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The default county is Addison County, Vermont.

To sign up to photograph a cemetery, check the list below, find a town/cemetery you are willing to photograph, and contact the webmaster for details. He will add your name to the listing. If there is already a name associated with a cemetery, that individual may be working on, or have completed, that particular cemetery. See also the recent statistical counts and Submission Guidelines.

NOTE: In the final column, Maps, if it says 'No Coordinates,' it will still bring you to a map, but it will not be correct. I'm working on getting coordinates for all cemeteries, but some of these really don't exist, and have to resolve to existing cemeteries. It's a work in progress. If you have GPS, and get coordinates for a cemetery that are not listed, or different from what's posted, please let me know.

Status: -- Done; -- Started -- Not Started

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Arlington, Evergreen Cemetery 43.05178,-73.16075
Arlington, St. Columban Cemetery 43.0509,-73.16110
Arlington, St. James Cemetery 43.07423,-73.15451
Arlington, West Arlington Cemetery 43.104244,-73.228164
Bennington, Hinsdillville Cemetery 42.91472,-73.23694
Bennington, New Catholic Cemetery 42.88429,-73.20946
Bennington, Old Catholic Cemetery 42.88357,-73.21032
Bennington, Old First Church Cemetery 42.88362,-73.21291
Bennington, Park Lawn Cemetery 42.86646,-73.19399
Bennington, St. Johns Catholic Cemetery 42.92758,-73.23362
Bennington, Veterans Home Cemetery 42.88722,-73.195
Bennington, Village Cemetery 42.87633,-73.18692
Bennington, White Chapel Cemetery 42.91972,-73.17944
Dorset, Blackner-Hazelton Cemetery 43.3072963,-73.093160
Dorset, East Dorset Cemetery 43.21682,-73.01516
Dorset, Maple Hill Cemetery 43.25411,-73.09776
Dorset, North Dorset Cemetery 43.28269,-73.00406
Dorset, Old Catholic Cemetery 43.24837,-73.02159
Dorset, St. Jerome Cemetery 43.24138,-73.00559
Landgrove, New Cemetery 43.26535,-72.85704
Landgrove, Old Cemetery 43.26952,-72.85982
Manchester, Dellwood Cemetery 43.1525,-73.07528
Manchester, Factory Point Cemetery 43.17667,-73.05028
Peru, North Cemetery 43.24507,-72.89093
Peru, Village Cemetery 43.2298,-72.90177
Pownal, Gardner Cemetery 42.80222,-73.25
Pownal, Morgan-Towslee Memorial Cemetery 42.8125,-73.19667
Pownal, North Pownal Cemetery 42.8073,-73.27372
Pownal, Oak Hill Cemetery 42.77174,-73.2351
Pownal, Pownal Center Cemetery 42.79528,-73.22417
Pownal, Sherman Cemetery 42.76737,-73.24116
Readsboro, Heartwellville Cemetery 42.8275,-72.98611
Readsboro, North Hill Cemetery 42.78781,-72.94391
Readsboro, South Readsboro Cemetery 42.755,-72.95778
Readsboro, Village Cemetery 42.77508,-72.94315
Rupert, Kent Hollow Cemetery 43.2282,-73.1755
Rupert, North Rupert Cemetery 43.30091,-73.14955
Rupert, Pawlet Mountain Road Cemetery 43.26682,-73.20964
Rupert, Rupert Street Cemetery 43.25757,-73.22538
Sandgate, Sandgate Center Cemetery 43.15103,-73.19664
Sandgate, West End-Camdon Valley Cemetery 43.161935,-73.239671
Searsburg, Crosier Yard Cemetery 42.86019,-72.97418
Searsburg, Cutler Yard Cemetery 42.91702,-72.95982
Searsburg, Eames Yard Cemetery 42.89444,-72.97639
Shaftsbury, Center Shaftsbury Cemetery 42.98444,-73.205
Shaftsbury, Elwell Cemetery 42.94758,-73.17316
Shaftsbury, Grandview Cemetery 42.93674,-73.24122
Shaftsbury, Maple Hill Cemetery 43.012075,-73.16054
Shaftsbury, Shaftsbury Village Cemetery 42.94175,-73.20984
Shaftsbury, Waite Cemetery 42.96643,-73.16116
Stamford, Houghton Cemetery 42.75278,-73.0675
Stamford, Millard Cemetery 42.74721,-73.07441
Sunderland, Ira Allen Cemetery 43.1125,-73.12111
Sunderland, Lawrence Cemetery 43.08188,-73.12472
Sunderland, Mount Pleasant Cemetery 43.05804,-73.13427
Winhall, Bondville Cemetery 43.14492,-72.87799
Winhall, Hollow Cemetery 43.19904,-72.86769
Winhall, Middletown Cemetery 43.1601,-72.90531
Woodford, City Cemetery 42.8762,-73.08224