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Seven Pines National Cemetery, Sandston, VA

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 37.52027,-77.30155

400 East Williamsburg Road
Sandston, VA 23150
Phone: (804) 795-2031 or 2278
FAX: (804) 795-1064

Seven Pines National Cemetery is located in Henrico County, Va., approximately eight miles southeast of Richmond. The Battle of Fair Oaks (also known as the Battle of Seven Pines) took place in this region and the cemetery’s 1.9-acres are located on a portion of a battlefield. The cemetery name is derived from the seven pine trees planted along the inside of the cemetery wall in 1869.

A program of concentrating the battlefield remains began in May 1866. More than four years had elapsed since the first casualties of the war had been hastily buried, however, and the remains were often difficult to identify. As a result, 1,216 interments were unknown here, compared to 141 known dead.

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Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Allen, Henry C.

- Armington, Alonzo C.

- Bailey, Theron L.

- Ballard, George

- Bodfish, John F.

- Bolster, Jared

- Bowline, Peter H.

- Burnham, Nelson

- Burr, Adoniram J.

- Burton, Orlando J.

- Buzzell, Ezekiel D.

- Campeau, Louis

- Clair, Calvin

- Clark, William W.

- Clayton, Horace C.

- Cofrin, William E.

- Colomb, Richard

- Comstock, Olney A.

- Davis, Hiram A.

- Davis, John T.

- Dorsey, Edward H.

- Dufer, John

- Estus, James

- Everts, Linus S.

- Farnam, James

- Finnegan, Barney

- Fisher, Elbert J.

- Fiske, Julius

- Fleming, George

- Fletcher, George Wendel

- Gray, Ira Sheldon

- Green, Josiah M.

- Haselton, George E.

- Hewett, John J.

- Hooker, Heman

- Howard, Ephraim P.

- Hunter, Truman M.

- Jones, Harlow W.

- Kennedy, Timothy

- Laffie, Andrew

- Lassard, Joseph

- Lewis, Henry

- Loznaw, Charles

- Magoon, Reuben

- Martin, George

- Mason, Michael

- McGlaughlin, Erastus

- Mills, Minard E.

- Mitchell, Augustus H.

- Monroe, John F.

- Moulton, Daniel

- Peck, Thomas D.

- Penney, Oliver S.

- Perham, Daniel H.

- Putnam, John M.

- Ramsey, John W.

- Rhoades, John Q. A.

- Rideout, Charles H.

- Rowe, Henry W.

- Russell, Alonzo B.

- Salls, Volney D.

- Shedrick, George

- Smith, Adam

- Spaulding, Solon E.

- Spencer, Hollis Kendall

- Starks, George Jr.

- Steenberge, Alanson P.

- Sumner, Samuel Jr.

- Waite, Thomas M.

- Warner, Melville B.

- Waters, Alvin

- Wells, Daniel

- Whitman, William

- Wilder, Henry Harrison

- Wiley, Henry E.