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Florence National Cemetery, Florence, SC

"The land for Florence National Cemetery was appropriated, and later purchased, from the estate of a local resident about a quarter-mile from the POW camp. Original interments were made in two separate burial grounds, one containing 416 remains and the other approximately 2,322 remains. Interments at the larger site were made in 16 trenches; in 1865, this site was designated a national cemetery and the remains from the smaller burial ground were dug up and reinterred there. Remains were also disinterred from the surrounding region of Darlington, Cheraw and the Marion Districts and transferred to Florence National Cemetery. The wooden headboards marking the trench graves were replaced by 2,167 marble "unknown" head blocks measuring 6 x 6 inches square and set approximately six inches apart. In 1955, all but five of these markers were replaced with 32 upright marble headstones at each end of the trenches." (National Cemetery Administration website

Given the above, the soldiers listed as "Gravesites reported as unmarked" are most likely buried in those trenches.

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 34.18348,-79.75194

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Bishop, Leonard N.

- Towner, John S.

- Goodall, Henry L. - (Service Info)

Believed to have died or been reinterred
here and buried in unmarked graves

- Adams, Norman F.

- Ailes, Edward M.

- Ayer, Orange S.

- Ayers, Alfred Y.

- Ayers, Wilmoth

- Badger, Denison C.

- Bailey, Henry C.

- Bumps, Alden O.

- Downer, Russell L.

- Dutton, Horace S.

- Frost, Lewis H.

- Gibbs, Francis A.

- Goodall, Henry L.

- Kidder, Joseph

- Knapp, George Henry

- LaClaire, Remo

- Lawrence, Bartney

- Little, James

- Lyman, Harvey J.

- Lyman, Horace H.

- Monroe, Charles S.

- Parker, Samuel F.

- Powers, Harrison R.

- Preston, Philander A.

- Price, Cornelius

- Rankin, Oscar F.

- Saint Clair, Levi

- Simpson, Thomas

- Turner, George

- Veber, Herbert L.

- Waterman, John

- Whitmore, Chauncey

- Williams, Ezra G.

- Witham, Thomas

- Wright, Darwin J.

- Young, Thomas