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Final Roll Call

The last surviving veteran of the Civil War was Albert Henry Woolson, who died in 1956 at the age of 105.

The last veteran to die in Vermont was Harriet Holmes, nee Hinkson, a nurse, and the last soldier was Gilbert Lucier. Both of them served with the 11th Vermont.

But the 1860 Census reported about 42% of native-born Vermonters were not living in Vermont that year, and most of those served in units of other states. This list includes veterans who were born in Vermont, or served in Vermont units and are buried outside Vermont, so there are several who died after Lucier.

The last 30 known surviving Vermont veterans (Last updated 7/23/2016).

Gale, Hiram Randall1951
Horton, Henry A.1948
Atherton, Francis M.1946
Hurd, Reuben S.1946
Coburn, George A.1946
Martin, Russell C.1945
Stormes, Harry Ira1945
Holmes, Harriet M. Hinkson1945
Lucier, Gilbert C.1944
Mitchell, Henry C.1944
Curler, Charles Sylvanis1944
Sweet, Albert Burbanks1943
Firman, James Henry1943
Evans, Moody H.1943
O'Connor, Patrick1943
Steele, Joseph1942
Buswell, Brigham1942
Heyer, Charles Alfred1942
Jackson, William Henry1942
Francis, Edgar A.1942
Nelson, George Harvey1942
Jones, William Harrison1941
Sears, John Robert1941
Smith, James1941
Emerson, Charles H.1941
Wheeler, William Constant1941
Cleveland, Joseph H.1940
Parker, Charles A.1940
Bumpus, Charles W.1940
Bettey, John Henry1940