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Checklist for African Americans Credited to Vermont

Allen, John, 45th USCI
Anderson, Emery, 54th MA INF
Anderson, Zachariah, 41st USCI
Anthony, Francis H., 54th MA INF
Bassett, Peter, 46th USCI
Bayard, Robert, 54th MA INF
Baylor, Harvey, 45th USCI
Benton, Frank, 45th USCI
Billings, Calvin, 11th VT INF, 5th NY CAV
Bowen, Abraham C., 1st USCI
Brace, Peter, 54th MA INF
Bradish, Elisha, 54th MA INF
Briggs, Charles H., 2nd USCI
Briggs, Chauncey, 54th MA INF
Briggs, George W., 11th US CHARTY
Briggs, Royal A., 54th MA INF
Brooks, James J., 54th MA INF
Brooks, William H., 54th MA INF
Brown, David D., 41st USCI
Brown, Edmund, 45th USCI
Brown, Robert R., 45th USCI, 41st USCI
Brown, William, USCI
Burdoo, Silas, 54th MA INF
Burke, Charles, 26th USCI
Burns, Robert, 54th MA INF
Burton, Reuben, 43rd USCI
Bush, Commodore Decatur, 41st USCI
Carasaw, William, 26th USCI
Carroll, Peter, USCI
Carroll, Theodore, 41st USCI
Carter, James R., 31st USCI
Carter, Thomas, 45th USCI
Cartledge, Jacob, 43rd USCI
Clark, George, 127th USCI
Clark, John, USCI
Collins, Reuben, 45th USCI
Crosier, Eugene, 54th MA INF
Crosier, Nelson, 54th MA INF
Crosier, Silas, 54th MA INF
Dalton, Cornelius M., USN
Dalton, David, USN
Darbin, Alexander, 45th USCI
Davis, John F., USN
Davis, William A., 54th MA INF
Demming, Orren, 54th MA INF
Dexter, Aaron, 8th USCI
Dolby, Cyrus, 54th MA INF, 41st USCI
Dolby, George, 26th USCI
Dolby, Sidney, 41st USCI
Dorcy, Michael, USCI
Dougherty, Edward, USCI
Dunbar, George E., 45th USCI
Duvall, Charles A., USN
Edwards, Jacob, 41st USCI
Eglin, Paul, 10th USCI
Freeman, Aaron N., 54th MA INF
Freeman, Coyden F., 54th MA INF
Freeman, Israel L., 43rd USCI
Freeman, John H., 54th MA INF
Freeman, Leander W., 54th MA INF
Fuller, John C., 54th MA INF
Garrison, Alexander, 54th MA INF
Gillespie, Jefferson, 45th USCI
Gomes, Joseph, USN
Gordon, Damon, 31st USCI
Gordon, Daniel, 54th MA INF
Greely, Howard, 54th MA INF
Green, Daniel S., 45th USCI
Green, Thomas H., 41st USCI
Gregon, George, USCI
Hall, Alonzo, 41st USCI
Harker, John, 17th VT INF
Harmon, James, 41st USCI
Harris, Lewis, 41st USCI
Hart, George, 54th MA INF
Hawkins, Sylvester L., 54th MA INF, 41st USCI
Hayes, Nathan E., 54th MA INF
Hazard, Austin E., 54th MA INF
Hazard, George W., 3rd USCI
Hazard, James, 54th MA INF
Hazard, John, 20th USCI, 26th USCI
Hoose, Edward H., 54th MA INF
Hunter, George, 41st USCI
Hunter, Israel, 43rd USCI
Hunter, Samuel, 54th MA INF
Hyland, William, USN
Jackson, Abram A., 26th USCI
Jackson, Daniel, 43rd USCI
Jackson, Elmer H., 54th MA INF
Jackson, Francis, 54th MA INF
Jackson, George H., 55th MA INF
Jackson, Henry P., 54th MA INF
Jackson, William, 43rd USCI
Jackson, William C., Recruit
Jenson, William Alfred, 45th USCI
Johnson, Andrew, 45th USCI
Johnson, Gilbert, 41st USCI
Johnson, Wheeler, 54th MA INF
Jones, Daniel, 45th USCI
Lancaster, James W., 45th USCI
Langley, John Newell, 54th MA INF
Langley, Lewis W., 54th MA INF
Langley, Louden Shubael, 54th MA INF, 33rd USCI
Langley, Newell Cyrus, 54th MA INF
Lanson, Rodman S., USN
Little, Thomas, 54th MA INF
Loney, Benjamin, 45th USCI
Lot, David, 41st USCI
Louis, Henry, 45th USCI
Matthews, Hayworth, 45th USCI
Maybury, James T., 10th USCI
McCann, Patrick, USCI
McNally, James, 54th MA INF
Mero, Andrew H., 54th MA INF
Mero, Charles E. W., 54th MA INF
Mero, Edward H., 54th MA INF
Mero, Sylvester Orison, 54th MA INF
Miles, Jeremiah, 26th USCI
Moore, George H., 55th MA INF
Morse, William H., 54th MA INF
Nelson, Charles E., 54th MA INF
Newhall, Lawrence, 45th USCI
Oddick, Thomas, 45th USCI
Ormsbee, John E., 55th MA INF
Park, Henry, 54th MA INF
Patterson, Edward, 45th USCI
Peebles, Dennis R., 6th USCI, 1st US CCAV, 31st USCI
Peter, Joseph, 45th USCI
Peters, Amasa A., 54th MA INF
Phelps, William J., 54th MA INF
Porter, Charles C., 54th MA INF, 55th MA INF
Porter, Marshall, 54th MA INF
Price, Cornelius, 54th MA INF
Price, John P., Recruit
Prince, Abel, 54th MA INF
Prince, Charles H., 54th MA INF
Prince, Daniel, 54th MA INF
Prince, Henry, 54th MA INF
Prince, Isaac, 54th MA INF
Prince, Isaac, 54th MA INF
Quow, James Cinqua, 54th MA INF
Roberts, Mark, 54th MA INF
Rogers, Edward R., 54th MA INF
Samuel, Jacob, 45th USCI
Sawyer, Isaac, 54th MA INF
Scott, George Henry, 54th MA INF
Scott, William, 54th MA INF
Seldon, Jackson, 10th USCI
Shaw, Enoch, 56th USCI
Sillman, Perry H., 45th USCI
Smith, Calvin A., 31st USCI
Smith, Charles P., 20th USCI
Smith, Henry C., 43rd USCI
Smith, Michael, 10th USCI
Spicer, Joseph, 45th USCI
Stewart, Charles W., 54th MA INF
Stewart, Henry, 43rd USCI
Storms, Charles H., 55th MA INF
Storms, George F., 54th MA INF
Sugland, John G., 54th MA INF
Taylor, Beverly, 45th USCI
Thomas, Edward, 23rd USCI
Thomas, John Koye, 109th USCI
Thompson, Theodore, 41st USCI
Valentine, James, 20th USCI
Vanalstine, William, 54th MA INF
Vanderburgh, Lewis, 55th MA INF
Vinson, Joseph, 54th MA INF
Vond, William, 13th US CHARTY
Walker, Elisha, 10th USCI
Wallace, John G., 11th US CHARTY, 14th RI CHARTY
Walters, George H., 55th MA INF
Washington, Samuel, 41st USCI
Weeks, John, 54th MA INF
Wentworth, Charles B., 54th MA INF
Wentworth, Charles B. Jr., 54th MA INF
Wentworth, William H., 54th MA INF
Wheeler, Enos L., 20th USCI
Wheeler, Seymour, 41st USCI
White, Jefferson, 26th USCI
Willey, Peter, 54th MA INF
Williams, Cyrus, 54th MA INF
Williams, Isaac, 54th MA INF
Williams, John Willis, 54th MA INF
Williams, Norman B., 54th MA INF
Williams, Patrick, USN
Williams, Walter P., USN
Willis, Montraville, 55th MA INF
Willis, Scott, 41st USCI
Wilson, James, 45th USCI
Wood, Joseph, USN
Wright, Jim, 41st USCI

(See also Gravesites of Vermont Officers who served with African American units)