT INF, 5th VT INF

Haley, John Jr., 4th VT INF

Hall, Austin H., 3rd VT INF

Hall, Merrill K., 4th VT INF

Ham, Otis, 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Hannon, John N., 3rd VT INF

Hapgood, Charles Manning, 2nd VT INF

Harriman, Edson J., 3rd VT INF

Harris, Gilbert D., 49th NY INF

Hart, George Washington, 11th NH INF

Hartson, Charles H., 4th VT INF

Harvey, Milo M., 3rd VT INF

Harvey, William Wallace, 1st MA HARTY, VRC

Haskell, Moody L., 17th VT INF

Hatch, Zenos, 2nd VT INF

Hazen, Jason, 3rd VT INF

Henley, Thomas, 5th VT INF

Hill, Henry G., 2nd VT INF

Hillock, James W., 1st VT CAV

Hills, Calvin R., 4th VT INF

Hinds, Napoleon Bonaparte, 3rd VT INF

Hoag, Byron A., 3rd VT INF

Hodgeman, James A., 17th VT INF

Hodsdon, Thomas S., 3rd VT INF

Holmes, Elmer G., 2nd VT INF

Hood, Rinaldo, 2nd VT INF

Hopkins, Oliver W., 17th VT INF

Hosford, David Ransom, 5th VT INF

Houghton, Chester William, 27th MI INF, US VOLS

Houghton, Don A., 2nd VT INF

Houlahan, Timothy, 3rd VT INF

Howard, Isaac, 2nd VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS

Howland, Arthur L., 17th VT INF

Hubbard, George W., 2nd VT INF

Hubbard, George W., 2nd VT INF

Hudson, Napoleon B., 4th VT INF

Hulburd, Loyal Porter, 2nd VT INF

Huntington, Benjamin F., 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Isham, Benjamin F., 5th VT INF

Ives, John R., 4th VT INF

Jaquith, Thomas J., 2nd VT INF

Jenney, Silas, 5th VT INF

Johnson, John E., 3rd VT INF

Jones, Amos Lee, 5th VT INF

Jones, William Harrison, 3rd VT INF

Jordan, Henry D., 17th VT INF

Judd, Albert Samuel, 3rd VT INF

Judkins, Charles M., 9th NH INF, VRC

Kehoe, Joseph, 2nd VT INF

Keith, Alfred Horton, 6th VT INF

Kelley, John L., 2nd VT INF

Kerr, Edward, 17th VT INF

Killam, George W., 3rd VT INF

King, Sheldon L., 3rd VT INF

Kingsbury, George Washington, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Knapp, Charles A., 6th VT INF

Knapp, Elijah, 4th VT INF

LaFayette, Moses Marcus, 5th VT INF

Laflam, Noah, 17th VT INF

Laflin, Chester F., 5th VT INF, 12th US INF

Lamonda, Napoleon B., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Lampman, Michael S., 14th NY ARTY

Lander, Charles, 5th VT INF

Larabee, Jerome B. H., 4th VT INF

Laraway, James, 17th VT INF

Lavelle, Patrick, 5th VT INF

Learned, John N., 11th NH INF

Leduc, David, 6th VT INF

Leland, Levi P., 3rd VT INF

Leonard, Thomas F., 3rd VT INF

Lilley, Van Ness, 3rd VT INF

Livermore, William Russell, 5th VT INF

Locke, Bertram G., 11th NH INF

Loomis, Orlin W., 17th VT INF, 12th US INF

Loveland, Lucius V., 2nd VT INF

Mahoney, Sylvester D., 2nd VT INF

Mahuron, Horace, 17th VT INF

Mallory, Loren S., 17th VT INF

Marsh, Rufus H., 2nd VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS

Marshall, Frederick, 2nd VT INF

Martin, Charles N., 1st VT INF, 10th VT INF

Martin, Louis, 5th VT INF

Mason, John, 17th VT INF, VRC

Mattocks, Henry, 1st USSS

McAllister, Charles G., 6th VT INF

McCann, James, 3rd VT INF

McGee, Arthur, 4th VT INF

McGovern, John Joseph, 5th VT INF

McMannis, William James, 3rd VT INF, VRC

Miles, William H., 4th VT INF

Mitchell, Isaac, 17th VT INF

Morris, Walter H., 3rd VT INF

Morse, John, 3rd VT INF

Morse, Luther, 5th VT INF

Moseley, Henry T., 6th VT INF

Moulton, Napoleon B., 17th VT INF, VRC

Mudgett, John, 1st VT CAV, 4th VT INF

Mulhulm, William, 2nd VT INF

Mullett, Daniel A., 10th MA INF

Needham, Joseph Bruce, 4th VT INF

Newsted, John, 6th VT INF

Newton, James Holland, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Niles, Johnson W., 2nd VT INF

