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The default county is Addison County, Vermont.

To sign up to photograph a cemetery, check the list below, find a town/cemetery you are willing to photograph, and contact the webmaster for details. He will add your name to the listing. If there is already a name associated with a cemetery, that individual may be working on, or have completed, that particular cemetery. See also the recent statistical counts and Submission Guidelines.

NOTE: In the final column, Maps, if it says 'No Coordinates,' it will still bring you to a map, but it will not be correct. I'm working on getting coordinates for all cemeteries, but some of these really don't exist, and have to resolve to existing cemeteries. It's a work in progress. If you have GPS, and get coordinates for a cemetery that are not listed, or different from what's posted, please let me know.

Status: -- Done; -- Started -- Not Started

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Addison, Grand View Cemetery 44.08434,-73.30297
Addison, Lake View Cemetery 44.08601,-73.39401
Bridport, Central Cemetery 43.98561,-73.3154
Bridport, Pine Hill Cemetery 43.9895,-73.37179
Bridport, Town Line Cemetery 44.02361,-73.37028
Bristol, Briggs Hill Cemetery 44.1278,-73.0389
Bristol, Greenwood Cemetery 44.13089,-73.09401
Bristol, Mount Saint Joseph Cemetery 44.14287,-73.09999
Bristol, Varney Cemetery 44.15778,-73.10222
Cornwall, Central Cemetery 43.96215,-73.20978
Cornwall, Evergreen Cemetery 43.94701,-73.22701
Cornwall, Fair Cemetery 43.99411,-73.25276
Cornwall, Pleasant Hill Cemetery 43.91123,-73.21447
Cornwall, West Cornwall Cemetery 43.94401,-73.23801
Ferrisburgh, Basin Harbor Cemetery 44.19641,-73.36243
Ferrisburgh, Friends Cemetery 44.2253,-73.22726
Ferrisburgh, Gage Cemetery 44.19845,-73.26452
Ferrisburgh, North Ferrisburgh Cemetery 44.25853,-73.2241
Ferrisburgh, Union Cemetery 44.20472,-73.23278
Goshen, Goshen Cemetery 43.850056,-73.021615
Granville, Elmwood Cemetery 43.97667,-72.8425
Granville, North Hollow Cemetery 43.99601,-72.82601
Granville, South Hollow Cemetery 43.96472,-72.81278
Hancock, Branch Cemetery 43.92821,-72.88424
Hancock, New Village Cemetery 43.92728,-72.83955
Leicester, Brookside Cemetery 43.86117,-73.11289
Lincoln, Lee Cemetery 44.10944,-72.99889
Lincoln, Maple Cemetery 44.10988,-73.00056
Middlebury, Case Street Cemetery 44.0269,-73.0987
Middlebury, Foote Street Cemetery 43.99833,-73.13528
Middlebury, Prospect Cemetery 43.97757,-73.10638
Middlebury, St. Marys Cemetery 44.0063,-73.18205
Middlebury, West Cemetery 44.00722,-73.17755
Monkton, Barnumtown Cemetery 44.2073,-73.1635
Monkton, Beers Cemetery 44.1987,-73.11026
Monkton, Boro Cemetery 44.23901,-73.14301
Monkton, Carter Cemetery 44.18778,-73.17954
Monkton, East Monkton Cemetery 44.205,-73.1036
Monkton, Hazzard-Friends Cemetery 44.267878,-73.164014
Monkton, Monkton Ridge Cemetery 44.253822,-73.125326
New Haven, Evergreen Cemetery 44.11632,-73.15884
New Haven, Munger Street Cemetery 44.05611,-73.11528
New Haven, Riverside Cemetery 44.08442,-73.11145
New Haven, West Cemetery 44.07076,-73.22049
Orwell, Hack Cemetery 43.83617,-73.25123
Orwell, Lake View Cemetery 43.79839,-73.36262
Orwell, Mountain View Cemetery 43.80395,-73.26789
Orwell, North Orwell Cemetery 43.80901,-73.29501
Orwell, St. Pauls Cemetery 43.816,-73.275
Panton, Adams Ferry Cemetery 44.15027,-73.36359
Panton, Hawley Cemetery 44.14366,-73.27762
Ripton, Cook Cemetery 43.983,-73.026
Ripton, Cushman Cemetery 44.00639,-73.03889
Ripton, Galvin Cemetery 43.95667,-73.00278
Salisbury, Holman Cemetery 43.9108,-73.1133
Salisbury, Rice Cemetery 43.94878,-73.09818
Salisbury, Village Cemetery 43.89478,-73.10372
Salisbury, West Salisbury Cemetery 43.92096,-73.15114
Shoreham, East Shoreham Cemetery 43.86867,-73.25789
Shoreham, Knapp Cemetery 43.876968,-73.273643
Shoreham, Lake View Cemetery 43.8857,-73.33092
Shoreham, St. Genevieve Cemetery 43.88551,-73.33041
Shoreham, Village Cemetery 43.88701,-73.31301
Starksboro, Brown Hill Cemetery 44.22190,-73.01720
Starksboro, Green Mount Cemetery 44.24824,-73.06248
Starksboro, Jerusalem Cemetery 44.16891,-72.98248
Starksboro, Mason Hill Cemetery 44.25939,-73.03184
Starksboro, Quaker Cemetery 44.16729,-73.01419
Starksboro, Village Cemetery 44.22375,-73.05621
Vergennes, Old Cemetery 44.16951,-73.24827
Vergennes, Prospect Cemetery 44.15838,-73.26563
Vergennes, St. Peters Cemetery 44.16133,-73.24804
Waltham, Sunset View Cemetery 44.12005,-73.24178
Weybridge, Weybridge Hill Cemetery 44.03985,-73.21312
Whiting, Whiting Village Cemetery 43.8647,-73.20148