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Virtual Cemetery

Burial of Vermont-born Sailors

Babcock, Silas Brount - Cemetery Park, Ventura, CA (USN)
Bailey, James E. - Paige Cemetery, Downsville, NY (USN)
Baker, Alonzo H. - Baker Hill Cemetery, Bridgewater, VT (4th VT INF, USN)
Baker, Royal Flint - Eureka Cemetery, Newport, OR (USN, 16th VT INF)
Ball, Daniel Beckwith - Wilcox Cemetery, Wilcox, NE (USN)
Ballou, William Harrison - Strafford Road Cemetery, Tunbridge, VT (USN)
Bancroft, Cortes - Byron Cemetery, Byron, ME (USN)
Bannister, Adam Clark - Until the Day Dawn Cemetery, Angelica, NY (USN)
Barlow, George - New South Killingly Cemetery, South Killingly, CT (USN, 7th VT INF)
Barnes, Franklin - Adams Ferry Cemetery, Panton, VT (USN)
Barnes, Nicholas B. - Old Saint Joseph Cemetery, Manchester, NH (USN)
Barrell, Hubbard C. - Village Cemetery, Hartland, VT (15th CT INF, USN)
Barry, Richard S. - Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Thetford, VT (USN)
Bartlett, Charles L. - Varney Cemetery, Bristol, VT (5th VT INF)
Bartley, Patrick - St. Bridgets Cemetery, West Rutland, VT (USN)
Bates, Daniel D. - Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham, MA (USN, 44th MA INF)
Batey, Jasper A. - Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, VT (USN, 16th NY INF, 121st NY INF)
Baxter, Charles Deming - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Bayler, Foster - Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA (USN)
Beaman, George William - Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, VT (3rd MO US RSV, USN)
Benjamin, Joseph - St. Thomas Cemetery, Underhill, VT (6th VT INF)
Bennett, Harrison Tyler - Dellwood Cemetery, Manchester, VT (USN)
Bicknell, F Wallace - Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, IL (USN)
Bishop, Hiram J. - Died at Sea, , (USN, 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF)
Blair, Frederick C. - Liberty Plain Cemetery, Hingham, MA (USN)
Blair, Robert M. - Enid Cemetery, Enid, OK (USN)
Blake, Cyrus Oscar - Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO (USN)
Blake, Don W. - Pine Hill Cemetery, Sharon, VT (USN)
Blake, John - Pine Hill Cemetery, Brandon, VT (USN)
Blanchard, Edmund S. - Pleasant Street Cemetery, Claremont, NH (USN)
Blanchard, Lucien J. - Died at Sea, , (USN)
Blo, Alexander - Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, OH (USN, 1st VT CAV)
Blodgett, George M. - Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Blodgett, William J. - Middleburgh Cemetery, Middleburgh, NY (USN, 5th VT INF)
Bolster, George W. - Riverside Cemetery, Pierre, SD (USN, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 10th MA INF)
Booth, Cassius M. - Village Cemetery, Essex, VT (13th VT INF, USN)
Bradbury, Charles Augustus - Prospect Cemetery, Vergennes, VT (USN)
Bradley, George H. M. - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Brewster, Robert R. - West Cemetery, Middlebury, VT (USN)
Brinneck, Charles - Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA (USN)
Bristol, Aaron - Central Cemetery, Bridport, VT (USN, 2nd VT INF)
Britell, Rufus Horton - Teays Chapel Cemetery, Deepwater, MO (USN, 3rd IL CAV)
Brown, Allan Danvers - Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT (USN)
Brown, Herbert Augustus - IOOF Cemetery, Marengo, IA (USN)
Brown, Joseph - Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, MA (USN, 10th VT INF)
Brown, Orville H. - Abbott's Corner Cemetery #1, Frelighsburg, PQ (USN)
Buchanan, George Lincoln - East Topsham Cemetery, Topsham, VT (USN)
Buck, Charles W. - Maple Grove Old Cemetery, Hoosick Falls, NY (USN)
Buck, Isaac D. - Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA (USN)
Burbank, Nathaniel - Walden Heights Cemetery, Walden, VT (USN, 4th VT INF)
Burnham, George H. - Togus National Cemetery, Togus, ME (USN)
Burns, Patrick - St. Thomas Cemetery, Underhill, VT (USN)
Butler, Eben P. - Avon Cemetery, Avon, MA (2nd VT INF, USN)
Butler, Harmon - Newport Center Cemetery, Newport, VT (USN, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF)
Button, Jonathan - Center Cemetery, Hyde Park, VT (USN, 2nd VT INF)
Buxton, John Healy - Druid Ridge Cemetery, Baltimore, MD (USN, USMC, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV)