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Burial of Vermont-born Sailors

Sanborn, Benjamin F. - Meeting House Cemetery, Burke, VT (USN)
Sanborn, James - North Brewer Cemetery, North Brewer, ME (USN)
Sawyer, Edward A. - Highwood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA (USN)
Sawyer, James Estcourt - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Sawyer, John C. Jr. - Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL (USN)
Scahill, Mark - Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Seattle, WA (USN)
Scott, Jefferson - Walnut Grove Cemetery, North Brookfield, MA (USN)
Scribner, George H. - Common Burial Ground , Essex, VT (USN, 7th VT INF)
Scribner, James E. - Pine Grove Cemetery, Waterville, ME (USN)
Selden, Edward A. - Old First Church Cemetery, Bennington, VT (USN, 2nd VT INF)
Service, John W. - Oak Hill Cemetery, Pownal, VT (USN, 9th VT INF)
Seymour, Epaphroditus Hagar - West Cemetery, Middlebury, VT (USN)
Seymour, William H. - Evergreen Cemetery, East Brookfield, MA (USN, 4th VT INF)
Shampine, Joseph - Gifford Valley Cemetery, Northville, NY (USN, 22nd NY INF)
Sherman, John A. - May be buried in ..., , TN (USN, 11th VT INF)
Sherman, Rollin S. - Common Burial Ground , Essex, VT (USN)
Smalley, Jacob Maech - Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (USN)
Smith, Charles - Woodmont Cemetery, Burke, VT (USN)
Smith, George F. - Garfield Cemetery, Sheffield, OH (20th OH Batt, 8th OH INF, USN)
Smith, George R. - Village Cemetery, Bennington, VT (USN, 11th VT INF)
Smith, George Sumner - Oakland Cemetery, Springfield, VT (USN)
Smith, James - Wells River Cemetery, Newbury, VT (USN)
Smith, Jesse Bishop - Strafford Cemetery, Strafford, VT (USN)
Smith, Loomis J. - Elmwood Avenue Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Smith, Salmon Horace Jr. - Died at Sea, , (USN)
Smith, Samuel - Wells River Cemetery, Newbury, VT (USN)
Smith, Theodore H. - North Burial Ground, Bristol, RI (12th RI INF, USN)
Smith, Thomas - East Topsham Cemetery, Topsham, VT (USN)
Snow, Ralph Burke - May be buried in ..., , FL (USN)
Somerville, Thomas J. - North Fayston Cemetery, Fayston, VT (USN, 6th VT INF)
Spaulding, Henry - Mount Hope Cemetery, Baker City, OR (USN)
Spaulding, Leander - Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA (USN, 3rd VT INF)
Sprout, James S. - Hillside Cemetery, Norwich, VT (USN)
Stanley, William - Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Kennebunk, ME (USN)
Stevens, Charles H. - Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, MA (USN)
Stewart, Anson A. - Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL (USN)
Still, Richard - Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA (USN)
Stone, Charles H. - Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH (USN)
Stone, Thatcher - Randolph Center Cemetery, Randolph, VT (USN)
Stoughton, Oscar M. - Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Royalton, VT (USN)
Strow, William Hudson - Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA (USN, 2nd USSS)
Sullivan, Daniel - St. Pauls Cemetery, Arlington, MA (USN)
Sullivan, John - East Randolph Cemetery, Randolph, VT (8th VT INF)
Surrell, Francis Oliver - Shrewsbury Center Cemetery, Shrewsbury, VT (5th NH INF)
Swan, William B. - Riverside Cemetery, Albion, MI (USN)