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Burial of Vermont-born Sailors

Carey, Bartholomew J. - North Burial Ground, Fall River, MA (USN)
Carey, Henry F. - Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, MA (USN)
Carley, Charles - New Cemetery, Washington, NH (6th VT INF, USN)
Carpenter, Charles O. - Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, MA (USN)
Carpenter, Everlyn R. - Fernwood Cemetery, Lansdowne, PA (USN)
Carr, Edwin P. - Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (USN)
Carter, Enoch Benjamin - Prospect Hill Cemetery, Omaha, NE (USN)
Carter, Rodney Forsyth - Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD (USN)
Case, Charles M. - Mount Hope Cemetery, Enterprise, KS (USN)
Chamberlin, Samuel H. - Center Haverhill Cemetery, Haverhill, NH (USN, 4th VT INF)
Chapin, George - Groton Cemetery, Groton, VT (USN)
Chase, Henry Melville - Bellevue Cemetery, Lawrence, MA (1st VT INF, USN)
Childs, Joseph Story - Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, OK (USN)
Chipman, Alonzo Searle - Sun Prairie Cemetery, Sun Prairie, WI (USN)
Chipman, Daniel Webster - Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI (USN)
Church, Thomas C. - Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY (USN)
Churchill, James Munroe - Bennington Street Cemetery, Boston, MA (USN)
Churchill, William L. - East Dorset Cemetery, Dorset, VT (USN)
Clark, Charles Edgar - Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA (USN)
Clark, John L. - Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, IL (USN)
Clough, Thomas S. - Hillside Cemetery, Norwich, VT (USN)
Clough, William W. - Union Village Cemetery, Norwich, VT (USN)
Coggin, Frederick Griswold - Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL (USN)
Colburn, Myron S. - Union Village Cemetery, Norwich, VT (USN)
Colby, Edward P. - Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson, TX (USN)
Colby, Henry Bowditch - San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco, CA (USN, 12th VT INF)
Colby, Henry Gillette - Prospect Cemetery, Vergennes, VT (USN)
Colby, Jesse Jewell - Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA (USN)
Collier, Isaac - Ringville Cemetery, Worthington, MA (USN, 11th VT INF)
Collins, Edward - Togus National Cemetery, Togus, ME (USN)
Collins, George H. - Hall Cemetery, Quincy, MA (USN, 2nd USSS)
Colston, Charles F. - Pleasant Street Cemetery, Claremont, NH (USN)
Colvocoresses, George Musalas - East Cemetery, Litchfield, CT (USN)
Colvocoresses, George Partridge - East Cemetery, Litchfield, CT (USN)
Converse, Blinn A. - Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN (USN, 22nd NY INF)
Converse, George Albert - Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA (USN)
Cooley, Newton S. - Glenwood Cemetery, Littleton, NH (USN)
Corbin, Job - Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY (USN)
Corry, Thomas H. - St. Augustine Cemetery, Montpelier, VT (USN)
Coughlin, John - St. Marys Cemetery, Brandon, VT (USN, 14th VT INF)
Counter, Octave - St. Joseph Cemetery, Pittsfield, MA (USN)
Crane, Charles E. - Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, MA (USN)
Crawford, George P. - Park Lawn Cemetery, Bennington, VT (USN)
Crosby, Oscar C. - Upper Plain Cemetery, Bradford, VT (USN)
Curtis, Lafayette - Maple Grove Cemetery, Jordan, NY (USN)
Cutler, Edward A. - Riverview Cemetery, Whitingham, VT (USN)
Cutler, George A. - Houghton Cemetery, Stamford, VT (USN)