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Virtual Cemetery Project - Status

The default county is Addison County, Vermont.

To sign up to photograph a cemetery, check the list below, find a town/cemetery you are willing to photograph, and contact the webmaster for details. He will add your name to the listing. If there is already a name associated with a cemetery, that individual may be working on, or have completed, that particular cemetery. See also the recent statistical counts and Submission Guidelines.

NOTE: In the final column, Maps, if it says 'No Coordinates,' it will still bring you to a map, but it will not be correct. I'm working on getting coordinates for all cemeteries, but some of these really don't exist, and have to resolve to existing cemeteries. It's a work in progress. If you have GPS, and get coordinates for a cemetery that are not listed, or different from what's posted, please let me know.

Status: -- Done; -- Started -- Not Started

Select County - Addison - Bennington - Caledonia - Chittenden - Essex - Franklin - Grand Isle - Lamoille - Orange - Orleans - Rutland - Washington - Windham - Windsor

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Alburgh, Alburgh Center Cemetery 44.956273,-73.266149
Alburgh, Bush Cemetery 44.98806,-73.29528
Alburgh, Greenwood Cemetery 45.00606,-73.243
Alburgh, Reynolds Cemetery 44.98476,-73.22405
Alburgh, Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery 44.90452,-73.31200
Alburgh, South Alburgh Cemetery 44.87909,-73.28070
Alburgh, Sowles Cemetery 44.99480,-73.22368
Alburgh, St. Amadeus Cemetery 44.95333,-73.28278
Grand Isle, Grand Isle Cemetery 44.71639,-73.29778
Grand Isle, Hoag Cemetery 44.7006,-73.3275
Isle La Motte, North Cemetery 44.87797,-73.34210
Isle La Motte, South End Cemetery 44.84948,-73.3418
Isle La Motte, St. Joseph Cemetery 44.878,-73.333532
North Hero, Hyde Cemetery 44.80254,-73.31179
North Hero, North End Cemetery 44.89500,-73.23830
North Hero, South End Cemetery 44.7814,-73.2953
South Hero, South Hero Cemetery 44.63948,-73.30291