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The Ninth Vermont Infantry: A History and Roster. By Paul G. Zeller. Illustrated, maps, notes, appendices, bibliography, index, 344 pages, September 2008. McFarland Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640, hardback, $55.00.

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They Could Not Have Done Better; Thomas O. Seaver and The 3rd Vermont Infantry in The War for the Union. by Robert G. Poirier. Illustrated, maps, endnotes, bibliography, appendices, index, 333 pp., 2005. Vermont Civil War Enterprises, 93 Leo Lane, Newport, VT 05855, paperback, $25.00

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We Are Coming Father Abra'am The History of the 9th Vermont Volunteer Infantry 1862-1865. by Don Wickman. Illustrated, maps, footnotes, bibliography, appendices, index, 526 pp., 2005. Schroeder Publications, 131 Tanglewood Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502, $45.00.

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A Melancholy Affair at the Weldon Railroad: The Vermont Brigade, June 23, 1864, by David Faris Cross. Illustrated, maps, prisoner roster, endnotes, bibliography, index, 267 pp., 2003. White Mane Books, P.O. Box 708, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0708, $29.95.

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No Braver Deeds: The Story of the Equinox Guards, Vermont and the North Shire in the Civil War, by Brian L. Knight; published by Friends of Hildene, Inc., Manchester, Vermont; 280 pp., illustrated; paperbound. The list price is $19.95. It can be ordered directly from Hildene.

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The Second Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865, by Paul Zeller; published by McFarland & Co., Inc., Publishers, is now available! 360 pp, illustrated case binding, 146 photographs, maps, notes, appendices, bibliography, index and a complete regimental roster. It can be ordered from the publisher above, or from Barnes & Noble. The list price is $45.00. Barnes & Noble offers a 30% discount.

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Quite Ready to be Sent Somewhere: The Civil War Letters of Aldace Freeman Walker. Edited by Tom Ledoux. Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC Canada; 402 pages;
ISBN 1-55369-394-9; US$25.00 (Can$37.00).


Army Life in Virginia: The Civil War Letters of George G. Benedict. Edited by Eric Ward. (Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Stackpole Books, 2002. Pp. x, 246. Maps. Illus. Bibliography. Index. $26.95.). Available from

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Vermont Hero: Major General George J. Stannard. George S. Maharay. (ISBN 1-57249-263-5, Paperback $19.95). Available from: White Mane Publishing Company, Inc., 63 W. Burd St., PO Box 708, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Toll Free Ordering 1-888-948-6263

Put the Vermonters Ahead: The First Vermont Brigade in the Civil War. George Parsons. (ISBN 1-57249-193-0, Paperback $12.95). Available from: White Mane Publishing Company, Inc., 63 W. Burd St., PO Box 708, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Toll Free Ordering 1-888-948-6263

In July 2001, Louisiana State University released Edge of the Sword: The Ordeal of Carpetbagger Marshall H. Twitchell in the Civil War and Reconstruction, by Virginia Commonwealth University professor of History, Ted Tunnell, who previously edited Twitchell's autobiography, Carpetbagger from Vermont: The Autobiography of Marshall Harvey Twitchell. The title is deceiving, or at least incomplete. Tunnell covers Twitchell's time in the service, in the 4th Vermont and the 109th U.S. Colored Infantry, as well as his early life in Vermont.

Canada in the Civil War: Prelude to War, is the first of a planned four-volume set by Mark Vinet dedicated to Canadian's who fought in the war. Since many Vermonters were of Canadian ancestry, if not actually born in Canada, this series is relevant to Vermont's participation in the war. Check it out!

"Men of Color, To Arms!" is a thoroughly researched book on the role of Vermont's African American volunteers to the Union cause. Background information regarding regimental service as well as personal letters written by the soldiers themselves provide a rare glimpse into the lives of these ordinary men serving under extraordinary circumstances. Personal biographies of all the soldiers as well as cemetery and burial information are provided making this publication of interest not only to military history readers but genealogical researchers as well.

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The History of the First Vermont Cavalry Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion by Horace K. Ide, edited by Elliott W. Hoffman, 398 pages, 3 maps, 44 photographs, index, $40, can be ordered from Butternut and Blue, 3411 Northwind Road, Baltimore, MD 21234, Phone: 410/256-9220, Fax: 410/256-8423. They have the book now!

In The Field: Dr. Melvin J. Hyde, Surgeon, 2nd Vermont Volunteers. Compiled and edited by Geraldine Frances Chittick. Published by Vermont Civil War Enterprises, Newport, Vermont.

A War of the People: Vermont Civil War Letters. Jeffrey D. Marshall, editor. Published by University Press. Hardcover versions of War of the People: Vermont Civil War Letters; now available signed by author, with dust jacket and protective cover. (Retail price was $50 with no dust jacket!) Price $22, including shipping in continental U.S. Vermont residents please add $1 sales tax. Send check made out to Jeffrey D. Marshall, 2016 Plains Road, Milton, VT 05468.

By the Blood of Our Alumni: Norwich University Citizen Soldiers in the Army of the Potomac. Robert G. Poirier
Savas Publishing Company, 202 First Street SE, Suite 103A Mason City, IA 50401.

Letters to Vermont from Her Civil War Soldiers to the Home Press. Compiled and edited by Donald H. Wickman.
Images from the Past, Bennington.