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1st Vermont Cavalry: Dedication of the Statue to Brevet Major-General William Wells and the Officers and Men of the First Regiment Vermont Cavalry on the Battlefield of Gettysburg July 3, 1913, by N. Nelson Jackson.

2nd Brigade; The Second Brigade, or Camp Life, by E. F. Palmer.

Eighth Infantry: History of The Eighth Regiment Vermont Volunteers, 1861--1865, by Geoge Carpenter.

Tenth Infantry: A History of the Tenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, by Chaplain Edwin Haynes.

Twelfth Infantry: Army Life in Virginia, by George G. Benedict.

Fourteenth Infantry: Life in Camp, by J. C. Williams.

Sharp Shooters: Vermont Riflemen in the War for the Union: 1861-1865, by William Y. W. Ripley.

The Record of A Quaker Conscience: Cyrus Pringle's Diary

Lucius E. Chittenden's Unknown Heroine is a Victorian novel based on the wounding of Lieutenant Henry Bedell, and his subsequent rescue by a Confederate miller's wife, Elizabeth 'Betty' Keyser Van Metre.