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The default county is Addison County, Vermont.

To sign up to photograph a cemetery, check the list below, find a town/cemetery you are willing to photograph, and contact the webmaster for details. He will add your name to the listing. If there is already a name associated with a cemetery, that individual may be working on, or have completed, that particular cemetery. See also the recent statistical counts and Submission Guidelines.

NOTE: In the final column, Maps, if it says 'No Coordinates,' it will still bring you to a map, but it will not be correct. I'm working on getting coordinates for all cemeteries, but some of these really don't exist, and have to resolve to existing cemeteries. It's a work in progress. If you have GPS, and get coordinates for a cemetery that are not listed, or different from what's posted, please let me know.

Status: -- Done; -- Started -- Not Started

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Albany, Chamberlin Hill Cemetery 44.76227,-72.30927
Albany, East Albany Cemetery 0,0
Albany, Hovey Cemetery 44.76199,-72.34955
Albany, Rowell Cemetery 44.69533,-72.33983
Albany, South Albany Cemetery 44.69361,-72.3169
Albany, St. John of the Cross Cemetery 44.70623,-72.33633
Albany, Village Cemetery 44.73637,-72.37746
Barton, Heath Cemetery 44.24833,-72.21944
Barton, North Cemetery 44.76973,-72.19939
Barton, St. Pauls Cemetery 44.75484,-72.17989
Barton, Welcome O. Brown Cemetery 44.74311,-72.17657
Barton, Willoughby Cemetery 44.71186,-72.12475
Brownington, Brownington Center Cemetery 44.82489,-72.14359
Brownington, East Brownington Cemetery 44.80346,-72.09454
Brownington, Village Cemetery 44.83649,-72.16876
Charleston, Blyhill Cemetery 44.84361,-72.01333
Charleston, Buck Cemetery 44.82861,-71.97694
Charleston, Hillside Cemetery 44.8431,-71.98787
Charleston, West Charleston Cemetery 44.89887,-72.05501
Coventry, Coventry Center Cemetery 44.86963,-72.21558
Coventry, Village Cemetery 44.86854,-72.25559
Craftsbury, Branch Cemetery 44.65044,-72.41693
Craftsbury, Common Cemetery 44.65101,-72.38111
Craftsbury, East Craftsbury Cemetery 44.63699,-72.33844
Craftsbury, Village Cemetery 44.62949,-72.3826
Derby, Crandall-Salem Cemetery 44.88596,-72.12791
Derby, Derby Center Cemetery 44.95917,-72.12417
Derby, Derby Line Cemetery 45.00408,-72.10138
Derby, Kelsey Cemetery 44.95166,-72.16737
Derby, Lake Salem Cemetery 44.91999,-72.09845
Derby, Pine Hill Cemetery 44.92497,-72.19171
Derby Line, Chase-Cowles Cemetery 45.00481,-72.08374
Glover, Andersonville Cemetery 44.67444,-72.30472
Glover, West Glover Cemetery 44.70944,-72.23056
Glover, Westlook Cemetery 44.68812,-72.19112
Greensboro, Lincoln Cemetery 43.97167,-72.48361
Greensboro, Mitchell-McLaren Cemetery 44.64403,-72.2944
Greensboro, St. Michaels Cemetery 44.64244,-72.29632
Greensboro, Village Cemetery 44.58005,-72.29038
Holland, Mead Hill Cemetery 44.94361,-72.00944
Irasburg, Irasburg Cemetery 44.81167,-72.29047
Irasburg, St. John Vianney Cemetery 44.80933,-72.28897
Jay, Jay Center Cemetery 44.96337,-72.44317
Lowell, Mountain View Cemetery 44.80088,-72.44539
Lowell, Old Catholic Cemetery 44.79977,-72.45011
Lowell, St. Ignatius Cemetery 44.80921,-72.44566
Morgan, Cargill Cemetery 44.87139,-71.96056
Morgan, Clark Cemetery 44.89220,-72.01330
Morgan, Gore Cemetery 44.92164,-72.05569
Morgan, Morgan Center Cemetery 44.91164,-71.98163
Newport, East Main Street Cemetery 44.94289,-72.19869
Newport, Holebrook Cemetery 44.97038,-72.24699
Newport, Lake Memphremagog Cemetery 44.947,-72.21
Newport, Newport Center Cemetery 44.92279,-72.29176
Newport, Pine Grove Cemetery 44.95103,-72.20428
Newport, St. Marys Cemetery 44.92854,-72.21962
Newport, Wrights Cemetery 44.87472,-72.34583
Orleans, Catholic Cemetery 44.77342,-72.21324
Orleans, Pleasant View Cemetery 44.813223,-72.192980
Troy, Evergreen Cemetery 44.85617,-72.40218
Troy, North Troy Cemetery 44.99315,-72.38613
Troy, Troy Cemetery 44.90528,-72.40296
Westfield, North Cemetery 44.90571,-72.43082
Westfield, Westfield Association Cemetery 44.87895,-72.42558
Westmore, Lakeview Cemetery 44.78107,-72.06949