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This is the project status page for Vermont. Due to its size, it is broken down by the first letter of each town (as are the bordering states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York).

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To sign up to photograph a cemetery, check the list below, find a town/cemetery you are willing to photograph, and contact the webmaster for details. He will add your name to the listing. If there is already a name associated with a cemetery, that individual may be working on, or have completed, that particular cemetery. See also the recent statistical counts and Submission Guidelines.

NOTE: In the final column, Maps, if it says '0,0' it will still bring you to a map, but it will not be correct. I'm working on getting coordinates for all cemeteries, but some of these really don't exist, and have to resolve to existing cemeteries. It's a work in progress. If you have GPS, and get coordinates for a cemetery that are not listed, or different from what's posted, please let me know.

You can also review this list by county.

Status: -- Done; -- Started -- Not Started

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TownCemetery Coordinates
GeorgiaEvarts Cemetery 44.77914,-73.13408
GeorgiaGeorgia Plains Cemetery 44.71972,-73.16306
GeorgiaHope Cemetery 44.69278,-73.10444
GeorgiaHurlbut-Waller Cemetery 44.75532,-73.18097
GeorgiaHyde Cemetery 44.6806,-73.09375
GloverAndersonville Cemetery 44.67444,-72.30472
GloverWest Glover Cemetery 44.70944,-72.23056
GloverWestlook Cemetery 44.68812,-72.19112
GoshenGoshen Cemetery 43.850056,-73.021615
GraftonBurgess Cemetery 43.21306,-72.59083
GraftonHoughtonville Cemetery 43.19618,-72.64843
GraftonMiddletown Cemetery 43.18896,-72.61982
GraftonVillage Cemetery 43.17438,-72.61141
GranbyBoyce Cemetery 44.57549,-71.71067
GranbyGranby Village Cemetery 44.56929,-71.76073
Grand IsleGrand Isle Cemetery 44.71639,-73.29778
Grand IsleHoag Cemetery 44.7006,-73.3275
GranvilleElmwood Cemetery 43.97667,-72.8425
GranvilleNorth Hollow Cemetery 43.99601,-72.82601
GranvilleSouth Hollow Cemetery 43.96472,-72.81278
GreensboroLincoln Cemetery 43.97167,-72.48361
GreensboroMitchell-McLaren Cemetery 44.64403,-72.2944
GreensboroSt. Michaels Cemetery 44.64244,-72.29632
GreensboroVillage Cemetery 44.58005,-72.29038
GrotonGlover Cemetery 44.22842,-72.18462
GrotonGroton Cemetery 44.20617,-72.18287
GrotonWest Groton Cemetery 44.20389,-72.26691
GuildhallCourt House Hill Cemetery 44.57144,-71.55981
GuildhallCrawford Cemetery 44.56592,-71.59129
GuildhallNellie Smart Cemetery 44.51387,-71.59443
GuildhallRidgewell-Central Cemetery 44.56755,-71.58203
GuilfordBaker Cemetery 42.73780,-72.61610
GuilfordChrist Church Cemetery 42.81508,-72.57509
GuilfordGuilford Center Cemetery 42.79369,-72.61981
GuilfordMaplehurst Cemetery 42.76197,-72.56885
GuilfordStark Cemetery 42.74030,-72.67470
GuilfordWeatherhead Hollow Cemetery 42.79203,-72.59676
GuilfordWest Guilford Cemetery 42.805287,-72.662798
GuilfordWilkens Hill Cemetery 42.78560,-72.65780

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