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Salisbury National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 35.66132,-80.47462

The solitary stones behind the Maine Monument, mark the beginning of trenches
where an estimated 3,500 Union prisoners are buried, including most of the Vermonters who died there.
The dead were buried in 18 trenches measuring about 240 feet long, located at the southeast end of the cemetery."
(Library of Congress photograph)

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Sabin, Elisha C.

Believed to have died or been reinterred
here and buried in unmarked graves

- Adams, Edwin H.

- Arnold, Benjamin F.

- Bacon, Horace A.

- Bailey, Auburn F.

- Barber, William

- Barton, Peter

- Blair, John

- Blanchard, Daniel

- Blanchard, Edward

- Constantine, Geroge W.

- Elkins, Moses Martin

- Geary, Thomas

- George, Frank

- Godfrey, Lyman

- Goff, Marshall C.

- Gorham, David

- Green, Lewis C.

- Henchey, Thomas H.

- Horighan, John

- Howland, Hezekiah D.

- Ives, Franklin

- Jay, Nathan P.

- Jenks, Volney W.

- King, James J.

- Larned, Rollin E.

- Lindsley, Herbert W.

- Mallory, Loren S.

- Martindale, William J.

- Maxham, Oscar

- McCarthy, Eugene

- Nolan, John

- Pearsons, George H.

- Perrigo, George W.

- Pixley, Oscar J.

- Reed, Daniel Socrates

- Reed, David C.

- Rist, Delius

- Rowell, Edwin

- Rowley, William H.

- Ryal, James

- Spaulding, Samuel C.

- Stone, Charles

- Taylor, John E.

- Townsend, Arthur H.

- Truell, Amos

- Valley, Felix

- Willey, Ira A.

- Wilson, Jesse F.