Norris, William, 3rd VT INF

Northrop, Charles H., 3rd VT INF

Norton, Seth (McNorton), 17th VT INF

Norton, Seymour F., 2nd USSS, 4th VT INF

Noyes, Azra P., 1st VT CAV

Noyes, George H., 2nd VT INF

O'Brien, Abram, 17th VT INF

O'Brien, Peter, 17th VT INF

O'Donahoe, Florance, 5th VT INF

Ordway, Edgar, 3rd VT INF

Paddleford, Frank G., 2nd VT INF

Page, Rollo E., 5th VT INF

Parker, James W., 3rd VT INF, 7th VT INF

Patch, David A., 2nd VT INF

Payne, George H., 5th VT INF

Perkins, Seth T., 6th VT INF

Perry, Albert J., 2nd VT INF

Pettengill, Charles A., 17th VT INF, 12th VT INF

Phillips, Amherst C., 17th VT INF

Pier, Orris, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF

Pierson, Joseph, 5th VT INF

Pine, George Andrew, 13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV

Pollard, James, 17th VT INF, 93rd NY INF

Powers, William Alexander, 3rd VT INF

Pratt, George S., 6th VT INF

Priest, Ethan Allen, 2nd VT INF

Provost, Charles, 5th VT INF

Rand, Joseph Alvinza, 3rd VT INF

Reed, Henry, 2nd VT INF

Reed, Marcus L. (Marquis de Lafayette), 17th VT INF

Reed, William, 2nd VT INF

Rice, Ira A., 10th VT INF

Rich, Hollis L., 2nd VT INF

Richardson, Charles C., 2nd VT INF

Richardson, Henry A., 2nd VT INF

Ring, George H., 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Robar, Alfred, 6th VT INF

Robbins, Augustus J., 2nd VT INF

Robbins, Eli M., 4th VT INF

Roddy, Michael, 17th VT INF

Rogers, Reuben M., 5th VT INF

Rollins, Winslow C., 2nd VT INF

Rounds, Reuel Joseph, 4th VT INF

Rowe, Peter Jr., 5th VT INF

Russ, Henry J., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Ryan, James, 3rd VT INF

Sager, Edgar W., 5th VT INF

Sanders, Harlow, 5th VT INF

Sanders, Thomas, 2nd VT INF

Sardini, Eugene, 2nd VT INF

Sargent, Jackson G., 5th VT INF

Sartwell, George E., 6th VT INF

Sawyer, Amos Blanchard, 6th VT INF

Schoolcraft, Azro, 5th VT INF

Scobie, John A., 6th VT INF

Scott, Erastus H., 3rd VT INF

Scott, Israel S., 2nd VT INF

Sears, Alexander, 93rd NY INF

Shattuck, George, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Shorey, Alcine, 2nd VT INF

Simpson, James T., 3rd VT INF

Slater, William, 2nd VT INF

Smith, Edward Hart, 2nd VT INF

Smith, George Thomas, 3rd VT INF

Smith, Nicholas, 6th VT INF

Smith, Timothy J., 2nd VT INF

Smith, Warren S., 2nd VT INF

Sprague, Frederick W., 6th VT INF

Stearns, Franklin, 17th VT INF

Stebbins, Solon, 6th VT INF

Steele, Hiram Roswell, 10th VT INF, USV

Stevens, Henry Clinton, 3rd VT INF

Stevens, Russell L., 3rd VT INF

Stiles, William B., 3rd VT INF

Stone, Jacob C., 3rd VT INF

Stoughton, Homer Richard, 2nd USSS

Strong, Lycurgus, 4th VT INF

Sturdevant, John H., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF

Tate, John W., 11th VT INF, VRC

Taylor, Aaron H., 3rd VT INF

Thompson, Charles E., 5th VT INF

Thompson, Henry, 69th NY INF

Thompson, Samuel H., 4th VT INF

Thompson, Thomas, 17th VT INF

Tichenor, Gaston D., 16th NY INF, 121st NY INF

Trask, George J., 13th VT INF, 56 MA INF

Voudry, Leander, 5th VT INF

Wait, Warren Coleman, 125th NY INF

Walker, Charles A., 5th VT INF

Ward, Edwin R., 2nd VT INF

Ward, Rollin C., 2nd VT INF

Warden, James D., 5th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, VRC

Warner, Ira N., 10th VT INF, VRC

Whipple, Frank, 1st MI SS

Whitcomb, Albert, 17th VT INF

White, George A., 2nd VT INF

Willard, James Dwight, 4th VT INF

Williams, Hosea B., 3rd VT INF

Wilson, Allen B., 5th VT INF

Wimble, Jesse, 2nd NY ARTY

Wood, Martin P., 2nd VT INF

Woodworth, Henry N., 4th VT INF

Worcester, Almond Jr., 2nd VT INF

Worthing, James M., 2nd VT INF

Wright, Moses, 93rd NY INF

Wright, Robert, 5th VT INF

Wyman, James Leroy, 2nd VT INF

Young, Joseph E., 10th VT INF


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