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Virtual Cemeteries


Addison, Grand View Cemetery
Addison, Lake View Cemetery
Albany, Chamberlin Hill Cemetery
Albany, East Albany Cemetery
Albany, Hovey Cemetery
Albany, Rowell Cemetery
Albany, South Albany Cemetery
Albany, St. John of the Cross Cemetery
Albany, Village Cemetery
Alburgh, Alburgh Center Cemetery
Alburgh, Bush Cemetery
Alburgh, Greenwood Cemetery
Alburgh, Reynolds Cemetery
Alburgh, Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery
Alburgh, South Alburgh Cemetery
Alburgh, Sowles Cemetery
Alburgh, St. Amadeus Cemetery
Andover, East Hill Cemetery
Andover, Heald Cemetery
Andover, Middletown Cemetery
Andover, Pettengill Cemetery
Andover, Simonsville Cemetery
Arlington, Evergreen Cemetery
Arlington, St. Columban Cemetery
Arlington, St. James Cemetery
Arlington, West Arlington Cemetery
Athens, Valley Cemetery
Athens, West Athens Cemetery

You can also get a list of soldiers by town who died in or were last known living in Vermont.